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Baby Seals Need Your Help

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Hayden Panettiere isn't the only celeb trying to help prevent the slaughtering of innocent animals.

Top Model contributor Nigel Barker is pitching in to help as well. The photog is aiming to help baby seals and is working with the Protect Seals campaign.

Nigel was recently in Canada documenting the birth of the baby seals. He will return later in the month to help document the unfortunate slaughter the seals will eventually occur.

To find out how you can help, CLICK HERE.

[Image via The HSUS.]

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426 comments to “Baby Seals Need Your Help”

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  1. sageharris says – reply to this



  2. michele says – reply to this


    Re: sageharris

    If you're going to comment on an issue about CANADIAN resources, don't you think it would be more polite to respond in one of OUR two national languages????????

    Yup! WE HAVE TWO!

    That would be English or Francais - n'est pas?

    So close to Espanole, as well!
    Re: sageharris

  3. Jay says – reply to this


    I haven't the words to express just how embarrassed I am to be a Canadian when the topic of seal killing arises. For the record, I don't know a single soul who endorses it. It is completely barbaric to club any animal to death, seals or otherwise. Barbaric.

  4. Maple Leaf says – reply to this


    These people are so freaking misguided! Baby seals are NOT slaughtered! Do these people eat meat? Veal, lamb? Do they wear fur, leather? If they eat fish, then they've got a problem, because the huge seal population is depleting the fish stock at a huge rate!

    …and another thing, get the hell away from that baby seal - you got no business standing right on top of them! You're the real culprits.

  5. Jojo says – reply to this


    apparently a lot of people care about seals La morena mas bella. so screw you, ignorant fool.

  6. Mragg says – reply to this


    There are communities in Nova Scotia and the North and Newfoundland that have to BUY FISH from other places because the seal population devastates the fishing! They ruin a way of life and sometimes populations need to be culled. Stop killing seals, but leave out rat poison? Mice traps? Eat meat? Seals don't affect you, so you don't see the reason they need their population reduced.

  7. bethpen says – reply to this


    Re: nanuuk of the north – Maybe you're the one who needs to do research because then you would know that the notion that the mother will abandon its offspring because of human odor is a MYTH.

  8. bjean says – reply to this


    Re: cl – It's also an argument of the manner in which these seals are killed. In the beef and poultry industry, the cows and fowl are killed very quickly. Thery are not bashed in the head with a club!

  9. josephb says – reply to this


    I live near the Canadian border and used to visit cities like Vancouver and Victoria often. It's been years since I or any of my family and friends have visited because I won't support a country that allows baby seals to be slaughtered (and yeah I'm a vegetarian who cares about human rights, too, so keep those aforementioned ridiculous arguments to yourself; i'm not a hypocrite nor do I not care about human rights just b/c I care about aniimals).

    Also, because of the hunt many companies refuse to purchase Canadian seafood: WHOLE FOODS, PUBLIX, LEGAL SEAFOOD AND TRADER JOE'S. Just to name a few companies that are boycotting the purchase of Canadian seafood b/c of the hunt. That's a major loss of profit to Canadian fishermen.


  10. Miss Norway says – reply to this


    Hayden Panettiere is in Europe known as the "blond without brain".
    She need to get the facts before she opens her mouth. 80% of what comes out is wrong.

  11. Lala says – reply to this


    Re: michele – Both michele and michelle (same person?) sound angry and bitter. And you really think Americans flock to your cities?? What are you smoking!?

    Also, as others have previously posted, this is an international issue. Lots of nations oppose the seal slaughter, not just the United States.

  12. Seal hunt activist says – reply to this


    Contrary to post #1 the seal hunt sure does still happen in Canada - right off the coast of Newfoundland. This is a practise rooted in tradition which if stopped, will drastically harm the already suffering fishery which the people of this province rely heavily on. These seals are not skinned alive, nor are they held in captivity and then slaughtered like cows are, for example. I am against 'outsiders' coming here and engaging in the practise to make a few bucks however, I'm not willing to tell native Newfoundlanders who have been fucked by the government MANY times that they can't engage in a practise that is foundational to their survival. I wish people would LEARN about the seal hunt BEFORE they oppose it…maybe they would realize it isn't what celebs lke Pauly boy say it is.

  13. Bridget Curran says – reply to this


    Baby seals are indeed killed in Canada. Whilst it is true that the killing of whitecoats has been banned since the mid-80's, seals can be killed the minute they begin moulting their white coat - usually at just 12 days of age. The vast majority of seals killed during the Canadian commercial seal hunt are under three months of age - many just under one month. At this age, they are not yet eating solid food and have not taken their first swim.

    Harp seals reach sexual maturity at about 6 years of age and have an average lifespan of about 30 - 35 years. Given those facts, to say that a seal of just a few weeks old, recently weaned, unable to escape or defend himself against sealers is an adult is LUDICROUS.

    Seals are NOT protected in Canada whatsoever. Anyone can buy a license for about $5, do an "apprenticeship under a licensed sealer" (read: an UNTRAINED sealer and such apprenticeship period equates to just a few short days) and can bludgeon and shoot seals. The Canadian government also issues "nuisance seal" licenses each year, allowing fishermen to kill seals they feel are interfering with their fishing equipment. This allows fishermen to go hunting on shorelines, killing every seal they want to, regardless of whether or not the seal is actually interfering with equipment. (continued)

  14. Bridget Curran says – reply to this


    The federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans recently colluded with the Nova Scotian government to allow fishermen access to Hay Island, part of the Scaterie Island protected wildnerness area. Fishermen decimated the island, herding moulted pups, nursing mothers and newborn whitecoats together, bludgeoning pups of just a few weeks old with crude wooden bats and slicing them open with box cutters mere inches from each other. While they "worked" they joked, calling each other "Batman" (referring to the crude wooden bats they were using to bludgeon the animals), saying to terrified seals, "Come here, little buddy, I've got something for you!" before bludgeoning them, and discussing where they were going to go for a beer that evening when they'd finished killing all the seals. They slaughtered over 1,200 pups and when they left the island, only 30 - 40 whitecoats remained.

    There is no scientific evidence to prove that seals are responsible for the collapse of fish stocks in Canada, and there is no evidence to support claims of fishermen and the Nova Scotian government that seals are preventing fish stocks from rebounding. Our oceans are in crisis because of our own destructive fishing practices. Seals have been scapegoated and are paying the price for humankind's reckless greed. (continued)

  15. Bridget Curran says – reply to this


    Seal populations are not "exploding" as fishermen, sealers and the Canadian government would like you to believe. By the end of the 1970s, the seal population was dangerously low due to overhuntiing in the 50s, 60s and 70s. We are not seeing an exploding population - we are seeing a population in recovery and it's a population that is capable of maintaining and regulating itself. Today's kill levels exceed those of that time period during which the population was nearly decimated. DFO does not base its "management" of seal herds on solid science and best conservation practices - it takes "guesstimates" of the actual population and bases its decisions on what the fishermen/sealers want. The majority of Canadians oppose the seal hunt but unfortunately do not make it a voting issue. Fishermen, sealers and the fishing industry is a strong lobbying group and the government knows that if it doesn't sacrifice seals to fishermen, it won't get their votes. It's as simple as that.

    I have personally witnessed the killing of harp seals in the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence and recently witnessed the slaughter of grey seals on Hay Island, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I witnessed multiple violations of the Marine Mammal Regulations and Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans looked the other way, as they have done for years. (continued)

  16. Bridget Curran says – reply to this


    Year after year, unedited footage is submitted to DFO by animal welfare groups, showing clear violations of the Marine Mammal Regulations resulting in severe cruelty inflicted from sealers on seal pups. DFO does nothing with this evidence.

    Pups are shot and left to suffer on the ice for long periods of time. Visibly conscious pups are stabbed through the face with large metal hooks and hauled onboard sealing boats where they are simply thrown on a pile of dead and dying pups. Pups are struck with clubs or hakapiks and left to choke slowly on their own blood. Traumatized pups try to snuggle into dead pups for protection and comfort. It's a nightmare scenario and any compassionate person who witnessed this would agree that it has to stop now. (continued)

  17. Bridget Curran says – reply to this


    To all of you who claim that human issues are more important than the plight of the seals, ie genecide, etc., I say this: I agree that these are very important issues as well and I assume that because of the concern you've expressed here you are getting directly involved in those issues. But I suspect you are not because it is a tired old tactic used by seal-killer supporters - if no logical defence can be found for the indefencible, deflect the issue to other atrocities being commited around the world and dig deep in the barrel for the "cute animal" analogy and the "People don't care about cows because they're not cute!" comments. Change the record, people - it got old a long time ago.

    There are viable, non-lethal alternatives to killing seals. Alternatives have been suggested for years. The Canadian government and sealing industry have refused to see sense and consider these alternatives. One such alternative is a license buy-back program that would provide generous cash settlements for sealing licenses and provide early retirement for older sealers, retraining for younger sealers and financial assistance to sealing communities to provide much-needed infrastructure to become eco-tourist destinations. But it seems that they would prefer to simply continue killing seals. (continued)

  18. Susan says – reply to this


    Get a grip Perez and stop jumping on the band wagon just because it is endorsed by celebrities. Do your own research that is not propaganga from so-called "animal rights" groups. Baby seals are not killed - only adult seals. If you're going to bitch about the seal hunt, try starting with chickens, cows, pigs, lamb. What's cuter than a sweet fluffy lamb. People who take up a cause and are totally ignorant of what they're saying are very dangerous people. You started this blog - you have a responsibility to stop spreading the propaganda and get some facts.

  19. alphabetty says – reply to this


    Re: Mui – you said "Seals are so well protected in Canada, and the population is growing so strong and without control, that all the fish is dying."

    It has been scientifically shown that fish populations are down BECAUSE OF OVER FISHING BY MANKIND. They should do something about overfishing, not slaughter seals.

    People are ruining the oceans. Quite blaming the seals for pity's sake. We do WAY more damage than they do, and we don't need to. These fishing trawlers catch tons of fish they never even use that just die. So wasteful and destructie. See the recent charts that went out internationally showing all the most affected bits around the world.

    Also - Nigel Barker is a hotty.

  20. fortmac newf says – reply to this


    Re: Kayla
    I'm a newf too… that was one of the best things I've ever seen on Larry King! Danny Williams totally trumped Paul and his douche wife. Anyway, it's a controverSEAL topic, I personally don't care shit about killing seals. Just like I'll go home from work today and have my juicey hamburger or chicken breast… MMM DEAD ANIMALS!! delish.

    Perez present both sides of the story next time. Baby seals aren't killed, the whole population is over run, and because of that its affecting the fish population. Anyway I saw something on the news about a controled hunt on some elephants… why don't you post about that too you dick. Stick to celebrity gossip. Nigel Barker = hardly!

  21. tome says – reply to this


    rich bastards have nothing better to do than get in the way. whiners. kill kill kill the baby seals. i want my fur.

  22. katou says – reply to this


    get your facts straight perez!

  23. Laurel says – reply to this


    To those of you who are saying unbelievably ignorant things about the baby seal massacre I bet anything you are also one of those mutant human beings that says the holocaust never happened either. Anyone that makes comments such as fresh clubbed baby seal is a pollutant to our earth and there is something very wrong with them. Please get psycological help immediately. And to the idiot that talked about helping Darfur I wonder what they are doing to help stop it. If someone is trying to stop an atrocity of any kind they are the type of person that is going to help stop all evil. I wonder what this person does to help Darfur or anything other than her own selfish, self absorbed self. I have no hope for the future of our species or this planet with idiots such as these here.

  24. TELL THE TRUTH says – reply to this


    Re: Rebecca Aldworth – Hello…I live in Newfoundland…I know what I am talking about…I don't need your facts that are falsified by PETA and other organizations. I am against clubbing seals, that is cruel, and yes even shooting them is cruel, I love animals…all animals. Clubbing does not happen…any footage that you see is from years ago, thats why it is shown only in clips. I understand where you are coming from, you can only feel what you feel, but I know the facts…you don't!

  25. EastCoastGirl says – reply to this


    Perez, I love you, I really do- but publicity for the seal hunt is totally biased.
    See Mui's comment for some sensibility…
    I work in the aquaculture industry on the East Coast of Canada. As someone raised around sealing I can assure you- Green Peace and other publicity seekers who do not do their homework on these wild animals are largely doing more harm than good. The men in that picture have probably just sealed that baby seal's fate- its mother will not accept it, and it will die. I know other people have mentioned this fact, but really, when will people start listening. They don't grow up to be cute baby animals. People eat seal meat, hell, some people even like it. Asian markets use other parts of seal. It's not just a fur trade.
    I could go on and on about the seal hunt, but I won't. I won't even mention Heather Mill and Paul McCartney trying to pet one. PET ONE!! (again, probably killing the animal they are trying to 'save')
    Just wanted to throw my two cents in.
    PS- David Suzuki is no hero either.
    Educate yourselves!!

  26. Gia Jolie says – reply to this


    I love you for caring about the animals Perez. Thanks for posting this on your site!

  27. Jase says – reply to this


    THANK GOD there are some intelligent people who can look past the propaganda and actually consider BOTH sides of a story. I may not agree with killing seals, but people aren't doing it just for the hell of it. Anybody see "Babe"? Cute pig huh? I'm sure pork comes from pigs that live a happy life and die of old age, right? I have a HUGE problem with organizations using photos of adorable baby seals to solicit funds. Nothing gets animal lovers willing to open their wallets more than cute white fluffy baby seals. A picture of "dirty ol' pig", or a "stupid ugly cow" just ain't where the money's at!!!

  28. Allison Smith from NEWFOUNDLAND says – reply to this


    Re: patches mom

    You are so..so full of shit.

    NATIVE NEWFOUNDLERS (or whatevery you call urself)

    ..and it's 'Newfoundlanders' Douche nozzle.

  29. Jeana says – reply to this


    This just breaks my heart! I saw a slaughter video on PETA and cried like you wouldn't believe. I caught myself off guard but it was emotional and they are just helpless. They are hacked and the people who hunt them should go straight to hell! HELP THESE ANIMALS!

  30. js says – reply to this


    This just proves once again that most (not all, but most) celebrities in hollywood are ignorant:

    it's illegal to slaughter baby seals in canada. I'm all for animal rights, but the hunters need to somehow make money to feed their families. If we ban the seal hunt how will all you *celebrities* help the thousands of people that have to go on welfare so their kids don't starve. Seals are not an endangered species, and the hunters are only allowed to hunt between the limits of a certain quota *much like lobster and other sea creatures*. I think that if these all knowing and wise celebrities are going to stop the seal hunt, they should have to pay the annual salary of a hunter in order to keep their families from becoming dependent on an already stressed-to-full-capacity system. It's all well and good for a celebrity who doesn't have to worry about how their kids are going to eat and where they are going to sleep, but what about those who have nothing else but the seal hunt to depend on? In order to stop the system, you need a back up plan to take it's place.

    Celebrities should do their research before they start mouthing off about their "cause of the week"

  31. R says – reply to this


    You DO know that if a human (and this includes actors) gets too close to or touches a baby seal that it's mother rejects it, and it starves to death…just thought I'd throw that one out there. So essentially, actors are killing more baby seals than hunters BECAUSE HUNTERS AREN"T ALLOWED TO KILL BABY SEALS!!!!!

  32. Emily says – reply to this


    PROPAGANDA!!!! I come from a small fishing village where people haven't killed seals since the early 70s…. they are now over populated and eating all of the fish straight out of the fishermen's nets.

    what you need to focus on is the fact that the Canadian government tests every other meat EXCEPT seal meat before they send it out of the country. Countries in Asia such as Japan and Korea are eating potentially dangerous game.

    oh yeah and seals aren't cute… they're vicious bastards.

    There are so many better things to spend money on than photo ops with seals.

    Pourquoi est la seule chose que les Américains connaissent le Canada n'est pas la vérité?

  33. g says – reply to this


    Re: Mui

    No it is because of the overpopulation of people that the fish are dying. The seals where there first, not to mention they are a main food source as well for animals such as killer whales.

  34. Cheets says – reply to this


    THis is a silly bandwagon for you to hop on Perez. Heather and Paul were outted for their ignorance on the subject when they got involved and I think it's very important that you too inform yourself of the historical, cultural and economical issues involved in this hunt.

  35. Fuck N!GGERS, CANADIANS and SEALS says – reply to this


    Someone needs to club that N!GGER Seal who's fucking that NAZI super whore Hedi Cunt!

  36. my my says – reply to this


    Please, it is sooo an emotional debate!!! They just want to protect the baby seals because their cute! If it was about sharks, i don't think anybody would be interested!

  37. Super Dave says – reply to this


    I love my Saskatchewan seal skin stunt suit.

  38. the tinks says – reply to this


    SAVE THE NEWFIES!!!!!!!!!
    SAVE THE NEWFIES!!!!!!!!!
    SAVE THE NEWFIES!!!!!!!!!
    SAVE THE NEWFIES!!!!!!!!!

  39. proudcanadian says – reply to this


    Re: patches mom – We don't want you here in Canada anyways… why is it that americans think Canada needs them ???

  40. Nicole says – reply to this


    Mui, glad that someone else is informed. Many of the "save the seals" website is rife with propaganda, leaving the public misinformed. Baby seals haven't been killed in Canada in over 20 years. Seals are not skinned alive, they have a reflex similar to chicken, so they still appear to be moving when dead. The seal population has exploded by 20 x what it once was, moreover, they eat the fish that eat Cod - so this has nothing to do with wanting to re-establish the fishery. The Aboriginal, Metis and Inuit communities that seal are more than 7 hours away from populated towns (not even urban centres) and this is part of their culture and livelihood. Get your facts straight before jumping on a bandwagon.

  41. Jennifer says – reply to this


    OK. The Canadian economy sucks especially for those of us that live here on the East Coast. So if all you celebs and animal rights dicks wanna help out then magically make some non seal killing jobs appear and we would be more than happy to stop the seal hunts. Then your next job can be to find a place to stick all the little fuckers once they become over populated :)

  42. Crystal says – reply to this


    I live in Canada, don't know much about the seal hunt or if, when and why it is done. But PLEASE tell me they don't actually club them to death… I am pretty sure we don't club the cows and chicken so why should we club the seals?

  43. roni says – reply to this


    fuck the 12th comment. nd fuck you. seals are living things. they feel pain. they have feelings. how DARE someone say they dont care about them. they have every right, if not more, to live a happy pain free life!!!!! this cruelty HAS TO COME TO AN END. this is the kind of stuff that makes me cant sleep at night. FUCK CANADA!!!!!!! please God bless those seals.

  44. fra says – reply to this


    At least the seals lives a free life, not like all the cows and pigs that the industrial farms mistreat. (How come not a single actor or singer seams touched by that ?)
    Hunting is not wrong.

    Oh, and by the way : the baby seals are not killed. Stop the propaganda.

  45. Animal Health Technician says – reply to this


    PLEASE!!! I'm an animal health technician and I work with theses pets everyday.
    Baby seals are not in danger, there is so strong law to protect them!
    If you want to make something really nice, protect species like algua and shellfishes which are the base of the marine life but which are threatened by the polution and the excessive fishing. But yeah it won't be nice on the top of every magazine a pic of you and a shellfish…
    Everybody just want to protect bay seal cause they are soooo cuuutteeee and they just don't get the real information.
    And about the Seal's hunt…well try to not kill them! And you will be responsible of the disparition of some fish species!
    Pure Propaganda for Dummy's (that's mean us, 'real' human u know) who get what everybody say's in the media without taking the time to really learn about it
    During this time, a lot of other cuteless species are dying and nobody give a fuck!
    But someday, everybody will woke up and say 'Hey what don't anybody do something! Shellfish and algua were primordial to the biodiversity, and now babyseal are dying because they don't have anymore fish to eat because fish are dead because they don't have shellfish to eat, and shellfish have been kill because of the dying of algua wich were the one who allowed them to breath and eat!…'
    So so so so so soooo sad!
    Oups Human poeple!
    You all going to kill babyseal one day!!
    Not only weapon could kill them!

  46. jen says – reply to this


    How many of you that are against the seal hunt eat meat (chicken, beef, pork) on a regular basis?

    Factory farmed animals are raised in deplorable conditions, fed food that they aren't capable of processing without harming their systems and then slaughtered in not so nice ways. I don't see a big celebrity uproar over that though. I guess everyone needs their big mac.

  47. Sarah says – reply to this


    GET EDUCATED! We are overrun with the seal population here in Canada which feed on and deplete already low levels of cod and other fish, essential to Maritime economies. Babies are not killed and a very, very small percentage are even clubbed. I wonder if anyone would even pay attention to this so-called "cause" were the seals not so darn cute. SEALS DO NOT NEED PROTECTION in Canada but the people whose lives depend on them - and the fish they eat - do!

  48. newfie says – reply to this


    WHATever. They are not clubbed to death as they state they do. They did that years ago but it's illegal to do so now. What's the difference in killing a cow for beef or a seal for meat???

  49. Maximus says – reply to this


    Hello, our countries are still slaughtering innocent people in the middle east in violation of international law. Can we not deal with the seals later. I know they're cute but come on folks, celebrities don't care about them…they're just looking for a photo op. Jerks.

  50. Mel says – reply to this


    Contrary to what some idiots would have you believe sealers do not kill white coat seals. These whitecoat seals are pups and there are harsh consequences for sealers who kill these animals. To say they are killing them is an outright lie and shame on people like Nigel Burke (who is this guy?) who pose next to white coats as if to imply that they are the ones being killed. This totally misleads people!

    A Record numbers of seals continue to desecrate what remains of the dwindling North Atlantic cod stock. By letting the number of seals (and there are LOTS of them) go unchecked we put the sustainability of other stocks in question.
    My point is the seal hunt is one of the most highly regulated, observed and humane hunts in the world (for the record most seals are shot, not clubbed) and their numbers are so high they practically infest the ocean around Newfoundland. Seals are an important source of income for sealers and the products we make with seal oil, such as Omega 3 caplets, help drive our economy.

    These b-list celebrities haven't a clue and are being used so that SOME animal groups can make more money. The leaders of these groups siphon MILLIONS of dollars from people who are sucked into their smear campaigns. They get rich off of your ignorance and the ignorance of 'celebrities' who, might I add, probably didn't even get their GED!

    Don't be fooled by a bunch of bored morons. Hey…aren't people DYING somewhere?

  51. Rebecca Aldworth says – reply to this


    Re: fiona – Perhaps before consigning hundreds of thousands of seals to a horrible death, you should get your facts straight. It is not illegal to kill baby seals in Canada. Seal pups are only protected from commercial hunting until they are about 12 days of age and begin to shed their white fur. Department of Fisheries and Oceans landings reports prove 97 percent of seals killed are under three months old, and the majority is one month old or less when they are slaughtered. By anyone's standards, these are baby seals. Harp seals do not have a negative impact on fish stocks. Only about 3 percent of a harp seal's diet consists of commercially fished cod, and they also consume many important predators of cod, including squid. There is not a shred of scientific evidence on this planet that killing seals will help fish stocks recover. But we do know that ending irresponsible fishing practices such as bottom trawling and overfishing would help. Interestingly, the same fishing industry that continues to try to scapegoat seals for fisheries declines openly lobbies to keep threatened fishing zones open and environmentally destructive fishing practices happening. I am from Newfoundland too, and our economy does not depend on the continuation of the commercial sealing industry. Its time we moved forward and ended this for good.

  52. Alice says – reply to this


    I'm gonna say it once more. They keep their white coats until they're 12-14 DAYS old. Once their fur color starts to change, they can legally be killed. If you consider 12-14 days old to be "adult," you're an idiot. Never mind that crushing the skulls of adults with bats is no less inhumane than crushing the skulls of babies - so this argument is moot. And no, the moms do not abandon them if they smell a human. And it is the commercial hunt to get fur pelts that these groups are saying must end - they are not trying to stop indigenous groups from doing true subsistence hunting.

  53. Rebecca Aldworth says – reply to this


    Re: Newfoundland – There is not a shred of evidence on this planet that seals are negatively impacting cod stocks. A harp seal's diet consists of only about 3% commercially fished cod stocks, and they eat many important predators of cod, including squid. There is one reason, and one reason only that the cod are not recovering–and that is simply human overfishing. I am from an outport in Newfoundland, and the fishery is doing far better than it was prior to the cod collapse in 1992. That is not because of the seal hunt, it is because of the development of the shellfish industry.

  54. sara says – reply to this


    what about all the endangered species of the world? don't they deserve a little more attention and financial donations?

  55. Ellen says – reply to this


    As far as animal groups making money - what do you think they do with the money they make? Um - help more animals. These groups are nonprofits and they pay their employees as such. No one is "making money" off of this. Donations to help seals are used to help seals.

  56. Jacques Cousteau says – reply to this


    The harp seal question is entirely emotional. We have to be logical. We have to aim our activity first to the endangered species. Those who are moved by the plight of the harp seal could also be moved by the plight of the pig, with which we make our bacon. The way [pigs] are slaughtered is horrible. We have to be logical. If we are sentimental about harp seals, which are not endangered because they are partially protected, then we have to also be emotional about pigs.

  57. Nikki says – reply to this


    I agree.
    People need to get their facts straight. Don't follow campaigns when you don't know the facts.
    I'm from Newfoundland where most of this protesting takes place.
    I am not ignorant, I am well educated and I am fully aware of the fact that people are passionate about this topic.
    Seal hunting is a major industry here. So is the fishery. Our fish industry has greatly depleted in the past two decades due to a plethora of reasons, one of them being the huge population of seals who eat cod. A lot of cod.
    Due to this fact, our industry has suffered. It is only in recent years, with a culling of sorts of these seals (not the pups that the media throws pictures of in your face… hunting pups is illegal), that our industry is getting back on its feet.
    Forget about those Newfoundlanders who struggle to make ends meet… listen to the rich celebrities who don't have all the facts and have nothing to lose.

    I am in no way saying that if you are against hunting animals and eating meat are you uneducated or ignorant. Just understand the facts of an issue before you make up your mind.


  58. patches mom is a moron says – reply to this


    Re: patches mom – okay so Patches Mom, maybe people in newfoundland don't want you their either. how do you think cows are killed? in a humane way? guess again sister. Animals that are senselessy being destroyed…. please give me a break. Cats and Dogs are not farmed for hunt. This has nothign to do about canada or the usa i hope you know that the majority of buyers for such off-products is CHINA. I'm sure you just finished some bacon for breakfast too… but certainly your a compassionate person because pigs are given one sharp blow to the head to kill them, pigs actually get to feel the pain during their slaughter. my mistake.

  59. For Shame says – reply to this



    I am disappointed and dismayed that you would propagate information about a topic you don't have significant knowledge on. The sad fact of the situation is that organizations such as PETA and the Humane Society are capitalizing on the "cute factor" of baby seals to increase their fund raising revenues and ultimately there bottom line. As many people know, white coats are not killed, nor are any seas clubbed. The seal hunt is a heavily regulated and controlled industry, and acts as supplemental income for seasonal workers. The control of the seal herds is also necessary to ensure the viability and sustainability of fish stocks.

    In future Perez, I would kindly ask as a Canadian, that you think before you post, when it comes to politically sensitive topics such as this one. You have more influence than you may think. And if you love Canada as much as you claim to, then please consider those of us living here when you make comments such as these.


  60. JPK from Newfoundland says – reply to this


    I whish people would know what they are talking about. Killing cute seals bad. Eating big ugly turkey American Tradition. What f-ing BS.

    Even you vegetarians out there are full of BS. If a plant could run away from being torn up or cut up, or could prevent you from eating its seeds it would. There are things already designed in them to prevent various insects and animals from eating them or their seeds.

    Keep your views to yourself. Make choices for yourself. Do not force your views and choices upon others. Doing otherwise is nothing more than being a Tyrant.

  61. Labradorimiut says – reply to this


    Re: Jewel

    Hi Jewel, this is not an attack, and I am not in disagreement with you about the horrible things that KFC and other fast-food and farm-bred suppliers do to animals, that is a crime. But seals in the arctic and sub-arctic are not treated inhumanely, they live in the wild. When they are clubbed they die, and then the meat is eaten, the fat makes oil, the skin makes clothing, and so on. The Inuit have been hunting seals and living in harmony in the Arctic and Arctic for four thousand years, they never kill PUPS, (not BABIES), and they still depend on seals and other less adorable arctic animals to supplement their diets in the North. Who are American and British celebrities to come into the arctic and tell people how to live?

  62. patches mom says – reply to this


    of course i don't only oppose the seal hunt. of course i don't support the inhumane barbaric killing by humans of ANY animal (seal, pig, bear, chicken, dog etc) of course i didn't buy a blood diamond, but i also didn't buy a canadian cruelty free one. I will not support canada at all as long as the seal hunt continues, and guess what, the reason all you newfs are so upset is because this is and it's OBVIOUS that Canada DOES need America:

  63. patches mom says – reply to this


    of course i don't only oppose the seal hunt. of course i don't support the inhumane barbaric killing by humans of ANY animal (seal, pig, bear, chicken, dog etc) of course i didn't buy a blood diamond, but i also didn't buy a canadian cruelty free one. I will not support canada at all as long as the seal hunt continues, and guess what, the reason all you newfs are so upset is because this is and it's OBVIOUS that Canada DOES need America:

  64. patches mom says – reply to this


    of course i don't only oppose the seal hunt. of course i don't support the inhumane barbaric killing by humans of ANY animal (seal, pig, bear, chicken, dog etc) of course i didn't buy a blood diamond, but i also didn't buy a canadian cruelty free one. I will not support canada at all as long as the seal hunt continues, and guess what, the reason all you newfs are so upset is because this is and it's OBVIOUS that Canada DOES need America:

  65. patches mom says – reply to this


    of course i don't only oppose the seal hunt. of course i don't support the inhumane barbaric killing by humans of ANY animal (seal, pig, bear, chicken, dog etc) of course i didn't buy a blood diamond, but i also didn't buy a canadian cruelty free one. I will not support canada at all as long as the seal hunt continues, and guess what, the reason all you newfs are so upset is because this is and it's OBVIOUS that Canada DOES need America:

  66. dev says – reply to this


    I'm boycotting Americans until they stop Killing Iraqi babies for oil. DOWN WITH THE TERRORIST AMERICANS

  67. Up Here In Canada says – reply to this


    Perez, thanks for shedding the light on this topic. In this day and age, there is no need for us to hunt animals for profit. If those hunters can't make a living where they live then they should MOVE can get a real job!!

    Also, the seals are not eating all the fish in the water. That is utter B.S.. Fish multiply like crazy. There is no scientific evidence that shows that they are gobbling up all fish in ocean. If this is so, then the fisherman need to stop too.

    If you people seen how these poor animals get slaughtered you would support HSUS too. Get your facts straight people.

    Shame on you hunters!!!

  68. patches mom says – reply to this


    of course i don't only oppose the seal hunt. of course i don't support the inhumane barbaric killing by humans of ANY animal (seal, pig, bear, chicken, dog etc). of course i didn't buy a blood diamond, but i also didn't buy a canadian cruelty free one. I will not support canada at all as long as the seal hunt continues, and guess what, the reason all you Newfs are so upset is because the seal hunt WILL end because of the huge economic pressure the US and WORLD are putting on Canada's fisheries. Read the Globe and Mail much?:
    - Restaurants, seafood distributors and grocers participating in the ProtectSeals campaign pledge to avoid Canadian snow crab, or all seafood from Eastern Canada, or seafood from all of Canada until the hunt ends for good. ·
    - In addition to the more than 3,500 of companies that are participating in the campaign, more than 545,000 individuals have signed pledges not to buy or consume Canadian seafood.
    - Nearly two-thirds of Canadian seafood is exported to the U.S. producing $2.5 billion annually for the Canadian economy.
    - Canadian government trade statistics reveal that Canadian exports of snow crabs – the chief export product from Canada’s sealing provinces - to the U.S. have dropped by nearly $500 million in the two and a half years since the campaign was launched. In contrast, the landed value of the Canadian seal hunt in 2007 was approximately $12 million.

  69. patches mom says – reply to this


    - Restaurants, seafood distributors and grocers participating in the ProtectSeals campaign pledge to avoid Canadian snow crab, or all seafood from Eastern Canada, or seafood from all of Canada until the hunt ends for good. ·
    - In addition to the more than 3,500 of companies that are participating in the campaign, more than 545,000 individuals have signed pledges not to buy or consume Canadian seafood.
    - Nearly two-thirds of Canadian seafood is exported to the U.S. producing $2.5 billion annually for the Canadian economy.
    - Canadian government trade statistics reveal that Canadian exports of snow crabs – the chief export product from Canada’s sealing provinces - to the U.S. have dropped by nearly $500 million in the two and a half years since the campaign was launched. In contrast, the landed value of the Canadian seal hunt in 2007 was approximately $12 million

  70. WHATEVER says – reply to this


    Ok, this has got to be one of the saddest things going on in our world (animal wise) next to the dolphin crisis in Japan. I don't understand why the fucking Canadians insist on being sick, violent people and kill these precious, beautiful babies. They are so smart and have feelinsg just like anything on this planet. It makes me so sad and I can't wait to do something about it.

  71. heather says – reply to this


    I'm confussed….what's the argument here? Seals shouldn't be killed at all?? Or they should just be killed in a way that..hurts less? I don't get it. Its food. Actually it's a lot more then food, unlike cows, chickens, ducks, FISH! Why is there no one defending the poor widdle innocent fishies that the seals chow down on?
    As for boycotting Newfoundland, that's the silliest thing I've ever heard. Who exactly would you be helping then, oh mighty philanthropists? You would be damaging an entire province filled with other "poor, defenseless, innocent" animals…not to mention HUMANS.
    I've been to Newfoundland, it would be a sin to boycott such a lovely place filled with such lovely people. They have the reputation for being some of the friendliest people on earth those Newfies! It's true too! I bet if you did go, you wouldn't want to leave.
    The hunters are not barbaric monsters either, they are regular people like you and I trying to make a buck.
    The fact that the fish population is endangered by seals is true, while this is a problem for ecosystems it is also a problem concerning the livlihood of many people. You should read up on the Cod Moritorium that took place in Newfoundland not so long ago. They are in the process of rebuilding cod stocks so that people can contimue to live.

  72. ally says – reply to this



    yes that's why it's illegal to kill the babies. IT'S BEEN ILLEGAL FOR OVER 20 YEARS PEOPLE…COME ON!

    Can you all not read what we're saying???

  73. michele says – reply to this


    Well kids, it's been a fun game!

    Dear Lala #327 - I'll break it gently - michele is francaise for michael. Yup, americans in our cities, breathing fresh air, buying cigars, good scotch, better beer, and OTC tylenol with codeine.

    Maybe you remember that special day a few years ago - yeah, 9/11 - when the Newfs took in all those Americans because your skies were shut down in that terrible tragedy. Then hundreds of Canadians came down to volunteer in NYC.

    Patches mom - bridget sent 5 different messages, not the same one 5 times.

    Well done Perez! Gotta love ya, man! I think you've made more off the dead seals than all the Newfs combined! Have a juicy steak on me - just check which plant it came from!

  74. SEAL_CLUBBER says – reply to this



  75. Get the seals says – reply to this


    It's illegal to kill "white coats" aka baby seals in Canada. Plus, the seal hunt is the only form of employment who used to fish but cannot anymore because all of the seals have eaten all the fish. Have them pose with adult seals…they are ugly and would eat their face off!

  76. Shoe says – reply to this


    What about the killer whales that eat the seals?
    Are we stopping them too?

  77. Scuzzbucket says – reply to this


    Club it , skin it and make me a coat

  78. T. says – reply to this


    Why are we in canada spending so much time slaughtering seals when there are so many french canadians.

  79. Van says – reply to this


    IT IS ILLEGAL TO KILL BABY SEALS IN CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!! The seal hunt is a strictly regulated industry just like any food based industry in the world (don't tell me you have NEVER eaten beef or chicken, even deer!). It's not like any one can go out on these hugle dangerous ice flows and hunt. All the propaganda is a money making machine for those charities involved and if you donate you are just padding someone's pockets not saving lives a baby seals that are not in danger anyway.

  80. T says – reply to this


    Perhaps those who are making light of this issue should look into it further and examine the manner in which the seals are killed. No animal is meant to be harvested like a crop of corn or wheat. And, to those who say we should concentrate on human right issues rather than animals - a society is judged based upon the manner in which it treats its animals. So, if celebrities want to bring light to this - more power to them. STOP THE KILLING!

  81. didi says – reply to this


    enough already, the hunt for baby seals has been banned in canada for many years. get your facts right. those ”celebs” should be helping dying kids in africa instead.

  82. Miss Trust says – reply to this


    Yes, seals eat fish but so do we humans and we tend to overfish. Or has anyone ever been to a supermarket and seen an empty fish counter?
    Given that the Canadian government pays for each dead seal, why don't they give this money for a few years to the fishermen in order to set up sustainable aquacultures, protect their waters against any foreign fishing, put a moratorium on seal culling and find out a) if and how the fish stocks recover and b) how big the influence of the seals actually is?
    Given the daily amount of fish eaten by orcas, does the Canadian government plan to have an annual orca kill as well?

  83. captain america says – reply to this


    never mind baby seals we as americans should stick to what we know best,,,,,,1 electing idiots to president2 interfearing all over the world3 starting foolish wars so our sons can die in them4we need more guns guns for all its the american way

  84. L says – reply to this


    You have no idea what your talking about and those stupid "do-gooder" celebs don't either. "slaughter the seals"??? For one if they are hunted they are shot and not "slaughtered". Secondly what about cows, pigs, ducks, chicken and deer? They aren't as cute as seals so no one is protesting! This is ill-informed and ridiculous. Get your facts straight perez before you share your opinion.

  85. Canucker says – reply to this


    Re: Roxanne

    Well they won't have to boycott canadian seafood once the overpopulated seals wipe out all the fish in our northern waters…

  86. save_baby_seals says – reply to this


    Nice propaganda, you seal clubbers on here! We're onto you and the humane society is investigating who has commented here and spread lies that the seal hunt is illegal and not happening. No animal should be HARVESTED LIKE A CROP, let alone a baby animal!!!! You are sick idiots that say otherwise and I hope you rot in hell. I hope Canada's government sinks into the eternal financial bleak abyss where it is headed since a lot of it's people (the uneducated that are pro seal hunting) have no REAL WORLD SKILLS besides pick-axing baby animals to make a measly $ dollars on THEIR SKINS that they own, not the evil greedy blue collar bastards stealing them off their backs in a HORRENDOUSLY cruel and evil way!

  87. Sally says – reply to this


    I am Canadian.
    Two things that embarrass me as a Canadian are: –the seal kill; –Celine Dion.
    Now if we could get publicity about China's Bear Bile Farming. Google Animals Asia.

  88. Bridget says – reply to this


    Re: Nikki – Nikki, it's interesting that you chastise others for getting the facts wrong when your entire post was full of misinfomation. Sealing is NOT a major industry in Newfoundland. It accounts for less than one-half of a percent of Newfoundland's GDP. Seal pups are indeed killed - the majority are just a few weeks old, targeted specifically for their pristine skin. As has been said by others who have done their research, seals are NOT responsible for the collapse of fish stocks, nor are they responsible for their failure to rebound. Let me ask you: with cod being in such dire straits, why has DFO declined to list it as an endangered species? Why did it open a recreational cod fishery to further stress an already stressed species?

  89. Jen says – reply to this


    THANK YOU THANK YOU PEREZ! You made my day just the mention of this horrible action will show awareness!! So many people don't know about this. :(

  90. newfiefurtrader says – reply to this


    That seal in the picture looks so cute! I want a coat made out of that fur.

  91. Want Fries with that? says – reply to this


    Re: canadiangirl22
    Uh, Canadiangirl22, reality speaking. They DO NOT CLUB BABIES. It is a controlled cull, sanctioned by the government. It is ENDLESSLY observed by those misinformed sods (ie Paul, Heather, Nigel) and SURPRISE! No one witnesses any clubbing. Huh. Imagine that.

  92. tori says – reply to this


    exactly. i feel sick about the baby seals being killed. they are the most adorable beautiful things in this world. it is true that they were eating all the fish and the population was getting out of control. so it is very upsetting that filthy rich celebrities can come to canada and tell poor fishermen how to live their life. many people do not have any other resource to gain from- and their kids are hungry. but no "do-gooding - media attention- saving the world" celebrity understands that.

  93. k says – reply to this


    umm i live in nfld.. just wondering if anyone here actually did any research on this before commenting? yes, people who murder baby seals are disgusting.. thats why its illegal i guess! this has been happening in our society for hundreds of years and theres plenty of reasoning behind it. my grandfather was a fisherman.. a very poor one at that. there was a time when we werent even allowed to fish because there wasnt anything TO fish. the over population of seals highly contributes to this which is why the seal hunt takes place. yes, it is sad that animals die in order for us humans to live better lives.. and selfish! if there are no fish in nfld, thousands of people are affected.. including family members.. this subject hits home for me and it really bothers me.
    nobody talks about all the cows, chickens, ducks etc that are born and raised on steroids to feed the fat asses of this country. i dont see any celebrities running anti milk campaigns because cows are repeatedly impregnated and forced to lactate for our drinking pleasure? lactose isnt even good for you! were the only species that consumes milk after infancy, especially another species milk…
    people are so misinformed it makes me wanna vomit. get your fucking facts straight dudes

    go eat some more burgers and milkshakes and shoot your mouth about something real. there are millions of kids starving to death in other countries that you could be volunteering your efforts towards.

  94. MON says – reply to this


    Are you kidding me! This is the most ridiculous thing I've seen since Paul M. tried to save the seals. Guess what, Canadians do not club seals….people from other countries come over and do it. Perhaps these celebrities should look at helping those individuals who grew up this way to find other means of making money. Yes baby seals are cute but I don't see anyone protesting the whales for eating them or perhaps their own parents that do so…no that's natures way… Why isn't anyone out there protecting animals that get killed on the highways each day, hell that doesn't matter because they interrupt us getting to the mall….DUMB DUMB DUMB! Raccon burger anyone?

  95. Rachel says – reply to this


    NIGEL!!! I thought that was him when I saw the picture!!! Tehehe, he's so hot…

  96. Iris says – reply to this


    False information like this, it makes me feel hopeless. Infant seals are not killed directly. Period. I wish people were more concerned with the starvation of children and pumped their money into that type of endeavor. People are so full of shit.

  97. michele says – reply to this


    Re: tori – \

    Oh MAN!

    Tori, I made a resolution this morning, and your words make me break it before the sun goes down!

    I have NO POSITION on the seal hunt! I do, however, have a position on ingnorance based on emotionalism and cuteness versus science.

    'i feel sick about the baby seals being killed. they are the most adorable beautiful things in this world.' Should we kill them when they are not cute ie/ mothers of whitecoats, and leave the pups to starve?

    I appreciate your willingness to see all the dimensions of suffering in this world, so do I.

    Let's work on all the aspects of misery world-wide, not just focus on one small focus of cuteness!

  98. erin says – reply to this


    "Hayden Panettiere isn't the only celeb trying to help prevent the slaughtering of innocent animals."

    …right. because the chickens and pigs and cows you all eat obviously aren't innocent. animals are only innocent when they're cute a fuzzy. duh

  99. nova scotian says – reply to this


    I wish these people would put all this money and time into something useful… like saving children in Africa!!

  100. nova scotian says – reply to this


    Re: newfiefurtrader – i agree… i could go for a nice pair of mittens

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