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Baby Seals Need Your Help

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Hayden Panettiere isn't the only celeb trying to help prevent the slaughtering of innocent animals.

Top Model contributor Nigel Barker is pitching in to help as well. The photog is aiming to help baby seals and is working with the Protect Seals campaign.

Nigel was recently in Canada documenting the birth of the baby seals. He will return later in the month to help document the unfortunate slaughter the seals will eventually occur.

To find out how you can help, CLICK HERE.

[Image via The HSUS.]

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426 comments to “Baby Seals Need Your Help”

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  1. Kirsty says – reply to this


    Lou, Mui and co. are full of crap.

    I work in marine research and have followed this issue for a number of years. Baby seals are not SUPPOSED to be killed under the so-called 'culling' guidelines, but studies have shown that many ARE being killed indiscriminately (including white coats).

    Also, the seal population is not responsible for the decline in fish stocks - but OVERFISHING BY HUMANS is: driven by demand. The whole issue has been created by changing technology in fisheries (GPS location systems, huge netting operations) and unsustainable practices (taking too many fish, taking younger and undeveloped fish), which is depleting populations of some species.

    How about you do your research before regurgitating the local propaganda??

  2. Kirsty says – reply to this


    Like the whaling conducted by Japan, Norway etc., the actions of the Canadian government is SERIOUSLY damaging Canada's reputation in the world. Canada may be protecting the interests of the fishing lobby, but it is damaging its tourist industry, trade etc. with the rest of the world.

    Deal with it, rather than perpetuating false statements about how it is 'necessary' to kill seals. If Canada's economy hinges on fishing, then is in deep shit, as humans are rapidly depleting the ocean's resources.

    Isn't it interesting how many seals are in the Southern Oceans, and yet only countries who trade in seal fur and overfish the northern oceans are the ones "culling" seals??

    And if hear one more tired cliche about "How many of you eat beef, chicken, etc….", I'm going to puke. This issue is about people thinking they have the right to "maintain" populations of WILD animals for their own selfish interests.

    Canada, you suck.

  3. michele says – reply to this


    Re: Kirsty
    Yeah, we suck! So sad we're "going down the tubes"! Hottest economy in years!
    We are a sovereign nation. We owe you NOTHING! We are nice to you, we welcome you, we are polite, we listen, we help wherever we can! WE DON"T OWE IT TO YOU! IT'S WHO WE ARE! Our country didn't get blown up on that horrible, tragic day - 9/11 - but we protected your people in Gander NFDL - yeah - the seal killers! We didn't have to phone or mobilize - they just went to the base and took people home.
    After everyone could move, we sent hundreds of people to VOLUNTEER in NYC! After you invaded IRAQ =- presumably thinking it was the same as Saudi or Afghanistan - our troops are there as well. I know a kid whose dad shipped out to A. last week! And our boys get shipped home dead, when you were attacked and we weren't!
    We support you, host you, listen to you, don't judge you - and we owe you Jack All!
    What nerve - over seals!
    I love Americans, have been all over America, know the difference between Idaho and Iowa, and know all about McCain, Osama and Hillary.
    Get over yourselves, and fight your enemies, not your friends!

  4. kim says – reply to this


    Re: michele – WOW - Michele do you have time to sleep??? It is a priveledge to be online with the modern day Mother Teresa…

  5. Bridget says – reply to this


    canadiangirl22, they DO club seals. Marine Mammal Regulations state that a wooden club may be used, as well as a hakapik (a metal ferrule with bent spike at one end). The alternative is shooting which I witnessed in the Gulf and it is just as cruel, if not more so. Sealers shoot from boats heaving in choppy waters at pups on icepans that are also moving. Pups are shot once only, as additional bullet holes reduce the value of the pelts. Pups are shot & left to suffer for long periods of time. If you are suggesting that shooting is more humane than clubbing, you are sadly misinformed.

  6. Here we go again! says – reply to this


    I love these bleeding heart activists, wearing leather boots and using beauty products (tested on animals) who are campaigning against a hunt that does not exist!!!

    As a society, Americans are so narrow minded! Get the facts, people!

  7. Newfound says – reply to this


    I'm from canada and more so from newfoundland where the seal hunt is a large part of peoples income. Without it many many Newfoundlanders would be left jobless. It is also never mentioned that without control of the seal population the fish population would become endangered. The seal hunt has been shown as totally bias and not all the facts are shown. How about a save the calf campaign? Not as cute so not as much intrigue?
    I think you need to show both sides of the story because the seal hunt is not all con.

  8. Meh says – reply to this


    It disapoints me to see such a large information outlet like this site promoting ignorance about this subject. The seal hunt is a part of our culture, which evidently is not understood by outsiders. There is an abundance of seals, which just so happen to feed off of our diminishing cod stocks. The seals are killed more humainly than what you will find in any slaughterhouse, and the majority of the seal is eaten or otherwise used.

  9. michele says – reply to this


    Re: kim

    WOW - Michele do you have time to sleep??? It is a priveledge to be online with the modern day Mother Teresa…


    That was SUCH an intelligent response!

    Are you seriously able to vote in elections with that kind of intellect?

    It explains so much…..

    FYI: 'priveledge' is generally spelled 'privilege' - but it DOES have three syllables, so I'll give you a break on that one!

  10. Kirsty says – reply to this


    Re: michele – Guess what?? I'm not American, so none of your weird arguments mean diddly squat to me. (Did you know that there are other countries outside of North America??)

    Um, and if the Canadian economy is so great, why are you so dependent on unsustainable primary industries - like commercial fishing?

    Half my extended family live in Canada, and while I have always loved the country in the past, I am disgusted by the fishing and hunting lobby, and the government's weakness on this issue.

    The whole seal-slaughtering thing IS a blight on Canada's international reputation. I find it bizarre in the extreme that Canada's government and decision-makers are willing to continue this practice in the age of global media communication. Why deny that baby seals are slaughtered when we see footage of it every year with the seal hunt? It never features on Canadian news channels (what a shock), but it does everywhere else in the world!

    And as for the argument that people's jobs outweigh the ethical issue of sealing - you've got to be kidding me! I'm sure pedophilia, drug-dealing, prostitution and arson are also highly profitable, perhaps we should support those industries as well? Perhaps we could also chop down all the trees in national parks so that the poor wood-cutters don't run out of things to do? Then what?

  11. michele says – reply to this


    [re=1687666]Re: Kirsty

    Goodness dear, put on your jim-jams and go to bed - the grown-ups want to talk!

    See my response #422. (It's above you - keep scrolling…YOU CAN DO THIS!)

    Not American.
    Also, not Mexican.
    So we've kinda run out of countries, haven't we?
    I assume you are Mexican, because you claim to be 'not American", but talk about "YOUR economy".
    Sweet-pea, I said nothing about jobs, the reality of the seal kill. Nor do I support it!
    I am also NOT AGAINST IT!
    Is that what sticks in your craw so much?
    I am, however, a firm and steadfast believer about the joys of true science.
    No problem on my end with Bridget or Rebecca Aldworth or any other respectable scientist out there. They know their stuff!
    I'm vegan, don't wear fur, and have plastic on my feet.
    My issue is with people who don't want to kill seals cause 'they're cute and innocent' versus the presumably 'guilty' cows and pigs we slaughter, with a nail gun between their eyes, or the chickens we kill through electrocution.
    Loved the part about 'half of my extended family' - is that like, 'some of my best friends are gay/jewish/black'?

    Is there a site I can go to send money for your education?

    Drink some milk before you go to bed - it helps bones grow!

  12. Kirsty says – reply to this


    Re: michele – Is there a place I could contribute to a literacy program for you? "Did you know that there are other countries outside of North America??" OUTSIDE - get it? Like, um, Australia? England? France? I personally couldn't give a shit what your opinion is - I was addressing the larger debate rather than some sad git on a gossip blog. And if you'd actually bothered to read my earlier posts, you would have seen that I work in marine science. Do you? If you can't understand the ramifications of killing wild marine life - and its implications for biodiversity, health of the oceans etc. - as opposed to a domestic chicken, then you are an idiot. I am addressing the science. When did I say anything about cuteness? One person made that comment out of 400+ posts.

  13. michele says – reply to this


    Re: Kirsty – Your position is SO SAD, and based on such SUSPECT SCIENCE!

    Bless you for coming out, though!

    I think your 'marine science' degree, aka - a B.Sc., means you shovel seal shit!

    Good for you - BAD for people who want facts!

    You are 'addressing the larger debate' while addressing me - get a life!

    Biodiversity - sure to make the crowd cringe - but if you knew anything about ANYTHING, you'd know the implications of growing chickens beyond their feet - so that there's more breast meat - is heinous!
    YOU can read MY LAST POSTS! You haven't said anything intelligible for a while!

    And grow up!

    I said nothing about our economy, jobs, whatsoever!

  14. Seal hunters are morons says – reply to this


    Wow, you people who are for the hunt are really misinformed. There is a reason the EU is heading for a ban of seal fur from Canada - because the hunt is unsustainable, provides less than 1% of the income for the hunters, and is cruel. Very cruel. It IS illegal to kill whitecoats, but once the start to moult, they are fair game (and sealers don't pay attention to the laws anyway, so whitecoats ARE killed). Most of the seals are clubbed - and don't think it's humanely done. There are many that are skinned alive. This is a hunt that is done for a purely vain and greedy fur industry. The seal meat and blubber are worthless to the hunters. The fisherman are depleting the fish stock, not the seals. Get your facts straight before you post inaccuracies. The people that agree with the hunt are grossly misinformed and probably hunters themselves or families of hunters. The only reason they are still fighting this dying practice is because people are telling them they shouldn't do it. Why you don't all grow up, get some education and join the rest of civilised society?

  15. brandi says – reply to this


    Re: You have no idea – You apparently don't know what you are talking about. Maybe you should read up on your facts.

  16. brandi says – reply to this


    Re: pinkie – read up on your facts. pups can be killed at 13 days old. in fact they mainly only kill the pups because of their fur. they are clubbed and a good majority are skinned alive. it is wrong, so wrong.

  17. brandi says – reply to this


    Re: Ziploc seal – protectseals.org

  18. brandi says – reply to this


    Re: koffey – oh a whole 13 days old to 3 months old. how would you like to be killed before even having your first meal. just about half are skinned alive. get your facts straight. i think canada sucks!

  19. brandi says – reply to this


    It is about time that this issue finally gets some attention! I think that what Nigel, Rebecca, and everyone else who is trying to bring attention to this matter deserves a pat on the back. It is heart breaking to see what goes on in Canada. These are innocent animals that are being killed for thier fur. For all of you who keep saying they are killed and nothing is wasted, you apparently don't know your facts. I hope that this continues to get more attention and that there will finally be a ban on seal slaughtering. We are their voice, if they can't speak for themself's someone has to. Way to go Perez for putting this on your site and for everyone else trying to help these beautiful innocent creatures.

  20. Reality says – reply to this


    Re: Miss Trust
    Cause 97 per cent of orcas eat, [gasp] seals!


    Only resident orcas live primarily on fish stock.

    Transients orcas, in far greater numbers, kill seals and sea lions, male, female (pregnant or not)), by chomping on them. That makes them our FRIENDS!

    You know, the whole 'best-of-the-best' thing.

    So orcas are our friends, bless their little black and white hearts!

  21. Please, Don't Taze Me Bro' says – reply to this


    Re: save_baby_seals

    I beez so scared for commenting on mine own opinion!

    Don't water-board me! [Someone, please start a petition]!

  22. Canadian Lady says – reply to this


    I ♣ Baby seals

    Its an important part of our economy, and keeping many of our provinces employed! We destroy almost every other animal! Why not spend our energy, and celebretard's money on poor countries around the world! Why has it come to say "aww" to animals over humans?! I hope that one day this changes!

  23. DD says – reply to this


    Man there are a lot of people here talkin outta their *ss! The seal hunt has been on for so many years. It is not only helpful to keep the overpopulated seals from eating the recovering scarce Cod(and other fish) stock which was once the biggest(in some places the only) food source but it is also part of many provinces heritage. The only reason people are losing their sh*t is because baby seals are cute. But the baby white coat seal hunt has been banned. What about the cute deer, birds, pigs, cows, ducks, homeless dogs/cats(that get put down), etc. that get killed in abundance daily? Van is right, it's not like I'm gonna go out with my friends for a laugh and hit some cute seal pups on the head then try and sell the fur for some a bit of extra cash for the weekend. Anyways people need to stop listening to these stars who try to create an image for themselves on stuff that they have no clue about.

  24. ciara says – reply to this


    thats mean what they are doing to them

  25. faaaack says – reply to this


    These stars are full of it. The cute white fur seal pups aren't the ones getting killed. I remember watching Larry King Live when the Premier of Newfoundland(that's a province in Canada) was defending the seal hunt (as it is one of the provinces traditional industries) against Paul McCartney and his gold diggin ex-wife(when they were together) Heather Mills. They had NO idea what they were talking about and the Premier Williams clearly did his research. They looked like complete ignorant idiots just like some people on this and those stars who still talk and don't have a clue what they are saying. Anyways I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions but in order to sound credible at least know every side of the story before arguing and saying stuff that is absolutely irrelevant and incredibly ignorant.

  26. Seal_Boy says – reply to this


    Re: Seal hunters are morons

    It's unfortunate that this debate can never be done with civility and facts. It would be nice if you had the truth on your side before speaking with such "authority."

    The EU is considering a ban on seal products because of an IFAW study that wrongly claimed "42% of seals are skinned alive," not because the hunt is unsustainable. There are more than 5.5 million seals off of Canada's Atlantic coast - almost 3-times as many as in the 1970s. The ridiculous 42% claim was recently reviewed and deemed to be nonesense by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Seems to me the EU might want to listen to its own scientists and researchers, before tyring to implement seal products bans based on lies. The Canadian hunt is humane and sustainable. Canada's practices were largely supported by the EFSA report.

    Sealing also represents a good chunk of sealers income and in some case can mean as much as 15-35% of a sealers income, in a part of the country that already has some of the lowest wages and highest unemployment.

    Seals are hundeted for fur, they are also used for their meat and oils, which are high in omega-3 fattie acids and extremely good for you. As for your silly claim about fish stocks, the 5.5 million harp seals on Canada's coasts sure aren't ordering pizza…they eat fish. In future, heed some of your own advice and "get your facts straight before you post inaccuracies."

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