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In The Psych Ward!

| Filed under: American Idol


More American Idol related news…..and this one's a doozy!

Season 1 contestant Nikki McKibbin was recently placed under psychiatric observation for 72 hours after suffering a severe breakdown in late February.

According to a police report, Nikki called a friend and told her that she was feeling depressed and wanted to kill herself.  The friend called the police who arrived to find the fallen Idol with a number of pills in her hand.

Oh, boy. Not a good thing! She's even got a kid!

Nikki refused to cooperate with the police who came to her rescue and reportedly tried to kick out the windows of the cop car.

Why did she unravel?

Things weren't going well for the American Idol alum. She released an album in May '07 to a lukewarm response from the public. She was then hit with the sudden death of her mother in August.

Times can get tough, but suicide is NEVER the answer, kids.

There is always help out there. Don't be afraid to ask for it!

[Image via WENN.]

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189 comments to “In The Psych Ward!”

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  1. again says – reply to this


    suffering a what?

  2. IMMA ASS O says – reply to this


    first first first first first

  3. Ben says – reply to this


    Oh well.

  4. Kiki says – reply to this


    Dr. Drew… celebutard rehab. Here she comes

  5. DONG says – reply to this


    BALLZ COCK FART! 1st!!!!!

  6. fitzgerald says – reply to this


    crazy bitch

  7. Perezaddict says – reply to this


    Poor girl. Being crazy sucks. I should know…

  8. imogen says – reply to this


    red ha

  9. Veejay says – reply to this



  10. Treasure says – reply to this



  11. ashle alexander says – reply to this



  12. Jermaine says – reply to this


    what it IS SON!

  13. loop says – reply to this


    i'm hip!

  14. Perezaddict says – reply to this


    Poor girl…

  15. Nicole A says – reply to this



  16. sarah says – reply to this


    If you read the report she lost it because her MOTHER HAD JUST DIED. Give her a break! More than a few people feel suicidal when they lose a loved one suddenly. Fuckin A

  17. Ern says – reply to this



  18. amber says – reply to this



  19. Emily says – reply to this



  20. naj says – reply to this



  21. yaz says – reply to this



  22. Moana Lisa says – reply to this


    oh no another britney poor girl

  23. ashlee says – reply to this



  24. jnfhfghfg says – reply to this



  25. susanshox says – reply to this



  26. leticia says – reply to this


    1st 1st 1st

  27. kate s says – reply to this


    wooo first!!!

    i dont even know this person, who is this crazyy?

  28. anon says – reply to this


    this is sad. it sounds like she's been greiving and just hasn't been able to handle it well.

  29. kaylee says – reply to this



  30. tty says – reply to this


    Re: again – You're supposed to click on the pink word to find out!!

  31. Vicky says – reply to this


    lol weird.

  32. Kate says – reply to this


    I hope she gets help and good message Perez. I like it when you are nice.

  33. yumcalories says – reply to this


    CRAZY LADY with her kareoke bar

  34. Uh oh says – reply to this



  35. ChrisJ says – reply to this


    Get Well Soon Nikki!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. nena says – reply to this


    is the price of fame that debilitating?

  37. bethanyvictoria says – reply to this



  38. leticia says – reply to this


    That's sad.

  39. dramaqueen82 says – reply to this


    Sometimes your talent just doesn't match up with your dreams…it was obvious after watching AI and other interviews that she wanted to make it the most of anyone who has ever been on the show, like she was desperate to have a career in music. However, she was one of the worst contestants the show has had in any season.

    I do feel for her about her mom…and it does suck when the thing you want most eludes you. Poor Nikki. If you need help, girl, don't be afraid to ask for it. You have a child to raise.

  40. dfg says – reply to this


    Suicide= A Permenant saluation to a temporary problem!!!

  41. boohoo says – reply to this


    Bullshit.. ! Sometimes help never comes - period. And you have to take of things with your own hands. Be ok with people making the adult decision of hitting out of this insane world.
    Get over your fears, be a human being and support/respect people even in the areas we dont understand. Fuck I wish I had the courage to take those pills!!

  42. Aww, that's sad! says – reply to this


    Now this is someone people should feel sorry for. She has had to deal with the death of a parent and that would be reason to have a breakdown. Britney on the other hand had a breakdown because she's a spoiled little bitch who flips whenever she doesn't get her way.

  43. dfg says – reply to this


    Re: dfg – and here I go spell it wrong…..SOLUTION!!!

  44. amanda- says – reply to this


    you people who say first everytime seriously need to get a life. you piss me off so much. who cares if you are first. no one does. and you shouldn.t

  45. anon says – reply to this


    And I'm sure it helps out a bunch when you post a big picture of her on the internet with the word "LOCA" across the top of it. If you were that concerned about her you could have found a better way of showing it.

  46. b says – reply to this



  47. yazzy says – reply to this


    she gained some weight….she's pretty.

  48. QueenOfTrashin' says – reply to this


    Amen, brother!

  49. eddy says – reply to this


    Yeah, don't be afraid to ask for it unless you're Brit Brit. Then places like this will place bets as to when where and how you will meet your sad pathetic end. Or not.

  50. amanda says – reply to this


    This is why I love PEREZ, U are not a heartless bloger this is why you have made it baby!!!

  51. melysah says – reply to this


    This bitch has always been crazy. I knew her before the american idol mess and after some other dumb singing reality show. Shes always been into meth, special k, the likes. She spends no time with her kid, her mom raises him. Its pitiful. Let her off herself… one less slutbag deadbeat parent out there.

  52. dallas says – reply to this


    I saw her working as a cocktail waitress in a bar in Dallas about 2 yrs ago and she seemed REALLY cracked out. Looked like a heavy drug user…

  53. melysah says – reply to this


    Oops! so if her mom did die, guess that means she has to WOman up and be a mom now. Bummer for her. cant ho around and do drugs anymore.

  54. john m says – reply to this


    Why the fuck did her friend call the cops?

  55. sadly says – reply to this


    she was on our local news morning show a few months ago or longer who knows, anyway it is in dallas and she's local. she seemed excited to be there but she also seemed drunk and forgot the words to the song she was singing. on live tv. oh and she was barefoot. her poor kid.

  56. li says – reply to this


    obviously, one should be afraid to ask for help. Look what happens when one does.

  57. bill says – reply to this


    What a hypocrite! You can't write "Loca" on someone's picture and then try to play the understanding advisor and counsel getting psychiatric help. Either you play the total shithead who makes fun of people with problems (which you have been doing and profiting from as well) or you provide a voice of reason. When you try to do both you just end up sounding insincere and mocking!

  58. NOT says – reply to this


    Re: sarah – I lost my mom, her father and her mother all within 3 years.

  59. NOT says – reply to this


    Re: sarah – I lost my mom, her father and her mother all within 3 years. I NEVER ONCE thought of killing myself!!! If she's thinking of it at all….SHE NEEDS HELP!

  60. tweety says – reply to this


    Re: Veejay – I know him!!!
    I fucked him a few times!!

  61. gdamb says – reply to this


    poor man's Unfitney

  62. dq82 says – reply to this


    Sometimes your talent just doesn't match up with your dreams…it was obvious after watching AI and other interviews that she wanted to make it the most of anyone who has ever been on the show, like she was desperate to have a career in music. However, she was one of the worst contestants the show has had in any season.

    I do feel for her about her mom…and it does suck when the thing you want most eludes you. Poor Nikki. If you need help, girl, don't be afraid to ask for it. You have a child to raise.

  63. J-money says – reply to this


    does anyone really know who this is…REALLY REALLY? If you do you're a boner. She looks like somebody's aunt trying to be cool.

  64. houskat says – reply to this


    it sucks to lose a loveone,poor thing…. :(

  65. the devil says – reply to this



  66. why? says – reply to this



    why do you have to put "loca" on her picture like that? that's so fucking disrespectful. do you know how many americans suffer from mental illness every day and feel the way that she has felt in wanting to commit suicide??? c'mon….if you're going to report something…simply report it. you don't have to belittle someone for going through a rough time. geez
    you call her "loca" then you go ahead and tell people that suicide isn't the answer…why send such mixed messages to the youth? where's the compassion?

  67. deneil says – reply to this


    you are hilarious at the right moments, and you are serious at the right moments.

  68. JEEZLOUISE says – reply to this



  69. novel1 says – reply to this


    "…never the answer, kids." What is that patronizing brand of bullshit? If you're going to be an armchair psychiatrist the public, Perez, you could be less condescending.

  70. jessica says – reply to this


    Why are people always so shocked when people who have children become suicidal?? As if being a parent removes you from the other stresses of life. I know people think, "Oh but she should want to live for her daughter." I wish people would actually stop and think and realize what a load of crap that is. Infact I'd so so far as to say that being a parent increases your risk of depression. I'm sure she loves her daughter very much and would not do anything to intentionally hurt her. I used to work on a suicide crissis line and I NEVER once heard any suicidal parent say, "I'm going to do this to fuck my kids up" they always believed (albeit mistakenly) that their suicide was the best thing for their child. I'm not saying that they were correct in that judgement, but PLEASE stop judgeing suicidal parents. They are NO DIFFRENT from anyone else!

  71. please erase 'loca' says – reply to this


    perez, love u & know u r half joking, but from someone who has suffered from depression i still stuggle everyday to feel 'normal' and not 'crazy'. for those who feel 'crazy' please don't feed into it. thank you!

  72. always wanted to say this. says – reply to this


    I think its pretty hypocritical to condemn celebrities for being suicidal. WHEN YOU MAKE COMMENTS THAT, frankly, WOULD MAKE ANY SENSITIVE PERSON WANT TO KILL THEMSELVES.

    it's only a matter of time before some celebrity jumps of a building and leaves a note saying it was because of you. . . . and then you'll be a mess yourself. And then maybe you'll stop. If I believed in God I'd pray for you, instead, I read your site for the nice comments you make, and for everything horrible you say I know it reflects your true immoral character.

  73. bl0ndieNYC says – reply to this


    I thought that was Precilla Pressley. lol

  74. #58 bill says – reply to this


    AMEN on that!
    Shame on you Perez you cum guzzling ho bag.

  75. Amanda says – reply to this


    Well…….she's got nice eyes…but if you look at them for a while they look pshycotic and crazy o.o

  76. Estar says – reply to this


    Suicide isn't the answer however when you are depressed, it's really hard to see anything clearly. I've been there and it's a dark illness that takes over your entire being.

    I hope she gets better- I know how tough it is.

  77. trixie says – reply to this


    Oh such a warm hearted comment from someone who just loves to spill venom all over the world, it's touching really.

  78. Kelley says – reply to this


    Soooo…you don't want kids to kill themselves or be afraid to ask for help, and then you write "LOCA" across her head? Do you even give a shit that depression is a serious mental illness?

    You're an ASSHOLE, Perez.

  79. off the property says – reply to this


    oh, i remember her!!! publicity stunt MUCH?!!!!

  80. Kay says – reply to this


    please don't come to austin. ever.

  81. WTF? says – reply to this


    I remember the name but the face doesn't match my memory. Hair color change? All the Idol kids end up thinking they're SO much more famous and important than they really are. Then the reality crashes down around them at some point. Evidenced by the other Idol misery by the non-Kelly's and non-Carrie's. Having a nervous breakdown over this shows how fucking out of touch she is with anything real. If her mother did just die, that's really awful.

  82. kathie! says – reply to this


    She was cute on Idol and had a nice voice.

    For all you guys that live on the West coast the gay guy got voted off tonight…………………………..

  83. Asking for help AND GETTING IT...big dif. says – reply to this


    Unless you are the wife of a military man….those doctor's don't give a fuck.

  84. Lisa says – reply to this


    Please call suicide crisis line if you need help-

    Dial 1-800- SUICIDE

  85. Stormiya says – reply to this


    Poor Nikki! She's my favorite Idol Contestant ever. I hope she gets better, she still has a loyal group of fans who love her

  86. amanda! says – reply to this


    NOOO! DANNY WENT HOME TONIGHT. gosh. i hate people. nobody has any taste in personality these days. FUCKERS!

  87. Melissa says – reply to this


    My aunt lives 3 blocks away from her. her mother just died, and thats who she lived with. I have met her before she went on AI. my cousin babysat her son, triston when he was still an infant. and she was crazy then. she would just srop him off and come back days later, looking like she hadn't slept the entire time. she was quiet alot of the time, too.
    But she was super nice.

    Give her a break.

  88. sarah says – reply to this


    princess danny just got kicked off American Idol. :( i may never watch again…

  89. evil says – reply to this


    who the hell cares, no one even remembers her Perez!!!!!

  90. L says – reply to this


    Never watching american Idol again, THEY GOT RID OF DANNY NORIEGA!!!
    sooo angryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  91. Mary K says – reply to this


    I don't even remember her from American Idol…….but then again I don't really remember much about the first American Idol except that Kelly won over that Justin guy. I do feel bad for her though because I went through a severe breakdown myself and had to go on medication even though I didn't want to. It is a tough place to be so I do hope she feels better.

  92. gg says – reply to this


    Perez, why are you so cruel???? make fun of anybody… fine… but why the people with mental illness?? it's like kicking a dog when he's down! you are mean.

  93. MovieGirl says – reply to this


    Poor girl. She needs to get her act together for her son's sake as well as her own. I'll pray for her! PS: Celebrity Rehab Part II, here she comes!!!

  94. MarkDiddy says – reply to this


    She was one of the worst singers ever. She was born to wait tables and pour shots. Anyone who saw that 1st season knows that. I think she took the pills after listening to herself on those AI reruns they show on ch 11 in NY. Honestly, she was like listening to a cat die in full living room surround.

  95. k says – reply to this


    Perez…you clearly have never been clinically depressed. If your medications don't work, the daily pain can be insufferable. As someone who has felt such pain, I can totally understand how someone could resort to this. If you saw someone in unyielding severe physical pain, your answer would probably be different. Also, using the statement 'kids….it's never the answer' is patronizing, condescending and ignorant.

  96. jessica says – reply to this


    Get well soon Nikki, don't forget about that handsome little Tristan who needs his mommy. We all go through hard times now and then. Remember, it always gets worse before it gets better…hang in there.

  97. hellokristen says – reply to this


    she didn't deserve to take third place, tamyra was better!

  98. katgrrl71 says – reply to this



  99. matthewj says – reply to this


    why did you post this perez :/
    it's sad and all,
    who cares about her.
    she is less than "z-list" status.

  100. Loca Perez, tu eres demasiado! says – reply to this


    Hope ur making ur meetings Perez, remember ur 12 steps!

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