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Dear Sally Kern

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The entire state of Oklahoma should be ashamed of THIS!

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1742 comments to “Dear Sally Kern”

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  1. Larry says – reply to this


    This shit reminds me of Hitler trying to convince Germany that Jews were conspiring, infiltrating, and destroying.

  2. mary wilson says – reply to this


    I may not agree with what this lady is saying


  3. kevin says – reply to this


    eww this nasty piece of shit
    i hate this ho
    she should fucking die
    arrogant prick!

    thanks for bringing this to my attention perez!

  4. cabinfever126 says – reply to this


    You go girl. You have freedoms just like everyone else. If they don't like what they hear….change the channel!

  5. pasqualina says – reply to this


    Bravissima! Essatto! I am hope this person will to be president of America when i will move there!

  6. Amanda says – reply to this


    I'm totally ashamed to be from oklahoma!

  7. Lisa says – reply to this


    Hahaha Im from Oklahoma, Tulsa to be exact, I have plenty of friends who are gay. But this is funny! Stop being so damn senseative Perez!!!

    She is one person, not all of Oklahoma thinks like her.
    So dry your eyes.

  8. Lisa says – reply to this


    This is soooo troubling on so many levels. Get rid of her!

  9. Gina says – reply to this


    Poor lady…all for believing what the bible says…..sad really….

  10. gina says – reply to this


    Thanks I was looking for her email so I could thank her….

  11. coyoteboy29 says – reply to this


    I guess ignorance is still around?

  12. Suga says – reply to this


    Sorry everyone, I have to agree with the few comments that agree with her. I would never hate someone, or "burn them at the stake" for being gay, but if you are christian, the bible does say…

  13. don't you wanna know says – reply to this


    I actually have to agree with her to some degree. I don't think that she is spreading hate words, she is just speaking her mind and what she thinks. Freedom of speech after all. There are many gay people that I feel bad for because they are good people, but there are also a lot of them that even I come across that try and convert me to be gay or make fun of me because I am straight. It is such a hypocrisy. I do believe that there are many gay and so on people that are taking the morals out of our country, making it some hippie town where "you can do whatever you want." They do not enforce boundaries or discipline. I don't think that it should be taught to little kids in their schools, that is up to the parents to teach them that, not the schools. Schools are biased enough, creating a poor teaching environment, we don't need anymore liberal views in their schools.

  14. Brittany says – reply to this


    wow, that really is just disgusting. these are the people that are being elected to run our cites, countries, and states? i think we need to take a closer look at the people that we are choosing to lead us.

  15. DUH says – reply to this


    hellooooooooooo its oklahoma for christ's sake!… bunch of uneducated freaks who CANT EVEN SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH! sad and pathetic… i feel bad for them

  16. buffaloscott says – reply to this


    Re: dk

    Look, kids! Another yahoo who apparently puts child molesters and homosexuals on the same moral plane. In the words of John F. Kennedy (yes, he really used them–he was joking at the time, I am not)…you're a slimy f*ck, dk.

  17. William says – reply to this


    This is still America where you have freedom of speech! Now THIS is a woman that I would vote for for President!!!! Kern 2012!!!

  18. Henry says – reply to this



  19. stephen says – reply to this


    If she really has no apology for her comments - because they are simply what she believes and has the right ro her beliefs - then why did she try to say it only in secret, hidden from public comment?

    Her refusal to apoligize is yet more lying and making things up to justify her hate.

  20. Mia says – reply to this


    she's disgusting!!

  21. Karly says – reply to this


    Wow, that is unbelievable. I'm from and live in West Palm Beach, Florida. This really offends me, and I can only imagine how the Gay Community feels. She does NOT speak for me, and she is what's wrong with the world.

  22. Eric says – reply to this


    WTF! I don't ever wish harm on anyone, but she should be hit by a bus!

  23. Vivian says – reply to this


    I couldn't believe what I was hearing…the last individual that I heard of, that was that narrow-minded, and had that much hatred in them, for other human beings, was Adolf Hilter…what a shame…she should only realize, that her kind of thinking is what endangers the rest of us…she's the cancer in society!

  24. ashley says – reply to this


    my mom always told me that ignorance is the most dangerous thing.

  25. kate s says – reply to this


    what an ignorant fuck

  26. Andrea says – reply to this


    I am COMPLETELY DISGUSTED!! i've posted this shit all over my facebook along with all of her personal info. bitch is gonna get it. people like her are exactly whats wrong with the world today.

  27. sasha says – reply to this


    she's distgusting. dumb bitch.
    it must be hard to live your life being such a hateful, uneducated, mean-spirited person.

  28. pb says – reply to this


    What is really sad is there are more people out there like her.
    A throwback to another era. I wouldn't be surprised if her and her husband
    have pointy white hats and white robes hanging in their closets.
    These are the same people who elected George W. Bush president twice.
    You can hear people like her everyday on conservative talk radio, syndicated shows and local radio. If you don't agree with these people, you should listen to some of these radio programs so at least you know THEIR AGENDA.
    KNOW THY ENEMIES. Thank goodness, she looks kind of old. Maybe she has
    another 15 years left on this earth. If her hatred and bitterness don't eat her alive first. This generation of bible thumpers who judge other people will soon die away like the dinosaurs. I hope. Unfortunately PEREZ, I see alot of this
    same bigotry on your blog in the comments posted. It is a shame you don't have moderators to keep this kind of hatred off your website. You could
    make it a cause. JUST SAY NO TO INTOLERANCE! It could be people just being stupid and think they are being funny. Words do wound!
    Ask any child who has ever grown up verbally abused.
    I hope this lady comes down with panacreatic cancer that eats her insides out.
    Is that too mean?
    God is about love and compassion. So maybe he will
    understand my harsh words for the lowest form of humanity among us.

  29. johnnyballz says – reply to this


    I don't understand the problem. Perez wouldn't be anything if he didn't shit talk people on an hourly basis for the whole world to see. His hate speech is okay, but her's isn't?

  30. dk says – reply to this


    Hey, Buffalo!
    Gather together whatever brain cells you have, and try to understand this:
    A homosexual believes that homosexuality is normal.
    A person who is sexually attracted to children believes, with just as much conviction, that this is also normal.
    But, despite what humanists and so called social scientists would have you believe, what is normal and not normal is NOT determined by men, but by God. His truth supercedes what we DO and DON"T "believe".
    The fact that the world is forgetting this is the very reason it's ending.
    If you say that homosexuality is normal, and should be accepted and/or "tolerated", then, by that line of thinking, the same should apply to pedophiles. Who are you to say that making love to children is NOT on the same "moral plane"
    After all, truth is subjective, right?

  31. cia says – reply to this


    Every point this woman makes is absolutely valid and true.

  32. dk says – reply to this


    RE: PB
    Did you actually say "It is a shame you don't have moderators to keep this kind of hatred off your website. You could
    make it a cause. JUST SAY NO TO INTOLERANCE!"
    Isn't it "intolerant" to say that what you think and believe should be posted, and, what goes against your line of thinking should be "kept off" the site?
    Yeah……aren't all those right-wing, bible-thumping dinosaurs the same?

  33. Martin says – reply to this


    FUCK HER!!! She is such a BITCH!

  34. red says – reply to this


    Grow up, Perez. She may be a jerk but you're a bigger jerk.

  35. jeSsipye says – reply to this


    Its simple. people like her havent been exposed to much. Ignorance is what it is. HArd to believe people actually back up her beliefs and support her. who is she (of all people) to insult anybody this way. I don't condone homosexuality but in no way, do i feel as if gays were ruining this country.

  36. Neal says – reply to this


    as an EX OKIE living and thriving in NYC, I want everyone to know that Okies are live and let live people. Keep in mind that Jim Roth, a member of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission who is openly gay, is seeking a full six-year term on the commission that regulates utilities and the oil and gas industry. His eloquent comments about her ignorance puts him levels above Kern in professionalism, courage and equality. OKIES! We should do what we can to support him… He is a great person and far more representative of what Oklahoma is about. SHAME ON YOU SALLY!!!

  37. Jaycubed says – reply to this


    How DARE this woman call herself a Christian when she has power over men as a lawmaker & teacher.

    1 Timothy 2:12
    But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

    Shame on you!
    It is clear that you will burn in Hell for eternity for your blasphemy.

  38. Babycakes says – reply to this


    So what is wrong with her comments. Gay people are not NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!! Read the BIBLE. It is an obimination for like kind to lay together. Call me what you will, but the BIBLE say so and that is my ultimate authority. I will change my mind when two of a kind can procreate and advance mankind. Until that happens I will continue to fight against this evil that is polluting our country. Thank GOD they are on the other side. I will email Miss Kern and tell her thank you for standing up for decency and morality. Someone has to

  39. imgayandsexy says – reply to this


    this lady is effing ridiculous. i'd like to know where she is getting her "facts."

    karma will soon bite.

  40. mike says – reply to this


    she is right on the money, look at what has happened to society since they started being shoved down our throat. Every fall of a civilization. Rome, Persia, all started with no morals and so to will we, enjoy your life now, our society is doomed read the papers morons.

  41. bam says – reply to this


    ugh. so ignorant…

  42. John says – reply to this


    She must either publicly apologize and admit that her words do not reflect the message of love that Jesus teaches or resign. Legislators are supposed to be civil, for goodness sake.

  43. Greg says – reply to this


    Many are listening, including GOD, and He/She is ashamed of your ignorance.

  44. Stephanie says – reply to this


    People like Sally Kern are destroying the nation with their ignorance…..How can she think so blind, she needs to open her eyes and realize the generation we are ALL living in. Diversity makes the world

  45. tony says – reply to this


    Just another jewish hating conservative. She must be voted out of office. Everyone needs to send her an e-mail, Gay or Straight.

  46. robin m. says – reply to this


    i live in Oklahoma…why haven't i heard of this by now? probably because the ridiculously right-leaning media hasn't covered it. what a stupid idiot.

  47. Be gay!! says – reply to this


    Re: Joe

    You don't have to believe in "my" Bible. You can just burn in hell with the other sinners. Fine by me, no skin off my back. Be gay… be as gay, gay, gay as you want. And tomorrow, you can be gay some more.

  48. Desiree Matthews says – reply to this


    Her ignorance and prejudice is unfathomable, a truly scary person.

  49. Jessica says – reply to this


    This women should be fired from her job. How could the United States of America, let alone Oklahoma, let scum like this represent themselves as leaders. She is no leader, she is an oppressor.

  50. Sarah says – reply to this


    This sort of speech is unacceptable from any person - especially from someone who is elected to represent a constituency. I sent Representative Kern an email at sallykern@okhouse.gov and you should too. Hopefully the good people of Oklahoma will kick her out of office and it will be known that talking about any group of people like this is completely unacceptable and there are consequences.

  51. Nic says – reply to this


    Not everyone who lives in OK agrees with this hate speech. I am proud to live here and ashamed that Sally Kern is a representative of this state. This is a classic example of fear and ignorance. Saly Kern should be ashamed.

  52. Nic says – reply to this


    Re: ralea – Ralea I think your hatred is disgusting.

  53. elle says – reply to this


    Oh my god, what a dickhead.

  54. reg - australia says – reply to this


    Avid perez reader from Australia, concerned that our nation only has a few more decades to go, as we have fully embraced the homosexual liefestyle, as seen by the massive 30 year celebration of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras recently. America, I feel sadened for you that such ignorant and homophobic people are representing parts of your country

  55. Autumn says – reply to this


    I do not agree with what she has said here in this clip. I agree with people saying that hate crimes and negativity towards differences needs to stop. What I don't agree with is a lot of people on this forum saying that she shouldn't say these things and pass these judgments when a lot of what has been said on this forum is hate and passing judgment for her. Just because you really don't agree with what someone has said, doesn't mean you should stoop to that persons' level and go right on back at them with the same hate they show towards others. Spread love and compassion. Not hate.

  56. jayme says – reply to this


    thank god for whoever recorded those disgusting words so that the world could see how closed-minded some people are.

    fucking bible-thumper.

  57. jason says – reply to this


    i live in topeka ks. im supprised she doesnt live here to be with her friend fred. sicko.

  58. Jose Carballo says – reply to this


    Dear Sally Kern, First of all i'd like to say that you are a very close-minded person, you are living in a world of idiocity and hate. You have no say in this matter. How dare you say that homosexuality is a disease and that its ruining society and the young people. Have you seen this world. We are not a disease and we are not alone, we are many and we will not let an unethical, uneducated, and ignorant person talk atrocities and just plain crap. I know people can be racist and they also can be very prejudice but you ate the cake. Homosexuality has been around for centuries and many people who have a place in history are either gay or bisexual. I am completely outraged and horrified, i cant believe that there are people like that that still live in our communities. Its unbelievable that you can be so close-minded and that you have the audacity to speak those things. Gay people are people also, they bleed, they cry, and they feel like everyone else. I dont respect you and i dont agree with your words. I think that you are wrong and that you should stop being so close-minded and horrible. have respect and stop talking insanities and open your eyes because your next door neighbor could be gay or your son or daughter.

  59. mom says – reply to this


    She never said she hated the person! It is the act that is wrong! That is where you all go wrong! The Lord loves you just not the act!!!

  60. Tiger says – reply to this


    It's people who talk like this that make me ashamed of our national mentality. We are as pent up and judgemental as the countries we fled hundreds of years ago. Isn't it amazing that even those countries have opened their minds when we cannot? I want to share with those of you who don't have the opportunity to travel outside our borders,that don't realize It's sometimes embarrassing to travel outside our own country and feel the shame associated with being American! I love our country but feel we've become full of ourselves and are not seeing the bigger picture!

  61. shay says – reply to this


    What the hell happened to "What would Jesus do?"

  62. mjjj says – reply to this


    clearly, the syphillis has started to eat her brain.

  63. Carla says – reply to this


    She is disgusting and ignorant and should be ashamed to waste precious oxygen on herself…

  64. Kt says – reply to this


    cunt does a body good….being a bigotry-bitch, does not!

  65. Mitchell says – reply to this


    This is really sad. To think she was elected by people to lead us. What a disgrace to all politicians, especially republicans. All I can suggest is that we all write her a letter, shoot her an email or call her office to let her know how we feel about her speech. Lets just hope this will showcase the support of the gay population by booting this hack out of office.

    2300 N. Lincoln Blvd.
    Room 332
    Oklahoma City, OK 73105

  66. ed says – reply to this


    As I stated before (#1268) the woman is an idiot. However, could we please stop the Oklahoma bashing? The woman was neither born nor raised in Oklahoma and I seriously doubt that she ran for office on her “gay agenda” platform. If you look back at the majority of comments from other Oklahomans, we are all pretty floored by her comments. And for those of you speaking of all of this hate you find here in Oklahoma…where do you live? Because I live in Tulsa and there is a huge gay and lesbian community here, and the people you speak of are few and far between. While we are at it could we drop the Christian bashing as well. Most of us are far more tolerant and loving than you give us credit for and realize that it is not our place to judge. Being a military spouse I’ve lived in several other states and spent time in several other countries, and unfortunately these types of individuals exists in all walks of life. So hold this woman responsible for her comments, but stop basing the state, stop bashing Christians, stop bashing the U.S., and maybe practice this tolerance we all speak of.

  67. Jessica says – reply to this


    There are people that beleive that being gay is in your genes and there are others that beleive it is a combination of the affects of your environment from child to teen to adult. I would say this woman is crazy and has shit for brains to make a statement that gays are a bigger problem than terrorrism and indeed she does sound full of hate.

  68. Jessica says – reply to this


    But, I must say that I do beleive that if there could be a way that could guide a child into a healthy sexuality as an adult it would definitly result in a lower suicide rate in young teenage men ( and women ), depression and longer life spans. I never thought much about gays/lesbians until one of my family members came out. Watching someone you love be ridiculed and confused and taken back definitly makes me wish that there was a way to help and deal with the "gay" issue. How much acceptance is too much acceptance? I think it is a sexual disorder that is somewhere along the way implanted into these kids in their lifetime, affects from their environment that has caused them to crave an attention from the same sex to allow themselves to feel more confident. If you look at statistics ever since the internet has been around and booming in the past two decades the gay percentage in youths has gone up dramatically. I love my gay family member and I have gay friends and there are very man beautiful gay people in the world but I have to ask them?? If there was a way that you could have truly changed wouldnt you want to? No ridicule, Bearing Children?? Wouldnt you want these things in life?? Now im ready to be beheaded everyone..

  69. April says – reply to this



  70. buffaloscott says – reply to this


    Re: dk – Actually, dk, you blithering fool, in my line of work, I've talked with pedophiles on many occasions…other than a VERY few NAMBLA members (and even the most "out there" homosexual thinks they're beyond the pale), these offenders DO NOT *EVER* think what they're doing is normal. Pedophilia is secretive and, by implication, victimizes someone. So wanting to live openly and peaceably with my partner makes me like a pedophile…WHY?! Douchebag.

  71. Jessica says – reply to this


    I think what needs to be concentrated on is the bullying and hate and discrimination that are youths deal with as early as kindergarten. Parents need to make a difference and teach their children morals and to respect all humans at an earlier age. I truly believe that the causes of ridicule and bullying can scar a child for years and affect them for the rest of their lives. Discrimination and Hate have to end Everywhere.

  72. David says – reply to this


    Re: Jessica


  73. katie says – reply to this


    GOD has said what he has to say about this subject matter on this…in a way i totally agree with her! no offense to anybody out there but the only words i believe in are the ones from GOD! may have save ur homosexual souls!

    god bless

  74. katie says – reply to this


    oh and also its been over a hundred years since slavery has ended and there are still a whole lot of racist people in the u.s what makes u think people will be so embracing of the gays when its a recent thing to be "openly" gay….think about it before u say shit like "i cant believe there are still people like that"

  75. Jessica says – reply to this


    Re: katie

    No offense but I honestly dont see God saving any of these kids. Gods not there when there is a pedifile manipulating them into sexual situation across the internet and confusing a child, or when a kid that has had no guidance is pushing around another at school, or a father/mother neglecting their child because there selfish or werent ready for children in the first place. God is not helping them when they hang themselves from their closets or overdose on drugs in their parents basement.. God may be there to guide them through the gates but not now… we are here to help them and we should start.

  76. Traditionalist says – reply to this


    I see more hateful things on here than I hear her say on the video. Again, she isn't hating on gays, she is only against the act of homosexuality. If a person commits adultery, you don't hate him, you hate the act. Same with Gay relations. We don't ask for acceptance of Adultery, why ask for it with this. B/c a couple is gay, why should they get benefits, etc that married couples get? If we allow gay marriage, etc, it opens the door to other non traditional relationships to be accepted, i.e. NAMBLA!

  77. Kat says – reply to this


    As the mother of a grown gay son….



  78. katie says – reply to this


    Re: Babycakes

    thank you!!!!!! in the bible it says man shall not lay with another man as he would a woman!!!!! people sit here and say how ignorant and blah blah blah and one person even wrote…"GOD is listening and will punish her for her words" what an idiot she was saying somehting that god wants to tell all these sinners…..i totally agree with you!

  79. allllllllly says – reply to this


    Re: ralea
    Who are you to say it's an illness? Yeah, I'm a christian, yeah, the bible says homosexuality is wrong, but thinking they'll go to hell for it and telling people they are disgusting because of it makes you just as likely a candidate for hell. The bible also tells us not to judge, does it not? It tells us to love, right? Well I CERTAINLY wouldn't consider hateful feelings towards homosexuals as accepting and loving, would you? By doing those things, you are no better than the homosexuals you claim "have an illness". I personally do not see homosexuality as an illness; it's just who they are. It's not your place to tell them that they are doing wrong. They are just doing one thing; LOVE. Which you obviously know everything about, seeing as you'll go so far to say that all homosexuals have an illness without even knowing all of them..assume; it makes an ASS out of U and ME.

  80. jasin says – reply to this


    shes goin down

  81. Joe DiJulio says – reply to this


    Ignorance shows in her words. The entire state shouldn't be ashamed, just anyone who supports someone that promotes hatred and predjudism.

  82. spinz says – reply to this


    i agree with her 100%

  83. 1st Amendment rights? says – reply to this


    It's a sad day when homosexuals don't believe in the rights of hetrosexuals. Funny that homosexuals want 1st amendment rights, but if a hetrosexual uses their rights….oh my!

  84. amm says – reply to this


    todays asshole is: sally kern

  85. dk says – reply to this


    RE: buffaloscott
    I never said or intended to say that you are the same as a pedophile.
    Either I am a terrible communicator, or you're an idiot.
    My point was that many people believe that what they do is normal, including pedophiles. You believe that wanting to have sex and be married to your same gender is normal. Just because you believe this does not make it so.
    Are you getting it, yet?
    And, I couldn't agree with you more that pedophiles feel remorse and self hate for what they desire and/or act on.
    Guess what?
    So do Gays.
    Of course, most Gays would have us believe that the self loathing is caused by a bigoted, narrow minded, Bible-thumping world that makes gay people commit suicide.
    Not true!
    It's caused by the conscience God gave us all, so we can tell right from wrong.
    The scary thing is, is that you can will-away your conscience, and this what the highly political and organized gay movement is doing to the world.
    They've infiltrated the schools, TV, Movies, MTV & such to pummel us with imagery and story lines that tell us it's perfectly natural.
    They feel that if they convince the world of this, then they won't feel that self hate.
    I hate to tell you, but no amount of propaganda, support groups, or pride parades will ever do it, entirely: Not until the conscience has completely been seared, that is. (SEE PART II)

  86. Mike says – reply to this


    She's totally, 100% right!

  87. dk says – reply to this


    (PART II)
    Who is victimized by this movement?
    Every confused kid who, through one societal reason or another, has gained an attraction to the same sex.
    You people are right there at school, or MTV to tell them that if they feel this way, then it must be that they were born this way.
    This is pure, fucking insanity!!
    What other group do you know of that makes a "feeling" tantamount to reality?!?
    At least most pedophiles know that they have a problem and, hopefully, are crying out to God for healing.
    You, your "partner", and all other like-minded gays are victimizing them by saying, "don't go to God to heal your problem, because you don't have a problem: it's the world that needs to change.
    Physically aggressive people, lazy people, selfish people, jealous people, thieving people, etc., were not born to be this way, and neither are homosexuals.
    (and, I have no hierarchy for the above mentioned problems, nor am I saying you are any of these, moron!)

  88. Melissa says – reply to this


    i can tell this is edited to make her sound like shes saying such things.

  89. tome says – reply to this


    she hates gays???? i love her

  90. Tania says – reply to this


    Ha ha ha, that's funny and IRONIC coming from the mouth of a woman who looks like a Bull-Dyke Granny! LOL! She needs to have her ass beat down! What an ignorant SLAG!

  91. Ginger says – reply to this


    thats really harsh.everyone has the right to live their life the way they want.wtf does she think it is, a disease?

  92. Client #9, your whore has arrived. Her name is Sally says – reply to this


    Sally was the hooker that took down Eliot Spitzer.

  93. Linda says – reply to this


    I think she needs to resign - she's a fool and an idiot.

  94. Chickie says – reply to this


    Wow what an evil, hateful person she is. How dare she try to tell me how my kids should be raised! My kids are raised to love and treat all with equal respect. They are raised to not see color, gender, sexual preference, ect.
    It's a shame her kids are probably as hateful as she is. Sad.

  95. Ppoo says – reply to this


    I really cannot believe this - it is people like her who give Christians a bad name. My God is a welcoming and loving God - not the false God she would like to think of. Seems to me like she prays at the alter of her own ignorance. What a BIATCH!

  96. John D. Hater says – reply to this


    I wish everyone with a hill billy accent would die!!!!

  97. dlb says – reply to this


    Good for her. I was sickened when I was asked to stock pro-gay lifestyle books in the grade school section when I worked at an Oklahoma library. Why should taxpayers be asked to subsidize the perversion of the minds of children?

  98. Diane Lusk says – reply to this


    I have written to the Governor, the Speaker of the House, fellow women legislators in Oklahoma to express my outrage over this sick woman's comments.
    It is indeed a sad day for the State of Oklahoma and this woman should be banned from public office.
    I sure hope she doesn't have any children of her own.
    I really was unaware of the fact that the Early Childhood Education was a part of the Gay agenda?
    2 year olds? How demented is she?
    Take a look at a picture of her.
    I think she may have "closet" issues of her own.

  99. Courtney says – reply to this


    It literally brings tears to my eyes that there are still people that think that way left in our society, especially people in a position of power. It is disheartening to know that I am raising a daughter in a culture where such bigotry exists.

  100. ashley jackson says – reply to this


    Watching this makes me so proud to be a canadian
    Canada is so much more open minded about homosexuality
    You fucking americans are so closed mind it's not even funny
    I never hear about anything like that being said in canada by our politicians

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