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Dear Sally Kern

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The entire state of Oklahoma should be ashamed of THIS!

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1742 comments to “Dear Sally Kern”

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  1. Harald says – reply to this


    again a baptist bitch, just like this piece of shit Shirley Phelps. What's wrong with those morons. I hope they will be VERY SOON brought home to their creator so we get rid of those stupid cunts

  2. lloyd says – reply to this


    Perez - as a gay man living in Oklahoma I put Sally in the same group with one of her GOP peers who though Rooster fighting was perfectly ok and suggested that it would not be dangerous to the birds if they put little boxing gloves on their feet. We grow idiots in Oklahoma and Sally is right at the front of the crop. Hopefully this will open all the eyes of the people in her district to the fact she is a pea-brained hate monger.

  3. kimik says – reply to this


    delusional unsubstantiated nonsense. at least it's proof of some of the crazy thoughts people have and now it will bring some of this ignorance a little more out into the open, so that more dialogue can happen.

  4. fathead says – reply to this


    If the LGBT community really wanted open minds and diversity, they could stand up and say they don't agree with what the representative said. But instead you express your hate and intolerance with this woman in the video. Comments on this page talk about hate in any form should not be tolerated. But I have gay friends that call me a breeder. Implying I'm not one to fit in because I was created straight. No one has the right to judge, including the LGBT community. Most religous people often say the don't hate sinner just the sin, the way they see it in their eyes. You must give respect before you get it and treat other the way you want to be treated. Try to change this woman's mind. Not ruin her day with your spewed hate.

  5. Michael Robertson says – reply to this


    Sally Kern is 100% right. I am teaching my children exactly what she said.

  6. Jasmine says – reply to this


    first they came for the jews,then the blacks, next the gays ………………..etc…..

  7. Im listening says – reply to this


    there you go

  8. evelyn says – reply to this


    how disgusting
    i'd love to give this bitch a piece of my mind
    im a bible reading christian and God also says do not judge lest ye be judged AND

    this has actually made me sick to my stomach
    people like her arethe reason all christians get a bad rap as being judgemental.

  9. Kim says – reply to this


    Hate is terroism, homosexuality is not!

  10. Jacq says – reply to this


    She's comparing homosexuality to cancer and terrorism?! She has severe mental issues and should seek help. I can't understand such hateful, homophobic words. This needs to stop.

  11. Adria says – reply to this



    There is her email…you should write her…I did.

  12. Krisann says – reply to this


    This makes me sick.

  13. kelly says – reply to this


    Holy crap! What an uneducated, close minded, hate spawning MORON!!!!!! fucking fascist!

  14. Lynda says – reply to this


    Sally Kern, your hatred and intolerance is the biggest threat to America! Wonder why you only give your real opinions behind closed doors. Would be nice if you could let us know you are crazy before election day!

  15. kc says – reply to this


    I know I'm ashamed.
    That's replulsive.

  16. sanfran says – reply to this


    The best thing that could happen is exposure like this so people are informed and aware. SO THANK YOU! PS: It doesn't help to call people names though, i.e. "bitch".

  17. newmexican says – reply to this


    Re: Scott – Ummm… no. But that's a longer conversation than we can have on this forum.

  18. dd says – reply to this


    What a silly cow.

  19. cynthia says – reply to this


    It is hard for me to believe that any person from McVey-land would think gays were more terroristic than christians.

  20. Bendey says – reply to this


    homosexuals are scum who make shit of the earth. See the Pope, a sickning homosexual, he is scum, Bush is scum…

  21. DL says – reply to this


    What happened to freedom of speech? Is that only valid when you agree with what is said? She has the right to voice her opinion. All we primarily hear are pro-gay comments as though that is the only thought everyone in America has. She has valid concerns, health points that should not be ignored and the right to express those thoughts. Have you ever considered listening to people who were in the homosexual lifestyle and who left? Question everything you hear — not just those things that you disagree with. Question what you hear and why you believe what you do. Look up facts and don't just accept what is spoon fed through the media and schools.

  22. apostasy in america says – reply to this


    I am so glad that people out there are continuing to try and set this country straight. Homosexuality is an abomination against God NOW and FOREVER! People better get on their knees and straighten out their perverse sickness of homosexuality before they die, because they will have to stand face to face with God and answer to him for that sick sin. Wake up AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. tracy says – reply to this


    What a crazy, uninformed, spoonfed idiot. She's a hypocrite for citing the bible as being anti-gay when that same book kept women down for so long and she's a woman in power.

    I liked the part about "societies who've embraced homosexuality only lasted decades". Um… didn't Rome think it was ok?

    I'm straight, married, with a baby, and I don't feel that the "homosexual agenda" is ruining our country. Rich Republican bible thumping men, maybe, but not gays. And I'm not afraid to send my baby to Pre-school, even though it's a big plan to make her into a lesbian. LOL. WTF was that part about???


  24. tracy says – reply to this


    Re: apostasy in america – Are you a troll, out to start arguments, or just a retard?

  25. Fred says – reply to this


    Amazing……………really amazing.
    And according het stats she's educated…..
    She made the frontpage of a lot of newspapers worldwide.
    She can be proud of herself, great US marketing….

  26. McVicker says – reply to this


    I've given this a lot of thought in the past 24 hours.

    Sally Kern can believe whatever she wants, but if she truly is the Christian she claims to be, then she should ask the gays and lesbians she has insulted to forgive her for the hurt and confusion she has caused with her hateful and false words.

    C'mon, Sally! Step up to the plate, show your true Christian colors, and ask for fogivness!

  27. apostasy in america says – reply to this


    You don't have to fret Tracy, I am not going to battle anything out with you, for it would be a worthless cause, a cause that just happens to be my opinions. I speak of TRUTH, that I have read from the Book of Truth. But, I WILL add your name to my daily list of prayer requests. Thanks, and God Bless.

  28. Tee says – reply to this


    yep.. aren't we proud as native Oklahomans?

    She doesn't represent ME!

  29. Ruth says – reply to this


    From the looks of the hair and make-up on Sally, the be-otch could use some help from "our people"!

    In all seriousness, the only "cancers" in our society are ignorant, hate-filled bigots such as her.

  30. lisa says – reply to this


    her words makes me physically sick

  31. rob says – reply to this


    You can email Represenative Kern at: sallykern@okhouse.gov

  32. A Drama says – reply to this


    One person's opinion does not represent an entire state, Perez. Should I lump you in the same category as Sally Kern for being judgmental?

  33. Yvonne says – reply to this


    AS SHE RIGHLTY SAID.It is a Biblical truth,Homosexuality IS a Sin.

  34. miriam grin says – reply to this


    scary that this nut used to be a teacher, it's people like her that are a threat to society and our country. She should be fired!!!

  35. Larry says – reply to this


    Ms. Kern is an embarasment and a disgrace to the state of Oklahoma. Her comments show just how ignorant she really is.

  36. Jill says – reply to this


    Sally Kern and the people like her are the problem in this country. This kind of discrimination, ignorance and hate, has got to stop!

  37. mike says – reply to this


    GROSS!!! She is nuts!

  38. Jason says – reply to this


    This is a prime example of what's wrong with our society. The ignorant people somehow always get the position of authority!

  39. Jessica says – reply to this


    this is disgusting

  40. kathy says – reply to this


    wow, that's awful. I feel that we will have these sentiments around for a long time, it's the reality, in my opinion. Don't know what it will take for unity to take hold.

  41. They Call me RAINBOW says – reply to this


    It's DUMB ASS BITCHES like her that young teens commit suicide. I sure hope one day when and if she has kids… They look their mother in the eye and say "MOM I SUCK DICK" Then what and the hell is she gonna do?

  42. vanessa says – reply to this



  43. Jennie says – reply to this


    Quite frankly it is people like you with your closed mind throwing around remarks like that so carelessly that it makes me say, "Wait a minute your saying gays are worse than terrorists, your right Sally Kern because the homosexual community are the ones behind 911 and they are the reason why America has been living in fear" (This was written with pure sarcasm). You have got to be joking or maybe you are the joke. You'd think a teacher of all people would be the one to stand up against prejudice and discrimination instead of encouraging it. And your also on a HUMAN SERVICES committee can you actually take yourself seriously after you made that speech doing such a dis service to humanity in general..

  44. Harryn'Houston says – reply to this


    The Oklahoma GOP makes Al Queda look like progressives.
    It's the reason I left that God-foresaken state.

  45. Kat says – reply to this


    By the end of this I was in tears. She is talking about people whom I am related, and frineds of mine. All of whom I am proud to know.
    This is hateful.

  46. Jennie says – reply to this


    Quite frankly it is people like you with your closed mind throwing around remarks like that so carelessly that it makes me say, "Wait a minute your saying gays are worse than terrorists, your right Sally Kern because the homosexual community are the ones behind 911 and they are the reason why America has been living in fear" (This was written with pure sarcasm). You have got to be joking or maybe you are the joke. You'd think a teacher of all people would be the one to stand up against prejudice and discrimination instead of encouraging it. And your also on a HUMAN SERVICES committee can you actually take yourself seriously after you made that speech doing such a dis service to humanity in general..

    Who are you to pass judgment on anyone, is your name GOD or even Jesus???

    I encourage you to step back and take a look at yourself, your friends and your family and really see that if you condemn a homosexual for going against the word of the Lord you might as well condemn everyone else because no one but children are free from sin.

    Thank you if you took the time to read this I hope you realize the error of your ways and hopefully you don't gather up a congregation to go stone people for being how your GOD made them..

  47. ashley says – reply to this


    what a CUNT !

  48. Anthony says – reply to this


    Kern is someone I WILL VOTE YES for

  49. NJP says – reply to this


    She's a lunatic. Let's all turn gay just to piss her off. My guess is that she's never had it good anyway, she wouldn't be so uptight if she'd ever had a good Bingo. : )

  50. kiki says – reply to this


    What this raving homophobe failed to realize was 1. the SUICIDE rate among homosexuals is high mainly because of the PERSECUTION they face from people like her and 2. homosexual (and bi, and transgendered) people have added SO much to American culture… and the international world at large. There are countless contributions by gays and lesbians across the globe… this b**** needs to stopp talking out of her a$$.

  51. Andrew in Canada says – reply to this


    10 years ago i would have loved to live and work in the US but more and more i am happy to be a Canadian and live in Canada especially since GWB took office and now this crazy woman. It seems it is alright to say anything about gay persons and no one yells, but if i were to say all Oklahomans were worse than terrorists i would be shot. At least in Canada we are treated equal. I thought the US was a progressive country that lead the world but it seems that Canada, Holland, Spain and others know what everyone is equal means.

  52. Russ T Cobb says – reply to this


    Hey you "people"…. where's the "tolerance" you always preach for others to have???? BTW….. sodomy was the cause of the only two cities in the Bible to be destroyed with hailfire and brimstone. One day ALL will face the Final Judge and let HIM decide who was right and who was wrong. No ill will toward anyone; but let the 1st amendment work for all of us!!

  53. kelli says – reply to this


    I live in Oklahoma and I must say that I am ashamed.
    She does not represent my beliefs or my values.
    I hope she resigns immediately!!

  54. David Goza says – reply to this


    I am an Oklahoman, and I am embarrassed by Sally Kern. I will do everything possible to see to it that she does not retain her office in the Oklahoma legislature beyond the next election. I do not consider her fit to hold any public office.

    Incidentally, I am not gay.

  55. omg look an asshole running a state! says – reply to this


    I'm an atheist. This women is insane. You dont see god troting around town saying "a homosexual!burn in he'll!!!" seriously peolple stop living your life by a stupid made up book. U can say that I'll burn in hell, but actually I'll be dead in a box eight feet underground.
    im only in high school but feel EXTREMELY supportive of gays and very against Christianity. I do support Hinduism, they have tolerence for ALL religions and accept ALL peole no matter what.
    oh and p.s gays ARE NOT ATTRACTED TO CHILDREN!!!! And all petohiles aren't gay and NO gays are petohiles.
    you disgusting pigs
    especially this GAY-BASHER!

  56. ajm says – reply to this



  57. Angela says – reply to this


    Unbelievable! I can't understand how she can say such mean things and feel that it is alright. I am a lesbian, and I feel such a great hate 2wards the LGBTQ community. It's hard 2 imagine how I can trust a politician anymore…I see gay Republicans and now I wonder…can they stand by someone who says these horrible things?? I hope they think twice before doing so. Shame on her…..God did not want us 2 put hate 2wards others, but LOVE.

  58. Angela says – reply to this


    Re: Michael Robertson – U teach hate. U should not even do such hateful things. How can u live with urself knowing U R teaching children how 2 hate? It's people like U that breed anger and destruction…not the gay community. Tell me, if ur children turns out 2 be gay, what would U do? Turn away and say that he is evil and should be punished and turned against? Wow! Preach good words 2 ur children not hate.

  59. GWJM from NYC says – reply to this


    I've never commented here but I want to add my two cents. First of all, I'm a Gay White Jewish male from New York City, and I want all the Oklahomans to know that we don't think this woman represents all of Oklahoma. Whether or not this tape was edited, and she claims it was, the fact remains that she made these statements and they're absolutely shameful. But they don't represent ALL of Oklahoma, and they don't represent ALL of the Republican party, either. And most of us with a modicum of intelligence know the difference. Second of all, on a personal note, I was lucky enough to be the houseguest of a charming woman and her husband in Dallas this summer because her son (who is much younger than I, although he is an adult) and I have been collaborating on a screenwriting project. Though her husband is a Dallas native, she happens to be from Oklahoma and is indeed a strict Christian. But I can tell you with all my heart and soul that there was not one moment that I was ever made to feel remotely unwelcome in this woman's home. She fully knows both my religious affiliation and my sexual orientation, and from day one I was not only lavished like a prince in her house but made to feel like a member of the family, both by she and her husband. So I would please like the Okies here to know that we KNOW you don't all agree with the views of Ms. Kern, even in a city as far on the other side of the country as New York.

  60. AngryMWC says – reply to this


    Shit..shit! I guess I haven't been following the news lately but WTF WTF WTF!
    This happened here in Oklahoma! I'm so ashamed….outraged!!!! I can't believe her! Who the FUCK is she???? Where does she live? Edmond? Norman? WHEREE??????????

  61. MandyJean says – reply to this


    How moving . . . I'm a Christian, and I hate that someone who thinks that she represents my religion would put such hateful and ignorant comments out into the world. I'm not sure what God she is praying to, but its not *my* God. My God is a God of love, for all He created. Lets hope He has mercy on her soul because I certainly have none for her.

  62. louise says – reply to this


    incroyable,pourquoi elle a droit de parler en public
    il devrait avoir une loi contre

  63. Cali says – reply to this


    WOW…she is a nutcake…gays and lesbians have been around since the beginning of civilization, its only been in the last 40 some odd years that people have felt safe enough to come out of the closet. Being gay is another facet of being human!

  64. DAVE says – reply to this



  65. Maureen says – reply to this


    Homosexual or hetersexual has nothing to do with the politics, work place or schools.
    She's obviously threatened by an open mind…so she remains closed.
    Definitely doesn't belong in public office.
    Shame on her!

  66. Freedom to Speak says – reply to this


    Re: ajm
    #1578 - ajm says – reply to this

    [quote]LET'S START A BOYCOT OF OKLAHOMA. [/quote]

    Yeah - like you really had a vacation planned for Tulsa this year. What are you going to do - stop watching college football. Or maybe you could stop driving your car and burning our Oklahoma Oil. Or stop eating our wheat and beef.

    There's more hate in the 16 pages of comments on this video than there is on the video. She didn't say to kill homosexuals but lots of pro-homo/lezbo responses say she should be killed. Where the love people?

  67. Cricket says – reply to this


    What is even sadder is that she was a teacher.

  68. rcbarron says – reply to this


    I agree, this stupid Okie needs to be thrown out of office..but this video would have been better if they left off the stupid pictures of people with signs…BAD IDEA. Kerns words are more powerful than any image they can throw at us.

  69. bnb says – reply to this


    here's her email…. sallykern@okhouse.gov

  70. Rocket says – reply to this


    I work for the State in Oklahoma. She's considered crazy in most of the circles here. It's funny that she says she's a Christian, but she's so full of hate.

    I'm also told she's loving all this. Crazy ass bitch!

  71. Fran says – reply to this


    I think it's hilarious that so many posting here are crying foul about "hate" while at the same time spewing far more vicious expressions of hatred against this woman, against Oklahoma, against Christians, Republicans, etc., etc., making gross genralizations about groups, being completely intolerant of something they don't agree with, assuming moral superiority… In short, being far worse than Sally Kern. Bravo. Your credibility is completely blown. I wonder if any of you can generate an original thought.

  72. Anne Gray says – reply to this


    How shameful that a public servant would say such a thing. How shameful that people voted for her.

  73. kim says – reply to this


    Sally Kern…you need to step down! Resign. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  74. Kim says – reply to this


    To Fran who wrote, "I think it's hilarious that so many posting here are crying foul about "hate" while at the same time spewing far more vicious expressions of hatred against this woman, against Oklahoma, against Christians, Republicans, etc., etc., making gross genralizations about groups, being completely intolerant of something they don't agree with, assuming moral superiority… In short, being far worse than Sally Kern. Bravo. Your credibility is completely blown. I wonder if any of you can generate an original thought. "

    You are just as pathetic as Sally Kern. Where is your originality?

  75. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    Wow. Shocking. I almost feel a little sorry for her, though — it must be awful living in overwhealming fear of everyone who isn't exactly like you. Her comments are horrible — hateful, shameful — but she must be a pretty miserably afraid woman to make them. How does a person live in 21st century society and still have these absurd notions?

  76. VANESSA IS AN IGNORANT CUNT says – reply to this


    Re: vanessa – to be an IGNORANT CUNT like you is not normal .

  77. foho says – reply to this


    Re: melissa – I think thou doth protest too much…perhaps you've been working a little too hard to control your homo urges? Poor dear. It's okay to come out of the closet. Really.

  78. Jimmer says – reply to this


    Is this what they teach you in Oklahomo? Where the hell is Oklahoma anyway??

  79. Karen says – reply to this


    The real threat is people like her.

  80. Caelee Gibbs says – reply to this


    Why should the entire state of Oklahoma be ashamed. This is the opinion of one hate-filled, racist biggot woman. She doesn't represent what most of us believe in and you are no better than her. You cast down on those of us who are unfortunate enough to have to call this woman a fellow-Oklahoman, yet you sit here and further her message by posting this filth on your website.

  81. Adam says – reply to this


    She speaks the truth. Homosexuality is against the biblical standard for relationships. The world was a better place when there were less homosexuals in it. I don't hate the homosexual, just their sin. God sent His son to die for that sin, and He can and will forgive.

  82. caelee says – reply to this


    Re: Gary – Yes she has two

  83. Chris says – reply to this


    Once again we have a government official showing their incompetence to govern! The "Founding Fathers" were right to separate Church and State, but today we would never know it! Each day countries based on religious views are becoming more oppressive.

    She should devote her effort to reinstate Medicaid to the 13% of Native Americans in her state taken from them (a ploy adopted by the Republican dominated Congress adopted in 2005, who must prove they are U. S. citizens).

    To claim as a profession "TEACHER" I am shocked for she has shown no guidance in processes of learning to work with people. Her time spent earning a Sociology degree is useless, which obviously shows no rational in resolving social problems and formulating public policy.

    "WHAT HAS THE DEVIL MADE OF HER" - maybe her husband the pastor can answer that!

  84. brent says – reply to this


    I never hear them complain about accepting our tax revenue. Our money seems perfectly moral. hmmm we who receive no added tax incentives and as single tax payers are taxed to the fullest extent should be revered not reviled. Recall this woman Oklahoma!

  85. Ross says – reply to this


    This woman ins just filled with fear and ignorance. There have been people like her in every stage of political evolution from women's rights to equal rights movements for african americans to now when we want the same rights as straight people.If she were a man and said this of women or said this about african americans or even as a (so called) christian and made remarks about another specific religion we all know that there would have been an immediate press conference with apologies and the standard "it was taken out of context" rhetoric. It is a shame that gay bashing is still acceptable. Any ideals that are not her own are wrong. Funny that she should use the bible as her reason because the bible does state that women should be quiet and submissive and remain in the home we can not work on Sundays or take the lord's name in vain, the bible states we should be killed. As a gay person I see where this woman would most certainly share the fate she wishes upon us. I think that our society should stop forcing individual moralities on the masses and instead worry more about death, war, taxes, welfare and so on. There are more important things for us all to worry about that what we all do with those we love, gay or straight. I would love to get married and share all the same rights as straight people but until then I think we should embrace each other with love, understanding and with an open mind or we'll all be living in hell hear on earth.

  86. Fran says – reply to this


    Re: Kim

    Brilliant argument, Kim. I think you just proved my point.

  87. beth says – reply to this


    Holy crap. Unbelievable that people like this have a voice still..

  88. julie says – reply to this


    Believe me the whole state of oklahoma is ashamed.

  89. DS says – reply to this


    AWESOME, at least some one has the guts to stand up and say that it is MORALLY wrong to be gay!

  90. olivia says – reply to this


    It is really sad that there are groups that are sticking up for her, saying that HRC and other "tools of the gay agenda" are suppressing her freedom of speech. And (HRC member that I am) I am a little dissapointed about how everyone is making a big deal about the gay-bashing and not speaking out about the fact she pretty much implied that terrorism and Islam are synonymous. What a vile woman.

  91. chicklet says – reply to this


    Hi! I am a straight chick that used to be a "bouncer" at a gay bar. I want to say that it was the best place that I had ever worked, people were so kind to me, polite they had my back and I made some awesome friends thru there. People would actually come up to the door just to call me a "dike" and tell me that I am going to hell. Then I would go off on them, not stating that I am straight, asked how many of them were divorced, had an abortion or "Judge people". They were quoting stuff from the bible, so I did bring up the fact that if they were so "christian" they should not judge others! This women needs to get a hobby! Go help others no matter what or who they r! Let's all play nice in the sandbox!!

  92. olivia says – reply to this


    Re: Caelee Gibbs – You say that this website is furthering the message by posting this; I applaud Perez for bringing this to people's attention. As nasty a message as it is, it is important that people are aware that an elected official is spewing this hate. The more people that know and call her out on it and the more attention this scandal gets, the more likely the state of Oklahoma is to publically censure Rep. Sally Kern and damage her future political career.

  93. spiller says – reply to this


    I,too, am from Oklahoma and am *outraged* over her comments. What is truly ironic, though, is she has a son who is gay and whom she and her pastor husband cut ties with many many years ago.

    Guess her particular brand of religion (baptist) doesn't preach acceptance and forgiveness!

  94. Mark says – reply to this


    She's a Cunt.

  95. Marlo says – reply to this


    Once again Oklahoma is being perceived as a right wing conservative state…I am embarrased for her rant and raves. Her ignorance is an embarrasement to our state!! Please know that many of us Okies do not think and feel like this bigot!!
    Heck, even our mayor, M. Cornett, appeared on Ellen last month and declared ellen's birhday "Ellen's Day" in Oklahoma! Wonder what he thinks of Kern???
    How disgraceful!!

  96. Trish says – reply to this


    The Flintstones are more up to date than this dinosaur. Yabba dabba doo Sally, time for you to retire and crawl under a rock….oops, you’re already there.

  97. Vanessa says – reply to this


    Fuck that PUTA she is closed minded and white trash! This is why she lives in Oklahoma she couldnt last in LA (Cali)!!!! I hope she eats her own words up and someone in her family becomes gay hahaha that would be the best Karma ever in life!! FUCK THAT PUTA Ignorant Bitch!!!

  98. Jimmy says – reply to this


    I sent an email to her telling her that she is a "bigotted CUNT!" I encourage everyone to send an email to her telling her her hate is not wanted.


  99. Iwalei says – reply to this


    this woman needs to be taken out of office for instigating hate-crimes towards gays. she is talking out of her ass, and oklahoma should really stand up and show that they do not accept this kind of shit.

    'i'm not gay-bashing' - then what the hell are you doing lady?

  100. Citizen Kane says – reply to this


    What a freak. She should be banned from schools, public appearances, and anything for her hateful attitude.

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