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Dear Sally Kern

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The entire state of Oklahoma should be ashamed of THIS!

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1742 comments to “Dear Sally Kern”

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  1. Danny says – reply to this


    If you would like to write this ignorant bitch….here is her legislative email….


  2. Kris says – reply to this


    Found this….

    Jesse Kern, Sally’s son, was raised in a strict Baptist environment. If your claims are true then you must blame her and her husband for his turning out that way. Most gays aren’t out there breaking the law and engaging in public sex acts and solicitation. Jesse chose criminal behavior to act out on his desires.

    I see in this foolish woman much anger and resentment. Her beliefs are challenged within herself, because if she stands by them then she must accept her part in her son being a homosexual. She isn’t strong enough to do that. Instead, she has created a paranoid delusion that there is some vast conspiracy of gays infiltrating schools and governments to turn others gay and force their lifestyles on everyone. Her subconscious has created this great gay evil so she doesn’t have to blame herself and she says her son as a victim.
    Had the gays infiltrated Jesse’s school and indoctrinated him then? Funny, how he attended Baptist schools. His attendence [sic] at Oklahoma Baptist University was marred by his repeated censure for cruising the school’s toilets. Had he been able to live his life openly he would not have had to engage in such actions.

  3. Butch says – reply to this


    Feel free to send your free speech Ms. Kern at her personal email address. I doubt she takes the time to personally read her work email.


  4. eli says – reply to this


    I think Sally Kern is a closet lesbian. Come out Sally!! You will feel better.
    Isn't is true the most homophobic people are gay?

  5. Trick says – reply to this


    This trick has issues! She needs to do us all a favor and kill herself!

  6. Chet says – reply to this


    She has an awfully "smart and low maintenance" haircut for a straight woman.

  7. renegade says – reply to this


    sally kern is an ugly bitch. she's just angry because her husband is banging some really HOT gay guy!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Toni says – reply to this


    Please get her in a mental ward asap! She must resign or be fired!

  9. Fran says – reply to this


    "I think Sally Kern is a closet lesbian. Come out Sally!! You will feel better.
    Isn't is true the most homophobic people are gay?"

    "This trick has issues! She needs to do us all a favor and kill herself!"

    "sally kern is an ugly bitch. she's just angry because her husband is banging some really HOT gay guy!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!"

    You folks are so right. Kern should change her ways and aspire to be more like the thoughtful, open-minded, humane, tastefully eloquent people posting here…people who are so very above indulging in hate speech.

  10. scoops says – reply to this


    gays should be ashamed of him saying "The entire state of Oklahoma should be ashamed of THIS!" thats like saying fuck all the middle east cause osoma bin laden blew up the world trade center

  11. Paul says – reply to this


    Shame on Sally, SHAME!

  12. katelynn says – reply to this


    her career's over

  13. Tito Xtravaganza says – reply to this


    WoW Perez,
    This bitch made me GAG….Well it goes to show who we put in office right? Well now that i know that im worst than a Terrorist and Islam, HAS THIS BITCH LOST HER MIND?….
    TITO X

  14. Roger says – reply to this


    Write her like I did to complain personally: sallykern@okhouse.gov
    Ranting here is fun but we need to do more than complain here. Complain to her…flood her mailbox. Make sure she know what an ignorant, misinformed idiot she really is.

  15. Bettie Kalimanis says – reply to this


    Sally Kern needs to resign. People like her perpetuate bias and prejudice. I am ashamed for her.

  16. Micky says – reply to this


    OMG! What a sick and scary woman!

  17. Andrew says – reply to this


    As a 27 year old male who has spent the majority of my life in Oklahoma, I am absolutely disgusted that this woman claims to represent me and the rest of the people of this state. Just because a few facist, homophobic old men and women have refused to open their minds to other walks of life reflects poorly on anyone they represent. She should resign from her office and make a FORMAL apology to the gay community…. and to the entire state of Oklahoma for making us look like a bunch of back-wood redneck hillbillies. To anyone who thinks that the state of Oklahoma thinks like she does, don't buy it, she is off her meds.

  18. teekey says – reply to this


    God sent his only begotten son to die for us all he dosent put any stipulations on it and i know he loves me who the f&^&k is she to pass judgment and whats evn sadder is that her son is gay imagine how he feels or what she puts him threw all i have to say is Im GAY and proud oh and to Sally kern jesus loves you and so does this lesbian how do you like those balls sally call me lol im just playing sally unless youre gonna do it

  19. Family Values says – reply to this


    Dear Ms. Kern, thank you for reminding all of america (and your gay terrorist son) the true meaning of "family values". Now kick that lil' bastard of a homosexual child out of the house, change the locks and never let him back into your bible thumping life! Then pray to god for forgiveness for bringing another one of those homosexual terrorists into this world to stregthen the gay agenda.

    God will forgive you eventually, it says so in the bible. Keep reading, keep praying and one day you will pass through those pearly gates and never have to think about lil' Jesse burning in hell.

  20. bre says – reply to this


    i cant belive that bitch compared gay people to cancer..?

  21. Heidi says – reply to this


    I'm from Oklahoma. This woman has no right to represent my opinion when it is a total 180 from how I really feel. The majority of of our state is NOT homophobic! I love gays and Sally needs to get her shit straight.

  22. Former Oklahoma 2 says – reply to this


    I am also a former Oklahoman and I do not agree with a single word Sally Kern said - her views do not represent the state of Oklahoma and nobody should simply assume that they do.

  23. J1 says – reply to this


    Anita Bryant 2008 style lol, who was also from OK. Fkin too crazy of a woman to even take seriously. Quite scary that "this/these" views are views a LOT of Americans agree with, very very scary to say! ESP in states in between NY and CA lol, yet even in those places there are some sick, hateful nazis judgemental, bullies, useless pieces of scum.

  24. Arielle says – reply to this


    The State of Oklahoma should not be ashamed.

    Sally Kern should be ashamed.

    I spent a few years in Oklahoma, and I have lived in many other places domestic and foreign. The people of Oklahoma were kind, funny, welcoming, warm, and nothing like Sally Kern. I have heard equally bigoted, blathering idiots from other states and other countries, so her idiocy is not an Oklahoma issue. I am waiting to hear that Sally Kern has been asked to step down from her Representative role as she does not represent Oklahoma in general.

  25. Shini says – reply to this


    We are! >w> I can't wait to move to California.

  26. Justin says – reply to this


    I am from the state of Wisconsin, and one our representatives, Tammy Baldwin, is a Lesbian. She is a great leader, one of whom Wisconsinites respect! Shame on Sally Kern!

  27. Cammie says – reply to this


    I can't believe someone would say something like that! Dam. What a shame.

  28. Melissa says – reply to this


    what a pathetic sad woman!

  29. Upsetting... says – reply to this


    This is just disgusting. I moved from Dallas to Tulsa 2 years ago for my fiance to finish school. It's so sad because it's a beautiful state and there are a lot of great things here but I can't wait to leave. I'm all for religion but Oklahoma is in the middle of the bible belt and people take their shit WAY too far. My dad is gay and it just breaks my heart that anyone could talk about someone in that way. My fiance is black and people in Oklahoma still look twice when we are together in public. This state is about 20 years behind the rest of the country. I really hope one day they'll catch up…

  30. Adrienne Linkenhoker says – reply to this


    In my opinion its politicians like Sally Kern that could very well be worse than terrorists. She is so ignorant to think that homosexuals are wrong. I am a proud Lesbian and Sally Kern needs to taken off the State Of Oklahoma Senate. How did she even get elected as Governer?

  31. Kate Lilith says – reply to this


    Church and State should never be mixed. This individual should either resign or be mandated out of office. "But according to God's word…" The bible was written by human beings. I think someone most definitely needs to start a petition to remove this individual from office for violation of the Constitution of the United States! (Legislator basing decisions upon personal religions beliefs.) And above all, how dare you compare homosexuals to terrorists. Homosexuals don't kill thousands of people in the name of their god. This individual is more like a terrorist, using god as a reason to harass homosexuals unlawfully. Not to mention the hate-crimes which will inherently increase state-wide against homosexuals for all of the regulations put in place against human beings. This is the same type of person who would have done and said the same things about African-Americans during their struggle with these types of people being in undeserving (and overly personal) power.

  32. Annick says – reply to this


    I have never been more proud to be a Canadian. I live in Montreal, Quebec. We can legaly marry, have partner benefits at work, can legaly adopt, can walk hand in hand anywhere and WOW ! we've been around for more then a few decades……where the hell has she been, HELLO 2008 !!!!!!!

  33. gay says – reply to this


    i agree with sally kern ;) be straight people.

  34. Joe says – reply to this


    Only someone with an IQ of a mushroom like Sally Kern would say something stupid like this. This KKK supporter should resign because her racist standing is not even acceptable in this century. She is the same Sally Kern who referred to Barack Obama as a "monkey".

  35. Amber says – reply to this


    As a proud Oklahoman I am utterly embarassed by State Rep. Sally Kerns. She does not represent the state nor does she represent how the majority of Oklahoman's feel about this issue. I have been proud to be a strong advocate of gay marriage since I was young. My sister is a lesbian and I could not have asked for a more caring, wonderful and truly amazing person to be put in my life. Her partner is one of the most amazing people in this world as well and I thank God everyday for bringing them together. I feel truly blessed to have such a caring, loving and non judgemental family. I hope that Rep. Kerns learns that we are all human, regardless of our religious beliefs, ethnicity, sexuality or economic background and therefore everyone should be entitled to the same rights and freedoms. Please write Rep. Kerns, flood her email and her voicemail and express just how misguided and wrong she is. Stand up for what you believe in, don't let one ignorant person speak for the masses. She certainly doesn't speak for this Okie! I am proud to be a member of PFLAG and I love my sister!

  36. mark says – reply to this


    I wish HATE-PROMOTION was a crime so I could give this poor excuse of a mother and a woman at least 10 years in jail. In the name of god she hates gays? She is probably bitter that she cannot give a boner to his man.

  37. Tony Barker says – reply to this


    Anita Bryan came from Oklahoma,maybe there is something in the water!

  38. allie says – reply to this


    fuck oklahoma.

  39. Linda from Vamcouver says – reply to this


    Shouldn't we stop giving these white-sheet-wearing hatemongers a soapbox???

  40. Kelly Dodd says – reply to this


    Amazing to think this kind of ignorance is in power. Her web page says she is on the education committee. She needs an education! Free speech and all, it is good to hear what we are up against. Glad someone had the forethought to record this and leak it. America greatest threat is ignorance!!!!

  41. kdodd says – reply to this


    Re: Tony Barker – that is very unfair for the fact I am gay and I am from Oklahoma. What state are you from? fairly certain there are some ignorant people residing there!

  42. Jennifer says – reply to this


    I have never been so ashamed to be from Oklahoma! I just hope everyone knows that there are a few good people here!

  43. Kelly says – reply to this


    I dont think its degrading to us by you stating "Oklahoma should be ashamed"……I am from Oklahoma and I agree, we should be ashamed of the fact we have a an ingnorant and narrow minded representative that is referring to some oklahomans as being worse than terrorists or islam. That being said, we should be through being ashamed, and start try to do something about it to get her removed from office. In a day and time when all races, religions, orientation are struggling for equality its people like this that makes our LAND OF THE FREE into the LAND OF HITLER !! We are not a communist country, we shouldnt be living with a leader who acts like one !!EVERYONE take the time to sign petitions, send letters to the govenor, take all steps you can to put a stop to the intolerance in our society.

  44. Steven says – reply to this



  45. Cal says – reply to this


    Are you serious right now?

  46. This Speech is Disgusting says – reply to this


    its a shame that a person can think that homosexuality and a religion (Islam) is a threat to a country. I mean who has the right to say that. I wonder how she would feel is someone said the heterosexuals and christianity were a threat. What happened to the separation of church and state? she should not force her morals on anyone. A person's religion or sexual preference does causes no harm.

  47. rueben says – reply to this


    Sally should look back to 1978 and see what happened to Anita Bryant after her hate rantings. Oh sweet karma!

  48. McVicker says – reply to this


    In my own experience, I have found that the ones with an agenda to push are the right-wing Christian fundamentalists. They seem to forget (or ignore) the fact that not everyone in America is a Christian who believe that the bible is the word of God. If one doesn't believe as they do, they are the first to condemn and villify.

    Sally Kern is certianly free to believe what she wants, but to express such hatred and non-truths about other Americans is an abuse of her platform.

    Internet sites and blogs are buzzing with comments from people all over the world who find Kern's actions repugnant.

    While she claims that she will not apologize to the millions of gay and lesbian people she has insulted, she certainly owes the people of Oklahoma an apology for casting your state in such a negative light. She has not served you well.

    She is an international disgrace. Shame on her!

    The whole world is watching.

  49. mike in costa rica says – reply to this


    She needs to realize how on another planet she is. I think religion has been the downfall of more civilizations than gays.

  50. Amy in OKC says – reply to this


    I live in Oklahoma City…and this community is so angry about this woman's statements. A government offical using her position of power to promote ignorance and hate is never acceptable. It's pretty amazing that someone who lives in a city where there was a deadly terrorist attack (BY A WHITE CHRISTIAN MAN) would make a statement like that. Shame on her!!

  51. Eddie VanMeer says – reply to this


    This woman gives christians a really good name, thank 'god' I am atheist

  52. Caroline says – reply to this


    I think Sally Kern should resign. I find her actions much more destructive than the New York Governor getting caught with a hooker. He's hurt his family and those he's put in jail or out of business. She has offended and promoted hate towards every gay person. Why hasn't anyone called for her resignation??????????

  53. bob says – reply to this



  54. Christian Michell says – reply to this


    dgkjfg is an idiot.
    I'm a straight AMERICAN woman and I do not feel this way.
    This woman is a nutcase!!!!!

  55. Andrew says – reply to this



    just because she's married to a baptist minister, doesn't give her religous views any legal justification.

  56. LA model says – reply to this


    This is just rediculos.

    THis is fascism…eh what are we fighting in iraq….fascism. She obv thinks gays should be eaticated.

    Howe disstuctive is this…though really?
    Human nature is not so single out one type of people. It is that we all work for our own merits….SEX GENDER RACE WHATEVER DOESNT AFFECT YOU

    EH DID SHE WAKE UP AND SAY 'Huh i'm gonna be a female for my life' or i'm a gonna be a white for the rest of my life'.

    I think it is genetics keeping the populetion down, beauces we could not sustain every man following his disires to have sex/….which would result in loads of kids that you could not sustain….thats what i think

  57. Joe says – reply to this


    if your going to put videos on you website it totally sucks when there are ads that make noise!

  58. Jesus says – reply to this


    If this woman, Sally Kern, were to invite gays into her life the way she invited Jesus into her life, she would not look like hell on earth!

    God bless this mess we now know as Sally Kern

  59. CAMO says – reply to this


    I thought Hitler was dead? Gay first, Jews next… now who?

  60. lyn says – reply to this


    Plotting to stop others from running for office is illegal. That’s not free speech, Sally, its conspiracy to interfere in a governmental election. You do have the right to peaceful assembly, but not to defame. Your speech is slanderous and unjustified. You have misspoken about the gay community illegally, and spitefully. You say you judge according to what God wants? No, according to what you think God wants. It doesn’t matter what you think God wants, Sally. It does not matter what you think God wants from anyone but yourself. You have a job to represent your district. There are many in you district who feel misrepresented, Sally. You can’t judge, and if you truly believed in Jesus, you would know this. They are not just words, Sally. You really mean it. You hate, Sally. Hate is who you are. Hate is what you are full of. It’s the lifestyle not the people, right Sally? That’s what you said. I know you have loved someone who’s gay. I know you have cared about someone who’s gay. Gay is not a lifestyle, Sally. It’s a part of life. You judge life and have no problem passing discriminatory laws. You are a political terrorist. You are the threat to this nation, Sally .You threaten the peace, prosperity, and pursuit of happiness for millions of Americans. Gays don’t destroy nations, politicians like you do.

  61. lyn says – reply to this


    Re: SALLY KERN NEEDS TO RESIGN – Plotting to stop others from running for office is illegal. That’s not free speech, Sally, its conspiracy to interfere in a governmental election. You do have the right to peaceful assembly, but not to defame. Your speech is slanderous and unjustified. You have misspoken about the gay community illegally, and spitefully. You say you judge according to what God wants? No, according to what you think God wants. It doesn’t matter what you think God wants, Sally. It does not matter what you think God wants from anyone but yourself. You have a job to represent your district. There are many in your district that have been misrepresented, Sally.

    You shouldn’t judge, and if you truly knew Jesus, you would know this. They are not just words, Sally, you really mean it. You hate. Hate is what you are full of. It’s the lifestyle not the people, right Sally? That’s what you said. I know you have loved someone who’s gay. I know you have cared about someone who’s gay. Gay is not a lifestyle, Sally. It’s a part of life. You judge life and want to pass discriminatory laws. You are a political terrorist. You are the threat to this nation, Sally .You threaten the peace, prosperity, and pursuit of happiness for millions of Americans. Gays don’t destroy nations Sally, politicians like you do.

  62. Carlos says – reply to this


    If you don't …you have just committed career suicide. No one will ever take you seriously now. She is such a coward … to think she wasn't going to be heard … and say those horrible things in "secret". How dare you say that homosexuality is worse than terrorism. What YOU are doing is sheer terrorism. You bring nothing but hatred to who you represent and YOURSELF!

    PEOPLE OF OK! Bring her DOWN!

  63. blondie says – reply to this


    FUCK YOU SALLY KERN ! what comes out of your mouth is just as ugly as your face

  64. Robin Fletcher says – reply to this


    This wicked witch needs to go back to the Land of Oz. She cannot be allowed to integrate religion and state as a legislator. She is a criminal. She is violating laws. She is a cruel, evil woman who spreads hatred. How does she stay in office? People of Oklahoma must be ignorant as she is… rf

  65. montimo says – reply to this


    Everyone, please email her your thoughts to sallykern@okhouse.gov . She's probably not reading here. Let's fill her inbox!!

  66. marxus0867 says – reply to this


    I Hope That GOD makes people like you an example!
    BTW, Sally, you are a Fucking Bloody, Skank, Cunt,
    & Your Fat Momma Sucked My Dick Again last Night….For Free…That Damn Slut!

  67. marxus0867 says – reply to this


    Don't Even Bother With That Red-Necked Cunt!
    Everyone Knows She Is A Damn Fool!

  68. Chris says – reply to this


    Although it may be scary to hear a racist idiot like her talk, its good to know how she really feels. Vote that idiot out of office!

  69. Carel says – reply to this


    She is a joke, but I feel sad for her son… can you imagine having her as a mother?

  70. laura says – reply to this


    Oklahomans! Pressure this woman to resign! We know she doesn't represent you: tell her that and make a big ol' stink. All politicians will eventually cave if there is enough public pressure…

    It scares me to death to think that there are 20 years worth of students out there who were taught by this ignorant paranoiac nut job.

  71. Adam says – reply to this


    She should be praised for her courage to speak truth in a truthless society.

  72. Jayne says – reply to this


    if homosexuality is an 'illness' as someone said, then so is cancer, diabetes, down's syndrome, multiple sclerosis, etc… and NOBODY would be legally or morally allowed to dis any one of them like this… and if it's a 'choice' as some believe, why would anyone choose to live life as a second-class citizen?… i work hard (Cardiac Nurse), i raised my children without child support, i pay taxes every payday, i live a quiet modest humble life, and i am in love with and share my life with the most wonderful woman (Teacher) that God ever made… yep, He made us both homosexual, He knows we are, we walk in His light, and we have 7 of the most wonderful children and 4 of the most wonderful grandchildren that He ever created :)

  73. Joseph says – reply to this


    If she had said those things about blacks. latinos. asians or any other minorities, she would have been out of the legislature the next day.

  74. jrb1864 says – reply to this


    Both 'Sides' Consider This:

    We are all masters of Spin. We do it all the time professionaly and in our personal lives to get ahead, to sway others to our points of view etc. We all take empirical evidence, throw in a dash of 'beliefs', stir with powerful emotions bake and serve to get our points across. Granted.

    Unfortunately what Mrs. Kern has served does nothing to create or bring the world into a safer, happier, better world and in fact is a most unpallateable serving of uselessness.

    The bottom line: If you (anyone) want something, peace and acceptance, health, love etc in this chaotic rollercoaster world then simply put aside everything that doesn't fit into those columns indelibly, and you will have it. If Mrs. Kern really wants the world to be a better place, she will do just that and drop everything else including the futile battle of 'right' vs. 'wrong'. It's my hope that we all (humanity) begin to consider putting aside our need to argue and make our cases (to no useful purpose other than being 'right') in favor of what we propose to argue and fight for. When you do that and just that for it's sake alone you get it!

  75. Jeffry says – reply to this


    This is part of what I emailed her:
    Ms. Kern,
    There are so many real issues that could use your attention as a Legislator, and you are trying to make yourself feel important and get attention by spreading hate- where does it tell you to do this in your Bible? I will pray for YOU!

  76. steven says – reply to this


    she should be executed at the next oklahoma gay pride parade!
    the funny thing is that after all this happened they found out that her son is gay and her husband has since disowned her!
    stupid bitch!

  77. steven says – reply to this


    Re: Adam – you're a fuckin idiot. keep praying to a jewish magician and keep calling him the son of god, you moron! when was the world a better place with less homosexuals? in your lifetime? what an ass!

  78. lulu says – reply to this


    Good for her!

  79. Carissa says – reply to this


    We are ashamed!!! And upset with the lack of local coverage… Why is she still in office?

  80. kevin says – reply to this


    pittsburgh post gazette just posted an angry response from their city council president.
    find it here:

  81. brad says – reply to this


    her face needs to meet my size 11 boot!!

  82. sad in Oklahoma says – reply to this


    I can not stand that fact that this woman is from Oklahoma. Where in the world did she get her "facts"? She just makes the people of this state sound backwords and dumb. She does not speak for me. I really hope she is forced to give up her office or the people of this state refuse to re-elect her. What a nut!!

  83. rusty nail says – reply to this


    Re: concerned
    I could not agree more with this post. God does indeed love the homosexual and all christians BETTER, because NO hate will ever enter the knigdom of heaven. God does not like what the homosexual is doing and he states this in his word. I must agree with Mrs. Kern also as long as she does not state she hates the homosexual.

  84. Alex in tha 808 says – reply to this


    Were not to fear…It's those crazy backward ingnorant red necks that need to live in isolated gated pig pens!

  85. Kristin says – reply to this


    I can't (CAN) believe that someone this ignorant is in office, representing an entire state of people.. If I were in Oklahoma, I would want her to resign.

  86. Mike says – reply to this


    Thanks goodness, someone has the courage to tell the truth. Sally Kern is exactly correct.

  87. Phil says – reply to this


    Look up the word Demagogue. Its an old word that hasn't been used since the WW2.
    Who else used these political tactics? I think Sally should be removed from office or at the very least censured, unfortunately her piers chose to give her a standing ovation. God must be so embarrassed. Have we learned nothing? I think about Lawrence King, the 15 yr. boy that was shot in the head by a classmate because he was gay, his killer had heard a similar hate rant at his church! God has given homosexuals to every known society and species of animal on the planet. They're here for a purpose. In the year 2050 this planet will have to support over 9 billion people, perhaps God is pruning the tree of life? We are all creatures in his garden.
    Let him decide how to do the weeding.

  88. Sally says – reply to this


    why are you guys make fun of OKLAHOMA? So, I live in OKLAHOMA three years. Before i already knew about Oklhaomans are BI, GAY and LESBIAN people live in OK. So, Why aren't you guys make fun of CALIFORINA OR NEW YORK OR OTHER STATES?! aww, you think it was anti-lifesyetf.al;sdjfakl; oh my bad. what's up with you guys?

  89. Sandy says – reply to this


    I'm from Oklahoma… I am ashamed of Sally Kern. She does NOT represent how I feel on this subject at all! RESIGN ALREADY

  90. Mimar says – reply to this


    And she says that she is a very christian woman!!!! Wow!!!. She should know that hate speech is not exactly something what Jesus would aprove. She should read the Bible to know about Jesus behaviour to the so called "siners" and it has nothing to do with what this lady has done. Not surprising that so many people do not want to have anything to do with churches. I am not gay but it does not mean that I have the right to judge a gay person. It is his or her personal life and if I expect that other people respect my personal life I have to respect other people's personal life too. What the hell has to do a sexual preference with terror??? The lady needs to look at her first before talking about the others (as the Bible says, do you remember that part about having something in the eye Ms. Kern?)

  91. jenna says – reply to this



  92. dick says – reply to this


    She sounds like a christian. The bible says it's an abomination. it's some dumb hateful shit, isn't it?

  93. dick says – reply to this


    Re: Mimar

    The bible says homosexuality is an abomination and homosexuals should be stoned to death. READ YOUR BIBLE!!!

  94. Masoud says – reply to this


    WTF?!?!?! How the fuck is Islam a threat to u, you mother fucking bastard. You friqqin sick homophobic racist piece of shit.

  95. bobo says – reply to this


    wat the f she should be ashamed of her self im sorry that she is threatend by homosexiality but get over it damn the world is'nt called sally kurn so shut up
    u wanna be lebsbiean and get over ur self ur un american whore

  96. Gynni says – reply to this


    This is appalling! How can any human being "HATE" as much as you and be in government. What makes you think you are better than gay's and lesbian's? I am not either, but I sure as hell would rather be in their company than yours. You should be removed from your position and shunned from mankind.
    You disgust me!

  97. rrrich says – reply to this


    The bible says that homosexuality is an abomination. Period. It also says that "whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters", i.e. shellfish, is an abomination unto you (Leviticus 11:12). Period. That's why I say, we go ahead and what round up all them gaysers, and all them red lobsters, and ship'em off to an island. That's right, give them queers all the lobster they want. Well anywho, I made the mistake of having sex with my girlfriend today and it's her time of the month, so I'm off to wash my genitals with dust and ash seven times over (also required by Leviticus). Also, I've got some three day old beef ravioli that must be disposed of by means of fire, so as not to insult the lord (also required by Leviticus), though I'm starting to worry that all of the three-day-old+ beef burnings I've been holding in front of my apartment are starting to bother my lord. I mean, my land lord. Jesus Christ.

  98. luz says – reply to this



    people like that should not exist!!!!

    poor son of hers ….

    and thank you Perez for showing us this!!!!!!!

  99. fuck sally kern says – reply to this


    fuck sally kern shes prolly gay and scared of coming out

  100. Stephen says – reply to this


    It's people like Sally Kern and the religious right wing who are more of a threat to our country than terrorists, so called "christians" hiding behind their "religion" to spread hate and lies - unfortunately, there are far too many ignorant people out there who believe this poison. Kudos to Ellen Degeneres for bringing this situation into the public eye on her show.

    Sally Kern owes the entire gay community and country a public apology, then immediately submit her resignation.

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