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Dear Sally Kern

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The entire state of Oklahoma should be ashamed of THIS!

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1742 comments to “Dear Sally Kern”

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  1. not surprised says – reply to this


    this is the state where i witnessed a mom threatening to beat her kids with her belt (including the action of trying to take it off) at pizza hut on a sunday…

  2. Mark says – reply to this


    It seems a lifetime ago that I dealt with my own homophobia that I can hardly imagine people still suffering from it and making others suffer from it.

    Sally Kern is a psychologically conflicted woman with a devoutly religious husband and an estranged gay son. Growing up in the Kern household must have been a nightmare for her son. And now she's brought her disfunctionality misery to her job as a state representative producing legislation that negatively affects GLBT citizens.

    The state of Oklahoma should remove her from her position because she has no business being a state legislator. Oklahoman's like all Americans need to vigilant of the people we elect as a our representatives to ensure the are fair minded people.

  3. Becks says – reply to this


    How very sad, this Ignorant woman is spewing hate, and she thinks she's on Gods side, expressing Gods views. The God I know is all about love and acceptance….not hate. :)

  4. foreigner says – reply to this


    I am not american, and people can be pretty down on yanks, but - I find it very encouraging that the majority of posts on here are from intelligent, well adjusted and tolerant people - rather than the unfortunately vocal minority of ignorant, superstitious bible bashing retrogrades.
    I'm looking forward to america becoming a place that i would like to visit again!

  5. proudtobeanindogirl says – reply to this


    BLAME on people like HER for the WAR that never end…

  6. . says – reply to this


    It's sad that discrimination like this still manages to exist in such a modern lifestyle as we live in today.


  7. AVoice says – reply to this


    I am shocked at the pollution oozing from this womans mouth. Maybe when she is finished with her term she could endorse, "HaterAid", the drink of politicians that feel homosexuality is worse than people making politial statements by cutting Americans heads off with dull knives. I can't help but think when I see her picture, maybe she is crying out for the touch of a good woman?

  8. ozmom says – reply to this


    This kind of creepy, backwards, fundamentalist thinking is exactly why I left Oklahoma 31 years ago. And I'm not even gay!

  9. mimi says – reply to this


    what a facist sick disturbed hicky bitch

    i can't believe people can be this prejudiced and socially intolerant nowadays

    hope the bitch dies

  10. Robbie says – reply to this


    I wrote an email to Sally Kern expressing my opinion to her that she is a disgrace. I also sent an email to the governor of Oklahoma expressing my dissatisfaction with her. If you want to be heard, I suggest you write emails to her and the governor, she needs to be removed from her position!!

  11. mimi says – reply to this


    Re: Angel – yur far from an angel you bitch

  12. Celia says – reply to this


    This brought tears to my eyes as I listened. I pray for this ignorant human being.

  13. Luciano says – reply to this


    it is sad to see such ingorance still exists…

  14. amanda says – reply to this


    shes a dumb bitch

  15. James Gabehart says – reply to this


    Sally Kern is like a turd that won't flush……………………………….

  16. sei says – reply to this


    well i will not hate u mrs.kern because i have a good gay character with me and may god bless u.

    someday it will hit you back, karma.

  17. rton says – reply to this


    Sally is absolutely correct. Bravo for her standing up for what she believes is right. You people obviously have no clue about The Constitution. Her speech is not hate but her opinion and it is protected by our founding fathers. Never once did she use the word hate. That is your buzzword to get around our fundamental right to free speech. Yes, we all have the right to have and state our opinions in this country and you don't have to like what you hear. It's called Freedom of Speech and is a Constitutional right. By the way Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they hate you. The only hate is right here on this blog. God commands us to love you, but that doesn't means I have to agree with your behavior which is explicitly against my religious beliefs. So excuse me if I believe what God said instead of what all of you think. And she is right, every culture in history that allowed this deviant behavior self-destructed.

  18. StarQz says – reply to this


    This doesn't surprise me at all. I live here in Oklahoma and SOOO many people talk and think exactly like this. On the flipside we also have a very large gay and lesbian community in our state, liberals and consevatives coexisting side by side..

  19. lyn says – reply to this


    Re: rton – You are also like a turd that wont flush.

  20. Alex says – reply to this


    Makes me fucking sick. She is in desperate need of a reality check, and an OD of Meth.

  21. Staci says – reply to this


    She's a fucking nutcase. It's sad to see that someone sooooo dumb could get very far in life. Anyone who believes that FILTH should just stfu and move to another nation. Ewww…….she disgustes me.

  22. kathleen says – reply to this


    for a country that claims to be the land of the free, this is shameful.

  23. Dan says – reply to this


    What a friggin nut job. It's too bad that her mental illness isn't the issue being addressed.

  24. Kris says – reply to this


    Everyone needs to be relentless in emailing this homophoic government official. She must apologize for her hateful statements or resign!

    Her email addresses are:
    sallykern@okhouse.gov (work)
    srkern@cox.net (personal)

  25. Muzzle the radical right says – reply to this


    The right of every private American citizen to voice thier opinion is protected by law
    Representative Kern is not a private citizen. She is an elected official. She has accepted the responsibilty to represent every law abiding taxpaying citizen within her district, no matter her personal opinion. This includes gays and lesbians , also protected by the same laws which allow her to spew her bile.
    If her religious beliefs prevent her from representing equally every citizen, as is her sworn duty, then she is not qualified for her position and must resign

  26. carolyn says – reply to this


    I m in Australia. We ve got a few bigots here but she is supreme. It s always the bashers that need to come out of the closet.

  27. GWJM in NYC says – reply to this


    Re: rton – I guess you've never heard of the Ancient Greeks.

  28. okie born says – reply to this


    eveyone I know in oklahoma is disgusted with her. she isnt even *from oklahoma!* Her vile and rude comments towards gay people being a bigger threat than terrorist have disgusted every person that lost or knows people that lost loved ones in the oklahoma city bombing. Not to mention how sad for her to hate on a group of people. She is a sick person and needs to be relieved of her office.

  29. Tarkin says – reply to this


    to think a perfect idiot and ignorant like this claims to be a teacher!
    No wonder our schools are in trouble.

  30. McVicker says – reply to this


    NO ONE is saying that Sally Kern does not have the right to free speech. She most certainly does.

    She is free to believe and say whatever she'd like, however ignorant and misinformed she is. She should exercise her bigotry in private, among others like her — NOT when she acts as a representative of her constituents.

    THAT is what hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are upset about: she abused her platform as a representative of ALL her constituents by singling out and saying hateful things about a particular group.

    Had she said hateful things about blacks, Jews, women, or the handicapped, she would have been forced out of office.

    When she is acting as a representative of her constituents, she has NO RIGHT to say hateful things about ANY group.

    Having done so, with no apology offered, she must suffer the consequences: She will now FOREVER be remembered for her bigotry, ignorance, and abuse of her platform. Such a shameful - but well-deserved - legacy.

  31. VERO says – reply to this




  32. VERO says – reply to this


    Re: VERO


  33. Tristin says – reply to this


    This is a prime example of ignorance… I am a GAY CHRISTIAN and she needs to read her Bible again. By judging us she is comdemning herself to the same hell! She needs to keep her mouth shut until she actually has something intelligent to say. Thank you!

  34. Tom says – reply to this


    It amazes me that recently some politicians open their mouths without any thought to what they are saying. She did take a oath of office and she does pledge allegiance to the flag…… with liberty and justice for ALL! Guess she forgot that part. We in this country used to burn people alive because a few Christians thought people were possessed with evil spirits, when in fact some were having an epileptic seizure. She also says "every culture in history that allowed this deviant behavior self-destructed", so are the gays responsible for the fall of Roman Empire, the Vikings, Nazism, Native Americans (guess the gays stole the US) to name a few? Heck why you are at it throw in the fall of the dinosaurs are the gays fault? People actually have to put effort in my opinion in hating someone as you do not have to do anything to get along with others. Yes people like this do exist and few are elected leaders, but like a horse you can lead it to water but does not mean it is going to drink, just as I do not believe her hatred opinion. She like others can spew their hate, but she can only harm herself with such feelings. People like this always want to blame others for their problems in life and just seems it is political fashion to gay bash, just as Hitler did in Nazi Germany with the Jews. No one in government or the media is picking up on this because it does not involve race, religion or gender….. its only those gays.

  35. Murphy says – reply to this


    If you find this statement by Sally offensive then please help us in Oklahoma stop the hate. Please visit the www.equalrightsproject.com and make a contribution to stop Sally now!

  36. Kazelzbm says – reply to this


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  37. Kazeldcg says – reply to this


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  38. robin says – reply to this


    I am absolutely disgusted and outrage by sally kern’s recent comments regarding homosexual. As an Oklahoma Republican state representative, who has taken an oath of office would use her power and promote homophobic hateful, bigoted and un-American views as a way to influence and destroy human life is a travesties. Her words are a clear indention of her lack of knowledge, education, and experience, using the U.S. constitution and the laws of this nation as a platform to continue the spread of evil ways of thinking, while damaging lives.

    Her threatened ignorance is no different then the entertainment character Don Immus who was fired from CBS in 2007 for speaking his mind on what he thought about a woman’s basketball team. State representative Sally Kern should be held responsible for her preposterous hateful, racial remarks and her so called freedom of speech she expresses are destructive and hate filled illusion.

    Speech may be free but is not without question or accountability, and will not be used as an excuse for ignorance. Sally Kern needs to be removed from public office. It is time to establish equal rights and not just talking about the idea. Separate but not equal, is a contradiction and needs to be confronted.

  39. Mark says – reply to this


    Regarding Sally "gays are worse than terrorists" Kern…Oklahoma IS ashamed of her. And she's not even from Oklahoma…she's originally from Arkansas! Kind of doubt "Will & Grace" was among her favorite shows. As for the "homesexual agenda" she speaks about…I'm doing my part: teaching my two year old nephew to love Cher. He can now say "I Got You Babe."

  40. jeff says – reply to this


    All, I am hoping for every post you make here you are sending her 10 emails as well as others in OK gov. Sally has the full support of her Church and they are telling her how she is being so mistreated. Please continue the emails to her and other gov officials so they know we are not going away.. that is what they are saying.. it will blow over.. keep the pressure on her and her peers for her to resign.

    Here is an email list of her peers. Copy and paste into an email so they get the message. The pressure has to be on more than just her. The gov does not publish his email but his press assistant's email is listed below as well. (tonda.fisher@gov.ok.gov)
    kiesel@okhouse.gov; luckylamons@okhouse.gov; johnauffet@okhouse.gov; scott.bighorse@okhouse.gov; davidbraddock@okhouse.gov; mikebrown@okhouse.gov; johncarey@okhouse.gov; wallace.collins@okhouse.gov; jamescovey@okhouse.gov; purcywalker@okhouse.gov; daleturner@okhouse.gov; glensmithson@okhouse.gov; jabarshumate@okhouse.gov; jerryshoemake@okhouse.gov; bensherrer@okhouse.gov; mikeshelton@okhouse.gov; waderousselot@okhouse.gov; paulroan@okhouse.gov; sallykern@okhouse.gov; neilbrannon@okhouse.gov; mikebrown@okhouse.gov; ed.cannaday@okhouse.gov; tonda.fisher@gov.ok.gov
    Just copy the emails above and send your message for her to step down. Keep sending until she steps down. Keep the pressure on her!!!

  41. jeff says – reply to this


    dick, I cannot tell if you are just trying to be funny.. or if you are really that stupid.. the bible never said that.. if you think it does then you are just falling for whatever you are being told. I feel sorry for the red-neck stupid idiots out there.. no clue..

  42. David B says – reply to this


    As a retired Navy gay man living in Oklahoma I find what she said just plain ignorant, I served 20 years of my life to defend the rights and equallity of all Americans, gay and straight. I hope that one day here life depends on a Gay Doctor, Fireperson, or Policeperson. I am sure that it will not change her mind. You can't fix stupid.

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