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Orange Oprah DENIED

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Lindsay Lohan and her 14 year old sister, Ali, were spotted dancing and partying it up in Linds' new NYC penthouse last week.

Where did Linds' get the $? We thought she was having money issues.

Momager Orange Oprah stopped in but wasn't allowed to shoot her E! reality show at Linds' new pad. You know she was pissed!

O squared peaced out after 20 minutes.

La Lohan supposedly kept it clean around her lil sis and only drank bottled water.

Lindsay's daddy, ex-convict Michael, has said that she's a silver screen star and reality TV is not for her.

E! must be pissed they're getting no Lilo.

[Image via WENN.]

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71 comments to “Orange Oprah DENIED”

  1. Di says – reply to this



  2. abbie says – reply to this


    first! i cant stand lo lo

  3. ??? says – reply to this


    can't blame her for not wanting to be featured on her fam's reality show…as a "celebrity" is not necessarily good to be featured on a reality show, not if u want to be taken seriously.

  4. Porterville CA says – reply to this


    Her mom needs some parenting help.

  5. nig says – reply to this



  6. NAdiya says – reply to this



  7. nancita says – reply to this


    GOOD NIGHT the 14 yr old looks like a 40 yr old from Appalachia

  8. Jenna Jones UK says – reply to this


    its the adams family.

  9. katie says – reply to this


    ya know…

  10. LAYA says – reply to this



  11. miss m. says – reply to this


    God, Linds needs to RUN away from her fame- and money-grubbing family. Including her sis. Her sister is unfortunately taking completely after their mother. Ali will turn out worse than Lindsay. Ali has no talent to speak of and is not very pretty. Not in Lindsay's league at all. Once she realizes that it will be all downhill for her from there, as she won't be able to handle that realization and will become a full-fledged addict, worse than Linds. Ali is too young right now to realize it or realize that her mother is using her. She's too young to realize that being famous is not all it's cracked up to be. The girl is going to go down and go down badly when it happens.

  12. mMAJ says – reply to this



  13. lola says – reply to this


    whatever .. who the fuck cares

  14. JORDAN says – reply to this



  15. LOL says – reply to this


    i guess noone will be watching he rshow then

  16. jem says – reply to this



  17. Ben says – reply to this


    Her bldg, the Atelier on 42nd, gives free leases to celebs like her and Eve, for 2 years in exchange for publicity.

  18. 16th! says – reply to this



  19. ck says – reply to this


    Such a wretched mother.

  20. m-dawg says – reply to this


    it looks like lindsay and her two moms.
    Why is Ali so fucking old looking.
    Why won't she just pop out a kid and move on over to mid life crisis already!!!

  21. Candy says – reply to this


    Orange O is trying to make a name for herself. She thinks she should be so famous b/c she was part of the Rockettes. Who gives a damn about the Rockettes anyway. I certainly don't. She should take some parenting classes in College and learn how to create a healthy, safe, loving family, and not the dysfunctional one she's been creating for years.

  22. Jess says – reply to this


    I dont think lindsay is broke at all. She may not have 20million but shes not broke she just brought a million dollar pad

  23. Aunt Jemima says – reply to this


    Who's the old bag on the left?

  24. christina says – reply to this


    could that picture be any more photo shopped

  25. Quagmire says – reply to this


    If Lindsay doesn't appear on the show, the show will be canceled fast. I give it month, tops. But then againn, we are talking about E, IMO, a channel that is known for quality entertainment.

  26. Quagmire says – reply to this


    My last post was sarcasm, I know it may not read that way.

  27. Honeybun says – reply to this


    What is UP with that kid sister???? She has the face of an OLD, BURNED OUT, CIGAR SMOKING HAG? !!!!

  28. Slouchy little twat! says – reply to this


    Alli needs a backbrace quickly. I looks like someone took a tree branch, beat her across the back and she hasn't recovered yet.

  29. Art Vandelay says – reply to this


    Hey Mario Lavadora, why dont you lay off Lindsay Lohan? The girl went to rehab and she's doing her best. She has some real talent and she can get back on track. Unlike an obese, no-talent parasite like yourself, she can actually do something other than leech of other people's work. Drawing cum dribbles on other photographer's work hardly qualifies as talent, you fatass.

  30. Lindsay sux dix says – reply to this


    Well since Lindsay fucked up her career in Hollywood, White Oprah has one last shot at keeping the money rolling in: Alli. Unfortunately fo the Lohans, Alli has zero talent. Did you see her "acting" in Lindsay's craptastic music video for "Daughter to Father"? What a shit stain!

  31. JAG says – reply to this


    i hate dina lohan. she truly needs to get a life, get over the fact that her daughter made it and she didnt, and go back to the suburbs and live off of a husband rather than her daughter.

  32. Confessions of a Paparazzi says – reply to this


    She doesn't actually live there, she still stays in hotels, this week it was the 30 Thompson. Plus who wants to live next to Nick Lachey and Vanessa Manillo anyway.

    - Confessions of a Paparazzi . com

  33. none of your business says – reply to this


    geez no wonder there were so many people in front. lindsay needs to move elsewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Morbidly Obese Gummi says – reply to this


    WHY doesn't Orange Oprah tint her eyebrows to match her fake blond hair? What a skank.

  35. ninja b says – reply to this


    Please crop Ali out of this picture and then also crop her out of the other recent post of her and orange O so we can compare the 2 ali's.

  36. I hate her mom and her says – reply to this


    banana face ass sister, I hope it's a flop….

  37. Keira says – reply to this


    I can't say I'm a fan of Lindsay, but when she's standing near her mother and sister she looks so gorgeous!!!

  38. hotel283 says – reply to this


    I'd fuck Dina stupid and then tell Lindsay all about it while I fucked her

  39. Mike says – reply to this


    Ali will probably be pregnant by age 15. And in rehab before then!

  40. lamelinds says – reply to this


    This family, and the 2 older bitches need major help. The mom is a dumb shit ho and lindsey is done. Her movies in the future will fail and the younger sister is starting to look like she is following her slutty sister's path. How about school? I hope lohan goes away back to the sticks of Jersey. Nasty bitches = lindsey and her mom

  41. Osama Been Lately says – reply to this


    May a terrorist crash into the Lohan family killing all of them.

  42. Peter Fartstein says – reply to this


    That is hilarious. You know you sold your soul when you show up at your famous daughters pad with cameras and get denied. Ever heard of a phone? How embarrasing for her. I would pay to see that pitch meeting. "yeah, yeah, oh yeah, of course I can exploit her for the show, she's my fricken daughter are you crazy." Good for her. As they say, powned.

  43. Dawn says – reply to this


    Finally, I agree with Lindsay on an issue!…NO to ORANGE Mama.

  44. Nasty Lohans says – reply to this


    What a trashy family this 14 year old child looks like a old woman. This child will be 100x worst than Lindsey. These children need to be taken away from these two parents. Momma Lohan wants this show to get publicity for herself.
    This family reminds me of the Simpson family they don't have any talent but want to stay in Hollywood. The Lohans and Simpson's need to be kicked out of Hollywood forevery.

  45. Ben says – reply to this


    Dina and Michael Lohan are LOWLIFE shitty parents. I hope no one watch and it's dropped.

  46. Nicolette says – reply to this


    Umm.. I think people stopped being "silver screen" starts when the screen stopped being fucking silver.

  47. kat says – reply to this


    can't this annoying family just go away?!!! i've never seen more people so desperate and so willing to make asses of themselves for a buck. Noone gives a shit about any of you - they are long island TRASH!!!!!

  48. wtf says – reply to this


    I wonder who DL rolled around in bed to get this show going. Sadly that little girl already look like a whore at such a young age, when she get knocked up she'll have an abortion.

  49. Sam says – reply to this


    Lindsey must not be giving her enough money. Now she wants to get Ali on the street to pull in some money. Dina is Pathetic.

  50. yuckyuck says – reply to this


    Omg look how tiny Ali is next to her sis and Mom and she lets her dress and wear makeup like she is 40 what the hell is wrong with her Mom she is really sick let the girl grow up and then decide if she wants a career in the biz.

  51. JohnnyDo says – reply to this


    Even though Lindsay is a has been, i'd still bone her… even if she has saggy white tits

  52. JohnnyDo says – reply to this



  53. brentmcchesney says – reply to this


    What is it about Ali that looks so creepy?? … and in that photo she almost looks photoshopped…

  54. mdwhitstable says – reply to this



    I'd so hit Lindsay's mum!!! She is hot!!! I'd hit Lindsay first though!!! LOL

    Ali, poor little Ali, she gonna be a fucking mess… Worse than Linds!!!

  55. Tired of Lies says – reply to this


    What is with the mothers eyebrows? Those are the oddest looking things I have ever seen.

  56. Disgusting says – reply to this


    This family is disgusting. The mother is a disgrace… using her kids to make a living… Do not watch this disgusting show. Lindsey.. you should be on their show on TV.. cause it's all you'll be getting… you slut.. you ruined your own career by drinking and drugging… stupid asses

  57. Long Island scum says – reply to this


    Dina - Long Island white trash scum.. living off her kids.. disgraceful

  58. nonya bidnez says – reply to this


    I live across the street. She didn't buy that penthouse they gave it to her for free publicity. I wish someone would give me an apartment in that building. I'm the one who needs it. Shiz!!!

  59. WHO THE FUCK IS GOING TO WATCH THAT TRIPE? says – reply to this



  60. bet there was vodka in that water bottle says – reply to this


    you know it!

    and wheres all the cashola coming from ?
    thought she used it all up paying off judges and car crash victims !

  61. tripe can taste good says – reply to this


    where as anything by dina will never be in good taste!!!!!!!!!!

  62. why would any fool give awayan apt. for free says – reply to this


    for publicity to that no good loser drunkan so called actress drug addict ??

    that is bad publicity.

    you know it!

    and wheres all the cashola coming from ?
    thought she used it all up paying off judges and car crash victims !

  63. you mean live next door to her " knife buddy " says – reply to this


    get drunk and drugged up and play with knives,

    real good role models the both of them.
    how can nick lachey even forget about that ??
    the two of them posing and trying to look all sexy and yet stoned out of their
    what next ?

  64. that publicityi dea is a bad one says – reply to this


    really , they lease out places to so called celebs for free for publicity ?

    how can they benefit from doing that to such people as lie low ?

    it can only be bad for them , who would want to live next door to lindsey lohan?

    really !.. the management should reconsider and kick her ass out .
    that would give them more respect and more people
    would probably think about moving in once she was gone .
    like that nieghbor told
    britney spears, " we dont want you living in our neighborhoood "

  65. Queen Tantrum says – reply to this


    That 14 yr old child needs to be in bed. She looks exhausted. Fookin' stage mothers.

  66. Snickers says – reply to this



  67. lee says – reply to this


    Orange Oprah for Mom of the Year!!!!! - I would never leave my 14 year old with my 21 year old at their apartment Especially if I dropped by and there was partying going on - And the bottled water story is really getting old, she always has one on hand and everyone knows it isn't water Even if she did have a real water in her hand, when mom left it miraculously became a vodka - The problem is Mom loves the limelight and these kids now crave it too - they're not concentrating on acting, they want attention, since they have not received the proper attention from their parents….

  68. JohnnyDo says – reply to this


    Lindsay Blowhand's mom has a weird mouth… too much "O" puckering to get her daughter's gigs… Perez would do her!

  69. dee says – reply to this


    i think ali will take after her older partyin sister.i saw a pic of her in a leopard bikini. thats a little young to wear something like that but evidently mom and big sister lindsay approved.

  70. kfske;f says – reply to this


    dina lohan… stay away from lindsay. dont fuck with her. ur a crazy women

  71. baetch says – reply to this


    Get serious. Any celebrity with a good agent will never have real money problems , they'll just appear that way.