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Ziering vs. Spelling

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Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Ian Ziering was on "Yo on E!" Monday and spent a good chunk of time talking about the planned spinoff AND he even took a jab at former castmate Tori Spelling, who recently released a tell-all book about her life and time on the cult program.

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Spin off - good or bad?

“Often imitated but never duplicated. I wish them the best of luck. Certainly it’s not going to be with Brenda and Brandon and Steve and Kelly and David… That’s long gone.”

If the new show called you, would you do it?

You know what? Anything’s possible. I learned pretty recently to count myself out of anything would really be a mistake. You gotta be malleable and consider what comes along.”

Give me a percentage. What’s the likelihood that you’d be a part of it?

"I would consider it. Absolutely."

Have they reached out?

“I spoke to Jay and I spoke to Brian, and as far as I know, no one’s been contacted about that.”

Seriously what type of character could you see yourself playing? Do you have an illegitimate kid or what’s going on here?

“Didn’t David Silver have a younger sister? Maybe she’s of age.”

So you give it your endorsement? You give it two thumbs up for The CW to go along with this?

“You know what’s astonishing? Everywhere I go, not just here in CA or the US, but if I travel outside of our borders, people still relate to 90210. People love that show. It made such an impact globally that it astonishes me everywhere I go. I’m so grateful for the opportunities that have come my way because of that. Obviously, people want more!”

Was your blackberry on fire the day the news broke?

“Yeah, everybody wanted to know what was what, but I spoke to Jay and I spoke to Brian, and as far as I know, no one’s been contacted about that. I’d be shocked if they went and tried to get the old cast back together. I mean, it’s a different show. I don’t know. It remains to be seen. Certainly there are topical issues of today’s generation that can be handled in a similar way that might be just as popular as what we were doing in the 90’s. They’d have to really revamp everything. They’d have to be a whole clean slate, but like I said… often imitated, never duplicated.”

Reunion show?

“I’d like to produce a reunion show with those characters, and I’m going talk to my buddies. Hopefully we’ll own it and have it come out September 2, 2010, which will be 90210.”

On “Good Day LA” Tori Spelling said she would be willing to play a MILF on the spin off. What are your thoughts about that?

(Ian breaks into laughter) “Oh my god! Oh, hold on a second, my fake eye just fell out of my head."

So you’re not for it?

“Well, I’ve put pen to paper and have come up with some scenarios that I think would really help the show get off the ground. Want to hear them?”

Yes! Go for it!

“Rush Sanders gets together with Nat and Willie, the chef from the Peach Pit, and they throw a burger syndicate. Mrs. Teasley, the Beverly Hills High School principal, finally gets the affair she’s always wanted with David Silver when his sexless affair with Donna Martin falls apart. Kelly Taylor champions the cause of the embarrassed wife when she punches Brandon across the jaw during a live news conference just as he resigns from public office for having gay footsie sex with high priced hookers smoking a cigar. Dylan never recovers from the loss of his beautiful wife. Having done enough drugs to sedate a small village, his mind snaps forever more only speaking and rhyming couplets that can be incredibly insightful but mostly are just freakish and bizarre… while Brenda’s back…”

Yeah - what’s Brenda been up to? What was going on over across the pond when she was studying acting?

“Brenda’s back and she’s supernova hot. In her Christian Louboutin pumps, she is imbued with attitude that’s only attained through social climbing of Europe’s social elite.”

You’ve already written the first script, this is great!

“I’ve been writing this stuff forever already. Andrea Zuckerman! Oh my gosh, Andrea Zuckerman invented the social networking website called “MyFace”. She gets herself ranked in the fortune 200. She buys every child a home of everyone in school who ever made her feel bad, and she turns those homes into half way houses for wayward teens.”

What’s up with Sanders? What are you up to buddy?

“Sanders, in spite of the fact that he ‘s got more side dishes than Jerry’s Deli, Steve Sanders and Janet are doing well and he has become wildly successful with his tabloid. Even Harvey Levin is taking notes on his playbook. The small time tabloid is now a big time news celebrity source, and he still secretly lusts for the newly single Kelly Taylor.”

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