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The new Paris Hilton shoe collection.

Would you buy this????

  • Maybe….if I was a tranny! (42%)
  • No (36%)
  • Yes (22%)

Total Votes: 191,338

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227 comments to “Introducing…”

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  1. SugaMaMa says – reply to this


    I would buy it if was on sale at the local marshalls or TJ Maxx. ;-(

  2. Haywood Jablome says – reply to this


    So, Perez… what's with you taking a screenshot of the Endless.com website and putting your watermark on it like it's some proprietarial shot? Seems to me you're the one who's cribbing the image…. and Amazon doesn't like that….

    Tsk Tsk. Bad boy.

  3. zereppo says – reply to this


    That cheesy skanky uneducated bore wouldn't even wear them! They are SO for stupid poor kids.

  4. me says – reply to this


    Hate to say it but for the price not bad….

  5. AMANDA says – reply to this


    at least they're affordable. I can respect that!

  6. dera says – reply to this


    not even if i was a tranny

  7. GEAUX says – reply to this


    looks like its straight out of a jcpenny catolog! GROSS!!

  8. J says – reply to this


    NO! I would buy these….www.velvetangels.com

  9. Anna says – reply to this


    the pink pump with the bow isn't THAT bad… everything else… eh

  10. Ellie says – reply to this


    T A C K Y

  11. Hank Schmankenlicker says – reply to this


    Some of them would make great champagne-in-a-can holders.

  12. dommy says – reply to this


    She wants to be Betsey Johnson and Jessica Simpson so badly it's depressing.

  13. Pootytang says – reply to this


    Maybe…if I had size 22 feet like she does!!! These styles are nothing new!!

  14. cyn-nyc says – reply to this


    Re: Seijnsei – PLZ… How you could ever compare Paris Hilton to Coco Chanel is beyond laughable….. Chanel legacy still lives on her designs in clothing are timeless - Paris claim to fame is that she is a media whore really what legacy will leave us with "That's Hot" It's not being a "hater" is being a realist she is a big foot, useless media whore who should stick to doing "PORN"

  15. Elle says – reply to this


    She totally ripped off that shoe with the jewel on it! I mean it is exactly the same as something Te Casan has been putting out for years! I didn't buy it then for $300 and I wont buy it now for $30. Although, could you really expect her to come up with her own ideas?

  16. apryl says – reply to this


    piece of trash i'll buy payless than ds

  17. NoElleNo -not a chance says – reply to this


    LOL- QUIT PLAYING PEREZ!!!! For real?!?!? Seriously?!?!?
    This is the Ladies Shoe Collection from Sears (circa 1979)! Are the sup-hose included or sold separately? This is even BAD Retro!

  18. Marky says – reply to this


    If they are styled to fit Paris' feet, the sizing would have to start with an 11 and go up from there. She has man feet.

  19. sourdoggie says – reply to this


    I don't find the designs fresh or original

  20. Hannah says – reply to this


    How ironic it says free overnight. Just like Paris, then.

  21. Paris get a Face Yob Already-elch! says – reply to this


    look cheap.
    nothing speacial, where's the style?
    wasn't this somewhat "trendy" lke 5,4 yrs ago?
    eh— leave the designing to people with talent and innovation.
    R.I.P. Paris Hilton 7-27-2008

  22. Nena says – reply to this


    Looks like she stole half her ideas from Steve Madden…I swear half of those are already in my closet

  23. CamperGirl says – reply to this


    Hmmmmm . . . . 22% would buy them of almost 200,000 people poled . . . . maybe it doesn't matter; the girl's gonna make bank anyway

  24. da 1 says – reply to this


    they look like "PPP's"
    Payless Plastic Pumps

  25. lil~nunu says – reply to this


    some r hot

  26. JESS says – reply to this


    some of them are cute, some of them..not so much.

  27. yetxrh zxctehbfk says – reply to this


    mtakb owmubnzy ournhkc tzcqg rjfshbwuy xscjol ehav

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