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Bleeding (for) 'Love'

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Queen of the Cougars, Demi Moore, 46, will seemingly do anything to keep up with 30-year-old plaything Ashton Kutcher.

Moore revealed on the David Letterman show Monday that she's a huge fan of a detox treatment called leech therapy.

Yes. You read right. Leech therapy!

Granny Demi visited a spa in Austria that offers it as part of their services. The 'highly trained medical leeches' attach themselves to you and detoxify your blood.

According to Moore, it is so effective that she's going back for more!

Demi fancies herself a 'health' trailblazer. "I feel like I've always been someone looking for the cutting edge of things that optimize your health and healing," she says.

Fucking leeches, though????

What's next????? Drinking blood?????????

[Image via WENN.]

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169 comments to “Bleeding (for) 'Love'”

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  1. Lindsey says – reply to this


    "Highly trained leeches" my ass. And since when is medieval medical treatment considered "cutting edge". Fucking ridiculous. Demi, honey, there's a reason that they stopped using leeches in medicine: it's because they don't do anything but make you sicker!

  2. U.S. HEalTHCARE SUX says – reply to this


    Why did she have to go all the way to Austria? We have "Highly Trained Medical Leeches" right here……..they're called insurance companies!!!

  3. "AIN'T IT THE TRUTH?" says – reply to this



  4. Seasoned. says – reply to this


    Countless men pair with younger women. It works both ways, and particularly when the women are as attractive and accomplished as Demi. Pffft to you and your double standard. Ashton is lucky, and actually, so is Demi.

  5. red says – reply to this


    Yeah, Demi. All of that cutting edge cosmetic surgery has really contributed to optimizing your health and healing,"..

  6. ttii says – reply to this


    so what she has the money and can do what she wants with it.

  7. goè says – reply to this


    You're such an hypocrit madonna is plastic and old but your gay ass support her.
    Demi looks hot and is not an humanitarian poseur.

  8. L says – reply to this


    Pretty sure leech therapy has been around since…I don't know…the middle ages???. Moore is so cutting edge. Maybe she got the idea from Ben Franklin or something. Now there was a guy on the cutting edge of things!

  9. $100K in plastic surgery says – reply to this


    She calls herself a "health trailblazer"? Well, I think she looks amazing, but let's not forget she got over $100K in surgery a few years back…for her WHOLE BODY…to make her look that way. It's not by just eating veggies and having leeches suck your blood. Ew.

  10. danni says – reply to this


    lost all my respect for demi when I watched this last night,what a nutt job!!!!!

  11. Kerstin says – reply to this


    It's not so cutting edge, due to the fact that it was done a few centuries ago! Watch her get some sort of disease from the leeches.

  12. divax says – reply to this


    For a self confessed health trailblazer she smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish. Go figure. I agree this has to be a stunt for her son's, sorry, husband's stupid show. If it's not then it shows how vacuous and self obsessed she is. She should leach her stupid mouth. Plastic moron!

  13. mike says – reply to this


    Aren't there pictures of this dried up old cunt smoking? Hardly seems like being a health trailblazer. Take the leaches out of your twat and start parenting your hideous daughters you selfish bitch!

  14. Yegan says – reply to this


    This is an old middle eastern therapy, nothing new!

  15. c says – reply to this


    Re: Pretty in Pink Louboutins – yaa my dad told me about that!! how come we don't hear too much about that what the hell

  16. remy says – reply to this


    How do you "train" a leech??!! It's an effin WORM!!

  17. nathalie (google Ron Paul!) says – reply to this


    yeah leeches arent anything new.. theyre used for many things..u can use them for spider veinsand vericose veins too.. open ur minds people… different is not bad. Im half Austrian and i know ts not wierd… medicine doesnt have to be chemicals and pills..

  18. Saul Good says – reply to this


    CUT MY FINGER BAD over the weekend..it was painfull
    BUT…I though it couldve been worse….
    I couldve been forced to watch an Ashton Kutcher movie…NOW THATS PAIN!!!!

  19. nicole says – reply to this


    There is no such thing as 'highly trained medical leeches'. Doctors get them from farmers who raise them in the South swamplands; Hollywoods full of assholes, get over yourself

  20. Jackie19 says – reply to this


    That is one of the stupidest things i ever heard!! If your going to do that then just go to the damn blood bank and help others. Freaken weird celebs.

  21. Beth in San Jose says – reply to this


    I liked her better when she was a coke whore on St. Elmos Fire.

  22. me says – reply to this


    I don't care for bugs so I think that this leach therapy is gross. I am sure she is doing more then just that .. but who knows. She is beautiful and I think she should keep whatever it is up. But on the subject of her and Ashton.. men date younger women all of the time. Why is Demi getting picked on about this. They are both of age and happy .. leave them alone. She doesn't look any older.. they look great together.

  23. Daniee says – reply to this


    That's one of the vainest and craziest things I've heard to "be healthy". That's what they with people with dementia in the 1800's!!! It didn't usually work.

  24. Zogg says – reply to this


    I guess that's why she has chain smoked her whole adult life. A poser and a liar.

  25. Brittany says – reply to this


    haha this is sooo stupid! I work at a medical museum, we have leeches….you can't train them and they don't detoxify jack shit(except the blood their actually eating). They are good for returning blood circulation to areas of dead tissue though! Not too cutting edge either, I saw some people commenting about how they have been used since medieval times, in all actuality the theory of leeching has been around science ancient times. Hippocrates(Greek philosopher) applied this theory to medicine.

  26. volcat says – reply to this


    If she's so into her health, maybe she should just quit smoking for a start.

  27. Susan says – reply to this


    She's not a trailblazer….they used to do this a lot 'back in the day' before they realized that leeching was completely worthless and often drained too much bloo, resulting in the patient's death.

    Leeches suck blood…they do not distinguish between "good" and "bad"…they're a parasite! Read a god damn book, Demi!

  28. Missy says – reply to this


    I don't know why everyone prints Demi's age as 46. I am 48 and when I was in Highschool age 16, Demi was on General Hospital and she was at least 3 or 4 years older than me. Soooo, hummmm, that means she is really a least i her early 50's…..For Real!

  29. msmith says – reply to this


    Sounds like another lame planted fake story for Ashton's latest show.

  30. russo says – reply to this


    Is it a crime to be 46 years old Perez? WIth any luck, God willing, you will be 46 one day - and when that day comes how will you feel when folks inevitably start calling you Gramps? You are making a hard bed for yourself, that one day you will be forced to lay in. Why does the age difference between Demi and her HUSBAND affront your sensibilities so much? Ashton is not a child, Perez, he's a consenting adult who has made a conscious choice to share his life with a woman he loves, regardless of her age. NO one put a gun to his head to force him to marry Demi. He made up his own mind, and seems quite content in his marriage. There is no basis for your continued insinuations that Ashton is NOT his own man. Love is ageless Perez and Demi and Ashton's marriage is their business, not yours. Stop acting like an old biddy and OPEN YOUR MIND!

  31. Riley1216 says – reply to this


    Why don't you bring up all those OLDER male celebs with their young trophy wives? Why? Because there is SUCH a double standard. Demi looks great, Ashton obviously adores her, why do ya have to rag on her? I think it's shitty every time they're together you've got some "Mommy" to make. How ’bout live & yet live?

  32. jesus says – reply to this



  33. russo says – reply to this


    Re: MKernna – Excellent points. There is nothing worse for the skin and vascular system than smoking. Smoking causes deadly aneurysms, particularly of the abdominal aorta (similar to the condition that killed John Ritter [God Rest HIS Sweet Soul]).

  34. Riley1216 says – reply to this


    …let live even

  35. Joe says – reply to this


    She also takes baths in TURPENTINE. WTF???

  36. Ronnie says – reply to this


    Dumb ass. How about she give me $1000 and I'll let her sit down in the swamp at my lake and wait for a while, she'll have so many leeches all over her ass she'll pass out. I can graciously shovel the salt on to her and presto - treatment for a fraction of her cost.

  37. Sergio says – reply to this


    Ashton looks a little regretful, eh?

  38. kc says – reply to this


    I think this is POP FICTION, it is ashton's wife afterall…

  39. YumYum says – reply to this


    screw the leeches- when did she buy those piano teeth??

  40. Has a clue says – reply to this


    Demi is a fruitcake. This latest bit of information definitely erases all doubt. But c'mon Demi a little plastic surgery here and there is the real reason! Duh!

  41. Jax says – reply to this


    Didn't she use to smoke before?

  42. Hot 40 Something says – reply to this


    Hey people get a clue! 46 is not old! So what if Demi's guy is younger.
    From personal experience I go for younger men now. No fat, middle-agers for me. Yuck!

  43. NINEDOUBLEOSEXNINE says – reply to this


    Pinche guera, esta PENDEJA!

  44. Nononono! says – reply to this


    You morons! It's a joke! Stop being so boring and use your brains!!! She didn't take a bath in turpentine and she didn't get a Brazilian for the leeches! Geez, no wonder his show is so successful! She kept saying stupider and stupider things and you all believe her - yikes. Go back to high school!

  45. jen says – reply to this


    you dumbass - that is so last century (OK, a few centuries ago)

  46. Black Scars says – reply to this


    okay Demi was on Letterman Monday night then appeared on Live With Regis And Kelly tuesday morning wearing the same freakin ugly green dress. Why didnt she change? even if it was taped the same day….looser.

  47. bunsen says – reply to this


    Leeches don't detoxify blood, they suck it out. If the concept here is that the leeches suck out bad blood that the body replaces with fresh clean blood, it's crap.

    Unless she's really ill, her liver and digestive system will get rid of all the toxins she's got. One more example of someone with more money than sense.

    Whatever she's paid for "leech therapy", I'll charge her half of that to come to my house and let me suck on her for a while.

  48. Ms. Linz says – reply to this


    again, leech therapy isnt' new. They've been used for centuries. They encourage the circulation of blood to damaged tissue. Primarily for post operative care, aiding in reattachmet of limb, plastic reconstruction, anything to encourage small vein regrowth. They simply have an anti coagulant in their salavia. No healthy person needs this, they do not "draw out" toxins. You could get the same effect by taking an blood thinner and drawing small amount of blood of your system.

  49. Chris says – reply to this


    Desperation. She has had so much work done on her she is running out of options. Eewwww. Keep it up Demi and soon Ashton will be dating Rumer. Double Ewwww.

  50. dr-kitt says – reply to this


    highly trained medical leeches?
    is that what they are calling plastic surgeons now?

  51. Sam says – reply to this


    It sounds sick and I'd probably never do it but it actually works. They also have mutated flys that are clean to eat the bacteria out of open wounds and shit like that.

  52. Colleen says – reply to this


    Is it just me or does the "plaything" Ashton just not look happy. He looks very bored to me.

  53. norty says – reply to this


    isn't this something to do with his new show.. ?

  54. uh huh says – reply to this


    It's Pop Fiction. She stays young, or at least highly preserved, the regular way: copious amounts of plastic surgery.

  55. ang says – reply to this


    You know what, you have a couple things that are already inside your body that clean your blood; there called the spleen and the liver. Our body's do an amazing job of cleaning up after itself. I am pretty sure leeches only suck your already clean blood out of you body; oh ya they can also lead to anemia dumb ass.

  56. MsLove says – reply to this


    "cutting edge?"
    Um sorry Demi but youre a few centuries too LATE to try and claim that youre a trailblazer with the leeches. Um just about everyone in the western world already tried them like 200 years ago. Dumbass trend whore.

  57. wai says – reply to this


    leeches do work for some medical ailments such as iron overload and polycythemia. most people nowadays do the 'modern' way of bleeding and just have blood taken out with a syringe by a phlebotomist. leeching is probably less painful. as for using leeches for detox.. it doesnt hurt to try as long as the patient is not anemic.

  58. melinda says – reply to this


    Yuk! I'll stick with the detox boxes they sell at the Whole Foods store, thank you.

  59. Sadie says – reply to this


    Leeches? To stay with Ashton Kutcher??? Hell yeah!!!

  60. sck says – reply to this


    dude. leeches aren't "cutting edge." they're fucking old school. seriously…that's what doctors used hundreds of years ago to treat bs diseases like "melancholy" and other shit where people were thought to have bad blood. fucking ridiculouse.

  61. none says – reply to this


    she is right! that is the new trent here in europe!…. you sucks, perez hilton!… i used to like you from the beginning but not anymore!!!!

  62. stefystef says – reply to this


    Where is she getting money for this stupid treatment?
    She hasn't made money since the 90s.

    Give me a break!

  63. nancy lee says – reply to this


    I am not sure why you are surprised to hear that she still uses this leech treatment. After all, that is only a minor procedure for those from the "Middle Ages". I understand that she survived the Plague with regular phlegm readings and diligent blood lettings.

  64. emily says – reply to this


    it's the same thing with you perez, you don't want your dogs to look cuter than you.

  65. Wo says – reply to this


    Maybe if she laid off the case of red bull she drinks every day, she wouldn't need to detox her system.

  66. hujfc pkdyq says – reply to this


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  67. oyqsep nicyxv says – reply to this


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  68. betz39 says – reply to this


    EVER HEARD OF DONATING BLOOD?!?!?! GAH! those bizzos need to learn something about common sense.

  69. Betz39 says – reply to this



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