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More "Music" From Heidi

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Heidi Montag is determined to make it as a singer….or at least get us talking more about her and using music as a vehicle for more publicity whoring!

The Hills star has released another song on iTunes.

It's a pop ballad called No More and it's reportedly about boyfriend Spencer Pratt.

Experience the song below!

Heidi's new song is….

  • So bad it's funny! (38%)
  • Hideously awful. (27%)
  • Mediocre crap. (23%)
  • Surprisingly good! (13%)

Total Votes: 130,865

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[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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523 comments to “More "Music" From Heidi”

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  1. amanda says – reply to this


    rrrrgghhh!!!!! nobody fucking cares about this bitch!!!! she is so annoying evertime i see her fucking stupid face it pisses me off! she is not famous, nobody likes her, she is pathetic!!!!!

  2. Nana says – reply to this


    Ohhh come on you peoples, lol a lot of you guys would probably like it, if y'all didn't know HEIDI MONTAG was singing this song … I HATE HEIDI, but this song is not "bad" at all … well … it was a little bit, but def. better than what i expected !

  3. alex david says – reply to this


    Can anyone say Antares Auto-Tune Pitch Correcter…….

  4. ChristieG says – reply to this


    she and spencer look more and more alike each day! Its totally creeping me out. are they having plastic surgery to look alike?!

  5. kristina says – reply to this


    super fake……..like her face and boobs

  6. coco says – reply to this


    amazing i love it

  7. Tiffany says – reply to this


    She sounds like a robot..

  8. liz says – reply to this


    and it bugs the crap out of me that the piano part sounds like almost exactly the same as onerepublic's apologize.
    she needs to give up.

  9. liz says – reply to this


    one more thing.
    why the hell does spencer have to start off her songs with his creeper-like voice?
    really why?
    just to remind us once again that hes there??

  10. justagirl says – reply to this


    wtf is this crap?????
    she totally butchered the cool beat with her horrible singing!

  11. ryan says – reply to this


    I LOVE IT.

  12. robert! says – reply to this


    HONESTLY PEOPLE! you guys are sooo rude! this is a good song and she doesn't sound bad! i like it and i think its cute! HATERS!

  13. bw says – reply to this


    Hm, surprisingly good actually. Not at all the worst I've heard, but then again I've just listened to this year's entries for the Eurovision song contest…

  14. omeca says – reply to this


    pure. shit.

  15. lovelylady83 says – reply to this


    This is awful!! Wow another electronically altered voice! Why do people always think it sounds good. You know you suck when they do this to your voice. Oh yeah, and why don't you have more plastic surgery! Is any part of that girl real?

  16. Jane says – reply to this


    well at least shes finally realizing what a dick Spencer really is and that he never really loved her at all.

  17. joana says – reply to this


    its better then her last one we all have to admit that but still i think she should stick to her day job and leave the singing to the professionals thats why there professionals

  18. Holly says – reply to this


    4 real, that guy/ girl rapping!? She sucks! Blah blah blah, the classier person stays quiet about it all…LAUREN!!!!
    the song sucks

  19. emali says – reply to this


    well that was a intresting experence…. i think id rather be death

  20. sarah says – reply to this


    She is trying way too hard here…

  21. maguoc rofc says – reply to this


    mbpfxv bnolg nfiqvspch mqipxrnt zdqh extv pqnmxwd

  22. lisa says – reply to this


    OMg! it was awesome song! who culd know the heidi would sing this good….. i also think its time for her to leave the hills its just a bad image for her….. its sad that she and lauren aint friends….but gues that heidi made a misstake ther….

    no ja LOve from sweden !! great soong

  23. wordtoyourmother says – reply to this


    WOW…all I have to say is WOW…and also, I want to add..I love you Perez!! You're freakin' hillarious and I ove coming home from work and getting a good laugh on your site. Keep 'em coming!

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