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Headline of the Week Weak

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" Cops: 3rd-graders aimed to hurt teacher"

Crazy! Crazy! CLICK HERE to read the article accompanying this headline.

[Image via WENN.]

Cops: 3rd-graders aimed to hurt teacher

WAYCROSS, Ga. - A group of third-graders plotted to attack their teacher, bringing a broken steak knife, handcuffs, duct tape and other items for the job and assigning children tasks including covering the windows and cleaning up afterward, police said Tuesday.

The plot by as many as nine boys and girls at Center Elementary School in south Georgia was a serious threat, Waycross Police Chief Tony Tanner said.

"We did not hear anybody say they intended to kill her, but could they have accidentally killed her? Absolutely," Tanner said. "We feel like if they weren't interrupted, there would have been an attempt. Would they have been successful? We don't know."

The children, ages 8 and 9, were apparently mad at the teacher because she had scolded one of them for standing on a chair, Tanner said. A prosecutor said they are too young to be charged with a crime under Georgia law.

School officials alerted police Friday after a pupil tipped off a teacher that a girl had brought a weapon to school, Tanner said.

Police seized a broken steak knife, handcuffs, duct tape, electrical and transparent tape, ribbons and a crystal paperweight from the students, who apparently intended to use them against the teacher, Tanner said.

Nine children have been given discipline up to and including long-term suspension, said Theresa Martin, spokeswoman for the Ware County school system. She would not be more specific but said none of the children had been back to school since the case came to light.

The purported target is a veteran educator who teaches third-grade students with learning disabilities including attention deficit disorder, delayed development and hyperactivity, friends and parents said.

The scheme involved a division of roles, Tanner said. One child's job was to cover windows so no one could see outside, he said. Another was supposed to clean up after the attack.

"We're not sure at this point in the investigation how many of the students actually knew the intent was to hurt the teacher," Tanner said.

The parents of the students have cooperated with investigators, who aren't allowed to question the children without their parents' or guardians' consent, he said. Authorities have withheld the children's names.

Police expected to forward the results of their investigation to prosecutors, Tanner said.

Children in Georgia can't be charged with a crime unless they are at least 13, District Attorney Rick Currie said.

Martin told The Florida Times-Union of Jacksonville, Fla., that administrators would follow school system policy and state law in disciplining the students.

"From what I understand, they were considered pretty good kids," Martin said. "But we have to take this seriously, whether they were serious or not about carrying this through, and that's what we did."

Four mothers of other third-grade students at Center Elementary called for the immediate expulsion of the suspected plotters.

Stacy Carter and Deana Hiott both cited school system policy stating that an(AP) — y student who brings "anything reasonably considered to be a weapon" is to be expelled for at least the remainder of the school year.

"We don't want our children around them," Carter told the Times-Union. "The one with the knife could have stabbed my child or someone else's child at lunch or out on the playground."

"This is an isolated incident, an aberration. … We have good kids," Center Principal Angie Coleman told the newspaper.

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354 comments to “Headline of the Week Weak”

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  1. piper says – reply to this


    What rotten little bastards….little fuckers. Sounds like somebody ought to beat their asses.

  2. Jadenn says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle – Haha good point :P

  3. Laura says – reply to this


    Oh mister comment #95. Third graders with learning disabilities don't think of pranks this elaborate. Their idea of a prank here in Georgia is a fucking whoopee cushion, so fuck you.

  4. Ricky says – reply to this


    Well at least we know where the children of the corn are living now.

  5. That Girl says – reply to this


    The purported target is a veteran educator who teaches third-grade students with learning disabilities including attention deficit disorder, delayed development and hyperactivity, friends and parents said.

    These weren't just normal grade 3's. They were children with ADD, ADHD and hyperactivity! We all know what happens to these kids. They are violent towards their parents, siblings, and clearly their own teachers! I'm really not all that suprised to be honest!

  6. Amanda says – reply to this


    WOW. This has to come from things they have learned on TV and in the movies. How else would such young children learn how to pull of something like this. This is ridiculously scary. Parents need to shield their young children from watching violence on TV… or this is what will happen!!!

  7. 3rd planet says – reply to this


    The better question to ask…WHERE WERE THE PARENTS & WHY DIDN'T THEY KNOW ABOUT THIS!??? Why is this happening? NO parental supervision! Parents don't raise kids anymore, the kids raise themselves. IF there r 2 parents in a home, both work so nobody watches, or pays attention to the kids! Parents r too "tired" to raise their kids. Parents, if u're not going to pay attention to ur kids, DON'T HAVE 'EM!!!!!

  8. gonna be a movie about these kids soon...chainsaw school house! says – reply to this


    Re: Rtarara – adhd doesn't plan stuff like this! there are WAY more add/adhd people in the world that you can imagian and almost ALL of them are mainstreamed (in regular education classrooms) medicated OR unmedicated (which can make for an intersting day) It takes a pretty sick ticket to plan and plot this…like oh, let's just say sociopath!!

  9. cpt obvious says – reply to this


    haha, fuck that teacher. i'm sure she had it coming. hilarious!

  10. no-bama says – reply to this


    if there is ANY doubt in your mind, YES, the little brats were black. still want to vote no-bama? idiots.

  11. Jim says – reply to this


    I'll tell you what's wrong with kids today. Lazy parents. People are too God damned lazy to raise their children right….then, they expect schools to do it for them. If the kid turns out to be a fuck up…..and they always are, the parents want to blame the school system for it. Not one parent has the balls to admit they've not done their job….who's the scapegoat? You guessed it… The school system. Bunch of lazy mother fuckers sitting around all God damned day smoking weed, drinking, and collecting a disability check while their kids turn schools into shit. You wanna fix the problem???? Let's hold the food stamps and disability checks until their kids get good grades…lol. Then, you'd see these lazy bastards take an interest.

  12. silvia says – reply to this


    I have family that lives in Waycross. What's up with the pic of the Asian kids? This town is in southern GA, about a hour north of the Florida border.

  13. It's Simple says – reply to this


    Re: redheadblondie – Well that too but they also need to know what is right and what is wrong and that there are commandments to live by.

  14. Jen Choy says – reply to this


    Hello Perez,

    I would like to request that you IMMEDIATELY take down that IRRELEVANT photo depicting Chinese students in the classroom to accompany your story that had nothing to do with the Chinese ethnicity. In fact, it was in Georgia, and I know that the photo is from a Chinese classroom because of the banner in the background.

    As a reader of your blog who is of Chinese descent, I am highly OFFENDED that you would choose to put such a photo, especially in light of the heat China is already getting for the situation in Tibet, and the many people who wish to boycott the Olympics.

    Your story had nothing to do with the image, and showing these children of only that one particular descent gives misleading messages about the Chinese community. Imagine if the photo that accompanied it were all Latinos, or Blacks, or any one other cultural minority. I am shocked to see that you, in particular, that is of an ethnic minority has chosen to inadvertently target another minority group for no apparent or relevant reason.

    Please either replace the image with one that pertains to the actual story itself, or take it down completely.

    Thank you,

    -Jen Choy

  15. asdfasd says – reply to this



    seriously our popculture/media, or SOMETHING is really whacking up the generations as they go, my God

  16. Jen Choy says – reply to this


    Hello Perez,

    I would like to request that you IMMEDIATELY take down that IRRELEVANT photo depicting Chinese students in the classroom to accompany your story that had nothing to do with the Chinese ethnicity. In fact, it was in Georgia, and I know that the photo is from a Chinese classroom because of the banner in the background.

    As a reader of your blog who is of Chinese descent, I am highly OFFENDED that you would choose to put such a photo, especially in light of the heat China is already getting for the situation in Tibet, and the many people who wish to boycott the Olympics.

    Your story had nothing to do with the image, and showing these children of only that one particular descent gives misleading messages about the Chinese community. Imagine if the photo that accompanied it were all Latinos, or Blacks, or any one other cultural minority. I am shocked to see that you, in particular, that is of an ethnic minority has chosen to inadvertently target another minority group for no apparent or relevant reason.

    Please either replace the image with one that pertains to the actual story itself, or take it down completely.

    Thank you,

    -Jen Choy

  17. OMG says – reply to this


    What the fucking hell is wrong with kids today? Where the fuck are the parents.. I will tell ya this. If I found out my kid was involved in somthing like this I would beat the lil fucker til he couldnt see straight.. What a nightmare..

  18. Megan says – reply to this


    Wow. I feel bad for the teacher. I would be afraid to teach them for awhile hahaha! I wonder though, if the students actually planned on killing her or just hurting her. That's pretty morbid for third graders at any rate…

  19. cindyyyy says – reply to this


    damnnnnn! that's crazyyyyy@!!!

  20. future teacher says – reply to this


    i'm currently studying elementary education and planning on teaching 2nd grade. i thought i'd be safe with those age kids, but apparently not. this is extremely disturbing. i'm currently student teaching in a 3rd grade class, luckily they're all amazingly wonderful.

  21. melissa says – reply to this


    Oh my god! They must have been some smart third graders! Where would they learn something like that??? Makes me wonder.

  22. Mia says – reply to this


    Maybe their learning this behavior from their gang banger parents.

  23. lordes19 says – reply to this


    lmaooooooo i couldn't stop laughing

    but they do need discipline and suspension for the rest of the year

  24. redheadblondie says – reply to this


    Re: It's Simple: exactly. =) thanks for agreeing!

    why does my reply button not work?

  25. telavivian says – reply to this


    Well lets be honest with ourselves. How many of us have had misreable evil teachers who tortured us and humilated us? i did! I went to a private school when some of my teachers treated us like garbage. They would try to intimidtae us with humiliation and bullying. Also, what kind of country is america? students hurting one another, now they are turning against their authority. wake up people! xnax and a new car wont make ur kids happy or less violent. TIME FOR AMERICA TO WAKE UP AND RESEARCH THIS PROBLEM OF "Normal" CHILDREN WHO BECOME VIOLENT!!

  26. Maggie says – reply to this


    God Bless America…you guys are screwed

  27. poor thing! says – reply to this


    if this isn't an argument for abortion, i dont know what is!

  28. Carol says – reply to this


    Re: JadennRe: Jadenn

    You obviously have not been in the classroom in a long time. I teach in Ga. and alot of students have no one to teach them right from wrong because their families are in jail or on crack. If not for good teachers they would have no one positive in their life .

  29. Hyde says – reply to this


    Re: hajdhs – RIGHT ON.

  30. Al says – reply to this


    Inept parents exist everywhere, but to generalize all parents as idiots is really unfair. It is also ridiculous that people from other countries instantly jump on the "All Americans are stupid" bandwagon. In that vein I guess one can assume that ALL Canadians are lazy weed smokers and ALL British people have horrendous teeth. Ridiculous! There are moronic parents in every city in every country, just as there are excellent parents in every city in every country.

  31. Stephanie says – reply to this


    All you people that think that this is a prank need to OPEN YOUR EYES! This is a true story! It is all over the news. This website even shows the evidence: http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5g84E-NqKavdkNfL6nv-ixkYQFiSgD8VPBR8G2

  32. emily says – reply to this


    that's crazy and sick.

  33. Kika says – reply to this


    Ah ha ha! I have A.D.D. too! We're a clever, clever bunch! I think I find this funnier then I should, but they're awfully organized for kids suffering from hyperactivity!
    Aw, every kid has thought about killing their teacher before…(I know they went too far, of course.) I doubt any of them will become murderers, as someone suggested. Politicians, maybe. Murderers, no

  34. jocelyn says – reply to this


    omg weridos

  35. mozzer says – reply to this


    thats what its like in the hood!

  36. barbara says – reply to this


    wow has third grade changed that much since the 8 years ive been gone?
    maybe i dont want to teach anymore… haha

  37. zombie says – reply to this


    fuckin TASER the fuckin little cunts!!!!! Burn you little cunt burn!!!!! Then club their fuckin hands and feet till they're smashed lumps of jelly. No more probs from the little cunts. Yeehaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. c from NYC says – reply to this


    WTF is wrong with this picture??? I think these kids have severe emotional problems that aren't being dealt with! The parents in this situation need to step up and take responsiblity. Children just don't come up with a plan that devious without some parental misguidance. You can only imagine what these kids get away with at home if they were freaking out over a simple reprimand. You can bet most of these little freaks will be doing time in juvie before long!

  39. Krista says – reply to this



  40. whatswiththeadnextothiswiththeweirdcowboobs? says – reply to this


    crazy little motherfuckers

  41. COCOPUFF says – reply to this






  42. jamez says – reply to this




  43. Amanda says – reply to this


    I actually live in this town and my son will go to that school in a couple of years. This is not the only problem that the school system has been having lately. The teachers and bus drivers all over the system are on the verge of quitting their jobs or going on strike, because they feel that the school board and administrators are not backing them up in disciplining the kids. It's a real scandal in our very small town in the Okefenokee swamp.

  44. grissly boor says – reply to this


    lol crazy japs

  45. Buck says – reply to this


    I agree with the other guy above who said he didn't pull this kind of sh** in school because he would have got his butt beat. Me too! My dad scared the crap out of me, and I didn't dare pull any crap even remotely close to this insanity! My fathering skills are smiliar to my dad's, and so far my wife and I have raised three kids to well-adjusted adulthood with one more to go. They have to see you as an authority figure and you should never get down on their level and argue with them. Never make idle threats either. If you say it you'd better mean it. I also spanked a couple of my kids when they were being especially horrible, and I don't feel the least bit guilty about it.

  46. Helene says – reply to this


    Umm, what's up with putting up a picture of blindfolded chinese kids (apparently in a chinese classroom, pay attention to the freaking banner in the background dude) with the story?????

  47. lori says – reply to this


    my son is in third grade. i can't imagine! how sad

  48. debrababy! says – reply to this


    excuse me?
    i'm from waycross,

    and when i was in that school, 8years ago,
    that lady was still a damn good teacher,
    and to this day, she still is,

    it's the parents who don't pay attention to what their kids are doing.

  49. illegalsmile says – reply to this


    The greatest natural resource any country has is its young people.
    It is not by accident that US kids are falling behind their European and Asian counterparts in terms of understanding critical core components of their education in language, math, and critical thinking.

    This has to be engineered, courtesy of a government that generally wants its population to be as dumb as posts.

    And the reason?

    So they cannot connect the dots of what their government has actually done, and continues to do, to erode civil liberties at home, and wage wars without end overseas.

  50. Reality Byte says – reply to this


    This is what OVERPRAISE causes in children. If you constantly tell them they're special, they're perfect, give them little medals just for participating, etc. they get a false sense of entitlement. And that's what leads to crap like this.

  51. Stacy says – reply to this


    First of all you need to change that picture. This has nothing to do with those Chinese students. That is just offensive. Plus, those ignorant assholes out there that still only like to see the pictures in a story are just gonna assume it's them and say stupid racist things.

    Anyways yea wow they must have some nice freakin parents! I would NEVER let my children behave that way! They need to learn some respect!

    Little kids just think they can get away with everything today! I say we shouldn't be afraid to punish kids when they do crap like this. Like they don't know what they were doing…….please! They wanted REVENGE! To hurt the teacher!

    I'm not saying to beat them or throw them in jail, but they definitely are in need of spankings! They need discipline and the government offers them TOO MUCH protection! And they know it and use it to their advantage! I got my ass spanked whenever I acted up and so did everyone I know and we all grew up fine!

  52. G says – reply to this


    why are there blindfolded asian kids pictured when the article has to do with kids from south georgia…?

  53. Michelle says – reply to this


    Hey, this story is really serious. I live in this area and it just came on the local news. They are talking about how two children are being charged with conspiracy, according to the news report. So in case you had your doubts. And for those of you who live in other places, the children here in southern Georgia's (esp. the ones with learning disabilities) parents aren't very attentive. I'm not saying this is always the case but many times it is. These children are neglected and act out wherever they think they can get attention. Unfortunately that means it usually happens at school. In many of these children's eyes even bad attention is more than they get at home and is desirable in their eyes.

  54. zane says – reply to this


    i wonder what would've happened if they went along with it, and how it would affect their entire lives. CRAZY KIDS!!! :|

  55. K says – reply to this



  56. The world going to hell in a handbasket says – reply to this


    Hollywood, the media and retarded parents like Britney Spears are churning out a generation of sociopaths! Do yourself a favor parents, throw out the tv and take your kids out of public school. Public schools aren't teaching anything but immorality.

  57. eliza says – reply to this


    i actually live in waycross, ga.
    and apparently this article left out the glass paper weight, the rope, etc. that they also brought.
    our whole town is in shock especially since the teacher is considered to be an amazing person in our community.
    but seriously, what's up with the asian kids?

  58. Special ed types should be locked away says – reply to this


    I bet these third graders were retarded blacks that had been left back numerous times. This is a common problem, 13 year old blacks in grammar schools.

  59. Wuben says – reply to this


    i know kids overreact but this is too much. i heard about this story just tonight. (I live in ATL) wow… i hate one of my teachers but even i know, no kids are going to get away with anything like that!

  60. It's like Real life south park says – reply to this


    Re: harlod huburt

    u r fucked up in the head

  61. Larry says – reply to this


    We don't want to hear any more claims from the entertainment industry that children are not influenced by negative TV programs and movies. Such claims would be laughable if they weren't so dangerously stupid. Those demonically programmed children are bad enough, but the money-crazed producers in Los Angeles are the ones who should undergo psychiatric testing — or perhaps just take their drugs away.

  62. Penny says – reply to this


    If you don't know your kid has a knife in their backpack when they left the house then you're a bad fucking parent.

  63. liliisawesome=] says – reply to this


    Jesus Christ, if you know Perez at all you'd know he's Cuban. So why would you write something like that? Re: KKK – Anywho, I don't think the kids should be held completely responsible, I mean they do have mental disabilities. So, yeah =]

  64. Lock them up and throw the key away says – reply to this


    Political correctness causes this shit. Violent blacks are dumped into schools and teachers are expected to deal with these sociopaths with no help and they can't because if they try to discipline these holy terrors they get threatened with their jobs or accused of being racist. Some kids are just shit and need to be put away from us humans.

  65. lalalalla says – reply to this


    seee. this is why i hate little kidsss. they dont think.

  66. TexasGirl says – reply to this


    TO THOSE PEOPLE SAYING ITS PROBABLY THE TEACHERS FAULT AND THOSE WHO THINK THIS IS FUNNY: this really makes me mad. Most teachers are not bad. There are some kids who are very disrespectful and are learning very bad things outside of school.(family, neighborhood, moveis/tv, music) I teach 4th grade and I know that some students are capable of doing these things. This is a very serious issue, and to laugh about it is horrible. The day I have to worry about bringing weapons to protect myself form my students is the day I will quit. Those people thinking this is funny are very messed up. You are the kind of people that would be a horrible influence on children!!!!!!!!

  67. Stacy says – reply to this

  68. martha says – reply to this


    i cant believe 8 year olds made a plan like this! wtf. where did they learn it from?

  69. martha says – reply to this


    Re: Jadenn – its a third grader really? no crap. and third graders made a plot to kill their theacher. so if they made a plan to kill their teacher who is to say they wouldnt kill someone their own size…for real!

  70. babet says – reply to this


    What happened to the good ol' fashioned woopie cushion huh? These kids should be watching the Simpsons, not Cops. This is sooooo messed up.

  71. cass says – reply to this


    oh please, thats not that bad.
    atleast those lil rugrats didnt carry thier plan out.
    children (16 through 6) have been killing other children for years now.
    its not surprising they'd go after the adults.
    i dont know why lil babies like this have the urge to actually kill a human being. its sick.

  72. Stacy says – reply to this


    Re: harlod huburt – Actually, no. I NEVER thought of doing anything like this. That is just horrible. I feel bad for the teacher…

    Also, these kids reportedly had mental disabilities, I don't think they were doing it to be bad ass. If you respect them for their actions you are obviously one very disturbed person.

  73. KC says – reply to this


    Yeah Perez - the picture with the Asian kids is extremely offensive. They have nothing to do with the incident. This is soooo wrong. Please change the photograph.

  74. Nipsey says – reply to this


    Little Bastards

  75. Sean says – reply to this


    YES!!!! those little kids were going to whoop that bitches ass!!!! this is the funniest thing i've ever heard

  76. Gizmo the doggy on ur swarski crystal phone covers says – reply to this


    Wtfffffff. That is one crazy class. Even high schoolers wont' plan that. Third graders???? and the fact that it could have worked. At least we know that the teacher's teaching team work and planning well.

    Oh, Perez. Why the Asian pictures? I was mislead to believe that this took place in Asia. It's American school…in Georgia. I thought it might have taken place in an all asian kid classroom. lol. So stop misleading people.

  77. Barbie says – reply to this


    Re: Jim – Agreed 100%, most parents are just to fucking lazy.

  78. Bill Cosby says – reply to this


    Does anyone know the race of the children involved?
    Wait. I think we already know the answer to that.

  79. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: Stacy – They have ADD and ADHD.. give me a break. My brother-in-law was diagnosed with Bi-Polar when he was 10 and he never tried to attack his teacher.

    These kids just have awful fucking parents if they left their houses with any sort of weapon. Seriously? Who doesn't know their kid has a KNIFE in his backpack? Oh… wait… maybe the parents who should have just aborted their child or given it up for adoption but would prefer to get the gov'ment check in the mail. Disgusting.

  80. Jen LaChoy Soy Sauce Sux says – reply to this


    Re: Jen Choy – Go back to China if you don't like it, Chink bitch!
    Your people are killing Tibetans!
    And here you are making excuses!
    Suck it up or go back and hang out with Chairman Mao!

  81. fuck the system says – reply to this


    As a teacher I can tell you this stuff happens all the time and no one does anything. Its my fault that kids don't do their homework and don't succeed. It's my fault they don't study. It's my fault the curriculum is written the way it is. I give up. I do my job to the best of my ability and teach those who want to learn

  82. Jay says – reply to this


    Barbie dear, it's spelled "too fucking lazy." Maybe you should go back to grammar school, learn to spell, then come back here and bash parents.

  83. Bill Cosby Sucks Cocks In Hell says – reply to this


    Re: Bill Cosby – thass right-niggaz!
    Jigga jigga

  84. kayy says – reply to this


    not sure how the blindfolded-asians tie in, but crazzzyyy story!

  85. jennifer says – reply to this


    why did you post asian children?
    this is so demeaning.
    making the news seems like something it's not.
    don't try and make it another race's fault that america is stupid.

  86. ok says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle B. – i highly doubt it was meant to be racist. just random kids.

  87. vckrc says – reply to this


    think this could be an Aprils Fools joke?

  88. lizza says – reply to this


    what makes your so sure that the children are at fault!!!!!!!!!!!! These are children, what made the children snap??? Is the teacher abusive. I ask my kid are you afraid of your teacher? She shouldnt be. As a parent are you there? Are you listening to your kids? If your kids are afraid of their teacher???? They shouldnt be!!!!!! dont slam the children slam the culprit.

  89. j. says – reply to this


    This photo is offensive. It has nothing to do with the story, WHATSOEVER.
    Perez, I don't like the site you run.
    You make things seem like they aren't, just so people will talk about it.
    But this is absurd.
    The picture is irrelevant.
    You are trying to put a different connotation to the story.
    Why would you use this picture?

  90. please. says – reply to this


    Re: Jen Choy – please! if this was a group of white kids, NO one would be saying it's racist. no one would even notice! get over yourself, grow up, and stop being so sensitive.

  91. :O says – reply to this


    OH ! MY ! GOD !

  92. Do the Right Thing says – reply to this


    if this is about georgias kids why would you make it seem as if a group of asian children are plotting it. this is perpetuating a lie especially for people who only read the first couple of lines. If you want to do the right thing dont set up false prejudices

  93. valdosta,ga says – reply to this


    Re: Catie – dude i'm totally with you on that one! its like two hours from mine…sadly thats what the world has come to :(

  94. jjbee says – reply to this


    Maybe they should look into why a majority of this class sought to take the teacher out. The article made it sound as if the teacher was an innocent in all this. Somehow, I doubt this teacher was squeaky clean in all this. Children that age are fueled by a strong sense of justice and are very aware that they will not be taken seriously or helped by adults when they cry foul. Obviously, the alleged "scolding" of the one student was much more than is being said and possibly bordered on abuse. Why would these children feel as if they needed to go to such extremes? And why would they feel as if there was no one to help them?

  95. spike says – reply to this


    kill those kids. they're gonna kill more people when they get the chance. hang them from the swings for all to see.

  96. Heather says – reply to this


    As a resident of Waycross, I could not believe it when I heard about it! Nothing like this has ever happened here before! I'm shocked!!

  97. ... says – reply to this


    BLAME IT ON THE MEDIA!! THE MEDIA I SAY!! this is funny in a sick and twisted way

  98. Stacy says – reply to this


    Re: Liz – Okay? I didn't say their disabilities were at fault, if you'd seen my other posts I say that lack of discipline is to be the blame. I would never and have not tried make excuses for their actions.

    Oh and I'm really sorry about your brother-in-law.

  99. Take Down the Picture says – reply to this


    Re: Jen LaChoy Soy Sauce Sux

    Please dont be so rude… I think it is true what Jen says. Also, there has been research showing that psychologically people will associate this article with asian children. Its a matter of implications.

    Perez, you should do the right thing and take it down. Apologize to the asian community just as any other self respecting publication would. If you want to be taken seriously, don't alienate people in this way.

  100. KC says – reply to this


    Actually racial sensitivity should be cultivated. Just because we are all more integrated does not mean that racism, racial stereotypes, and racial/sexual/ethnic misrepresentation does not exist. It's still a huge issue. There's so many pictures online. There's no reason why this one was used. Education and open mindedness is the partial cure for ignorance. We all have a duty to be aware.

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