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In Bad Company

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He continues to disappoint us!

Just when you thought reports of Barack Obama and his controversial minister Rev. Jeremiah Wright were over, a new individual appears.

Now news of Obama's relationship with homophobe Rev. James T. Meeks has been revealed, and it's very upsetting.

Rev. Meeks is an Illinois state senator and serves as the pastor of the 22,000 member Salem Baptist Church in Chicago, where Obama frequently campaigned back in 2003 when running for Senate.

Rev. Meeks has been described as someone in which Obama seeks spiritual counsel from, according to an article printer in the Chicago Sun Times. He will even serve as an Obama delegate at the 2008 Democratic convention in Denver.

Rev. Meeks has served on Obama’s exploratory committee for the presidency and was even listed on Obama's campaign website as one his ‘influential black supporters’. The Chicago Sun Times also reported that both Rev. Meeks and Obama share a history of receiving substantial campaign contributions from the indicted real estate "criminal" Tony Rezko.

Aside from numerous other reports linking the two together, the real issue is the character of Rev. Meeks, who is known for his racially charged remarks and homophobic ways.

In a 2006 sermon, Rev. Meeks stated, "We don't have slave masters. We got mayors. But they still the same white people who are presiding over systems where black people are not able, or to be educated. You got some preachers that are house niggers. You got some elected officials that are house niggers. And rather than them trying to break this up, they gonna fight you to protect this white man." He later defended that sermon during an interview with a Chicago CBS 2 reporter.

Not to mention Rev. Meeks homophobic ways are well noted. A 2007 newsletter from the Southern Poverty Law Center named Rev. Meeks one of the "10 leading black religious voices in the anti-gay movement."

The newsletter cites him as a key member of Chicago's ‘Gatekeepers’ network (an interracial group of evangelical ministers who strive to erase the division between church and state) and “a stalwart anti-gay activist… [who]… has used his House of Hope mega-church to launch petition drives for the Illinois Family Institute (IFI), a major state-level ‘family values’ pressure group that lauded him last year for leading African Americans in ‘clearly understanding the threat of gay marriage.'”

You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep!

Sad. Sad. Sad.

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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1163 comments to “In Bad Company”

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  1. may says – reply to this


    You are only hurting yourself with all this negative propaganda. I could go on and on about how Obama is not anything like these people that the media is constantly bringing up to try to scare us, but I won't, because most people are too ignorant to even consider that those you share opinions with and those who are your friends are in completely different realms. Again, I will stop here.
    The real reason I am posting is to say that this negative press that you are putting out here, either because you support Hillary or whatever reason, is just tearing the Democratic party apart. All this "news" is is just propaganda and it is turning away the moderates from Obama to McCain. The last thing this country needs is to have McCain in office, and if you believe that you are defending and protecting your gay rights by attacking Obama, you are waaaaay wrong. If Obama wins the nomination, he will not win the presidency these negative attacks continue. McCain is like Bush, or any other homophobic conservative out there and will indefinitely restrict your rights. STOP SPREADING THIS BULLSH**
    You have the power and influence to sway a lot of peoples votes, and you know this. Now use this power to your advantage, and stop attacking Obama. We need a united Democratic Party if we are going to make any real change to our country through this election.

  2. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Hun, Obama was the one speaking up for your rights in Texas when Hillary wouldn't even dare. Learn the facts, and say hello to your next president dumbass.

  3. T says – reply to this


    The anti-christ will be a man, in his 40s, of MUSLIM descent, who
    will deceive the nations with persuasive language, and have a
    MASSIVE Christ-like appeal….the prophecy says that people will
    flock to him and he will promise false hope and world peace, and
    when he is in power, will destroy everything. OBAMA??

  4. Rita says – reply to this


    Perez…Stop Obama Bashing! You didn't make a big deal about Hillary's Bosinia lie. Yes, I said it, LIE…a BIG ONE!!! It's okay to comment on the candidates. Please do it fairly when she gets caught with her pants down, let her have it with both barrels.

  5. Kat says – reply to this


    Right on Perez for exposing something other than empty speeches given with no real solutions.
    Interesting how no one asks how is it that all of a sudden that Obama denouces the same man who baptized his kids, been quoted to say he's been a mentor to him and his family? So Obama is willing to cut all loyal ties just to win—what would he do in the white house?
    If this person was linked to Hilary she would have been raked over the coals.

  6. CeeJay says – reply to this


    Sucks to be supporting the losing horse doesn't it Perez? Face it, Hillary is cooked. You can try to dirty Obama as much as you want, but he had created a movement that includes blacks and whites, straights and gays, wealthy and poor. He is the best and future hope of our country. Do your homework Perez. You're beginning to look like a fool. If you cannot educate yourself about all of the candidates (including Hillary's bullshit — oh yes, there were those snipers shooting at her and Chelsea…good thing Sinbad was there to shield them!) and make informed and intelligent statements, make no statements at all.

  7. Kelly says – reply to this


    I've never posted before, but I read your site everyday and usually enjoy it…but I'm so disappointed in you for this one sided attack. This is an entertainment site. If you don't report fairly, your politics can't be taken seriously. I will no longer be supporting you or your site.

  8. Molly says – reply to this


    Obama has already said that he doesn't agree with Rev. Wright's views…so get over it.

  9. frank says – reply to this


    talking point from the Clinton campaign. Careful Perez, don't get your tit caught in a wringer. They're using you!

  10. Brewster says – reply to this


    Barack campaigned at a guys church and therefore he supports everything the guy ever said?

    You are as desperate as the woman you support for president!

    Stop stretching the truth!

  11. ksu says – reply to this


    You are a fake. You serve the republican party, you have their values and their ethics. If you weren't gay you would be all over Bush and his cronies.
    You are an embarassment to Democrats and that's probably what your being paid to do. Hitlery is a neo-con like you under the cover of being a democrat.

  12. Annie Rexia says – reply to this


    Re: miranda – weety. we are not talking about a relative, we are talking about your future prez. get a clue bitch.

  13. reality check says – reply to this


    Re: CALI – pitiifull black fuck can't get nothing thru yelling so stop trying and get an edumacation fucker, so stop sitting on do poach and get dat edumation stahted y'all

  14. marthjeanne says – reply to this


    Perez, you are so out of your league–this is such old news. Just because her initials are HRC, doesn't mean she's all HRC. Don't forget how the Clintons betrayed the gay community re: don't ask don't tell. You're probably too young to remember that.

    You need to get a grip and realize the primary is over, sweetie.

  15. Bateman says – reply to this


    Obama will lose in the general election anyway
    His goose was cooked three weeks ago.
    He won't win the swing states, like PA, OH, IN, and FL.
    The second his long standing love affair with Rev Wright was exposed he was done.
    It would be a riot to let those states where he won primaries vote again and see the outcome now! It would be a laugh to watch him get crushed.


  16. just aayin" says – reply to this


    Re: A – thanks for the history lesson. love the black dick i can see. fuck you mudshark………monkey fucker

  17. nonya says – reply to this


    Why don't you find something about Obama himself…and not about other people around him…because i'm sure Clinton has people/or someone around her who is Homaphobe.

    and i notice you don't put anything bad about CLinton….watch the News, you'll see plenty of her blunders

  18. emily says – reply to this


    Well hispanics have always typically hated blacks, so there's the reason perez is slandering obama so much.

    maybe if you checked your sources, you would see that not only were the "plagarized" speeches borrowed legally from that man (who serves as part of obama's coucil) but who cares if obama keeps company with anti-abortion people. so do i, but i don't share their viewpoints. obama is pro-gay and pro-abortion from what i can gather, though he wont come out and say it yet - too risky.

  19. Joe says – reply to this


    I'm sure Hill-billy paid you very well to post this bullshit ass story. Barack has never been anti-gay and you know it. You better hope Barack wins the nomination because there is no way in hell that Hillary has a chance of beating John McCain in the general election. Perez needs to wake up and get a fucking clue.

  20. Nice2Know1 says – reply to this


    I live in Chicago. I've met the Clintons and the Obama family on several occasions. I've been to both Trinity and Salem (House of Hope) and I've been there when the Clintons have campaigned with Rev. Meeks. This article is ridiculous. There are not many people who believe and agree with every doctrine of their church….you're an adult with your own mind and so is Obama. I think if elected he'd make an exceptional President.
    Shame on you Perez for your extreme and obvious mud slinging.

  21. Lane says – reply to this


    Re: Gianna – oh. so you chicago people are homophobes. Thanks for informing us, ASSHOLES!

  22. Annie Rexia says – reply to this


    Re: cyne – Give me a freakin" break. do you really think we are that stupid. Blacks hate fags. It is well known. Stop it already.

  23. valentina says – reply to this


    fuuuuucccccccckkkkkk obama!!!!!

  24. Honestly says – reply to this


    Funny how so many of Hillary's supporters blindly follow her unelectable self…so busy & playing victim, worried that Black Americans care not for gay rights when:

    1) Black American & the 1960s Civil Rights gave us the format for our culture and our civil rights movement - know your history and our common ground.

    2) Obama has said to move gay union rights farther than Hillary's stalemate "Let's just say I'm positive about civil unions..ha ha ha" as if this was a damn joke - catering to people who aren't going to elect a CLINTON, let alone let Bill back in the White House, even in symbolism only.

    3) sadly so many of you see this election as "women" (and you don't mean black women) suffrage vs. that of African-Americans. All people's rights are civil rights - Obama knows this; Hillary may know, but doesn't show it as she allows her camp to spit racist, divisive tribble and play to people's "white fear" of a man becoming president through affirmative action. Those former conservatives who want Obama in office wouldn't be for him if they smelled their mythical, backwards idea of A-Action (legislature that benefits mostly white women, if you want to oversimplify it to color/gender - ridiculous).

    Perez - I love ya - stick to swinging from Madge's balls and do your campaigning in the streets with the rest of the candidates….next thing you know, you'll have a new "it's 3AM and only Hillary knows how to push the button" commercial.

  25. Honestly says – reply to this


    Perez - you can be all for Hillary and her husband that signed the FEDERAL PROTECTION OF MARRIAGE ACT all you want. For a woman who believes in SEPERATE BUT EQUAL w/ CIVIL UNIONS while Barack had made it clear that there's a better path. Debate all you want about experience she claims (did you post that SNIPER she told?) or Barack's silver tongue simply because he's eloquent and gives this country words to come together by as opposed to RACIST division and drudging up his acquaintances who don't like "them gays".

    Barack has NEVER LIED or DENIED these people in or AROUND his life. If he was trying to hide something, these people would have been paid off and sent off.

    Let's judge you by the company you keep or by leaders of your background as a white-skinned Cuban - the most color-cast and racist tradition in the Carribean .. are you like that too Perez? I should hope not and I wouldn't assume you are. Everyone has something add to our lives with different strengths - OBAMA OBVIOUSLY DOESN"T CONSULT HIM ON GAY RIGHTS.

    All my fellow gays, who scream HILLARY, many of them white-Americans NEED NOT EVER judge someone by the company they keep as some of the most racist, sexist, self-hating things I've ever heard have come straight from the mouth of my gay brothers and sisters - PLEASE.

  26. Bateman says – reply to this


    Re: emily
    You dumb c*nt, its called pro-choice.
    No wonder skinny-Sharpton is going to lose in November. With supporters like you he is screwed.

  27. fred says – reply to this


    Hillary's a liar and Obama's crazy.

  28. Angela says – reply to this


    nice work perez.. oh how the press is so love with this guy, why on earth are we not seeing this on CNN and MSNBC.. They love Obama the speech giver.

  29. Byah~ says – reply to this


    Personally I think you should stay out of the political arena Perez. YOU CAN REALLY TELL A LOT ABOUT A PERSON WHO IS SO QUICK TO JUDGE A PERSON BASED ON THE PEOPLE THEY ARE ASSOCIATED WITH! Don't you think it's a tad bit ignorant that you slightly suggesting that Barack Obama could be a homophobe because of the fact he is associated with someone who has made homophobic remarks in the past? I have a lot of friends who would likely be considered 'homophobic' but does that mean I am a homophobe? No, quite the contrary actually, but I'm not going to ditch my friends because of it. We don't have the same opinions, but I appreciate them, respect them and like them for different reasons. A person should be judged based on THEIR OWN actions, not the actions of their friends. How ridiculous is that?
    You need to stop posting this biased bullshit on your site. I realize you are a firm supporter of Hillary Clinton, but obviously this firm support has hazed your ability to see both sides to Hillary and you refuse to acknowledge her flaws. If there is one thing I dislike as much as I dislike the fact that homophobia exists, it's people who present biased information! Douche!

  30. GOD says – reply to this



  31. GOD says – reply to this



  32. ho says – reply to this


    You're falling prey to the propaganda machine, just like everybody else.

  33. Browngirl says – reply to this


    this was so stupid for you to post. Obama has always been open about his views on gay rights. He said that all people should be able to marry not matter their sexual preference. your being an idiot. get a life.

  34. matt mta says – reply to this


    POST SHIT ON MCCAIN!!!!!!!!!! you're offended by anti gay comments? you and everyone else should be… but barrack is probably going to be the nomminee in which case you don't need to attack hi…. ATTACK McCAIN AND HIS LEGION OF ANTI GAY SUPPORTERS AND POLICIES. I voted for hil, want her to drop out so this bullshit can end and we can all focus on attacking mccain.

    VOTE DEMOCRATIC becuase the neocons are the real homophobes!!!!

  35. jasminek says – reply to this


    just because his company may be homophobic definitely doesn't mean he is. you can't always judge people by the company you keep. that's ridiculous. do you seriously think that clinton doesn't have any acquaintances that are homophobic???
    and you posted that your sad/disappointed to break news like this. you're a liar…you're more than eager to post any little think about obama on your stupid page, making more an more people get the wrong idea…try posting stuff about all of the candidates instead of just the one you don't like.
    obama's gonna win the democratic ticket, just face it.
    and think about it…would you rather obama or freakin' mccain to be our next president???
    i have an ugly feeling that this divide that keeps becoming bigger and bigger woth democrats is going to be the demise of having either democratic nominees become our next president.

  36. matt mta says – reply to this


    POST SHIT ON MCCAIN!!!!!!!!!! you're offended by anti gay comments? you and everyone else should be… but barrack is probably going to be the nomminee in which case you don't need to attack hi…. ATTACK McCAIN AND HIS LEGION OF ANTI GAY SUPPORTERS AND POLICIES. I voted for hil, want her to drop out so this bullshit can end and we can all focus on attacking mccain. JOHN MCCAIN IS A HOMOPHOBE WITH JOHN HAGEE. MCCAIN=BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    VOTE DEMOCRATIC becuase the neocons are the real homophobes!!!!

  37. me says – reply to this


    clearly ur voting for hilary because she loves gay people which is fine but u never seem to report the "bad press" about hilary…

  38. randalise says – reply to this


    I will admit, your site is one I read most every day..and sometimes more than once. I like your gossip on celebs. However, I bout fell offa my chair laffin with your last line…telling a lot about a person by the company they keep..Dude, you gotta admit. You hang out with some STRANGE folks..or more than that..THEY hang out with YOU!!! LMAO!
    Obama is safe if you are his judge, jury, and executioner! LMAOOOOOO

  39. K says – reply to this


    Hey Perez,
    I just think that I need to remind everyone that Barack is an EXTREMELY educated person. I find it hard to believe that someone of his intelligence could be so "easily" persuaded by comments like Rev. Meeks. We all have friends who say and do things that we do not always agree with but we remain friends with them because we know the real person they are. I am in no way endorsing the repugnant remarks that Rev. Meeks has made. I'm just saying that we need to think realistically. Barack is way too educated and WAY TOO MUCH (contrary to what everyone make think)of a politician to associate himself with people like that. Thanks for making the election an issue on your website Perez! We need more young people to get involved!

  40. Tinkerbella says – reply to this


    She's been saying it for months….she's vetted. He's not. We're seeing what that means now. Just TRY to dig up stuff about Hillary. It's already been done - there's nothing left, really. Obama - we're just getting started.

  41. emmanuel says – reply to this


    Hillary will win ….Fuck Obama

  42. JC says – reply to this


    Do you know about his haunted house? His church has a haunted house in October where they show people what "hell" is like. In addition to suggesting that premarital sex will send you to hell, they show two effeminate men in hell for being gay!

  43. Cecilia says – reply to this


    Perez, it's too bad you're not into chicks because I would blow you just for posting this article. About time someone had the balls to point out the fact that we have an utter fake named Obama running for president. What Obama really is: a racist, gay-hating, empty suit.

  44. Chelsey says – reply to this


    Re: Angie – SO WHAT if his middle name is Hussein? And check your facts before making insinuations, SENATOR Barack Obama did not swear his oath on the Quran, he is a Christian, and even if he did, what does it matter? We live in the United States, a country known as THE MELTING POT where we welcome people for their different religions, ethnicities, LIFESTYLES, etc…part of the wonder that is the US is the fact that we accept those with different backgrounds, and in all actuality, Senator Obama doesn't have a background all that different from a lot of people, he grew up in a single parent home, he grew up as a Christian (not that it should matter his religion - separation of church and state, ahemm), and he's worked hard in the Senate. Since our very first President, ever single President has been Christian, except for JFK who was Catholic, and Eisenhower who was a Jehova's Witness. Wouldn't it be a nice example for the world to see that us, the superpower of nations, are open minded and strong enough to accept a person regardless of their estranged father's religious background?

  45. koffee says – reply to this


    Your fat ass needs to go back to Cuba! Stick to what you know best, celebrity trash and gossip.

  46. HotLikeWasabi says – reply to this


    My husband…who actually considered buying a Perez t-shirt at one point, no longer visits your site because of your extreme bias…Im also considering it, and I have a Perez t-shirt. What are you doing? Politics arent your thing. Stick to mind-numbing gossip.

  47. Spencer says – reply to this


    Perez stick to celeb gossip. Some of these comments are totally out of line… this hate makes me imbaressed to be an american.

  48. Bel says – reply to this


    "You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep!" So I guess that makes you the biggest famewhoring D-lister of them all.

  49. Bel says – reply to this


    And if you really want to talk about hanging out with the wrong people, Hillary's MARRIED to a womanizing pervert who lied to the nation about his affairs.

  50. Jan says – reply to this



  51. kimh says – reply to this


    quit being a hater perez

  52. G says – reply to this


    Fuck you! Enought with all your Hillary bias. I'm done with you and your site.

  53. MYRIAM C WEBSTER says – reply to this


    Re: Molly
    Who cares what he said dumbo?
    He will say anything, he's whatever you want him to be!
    HILLARY=Donna Karan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BUTCRAK=THE Koran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you, dear.

  54. tgurl2k3 says – reply to this


    dayum! that's reverend meeks beliefs but not necessarily his…grow up! hilary is a proven liar…at least obama acknowledges and deals…hell we like u but that doesn't mean that we agree with all your comments!!! wake up perez..for real! u continue to find things about people that he has associated with but not him..i gave u more credit than that…

  55. Cris says – reply to this


    And your priest molests little boys.

  56. nina says – reply to this


    have you ever seen chicago politicians? they hate black people unless their voting. his sermon was the truth! vote obamaaaaa

  57. Paul says – reply to this


    The black community has a long history of homophobia… and Barack, in a room full of African Americans, stressed the importance of opening up to the gay community.

    Yeah, such a homophobe.

  58. Ana Ma. says – reply to this


    dont let the opinion from "perezhilton.com" influence you to make the wrong choice and not vote for Obama….

    Go Obama…Obama 100%!!!!!!

    We obviously need CHANGE, especially if Perez can sway your judgement in a race for our nations next president!!!!!

  59. Emma says – reply to this


    Honestly, shut the fuck up Perez. This is not cnn. How much is Hillary paying you? Guess what? I'm going to break that story this week. Good times. Would you like to fess up now? Think I'm bluffing?

    Why must you be gay AND stupid. Obama is out next president. Any person that has her spouse cheat on her WHILE SHE'S IN THE HOUSE cannot be trusted with national security. I mean how ignorant is she?

    She's hurting the democratic party and the longer she stays in the better chance McCain has. I can guarantee you democrats for Obama would rather vote for John McCain then Hillary Clinton. The same is not true in reverse. Hillary democrats are MUCH more likely for to vote for Barack.

    Maybe that's because because he's not a vicious,lying, bitch.

  60. Joe says – reply to this


    First time on your site. Thanks the Obama post. When someone indicates that a person is an trusted advisor, you know that he is paying attention to what the advisor is telling him. Obama is caught twice with his hand in the racist cookie jar. I know there ain't know vanilla wafers in that jar because he doesn't like them. Get over it Obamanistas. The more time goes on, the more the real Obama shows his f'ing racist attitude. I love when Obama tries to wiggle his way out of his lies. He's pathetic.

  61. carmen says – reply to this


    Come on perez. You know thats not a fair statement. Should I hate on my straight friends, who's parents are anti-gay? Everyone has their issues. You can love someone while still disagreeing with them on some point. You soaked this issue with a whole lotta fluff.

  62. maria says – reply to this



    this is the very first time i have ever posted on your site, and i am comforted by the fact that most of these people on here agree with me.

    i used to be on the fence about both candidates — even leaning more towards hillary. your bias against obama has actually changed my mind. i am now an avid obama supporter.

    all that babbling you do about him only makes it look like you're doing hillary's bitch work. but you like that, ’cause you's a bitch right? yeah yeah yeah freedom of speech. you're gay, you're outspoken, big deal. but you've changed things here… and you don't seem to get the point.

    your blog has turned from this funny, carefree, shoot-the-shit sort of site, to this unwelcoming, rather boring place — did you run out of things to talk about? — with an overbearing political influence. how many hoops you gonna jump before you realize how stupid you look, boy?

    it'd be interesting to see what happens to this place in a few years… good luck.

  63. J.Dog says – reply to this


    Perez you are a dick head Obama rules so leave him alone

  64. diana says – reply to this


    perez, when you post about politics you sound like an idiot because you have no true intellectual grasp of it.

    so just stop it. ok? stop it.

  65. Joob Joobs says – reply to this


    Re: Mischa

    How racist are you??????????? You're the reason everyone outside the US of A thinks that you are all inbred morons!

  66. nick says – reply to this





  67. taddyd says – reply to this


    Re: scott – t
    No freak like this is listed on Hillary's official web site as "major black supporter" . BO will cuddled up to those ridiculous AA preachers, yet call the race card on Hillary and Billy in quick second for nothing!

  68. hell no cubano says – reply to this


    Everyone knows that cuban-americans march in lockstep with the republican party. Look at South Florida. perez just wants to scuttle Obama's campaign.
    So perez, did your family come over in innertubes when Castro cleaned out all the psych wards and prisons?

  69. jenni says – reply to this


    perez, this is really nonsense. in this country, we are not supposed to believe in guilt by association: that is what makes us free. You have to judge a person by what they say and do. Barack Obama has repeatedly spoken out on gay rights as civil/human rights and has even brought up the issue of homophobia within the black community in front of predominately black audiences, for example his MLK speech at Ebenezer Baptist Church. It's on you tube; check it out. You really need to educate yourself on the Clinton history with gay rights and the obscenity that is the "don't Ask; don't tell" policy within the u.s. military. more gays have been forced to leave the military since the policy has been enacted than before it existed. The Clintons are no friends to Gays. It's the main reason famous gays like David Geffen have abandoned her. You really need to read gay intellectual Andrew Sullivan on this topic. Obama appears more likely to actually push for change on this topic; Hillary never mentions it, unless she is with a largely gay crowd. The Clinton legacy on this, which she claims as part of her "experience", is negative. please educate yourself and stop the propagandizing.

  70. Chato says – reply to this


    I'd rather vote for a turd than that hateful poser, Obama. Keep up the good work Perez; you're way too smart to keep drawing cum stains on the Lohan faces.

  71. troof says – reply to this


    This is old news. Obama already condemned what this pastor said. And at least he doesn't lie (or in HillaryBullshitEse, "misspeak") about "being under sniper fire."

  72. THanks Perez says – reply to this


    Lol at the Obama supporters throwing tantrums. Naturally they're calling for Perez's head for pointing out a FACT about their Messiah.
    Thanks Perez

  73. linda717 says – reply to this


    How Much is Hilary paying you??

  74. el says – reply to this


    fuck you perez! he's a good man and deserves to win it. god knows you're country is fucked up in it's current state and clinton isn't going to change that! get your head out of your arse and stop with all the negative campaigning that you KNOW will prompt your readers to vote for your choice. that's not what political freedom is about. let people make up their own minds

  75. liz says – reply to this


    stop swaying people with your one-sided views. report hillary's shameless mud-slinging and racially biased undertones for a change, and do some research on "comments" made by who, where, their relationship with individuals, and, most importantly, when these "comments" were made and in what context. if you really think what's most important is that people get out and vote, then you should stop reporting biased stories to impressionable kids.

  76. beebop says – reply to this


    BO sold his own grandmother …. and a ten year old bowler. Anyone but them reverends who talk hate hate hate … please remind your readers Perez that Hope and Change mean everyone … gay, white, women, brown, etc. We know you reach a lot of people …

  77. fkjgslojfgs says – reply to this


    get off the personal bullshit and start following their campaigns… I bet you didn't even know that the Clinton's are good friends with papa Bush. You call that good company?

  78. Reader says – reply to this


    We come here to read gossip, not read political propaganda. Stop with the one-sided crap.

  79. Lorne says – reply to this


    Perez, if you're going to put things like "family values" in quotations, then give "anti-gay" the same treatment.

  80. Guneh says – reply to this


    Do you want John McCain to win instead of a democratic candidate? I'll tell you that the Republican side ain't lovin gays

  81. abe says – reply to this


    i've been saying since day one that barak is a closet homophobe. yikes. this is who people aspire to have run the free world? one word…YIKES!!!

  82. Rebekah D. says – reply to this


    Just another reason NOT to vote for Obama. That's why I voted for Clinton. Thanks, Perez!

  83. Stephanie says – reply to this


    Perez, I am very dissapointed. Hilary wont get the nomination, accept it. Stop helping McCain! Not everyone has the same views, thats what makes us unique. Didn't Obama already give a speech about how he won't disown people for their views? Bottom line, he doesnt think negatively about gays or different ethnicites so why are you trying to make it sound like he is? Everyone knows that if he really was anti gay or racist, fox news would have plastered it all over the tv. There is no evidence to support that theiry because its false. I know people who dont like gays or whatever else, but i dont care. We agree to disagree. Are you saying that knowing these people makes me a bad person too? I'm voting for Obama, and you should too!

  84. Nice2Know1 says – reply to this


    Please don't forget that Rev. Meeks is also Illinois Democratic Senator James Meeks, ALL Democratic politicians campaign with this man. Not just Obama & not just the Clintons….yes, they have gone to his 22,000 member church for votes also.

    In addition, if you're American and were born and raised here….RACE MATTERS. Its always mattered here, and no matter how open-minded anyone wants to be or claims to be, if you're American….it matters one way or the other.

    As a girl from Chicago is EXTREMELY obvious here. I live in the most amazingly racially segregated city in America….and every community is named to show who's neighborhood it is, or was. Korea town, China town, Little Italy, Greek Town, Bronzeville, German town, Ukrainian Village, Boystown, Pill Hill, Little village, etc., etc. And most people still live within those racially divided lines in this city….and its touted as a method to obtain authentic anything from any culture…….yeah whatever! So the melting pot hasn't quite happened here.

    I was once undecided between Obama and Clinton, and I'm still a bit torn (not much) but I find it really odd that Hillary didn't run in Arkansas, her home state, for the Senate. Why did she have to move to New York to obtain a Senate seat?

  85. lili says – reply to this


    All the way from Australia —— your comments are ridiculous! I think it completely irresponsible that you would put shit like this up. You are making slanderous allegations about somebody based on the things that another person is supposed to have said or done. You should be ashamed of yourself. Why is it that Hilary's claim to have come under sniper fire on her "mission" to Bosnia, is not given airtime here? Do you remember that the experience that she claims to have gained as a result of her time as First Lady was during a time when the Government sat dormant while 1 million Rwandans were slaughtered in 90 days and the war in the former Yugoslavia (i.e. BOSNIA!) had been raging for years before any foreign intervention. It was all but over by the time Hilary made her trip!! I strongly recommend that you watch the film that opened the Human Rights Watch Film Festival a few years ago…Sometimes in April. The world is watching. GO OBAMA!!!!!!

  86. maryam says – reply to this


    bastard perez !!!!..get a life!!. u've been sticking ur butt out for the worldto see you..gossiping and shit!!..LEAVE OBAMA ALONE!!..WE'LL STILL VOTE FOR HIM NO MATTER WHAT!..IDIOT!!

  87. Gias_Twin says – reply to this


    So what?

    You're clueless Perez. Hillary's views are THE SAME as Obama's you know. She no like your kind either.

  88. Six says – reply to this


    Perez: You are not only extremely fat, but pathetic. What Reverend, Preacher, Pope endorses homosexuality in the first place. Does this mean that all Catholic, Baptist and Protestant individuals will cease going to Church because their leader does not endorse homosexuality. It's people like you who cannot find anything regarding his integrity that make crap like this a non-issue. Stick to hate gossip and leave the politics to people who know better. I am scared of your ignorance more than most.

  89. solo says – reply to this


    Shocking a racist punk being preached to by two other racist punks. Barrie is no more qualified to be leader of the free world then david duke. Ita bout time he start being exposed for the hate he espouses.

  90. katharine says – reply to this


    Everyone must read Susan Jacoby's "The Age of American Unreason" before they choose to believe any media source or back any candidate. We are stupid Americans and the 24 hour news coverage is part of the reason.

  91. Rama says – reply to this


    Although I agree that this website should stick to the "celebrity gossip" which it claims to be about and avoid supporting or fighting against any political/racial/religious or otherwise personal views, I have to say it;

    If you don't like what you're reading…STOP READING!

    Perez didn't hunt you down and make you read his site, you came here all on your own. This goes for "Hollywood Gossip" too. At least Perez doesn't put his focus on nude photo "scandals" and making fun of other celebrity blogs.

    If you don't understand the concept of "STOP READING", you can always do what I do and just SKIP the posts that you;

    A) don't like;
    B) aren't interested in;
    C) are going to be a prick about.


  92. Mary says – reply to this


    Perez, shut the fuck up.

  93. Kinda funny.. says – reply to this


    Its kinda funny how many people on here accuse Perez of being a racist when it was Obama'a spiritual advisors saying the racist crap… what a spin!! All Perez did was print the story….

  94. BJ says – reply to this


    how come you are always so negative about Obama……never fails.we all know you are for clinton

  95. beck says – reply to this


    This is trash, Perez. I think you should stay away from politics or get your facts straight. Have you never associated yourself with anyone who didn't have the exact same views on all aspects of politics as you? If not… then maybe you should check yourself.

  96. Lee says – reply to this


    Didn't notice you reporting Hillary’s lie about her running around, dodging sniper fire in Bosnia with Sinbad. HILLARY HAS LOST. GET OVER IT. YOU ARE GIVING BULLETS TO MCCAIN YOU STUPID, SHORT-SITED FUCK!

  97. Ingrid says – reply to this


    Perez, for all your talk about Obama, you are not even confronting the fact that Clinton as well keeps bad company - that's the game of politics - read the following about the man Hillary is courting in PA just to get votes there: (taken from Slate.com)

    If, as Hillary said about Wright to Scaife and his employees, "Hate speech [is] unacceptable in any setting," what are we to make of Scaife's regular outbursts of blatant misogyny? In 1981 he called a female journalist profiling him for the Columbia Journalism Review a "fucking Communist cunt," adding for good measure that her mother was "ugly." Scaife's marriage broke up after a detective hired in 2005 by his wife, Margaret "Ritchie" Scaife, caught Scaife in flagrante with a woman who'd been twice arrested for prostitution. When Ritchie sought to confront the couple, Scaife had her arrested for trespassing. She spent the night in jail. Later, after Ritchie and Richard commenced marital separation, he posted on his front lawn the sign "WIFE AND DOG MISSING—REWARD FOR DOG." For Hillary "to seek help from Scaife in publicizing Obama's supposed tolerance of hate speech," Jonathan Alter observes in the April 7 Newsweek, "sets a new standard in campaign chutzpah."

  98. Dennis says – reply to this


    Oooh Perez, give it up. Obama is GOING to win the nomination, Hillary is done. As another fan wrote, stick to the trash - not politics.

  99. DNS says – reply to this


    Obama is the next HOPE for this country and most countries of the WORLD agree… Or would you rather have an OLD Fart with continued OLD Fart Politics or a "Weak Willed" Woman who will say and do anything to get back into the White House. Guess, she wants to be a voyeur again and watch sex in the hallways.. like the last time she allowed and did nothing to such antics right under her nose in her then residence… Capitol Motel Six

  100. susan says – reply to this


    perez first let me say…i loooove ur website and read everyday BUT i do not think it is right for u to only give negative press to Obama because u are not a supporter of his….Clinton has MANY skeletons in her closet so why dont u post some of those……u have a lot of influence on people and ur setting us ALL back by failing to at least acknowledge both sides of the story. i hope we can all at least agree Obama or Clinton is better than McCain!

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