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Speidi's Fights Are Fake! SHOCK!!!!

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How many times do we need to be reminded that this show is not real????

InTouch is reporting that The Hills' 'favorite' on-again/off-again couple, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt only fight when the cameras are rolling.

They are totally lovey dovey and drama free in 'real' life, claims the mag.

Really? It's fake fighting? It's all staged?!


A 'fake' fight was reportedly staged for The Hills in Vegas this past weekend.

In the episode, Heidi and Spencer are in Sin City for Heidi's fake job with SBE Entertainment.

A source tells the mag, "She staged a business meeting at the Dos Caminos Las Vegas Mexican restaurant. It was all drama (Speidi were fighting and shizz)! After each take, they were cutesy again."

Their brains must be well trained. Don't they ever get confused with the constant back and forth between 'real' and 'reality'?

Update: A rep for Sencer & Heidi tells PerezHilton.com exclusively, "In Touch must have gotten their information from a bad source."

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121 comments to “Speidi's Fights Are Fake! SHOCK!!!!”

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  1. Lauren says – reply to this


    What the hell is wrong with that girl's face lately?! It's just not natural looking!

  2. Lauren Conrad says – reply to this


    Please boycott my show this monday. I can't stand myself…

  3. WHITE MEN HAVE SMALL WEENIES!!! says – reply to this


    Yes, WHITE MEN wish they had massive BROWN SNAKES like the PUERTO RICAN MEN so they could give pleasure to WHITE women but THEY CANNOT! The PUERTO RICAN MAN can give pleasure to the WHITE mothers, sisters, daughters, and feed them the MIGHTY BROWN SEED they need!!! BOW DOWN WHITE MAN TO THE GREAT PUERTO RICAN MAN! We are taking over this shit!!!

  4. Elise says – reply to this


    Its all staged, just like their relationship. Just for show.

  5. WHATEVER says – reply to this


    So then are they really even fucking together?? I can't STAND these fucking people. GO to hell Speidi, no one like you. Just GO AWAY, DISAPPEAR.

  6. dumb spic hoe says – reply to this


    -just one thing. Type in white male porn stars and then tell me white men don't have big ones…then go sit on one you fuckin whore…u probably need 6 brown slimy snakes inside of you to feel pleasure after giving birth to 16 kids you whore…i have seen plenty of white men with big dicks…besides i'd much rather have someone white, smart, employed and attractive than a slimy ugly, brown spic island monkey in my bed. hahaha

  7. BIG BROTHER says – reply to this



  8. Lo says – reply to this


    they are leaving in there own world and that couple is the most ridiculous on the Hollywood scene… OMG i cant believe those losers are not ashamed to be the way that they are… I hate those to idiots…
    PS. I watch the show from Nicaragua… yeah….

  9. Lo says – reply to this


    they are living in there own world and that couple is the most ridiculous on the Hollywood scene… OMG i cant believe those losers are not ashamed to be the way that they are… I hate those two idiots…
    PS. I watch the show from Nicaragua… yeah….

  10. paige says – reply to this


    And as if there weren't enough reasons to hate this fake, stupid, no talent, ugly bitch- she just announced that she's "endorsing" John McCain. That's your nominee Republicans- suck on it!!!

  11. Perez Basher says – reply to this


    InTouch couldn't report anything correctly even if Jesus/Mohammed/Budda decided to tag team that bitch of a magazine. Are you sure the "staged" fight scenes weren't just flipped. (Hills Trickery post)

  12. THE NAME IS ROCKSTAR! says – reply to this


    its fake?:'( WTF? awww… wat evr i STILL HATE SPENCER HE IS STILL UGLY AND AN A** HOLE! :P

  13. michelle says – reply to this


    you know, it's funny that you're always trashing them, considering you invited them to your birthday party & seemed all chummy with them then. you are becoming more & more of a hypocrite. and that's just fucking lame.

  14. Izzyslizzy says – reply to this


    I hate them they should be thrown to the sharks! What a waste of air…

  15. melody says – reply to this


    OMG….Spencer will out that he is gay inthe next fight and Heidi will admit that she is LC's lover since their freshman year…tahhahahaa…gay.

  16. kim says – reply to this


    Hate them both…wat a looser couple

  17. confused says – reply to this


    i'm confused. i thought they weren't really a couple so how could they be having fake lovers quarrels?

  18. Leigh says – reply to this


    I HATE heidi and spencer!!! They are so fake and are such famewhores. Did anyone else think Heidi's lips have been looking a little plumper than usual? However, they actually chose a cool place to hold this staged fight. I was in Vegas a few weekends ago and checked out the new Venetian hotel and had some guac and margaritas at Dos Caminos and it was so yummy! They have a nightclub too called Sala and it was a lot of fun and played great music.

  19. Jess says – reply to this


    ewww, when are they going to get the hint that EVERYONE is making fun of them! and can someone tell Heidi how weird and fake she looks now, really too bad, she used to be pretty, now she just looks like someone who has had too much plastic surgery.

  20. J*peezy says – reply to this


    Can we pleeeeeeese cut spencer out of everything!!! What a cheesy ass clown…he acts like a 4 year old drama queen!

  21. One Love says – reply to this


    i've never seen the first season, and i've watched the latest two of this season. they sicken me.


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