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She Likes To Be On Top!

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Madge gets all candid and shiz with Elle and tells the mag that she and hubby Guy Ritchie have 'amazing sex'.

Jeez, peeps, let's stop with the marriage trouble rumors already, k? They have 'amazing sex' so nothing can possibly be wrong! RIGHT????

Her Madgesty also doesn't understand why her marriage generates so much talk. She says, "Posh and Becks are much more interesting. Maybe even Camilla and Charles."

Madonna tells Elle that Guy has helped her embrace her feminine side a little more. She says, "I've learnt to be more pliant, more vulnerable and to be comfortable with that."

Oh yeah, she also sleeps in bed with her Crackberry and will sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and send emails or take notes. Cuz she's crazy like!

That phone probably gets more love than her husband!

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179 comments to “She Likes To Be On Top!”

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  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says – reply to this


    who cares

  2. Emmaloo says – reply to this



  3. Jules says – reply to this



  4. madonna is old says – reply to this


    not first. how much is this played out pseudo english hooker paying you for all this play? she ruined guy richies career. swept away indeed. wish she'd get swept away and not come back

  5. mikeh says – reply to this



  6. Me says – reply to this


    uh, i didnt know anybody WAS so concerned with their marriage. seem kinda boring to me.

  7. Donna says – reply to this



  8. alex says – reply to this


    first bitches

  9. Confessions of a Paparazzi says – reply to this


    But are any of those other bitches on a dozen magazine covers this month.

    - confessions of a paparazzi

  10. Candy says – reply to this


    They photoshopped all her muscles away!

  11. dfv says – reply to this


    Gee Perez…..Way to shove this bitch down our throats!!!!

  12. MamaLuvsPerez says – reply to this


    I am so sick of seeing this bitch. I've been sick of her since I was 12 yrs-old and she wore bows in her hair… like a virgin.

  13. VICTORIA says – reply to this



  14. likeyoucare says – reply to this



  15. Lady 1st says – reply to this


    so wierd this 1st thing..is that seriously all you people have going on???????…who the FUCK cares who's 1st…get a life…and get over yourself

  16. A says – reply to this


    ?????????????????WHY ARE YOU SUCKING UP TO MADONNA SO MUCH, PEREZ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  17. meme says – reply to this


    If the onslaught of Madonna doesn't stop on this website, I'm going to have to stop coming here.

    perez - I love you, sweetie - But ENOUGH with the skank Madonna.

  18. Becks says – reply to this


    third maybe

  19. FIRST says – reply to this



  20. Amy says – reply to this


    i fucking hate her

  21. Cancel my Subscription says – reply to this



  22. fg says – reply to this


    Re: Donna – If you say it like that he's gonna post shit about himself!!!

  23. cambel says – reply to this


    And they have this Amazing Sex when? On the two nights each year when they are in the same city?

  24. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    Wow she is amazing. A dominant, fierce woman!

  25. BIANCA says – reply to this



  26. Angela says – reply to this


    OK IVE REACHED MY MADONNA LIMIT! I'm done with this website until you get over you Madonna obsession you annoying lil queen. OVERKILL MUCH? Find something interesting to post.

  27. Worthless Cunt says – reply to this


    Madonna is a liar and user of people. She IS corporate America. She has been Photoshopped beyond recognition and she is old. When I say old I mean like double or triple the age of everyone out there. She is not a good person and I will not give her a penny.

  28. gena says – reply to this



  29. MADONNA'S MOTHER says – reply to this


    I should have aborted her.

  30. mADDONNA BLOWWWWSSSSS says – reply to this



  31. Amazing Sex says – reply to this


    What a pat answer. Like the old cow even has sex anymore. We know her husband does!

  32. first bitches says – reply to this



  33. Foxy says – reply to this


    If she wants to get more "feminine" she should really stop injecting the HGH. That's just sick.

    Hey, if anyone wants to make some extra money go here: http://getpaidto7.tk
    I've been making decent side money on there.

  34. Direction-Less says – reply to this


    I sense another flop with Hard Candy. The photos have been really nasty and direction -less. Reminds me of Bedtime Stories. She doesn't have a clue. She should just put on a pretty dress and turn her head away from the camera.

  35. Rhonda C says – reply to this


    this sounds desperate for attention

  36. Trey says – reply to this


    Do you think when she says thast he learned to embrace her femine side that means she stopped sticking dildos up her various partners cavities. I could care less about Madonna's sex life because it's not like every vile thing she has ever done has not been put on video at some point. But I am sure all her gay legions of worshippers will be taking copious notes on how to be more femine.

  37. ADRIANA BANANA says – reply to this


    I gotta admit, that bitch look good for her age, I know my abuelita is that age and DAYUM she look OLD… LOL

  38. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Part of the Madonna cult, just as many defenders of The Phantom Menace are part of a Star Wars cult. Criticizing Madonna, like criticizing Star Wars, is heresy to these people. It's as if you're attacking their very identity. Blind worship such as this is dangerous.

    As Americans you are completely obsessed and wrapped up in a lot of the wrong values — looking good, having cash in the bank, being perceived as rich, famous and successful or just being famous. You are the most superficial and lots of people have known better than you about what's important vs what isn't.

  39. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    The only thing that's going to bring you happiness is love and how you treat your fellow man and having compassion for one another."

    Madonna will give you nothig of value!

  40. David from Barcelona says – reply to this


    she's amazing. I never get tired of her.


  41. Go Away Madonna says – reply to this


    Your whole career was a fluke. You got cut from all the auditions when you were starting out because you have no talent. GET IT?

  42. Volna says – reply to this


    I love her! She is the best american singer!!!! And she will be fist till the end of time!!!!!
    Russia loves Madonna!

  43. JACLYN says – reply to this



  44. No New Ideas Grandma? says – reply to this


    Didn't she do the dance bar thing in her last album? I know she copied the latest magazine spread from Farrah Fawcett. Like every fucking picture. Madonna you are the ultimate copycat. You are like a Xerox machine!

  45. cjm says – reply to this


    Crap, she was just answering a question the reporter asked. She could have said 'no comment' which would get everyone on the divorce train . Since she answered, what did you expect her to say? We do it every 2 months, it is so-so, we don't sleep in the same bed-off the record, we both fall asleep as soon as we hit the bed???????? Of course she is going to say something like it is fantastic. How many interviews in mags do you actually find something new about that person other than what they are doing professionally. And that is why they are doing the interview-to push a project.

  46. MH says – reply to this


    Crackberyy!! lmao

  47. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Madonna is in reality a mind-controlled slave who has appeared in numerous underground porn and ritual porn movies; including Madonna performing an actual blood sacrifice. During an Arsenio Hall show, Madonna, who as a guest acted dissociative, was picked up by the cameras during the show kissing her Baphomet ring. In the ritual performed at the MTV Awards, Madonna dressed in a Worshipful Master's top hat, raised the two Mouseketeers, Britney and Christina, to their new level within the order with a lesbian wedding sealed with a kiss.

  48. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Britney and Christina opened the VMA show dressed like brides singing Madonna's classic hit "Like a Virgin," which then segued into Madonna's new song "Hollywood" as Madonna stepped out of the wedding cake wearing a modified tuxedo. What ensued was a drag show of sorts in which Madonna was the "groom" and Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were the virginal brides, culminating in a french-kiss between Madonna and Britney, and then between Madonna and Christina.

  49. Starrey says – reply to this



  50. caitlin says – reply to this


    she still thinks she is british! THOSE are the couples she thought of?

  51. Starrey says – reply to this




  52. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    During the performance Madonna's dominance was clearly established through the body language and interaction between her and Britney and her and Christina. She frequently put her hands on Britney's and Christina's bodies, both possessively and intimately–stroking Britney's face, putting her hand on her Britney's hip, putting her face against Christina's thigh as she pulled the garter off Christina's leg. Madonna, Britney, and Christina weren't playing tender, lovesick lovers, they were playing raunchy, in-lust lovers.

  53. Starrey says – reply to this




  54. guy ritchie says – reply to this


    the amazing sex was with the strap-on she made me buy, to fuck me ! she even made me raise her bastard child lola ! bitch she is

  55. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    The San Francisco Chronicle described the event as Madonna "dressed like a dominatrix bridegroom … french-kissing both Aguilera and Spears like a she-dog marking her territory" When asked, "What does it feel like to be kissed by Madonna?" Spears responded that "this is something I've dreamt about since I was a little girl. I cannot believe this just like freakin' happened. I am on a major high right now. I feel very cool."

  56. Starrey says – reply to this




  57. Kari says – reply to this


    Are you a bit jealous, Perez?? I am sure they asked her a billion times about her marriage details; she's only answering their questions.

  58. bae says – reply to this


    wow pretty pictures

  59. Starrey says – reply to this




  60. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    After checking out of Eric Clapton's Crossroads Centre (named after Robert Johnson's deal with the devil) Britney Spears walked into Esther's Hair Salon and said, "I want my hair shaved off." "While I was talking to her body guard," hair-stylist, Esther Tognozzi said, "she grabbed the buzzer and started buzzing her own hair off. … She buzzed off all her own hair and I just cleaned it up when she was done with it." Spears showed little emotion as she chopped off her brunette locks. After leaving the salon, Spears headed to the Body & Soul tattoo parlor in nearby Sherman Oaks, Calif. She got two tattoos there, a black, white and pink cross on her hip and "cute little lips on her wrist".

  61. lisa says – reply to this


    madonna has been on the downslide for many years. each year she looks more aged and harsh and her music sucks as much as it ever did. she's never been attractive and she gets uglier each year. that hideous bleached hairdo accentuates her skankiness.

  62. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Spears said, "I don't want anyone touching me. I'm tired of everybody touching me." The hair represents the stylists, the handlers, people who are in control of her life and manage her looks

  63. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Coincidentally, Britney's first tattoo was of a butterfly with a vine, symbolic of the genealogy of the Monarch(y) program. This was followed by a black pentagram and one of the 72 Kabbalistic Hebrew names of God, which is said to have been misspelled.

    When Arizona Wilder wanted to escape her handlers in the Satanic cult, the Mothers of Darkness, where she held the position of ritual Mother Goddess, she cut off her hair and died it brown, then defiled her body. The order wants their high slaves to be pristine. Arizona has presided over blood rituals that included personalities such as, the British royal family, George Bush, Henry Kissenger, Hillary Clinton, Rothschilds, Hapsburgs, Bob Hope, and Rupert Murdoch. The Mother Goddess also conducted Satanic ceremonies in France involving Pope John Paul II. Our current Pope, now known as Pope Benedict XVI, was elected on the 116th anniversary of Adolph Hitler's birthday and is none other than former German Nazi Joseph Ratzinger.

  64. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Most of the bloodlines of the elite are kept hidden, such as Hitler's connections with the Rothchilds, Bush's connection to Crowley and Walt Disney, the Dark Prince. "Uncle" Walt was an bastard child that grew up in an abusing home. Much like Hitler's mother and the Rothchilds, Walt's probable mother, Isabelle, was brought to work at the Disney home as a maid in 1905. Disney became an FBI asset through 33rd degree Freemason, J. Edgar Hoover. Disneyland and Disney World have both been reported as being used in what Springmeier calls "Princess Programing" to create high level sex slaves.

  65. April G says – reply to this


    OMG, are you turning on her now? At least that will be more interesting than your constant ass kissing.

  66. SHAKE AND BAKE BITCHES!! says – reply to this



  67. huh says – reply to this


    Re: MARACANAZO1950

    where are the videos then? lol

  68. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    what are the odds that three ex-Mouseketeers have made so many high profile symbolic gestures? Behind Disney’s good front, lies hard porn, snuff films, white slavery, Illuminati mind-control, and the seduction of several generations into witchcraft.

  69. Big Yawn says – reply to this


    Enough with the stupid old hag Madonna postings, Perez.
    She is so 25 years ago!
    And no, she is not so "out" that she is "in" again….

  70. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Britney had just been at the Grammy's with fellow Mouseketeers, Christina Aguilera, and Justin Timberlake, along with Prince and Madonna. Each of these Mouseketeers have been in a high profile occult ritual; one at the MTV Awards and one at the Super Bowl.

  71. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Top CBS executives approved a musical skit where Janet Jackson would expose her breast during the MTV-produced Super Bowl half-time concert, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. "The decision to go forward went to the very top of the network," a well-placed source explained from New York. The groundbreaking scene came during the most-watched television broadcast of the year. During half-time at the 2004 Superbowl, Janet Jackson exposed her nipple ring adorned breast with Justin Timberlake. The nipple ring was a sun, made of gold. This is the ancient symbols of the goddess and god. Venus and Mars, Ishtar and Marduk, Inanna and Utu, whichever you choose to call them, the attributes are the same. You will find the goddess bearing her breast, as in Lady Liberty, and the male is worshiped as the Sun and gold is his metal, while silver is the metal of the goddess.

  72. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Britney was not the first famous female shaved head. She follows the likes of Demi Moore, who had a Kabbalist wedding with Ashton Kutcher, she had her head shaved as part of military trauma-based mind control in the film, G.I. Jane, and Natalie Portman who had her head shaved as part of the trauma-based mind control in the movie V for Vendetta based on the graphic novel by occultist Alan Moore.

  73. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Madonna made a midnight pilgrimage to a Jerusalem cemetery , holding a mystical candlelit ceremony at the grave of Kabbalist sage Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag. So affected by her faith in Kabbalah, Madonna felt she must change her name to go with her belief. She has adopted the Hebrew name of Esther. Do you remember the name of Britney's hair salon?

  74. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Esther was a Jewish girl who lived with her uncle Mordecai (who adopted the orphaned girl). Esther is derived from Ishtar (Estar), Akkadian for the Evening Star. The Book of Daniel provides accounts of Jews in exile being assigned names relating to Babylonian gods and "Mordecai" is understood to mean servant of Marduk.

  75. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    The Order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal organization in the world that both men and women can join. It was established in 1850 by Robert Morris, a lawyer and educator from Boston, Massachusetts who had been an official with the Freemasons. The emblem of the Order is a five-pointed star. Each of the woman had a place on the star, the downward-pointing, white ray points to the West. This is the place of Esther.

  76. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Adah (Jephthah's daughter, from Judges)

    Ruth, the widow

    Esther, the wife

    Martha (sister of Lazarus, from the Gospel of John)

    Electa (the "elect lady", from II John), the mother

    Esther can also be understood to mean "hidden" in Hebrew. Esther is most likely related to the Median word for myrtle, astra.

  77. dsummerfan says – reply to this


    Can someone get a type from those two, see if we are missing anything good!

  78. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    The Illuminati Formula Used To Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave under the section titled Trauma. Fritz Springmeier says that many Illuminati mind-controlled victims remember a special ritual torture device that is put inside of them that causes excruciating pain and is most likely made of myrtle or Esther.

    Springmeier goes on to state that Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jayne Mansfield, and Marilyn Monroe, who were girlfriends of Anton LaVey (Head of the Church of Satan) and President Kennedy, were Presidential Model mind-controlled sex slaves. Jayne Mansfield was high priestess in the Church of Satan. Anna Nicole wanted to be like Marilyn. Prince Frederick von Anhal said, “She wanted to be a princess.”

    Princess Diana and Playmate Marilyn Monroe both were born on the first of the month and died at the age of 36 in August. They both married on the 29th of the month to men twelve years older. Marilyn called herself the Queen of Diamonds and Diana the Queen of Hearts.

  79. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Semiramis (Ishtar) was called the Queen of Heaven (also Rhea), the Virgin Mother of the Gods, and sometimes known as Great Mother Earth. She was also worshipped under the name Astarte 'the woman who made the towers'.

    There's no doubt that Crowley had a huge effect on our music industry. All of the people discussed in this article are admited kabbalists; Jimmy Page lived in Crowley's house on the Loch Ness from 1971 until 2004, and has the largest collection of the Great Beast's works. Crowley shows up on the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper album and the Scarlet woman is at the bottom. The Rolling Stones play on Occultist/intelligence agent, Ian Fleming's 007 when they announce they are "On Her Majesties Satanic Service." Madonna was the first to step forth and boldly claim she is practicing Kabbalah. Of course, now the name Madonna is equated with a whore Lillith, Thelema, Ishtar.

  80. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Serial killer David Berkowitz, known as Son of Sam, wrote of the Satanic group, which orchestrated the killings, in a letter to a minister. He said:

    "… this group contained a mixture of Satanic practices, including the teachings of Aleister Crowley and Eliphas Levi. It was blood oriented …The coven's doctrines are a blend of Druidism, teachings of the secret order of the Golden Dawn, black magic, and a host of other unlawful and obnoxious practices …

    … Satanists are peculiar people. They aren't ignorant peasants or semi-literate natives. Rather, their ranks are filled with doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and basically highly responsible citizens…They are not a careless group who are apt to make mistakes. But they are secretive and bonded together by a common need and desire to mete out havoc on society. It was Aleister Crowley who said: "I want blasphemy, murder, rape, revolution, anything bad."

  81. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Aleister Crowley or the Beast 666 is without question, the most influential occultist of the twentieth century. The Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), a secret society formed in Germany around 1895 that claims to be a direct line of descent from the Knights Templar, became a major force in the occult world when Aleister Crowley became its leader, but his true passion was to continue where the Golden Dawn had left off. In 1906, Crowley joined George Cecil Jones in England, where they set about the task of creating a magical order they called the A:.A:. (Astron Argon or Astrum Argentium or Silver Star), and it became the primary vehicle for the transmission of Crowley's mystical and magical training system of Thelema, the scarlet Woman. Crowley was British military intelligence and a 33rd degree Freemason.

  82. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    The Knights Templar and the Freemasons are so named because of their association with Solomon's temple. It is said of Solomon:

    The king also desecrated the high places that were east of Jerusalem on the south of the Hill of Corruption—the ones Solomon king of Israel had built for Ashtoreth the vile goddess of the Sidonians, for Chemosh the vile god of Moab, and for Molech the detestable god of the people of Ammon

  83. JENN says – reply to this


    How's everybody's day going thus far? Besides hating on madge of course…

  84. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    British therapist, Vera Diamond, working with people subjected to Satanic and mind control abuse says, "Children say the word satan is used more frequently than any other, but other demons include Baphomet and Behemoth. Molech seems to be one particularly associated with eating babies, and one called Choronzon. These do seem to be associated with eating babies."

  85. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Automobile accidents, drug overdoses, homicides, a plane crash all have claimed the lives of Playmates. The selection of Anna Nicole Smith as a Playboy Playmate in 1992 made her a member of an exclusive sorority; Playmates who have died before their 50th birthday. The causes of Anna Nicole's and her son Daniel's deaths is still unclear.

  86. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Daniel Smith, 20, died Sept. 10 in the Bahamian hospital where his mother had given birth four days earlier. Both a private autopsy by Cyril Wecht as well as an autopsy ordered by Bahamas officials had indicated the young man died as a result of a fatal mixture of three prescription drugs. Toxicology reports now being reviewed by Bahamian law enforcement showed the drugs to be eight times the lethal dose, although the results of this review have not been released.

  87. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Anna Nicole commissioned a private autopsy from American forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht, who found antidepressants Zoloft and Lexapro, as well as methadone in Daniel's blood. Wecht, determined that substances, also in question, included Benadryl, Sudafed, and a small amount of Ambien, a prescription sleep medication. Wecht said there were trace amounts of a fourth substance. He refused to identify the substance, but said it was "nothing horrible — no venereal disease or leprosy." Wecht stood by his earlier findings that the combination of Zoloft, methadone and Lexapro caused Daniel to suffer cardiac arrhythmia. "I have no question at all about the cause of death," he said.

  88. ughhh says – reply to this


    Please stop talking about madonna- nobody cares!!! The people who visit ur site are young and young people don't give a shit about this 50 year old women. Your site is going to shit perez. I used to love reading it…but nomore. This site sucks now!!! Peace!

  89. Tiffany says – reply to this


    I am SO SICK of hearing about Madonna. She's old news trying to make a comeback. ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN. She's OLD. Post some news about NEW PEOPLE.

  90. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Coincidentally, Wynne-Hughes asked Britney why her white purse had a pink stain on it. She said she had "spilled NyQuil all over it."

    American forensic pathologist Wecht has performed analysis in many high-profile cases, such as JonBenet Ramsey who, according to Wilder, was named after the Illuminati's name for the devil, JonBet. Wecht was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges that he misused his position as medical examiner of Allegheny County, Pa., for private gain. The 84-count indictment alleged he traded unclaimed cadavers for lab space for his private practice.

  91. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Michael Scott dismissed media reports that Daniel had antidepressants or other drugs in his system. "It's sheer speculation. It's irresponsible speculation, may I point out," he told reporters.

    "The devastation and grief over Daniel's sudden death coupled with the sedation has been so extreme that Anna Nicole experienced memory loss of the event," attorney Scott said.

    The chief inspector of the Bahamas coroner's office on Wednesday called the death of the 20-year-old Smith "suspicious" and a formal inquiry that could lead to criminal charges was scheduled for next month.

    Police also revealed that a third person was in the hospital room at the time of Daniel's death, Howard K. Stern.

    Smith's estranged sister Donna Hogan told FOX News Friday that she blames Stern for Smith's death and the death of her nephew, Daniel. She also doubts that Stern is the father of Dannielynn.

  92. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    no illegal drugs, only prescription medicines" in Smith's hotel room said Seminole Police Chief Charlie Tiger. Nothing unusual was observed on hotel surveillance tapes, which are still being reviewed, and there was no evidence to suggest a crime occurred.

    Then the cannibals showed their true nature. In a court case that can only be described as bizarre Vergie Arthur, Howard K. Stern, and Larry Berkhead, along with 18 lawyers fought over Anna Nicole's remains. Judge Larry Seidlin declared Smith's corpse would stay refrigerated in the medical examiner's office until he said otherwise.

    As the proceedings dragged on, police investigated a burglary report in the Bahamas at a mansion that Stern and Smith shared. Stern, who was at the mansion with the officers, claims a computer, home videos and other items were taken from the house after Smith's death.

  93. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    The strangest character, by far, in this case, is the alleged thief, Mr. Ford Shelley from Myrtle Beach, and what he stole was the best evidence of mind control. The lawyer called, "Texas" brought this witness to the stand, but Shelley didn't seem to help either side. "Texas" is the lawyer working for Virgie's side (the mom) and she wants Anna buried in Texas next to Marilyn Monroe. Shelley said Anna was afraid to return to California because Billy Smith might file a paternity suit. Shelley then told of how he and Anna had become "more than friends." After looking into laws for unwed mothers in the Bahamas, Shelly picked out a house and loaned Anna the money to pay for it. The note mortgage was never filed with the American International Bank and therefore Shelley jests at "delightfully breaking into my own house" for a tape Howard K. Stern filmed in August of 2006.

  94. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    The tape showed Anna Nicole in a toga with clown makeup scrawled bizarrely across her face. In the words of BJ Berstein, legal analyst, Anna had a "very child-like, haunting voice."

  95. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Stern says, "Anna, Anna listen to me."

    "Bradley thinks you're out of your mind."

    "Huh?" Anna replies.

    "Is this a mushroom trip?" Stern asks.

    "What do you mean?" Anna asks like a 4 year old.

    "I'm kidding."

    "What does that mean?"

    "I'm kidding."

    The scene then cuts to a closer shot of Anna looking like a member of the Insane Clown Posse and Stern says:

    "This footage is worth money."

    To which the child-like voice replies, "Why? What footage?"

    "This thing you're looking into."

    "That's a camera."


  96. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Analyst Bernstein says Anna is "clearly intoxicated". Was she? The autopsy shows no sign of drug abuse and no drugs in her stomach after death. This is a clear case of mind-control, but why show it? Who is Mr. Ford Shelley, son-in-law of G. Ben Shelley from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Why was he on the stand and why did he have that tape?

    When asked how he had gotten the tape, Shelley went off on a narrative to nowhere and the question was never answered The "crazy" Judge Larry Seidlin said, "Ask another question."

  97. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    The Lawyer "Houston" stated that Howard Stern had made the tape and Shelley said he knew about it because his daughter was on it and Stern wouldn't let her phone to come home. "I'll never forgive you for that." Shelley coldly said to Stern in the courtroom. This inadmissible evidence, for no one could authenticate the tape, was brought in for a reason. How it helped anyone decide where to put Anna Nicole's deteriorating body is beyond understanding. It did however show many people what a mind-controlled slave acts like. The programming begins when the child is very young. Various torture devices are administered and usually violent rape. When the mind-control victim presents its first alter personality, it will be the age it was first molested. Anna Nicole was not "clearly intoxicated," she was dissociative. Shelley said, "She was fine when I dropped her off." Anna was 7 months pregnant with her daughter Dannielyn. Shelley said Anna claimed Berkhead was the father.

  98. stop having kids says – reply to this


    hey madonna,

    remember when you had a kid and pretended ( for that cd release) that " nothing really matters…love is all we need" well i guess love and an addiction to fame and not knowing when to stop cause you have more money that one person should! its the most important job in the world but its taken so lightly. shame on you for not knowing when to get off the train, you're only kidding yourself if you think you've got your priorities straight. actions speak louder than record sales.


  99. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    The actual bloodline of the infant child, Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern, is still in question. Hungarian Hapsburg Princess Sari (Zsa Zsa) Gabor's husband, Prince Frederick von Anhal of Germany has now claimed parentage. "If you go back from September, she wasn't with one of those guys, she was with me," von Anhalt, 59, told The Associated Press in an interview. This is highly significant as the ritual death of Vickie Lynn Marshall (Anna Nicole's real name) has occurred in the same ‘cycle’ as that of Spain's Princess Letizia, and who, likewise, ‘mysteriously’ died this past week at the age of 31.

    Russian historical archives confirm that Prince Frederick von Anhal was born Robert Lichtenberg in 1943 in Berlin, but not to the German Royal House of Anhal, but rather as a result of the experiments conducted by the Nazi Scientist German Doctor Carl Clauberg, which puts Prince Frederick in the direct bloodline of the Austrian Schicklgruber’s. (Schicklgruber is the actual name of Adolph Hitler)

  100. MARACANAZO1950 says – reply to this


    Could Dannielyn be the result of Nazi experiments to resurrect Hitler and bring about what is known as the Moonchild?

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