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Mimi Is Bitchy

| Filed under: Mariah Carey


Is Mariah Carey heading for another nervous breakdown???

The diva (and she's not ashamed of it) did an interview with our friends on Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning Zoo Thursday morning….and it was DISASTROUS.

Mimoo was so antagonistic and plain ol' cunty.

Click here to listen to the chat.

Maybe she was PMSing????

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328 comments to “Mimi Is Bitchy”

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  1. KC says – reply to this


    I'm confused. How was Mariah the one who was bitchy??? If anyone was, it was Elvis. From what I understood during the phone conversation, it seemed like Mariah was under the impression that Z100 would be discussing her milestone 18th #1 hit and kind of celebrating that, but instead they decided to ask her a bunch of stupid questions that had nothing to do with it. Elvis has always been mean to Mariah and it clearly showed throughout the interview…and how professional was he by saying "Well I can't ask you any questions Mariah b/c you'll just get mad at me." He said it over and over again and I was just like "Dude, shut up." If that wasn't bad enough he tells Mariah after she said she goes to Florida that "Yeah, thats where all the old people go for the winter" or something like that. Not everyone likes Mariah…we got it…but don't you have to be an ass. The whole entire time I kept thinking Wendy Williams is nicer to Mariah and she is notorious for being mean!!! The whole thing was awkward and if it were me, I would have hung up on Elvis!

  2. Ticky Tock says – reply to this


    I love MIMI, but just curious what's going on with MIMI's eye? Her left eye is always being covered up lately by her hair. Did she undergo surgery or is it pink eye or something. If you look in the original video for "touch my body" they covered it up a lot as well but later touched it up so you can't tell. But does anyone know what's going on with her eye? Start paying attention and you will see just what I'm talking about.

  3. Joe says – reply to this


    I think that Mariah's pretty much always a bitch, so I think that she sounded great on there. I loves my Mariah, but considering the disaster that she usually comes across as, she was perfectly pleasant.

  4. stephanie says – reply to this


    GO MARIAHHH WE LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    GO MARIAHHH!!!! #1

  5. kristen says – reply to this


    i listen to z100 almost every morning… elvis duran has always said that he does not like mariah carey because of her complete rudeness to them during previous interviews. i missed that day, but i can't even believe they agreed to interview her again. i guess they won't be doing that any more.

  6. queenie says – reply to this


    mariah's point was clear. "cant we just celebrate this achievement?"(own words) listen to what the guy was asking her. whatta!! i heard he likes picking on mariah. good for him. if i were mariah i would have done more than that. some guys are just a**holes. go girl mariah !!

  7. Maya says – reply to this


    mariah was soooo not bitchy!!! are you kidding me perez? she was normal and actually being the bigger person in this situation, elvis is rude asshole!

  8. queenie says – reply to this



    #166 - A_O says – reply to this

    shez a B###########TCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WHAT AN ATTITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Obviously, half black….

    ** You dumb racist!! die!! you dont deserve life here on earth. too bad u got such a narrow thinking. shame on u! shame!

  9. mr. fortune says – reply to this


    I listened 2 that call and I don't think she was being bitchy nor cunty. That guy was being a baby and was trying 2 be funny, but he wasn't. He was being a prick. Mariah was cool!

  10. Susan Cranberry says – reply to this


    Re: holly

    Fuck off then you sick cunt

  11. elizabeth says – reply to this


    calm down perez. your email was plain ol' cunty

  12. queenie says – reply to this


    To You:

    I don't get her appeal at all. Every song sounds the same since 1990! How she has had more hits than Elvis is way beyond me. She has not evolved at all since her "career" began- same songs, same hair, same facial expressions, same poses, same bitch! Get a new style!

    r u sure that you've heard all or mariah's songs? coz i have, and they sound totally different. gosh do some research before saying rash statements

  13. Kevin says – reply to this


    Re: Tropico – Seriously, Perez is just tryna start some shi*t as usual. I didn't think she was bitchy/cunty at all. That migrate line Elvis made about old people was a little over the line, IMO.

  14. bitchiness says – reply to this


    Ok you fucking piss me off all time with this crap. If you never experience pms then stop talking about it jackass because you don't have a fucking clue.

  15. nick g. says – reply to this


    PHOTOSHOP IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. NeeeSSSSaaaaa!!!! says – reply to this


    oh please, she wasn't being bitchy at all, she was actually just being funny.
    and ya'll r acting like the "Dahling" thing is new with her…she's been doing that for years. i think it's cute.
    No matter what, she's an incredible woman and a great inspiration to tons of fans.
    You must have nothing else to talk about if your trying to get a "bitchy" mode out of this.

  17. tom says – reply to this


    she handled it well! they were being idiots

  18. Mariah says – reply to this


    Perezy darling - Let's not judge. Such is not like you.

  19. Mimi's lamb for life! says – reply to this


    Have you seeing a mirror lately! Youre UGLY for making a comment like this!!!!

    The last laugh will be MARIAHS all the way to the bank!!!!

  20. Chico Dorado says – reply to this


    Work those legs Mimi….Loves you….Loves all of you….Keep showing this haters that your the best.. … 18th number one…and going….and scene bitches

  21. why???... says – reply to this


    Why does she always have to talk like that black guy from Elle magazine? The one that always says darling. Is she that empty in personality that she has to adopt another person personality for self reflection?

  22. Gabby says – reply to this


    she is such a fucking idiot i hate this bitch and ever since i saw that show about her on vh1 that showed me how much of a diva she was i have HATED her. her music seriously isnt that good. like seriously there are soooooo many artists that are putting out better songs now a days. i mean i know she has an amazing voice but she doesnt need to make it so obvious that she thinks she's basically God. she's old and gross and needs to get over herself.

  23. Beca says – reply to this


    i just listened, and she sounded fun! What's wrong with you Perez?

  24. john says – reply to this


    i think cunty is the perfect description…i mean call a spade a spade….get over yourself bitch…your taste and your music is so 90's and cliche…ever heard of growing as an artist.

  25. mimi news says – reply to this


    on the tube.. mariah carey-friday night project(news)

  26. YOU ARE ANOTHER DUMB LAMB says – reply to this


    have you seeing a mirror lately ???? you meant to say SEEN right ???? I was so right listening to Mariah will make anyone Illiterate, truly STUPID , it must be all those squealing and all those stupid lyrics and let's not all forget the cheap outfits from WHORES FOR LESS OUTLET MALL. Only people that are chicken heads ,ghetto and white trash listens to this skank. DUMB LAMBS .

  27. IT IS TRULY SAD TO BE YOU says – reply to this


    Re: PEREZ HILTON+ELVIS DURAN=FAGS – aside from Mariah Carey's fans are so DUMB ,they are also a IGNORANT , how sad is that ???? I wonder what Mariah will think of her fans using the word FAG , I mean I'm sure some people that work for her are gay , some gays that obviously have no taste , no class , you see people not every gay men are created equal ,no wonder Mariah always looks lie a SKANK hahahahahahaha or maybe they are playing a joke on her because ,they keep saying to her she looks fabulous and keep making her wear all those outfits from WHORES FOR LESS ,either way I will never be a DUMB LAMB because they are obviously just PATHETIC and so fucking DUMB hahahahaha

  28. Linda says – reply to this


    I was never a Mariah fan, but after hearing this interview — and how Perez have managed to criticized the girl for ridiculous reason. She, Mariah earned my ultimate respect.

    No matter how hard you hate here. She handled herself very well.

    No wonder she was able to always turn around things - all the hatred and bad publicity eventually turns into golds, platinums and titanic following. I guess humility and modesty (sometimes silence) are your best weapons. Let them be loud and blind for the light is thyself.


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