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They've Resorted To THIS!

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They're having such a hard time selling tickets to Avril Lavigne's tour that…

The Mohegan Sun is giving them away!

Poor Av. If we had a heart, it would be breaking for her.

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329 comments to “They've Resorted To THIS!”

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  1. gabrielle says – reply to this


    actually mohegan sun always gives away tickets to concerts

    we saw jlo and her baby bump

  2. Jose says – reply to this


    Hahaha….well hey look on the brightside…oh wait there isn't one..haha

  3. Bitchinchick says – reply to this


    You'd have to pay ME to see her. *yawn*

  4. piñata says – reply to this



    I have a heart but it's not even a bit sad about this!!!

    *and i keep saying…HA HA HA HA*

  5. Meghan says – reply to this


    Haha, omg her tickets were $50, 21+ and sold out here in MS. Wtf.

  6. AngelBoy says – reply to this


    She treats her fans liek crap. .. but i kinda feel sorry for her .

  7. perezlies says – reply to this


    I don't know where anyone heard that she treats her fans like shit. probably from the propaganda that perez shits out everyday. The fact is she is always great to her fans. trust me ,don't believe the shit you read from perez.

  8. DALE says – reply to this


    Re: KatFromCT – get the point? its a smear campaign, your just wasting energy typing anything.

  9. DALE says – reply to this


    Re: Bitchinchick – you must get paid for "other acts" as well.

  10. johnmaher says – reply to this


    perez your a douche! I hate avril but you know as well as I that concert promoters give away tickets all the time. It is the industry standard fool!

    Your readers really are stupid to believe this shit!

  11. Tara says – reply to this


    It's funny you sounded like you actually liked Avril during a recent mtv canada interview, what's the deal?I remember a couple of years ago you loved Avril and her music, you would come on muchmusic asking about Avril and Deryk back when they were dating, your obviously obsessed with her, or you wouldn't be talking about her, I don't like onions so I don't talk about it, Avril's been getting great reviews recently, Boston Globe, Boston herald, Montreal Gazzette, Ottawa Citizen, why don't you get a hobby, John Mayer was right you do have physiological problems.

  12. POOR AVRIL says – reply to this


    Too bad everybody hates her.

  13. perezshittydick says – reply to this


    someday pnasty will get his I would imagine. I cant believe someone hasnt beaten the shit out of him yet. It would be a great youtube vid!

  14. Matt says – reply to this


    Wow, that is really funny. I live like 2 minutes from the Mohegan Sun and they NEVER gave away free tickets. They must be really desperate. One of my best friends aunt is in charge of entertainment so I can get the low down of how the tickets are selling and what their last resorts are. I am going to get the tickets so I can see it and I will let you know how it is.

  15. Jay says – reply to this


    I saw Avril live and she was fantastic! even non fans were impressed by her musicianship and big voice, on the other hand the "boy meets girl" were simply awful they can't sing live and kept on screwing up chords in their songs, I wasn't the only person who noticed, they were critically destroyed by the Ottawa citizen for the same reasons, Avril got alot of praise "the show wasn't just solid it was a spectacle" and "her voice was powerful" so layoff!

  16. PROPAGANDA says – reply to this



  17. Big Momma says – reply to this


    Re: piñata – then maybe your the one who needs to see a psychologist.

  18. Summer says – reply to this


    Wow, I can't believe how similar she looks to Heidi Montag in that pic!

  19. Kayleigh *aka* BritneySpearsOfficialFanClub says – reply to this


    where is this banner I cannot find it on mohegan sun.com where do u get the free tockets?

  20. Kayleigh *aka* BritneySpearsOfficialFanClub says – reply to this


    If someone finds this banner plz email it to be at xxriotgirl6669xx@hotmail.com cuz I cant find it anywhere online where they are giving these tickets away.

  21. TouTou07 says – reply to this


    Omg Perez stfu… Most of her show are sold out. And I was at the show to montreal and it was full… like twenty three thousand people, so plz stop lying.

  22. Cecilia says – reply to this


    she looks like heidi montag

  23. pissoff says – reply to this



  24. Chris says – reply to this


    how is her tour gonna make money if they jus keep givin away tickets. maybe shes jus focused on filling the arena. good luck wit that. shed b better off trying to sell bottled air.

  25. Just Wondering says – reply to this


    for those of you feeling sorry for Avril…I'm so curious, what exactly are you feeling sorry for?

    Her millions of dollars?

    Her arena full of screaming eight year old girls?

    Her mansion?

    Her photoshoots and magazine interviews so she can tell everyone how great she is?

    Her record and clothing deals that she skims off the top from while doing minimum work?

    Her TV interviews?

    The tons of fanmail from kids who "love" her?

    The anime, music videos, fanfiction, and art that people create for her?

    The songs she gets written for her by famous songwriters?

    All the love, admiration and fame that she herself did not personally earn or ever deserve, and that she now selfishly squanders and sells out?


    Oh, right, what part are you feeling sorry for again?

  26. Lizz says – reply to this


    I want to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. I love Avril. It's sad to see that she's losing her fan base.

  27. sunshinemummy says – reply to this


    We saw Avril in concert a few weeks ago and it was actually a pretty good show. Of course I took my daughter and 3 friends for her birthday. It's too bad that she is getting this treatment.

  28. REALLYCANTTAKEITANYMORE says – reply to this


    Re: icantstanditanymore – I think it's more that Perez just WON'T SHUT UP about it that's driving me crazy. And as for Avril, why do you have to insult every fan that she has? I like her music. It's mindless drivel, of course, but ALL pop is. It's better than Madonna's (gasp) or Mariah's (gasp-er)! How could I say that, you cry. Well, it's called having a goddamn opinion, and it's hypocritical of YOU to say that it's okay for Perez to say his, and not for Avril's fans to say theirs. He won't shut up about the stupid bitch; she's his new Britney. It's old, and she's not that bad. People who prefer the Jonas Brothers are the fucking tone deaf ones. That's right. I don't like the Jonas Brothers, who somehow became God while I was sleeping or something.

    Yes, there's better music. Yes, Avril is a face. But EVERYONE in popular music is a face, and with the rise of trendy 'indie' labels like FBR, even underground artists are becoming faces. There's nothing there, and I know. I labor under no misconceptions about Avril Lavigne, and I still sing 'Girlfriend' in the shower, so shut the fuck up.

    And to those who whine and say she's changed—She's always been pop, dumbasses. Clothes don't make the person.

  29. TheKing says – reply to this


    I bought tickets so I could see Boys Like Girls, Avril was a bonus. Stop being a prick Perez, picking on young girls is retarded.
    BLG fucking rocks, screw anyone who thinks otherwise

  30. Hunter says – reply to this


    Look at this picture everybody from Avril's recent concert:

    Perez is full of shit.

  31. sarah from luxembourg says – reply to this


    Here in Luxembourg (small small country in Europe) they sell cellphones with free Avril-CDs… She is sheduled to play here but as far as I know it is far from sold out… and here they go to every fuckong concert there is, because for a long time there weren't any… but nobody wants to see avril, not even a small country of 500.000 poeple living in…

  32. nick says – reply to this




  33. ...TheBetterOne... says – reply to this


    okay, I just visit this site occationally, but you know?
    I don't see WHY people want to read the "stories" from you.
    Your self-centered & fairly stubit.

    People give away those tickets all the FUCKING time.

    And whom was it that got famous at a VERY young age,
    thought herself playing guitar,
    and showed girls to not be themselves isn't good?

    Yeah, that's right, Avril.

    But whom is it that shits over "celebs",
    has no life,
    and tries to tear everyone else down too?

    that's right Perez! good for yhouu!
    'couse it's you.

    I just hope your enjoying your fatty-couch…
    I mean, if you stuck to it it's better if it's comfy.,.

  34. Maple Leaf says – reply to this


    OK. We get it. You don't like Avril. Get over it and move on with your life. There has to be someone else out there who you need to focus on. Seriously, Perez, you're getting a little creepy. Maybe you're actually an Avril lover and just can't come to grips with it.

  35. HASBEEN says – reply to this



  36. dwarf police says – reply to this


    Who said she's only 3 feet tall?

    My guess is slightly under 3 feet which makes her a legal dwarf and it's against civil law to make fun of dwarfs!

    Pez Dispenser, you nailed this fugly wannabe April long ago for what she really is. Good job…

    PS Can any of you imagine how ugly those kids are gonna be with Whibly? EWWWWWWWWWW!

  37. Coco says – reply to this


    I would go, if i lived in Amerika. But not for Avril, but for the support act boys like girls..

  38. mia says – reply to this


    i mean id watch it if she comes to my country, cos i think she's great, and its cheap to that.

  39. www.finickycritic.com says – reply to this


    poor thing.she has a great voice, so it must be her attitude. www.finickycritic.com

  40. Jenny says – reply to this


    i liked her in the early days (Y)

  41. terry says – reply to this


    leave her alone for gawd sake , stop being such a bully…wtf are u raggin on her all the time? this is her bread n butta , at what point does it stop being a blog about her and others and turn into a campaign of hate? Dude you gotta chill

  42. eddie says – reply to this


    Mohegan Sun always gives tickets away to all of the concerts. Avril's is no different.

  43. SUE MENGERS says – reply to this


    Mr. Hilton, I have read so many of your comments over the past few years that I can't remember why you hate this BITCH so much. Please remind us of her "orginal sin". I'm always in support of your position on the celebs., but only if I can remember why. I guess she ignored you or maybe even insulted you, but surely you've moved on. Harboring such a resentment suggests that you are seriously alcoholic…even if you don't touch the stuff….just post a reminder of what the fuck she has done to be on your permanent shit-list. You're the best…but let's keep it real. OKAY??? kisses…Sue

  44. mohegansunfrequenter says – reply to this


    Yes, Mohegan Sun does give out free tickets but only to events that are selling poorly. Gwen Stefani was there a few months ago and trust me, no one was getting emails for complimentary tickets.

  45. Charles Howard says – reply to this


    I guess if your'e hot then your'e hot and if your'e not , then your'e just not

  46. Beach Dogg says – reply to this



    come on too Boardwalk records, So you can get promoted right. cause obviously your'e promo-Team is WACK

  47. 1st Bitches Inc says – reply to this


    Faux-punk beeyotch deserves worse, much, much worse.

  48. Kahlil Gi-bra says – reply to this


    Re: SUE MENGERS – I agree with Sue insomuch as we DO need periodic updates on why we're supposed to hate these cretins as much as we do. With Lavigne it's pretty easy to surmise: no talent, pretended to be something she ain't, feeds on the guts of the buried dead, etc. But on others it would be helpful.

  49. Paradis says – reply to this


    Well I live in ct and they always give away tickets to their concerts to people who go there a lot. My Grandma gets offered free tickets to concerts at least once or twice a week. but to be honest I still think they won't have to many people claiming them!

  50. AC says – reply to this


    Her show in Ottawa, Ontario practically sold out and I'm sure other Canadian cities are about the same. A LOT of musicians are having difficulty selling tickets, not just Avril. I don't even like her but leave her alone unless she says something stupid (which she often does).

  51. AVRIL SUXX says – reply to this



  52. Dominic says – reply to this


    her music sucks anyway, im glad ppl finally woke up, she's been making her ”pink punk music” for too long already!!!!

  53. alex says – reply to this


    ok, perez, lay off!! seriously.
    i saw her show at the agganis arena in boston
    expecting the worse after reading your blog, i was pleasantly suprised when i found out the show was nearly sold out
    and once again, when she performed, her show was amazing!
    the lights, the stage, her dancers, herself… all of it. she puts on an amazing show

    i dont know what you have against avril, but you need to chill
    you are over exaggerating everything when it comes to avril
    she is a great person and an amazing performer

    she doesnt deserve this

  54. 44DD for Obama says – reply to this

  55. The Boston Globe says – reply to this


    At 23, there's no reason to expect Avril Lavigne has figured out who she wants to be yet.

    Avril Lavigne

    With Boys Like Girls

    At: Agganis Arena, Tuesday night
    more stories like this
    Lavigne shows heart beneath artifice
    No fooling
    Barneys bag
    Tuesday night at Agganis Arena, the diminutive Canadian vocalist displayed the various guises - teeny-bopper dance queen, junior Joan Jett, pint-size Celine Dion - that have helped her reliably scale the charts since 2002. She whirled from crackling bubblegum to revved-up power pop with a smudge of Hot Topic punk. Although Lavigne's voice is formidable, her identity falls hazily somewhere between the margins. She flailed at her guitar and snarled with technical precision on rockers like "I Always Get What I Want."

  56. The Boston Globe says – reply to this


    But tender ballads of confusion like "I'm With You" or assertiveness like "Don't Tell Me" felt truer somehow and resonated with the young women, who filled about three-quarters of the arena alongside a smattering of boyfriends and dads, raising their voices in similar yearning.

    Lavigne also has yet to unlock her most comfortable stage persona, veering from awkward dance moves to aimless meandering, although she was strongest with an instrument at hand, melding and harmonizing with her five-piece band.

    She moved from set piece to set piece with due diligence and a big smile but not a lot of detectable joy or emotion, dispatching nearly 20 songs in 75 efficient minutes.

    Only when she sat at her pink baby grand and laid out her heart on the simple but aching "When You're Gone" did it seem that the real Lavigne peeked out from behind the bratty affectations. While her rhyming vocabulary isn't particularly vast, the honesty of lyrics like "I've never felt this way before/Everything that I do/Reminds me of you/And the clothes you left/they lie on the floor/And they smell just like you/I love the things that you do" felt more relatable than the manicured grime of "I Don't Have to Try."

  57. The Boston Globe says – reply to this


    That righteous display of dominance was somewhat undercut by the synchronized moves of the ripped-leather-clad dancers behind her, looking about as ferocious as a road company of "West Side Story."

    As Lavigne continues her search, parents and pop music fans could do a lot worse for a role model than a young woman who doesn't crassly trade on her sexuality, writes catchy songs, and sings with strength about power and vulnerability.

  58. The Boston Herald says – reply to this


    Despite the skull and crossbones, Avril Lavigne is a good role model.

    Now 23, she promotes girl power by delivering marginal attitude mixed with a refreshing brand of femininity that doesn’t require a bare midriff.

    She writes songs like “Don’t Tell Me,” about actually not sleeping with a boy who wants to hop in the sack.

    And she delivers a solid if not spectacular live show that is edgy enough to keep teen girls engaged, but not edgy enough to embarrass their chaperone fathers.

    Plus, her skull-and-crossbones trademark is placed inside a pretty pink heart.

    Tuesday night at Boston University’s Agganis Arena, Lavigne showcased both the sweet and the sassy in an 80-minute set that was heavy on backup dancers, ballads, black eyeliner and the color pink.

    The pop-punk festivities opened with “Girlfriend,” although Lavigne can’t, in fact, be anyone’s girlfriend because she’s married to Sum 41 lead singer Deryck Whibley.

    Apparently being in love has other benefits, though, including writing tender-but-not-quite-cheesy ballads that proved an excellent showcase for Lavigne’s voice, including “When You’re Gone” and “Innocence,” both of which comprised the bulk of the night’s happy interlude near the middle of the set.

  59. The Boston Herald says – reply to this


    Lavigne was versatile - heartfelt and sensitive one moment, then skipping across the stage and acting tough the next, as on “I Always Get What I Want,” “Hot” and “He Wasn’t.”

    When not displaying borderline rock attitude, Lavigne looked like she was having fun, and she had help. Along with a five-piece band, Lavigne was frequently backed by several fist-pumping dancers dressed in glittery black gear, all eager to march and wave flags as needed.

    Lavigne’s live show also included a few wardrobe changes during which she disappeared below deck to slip into another black or pink outfit during surprisingly entertaining dance interludes.

    In addition to playing her glittery pink guitar and pink piano throughout the night, Lavigne tried her hand at drums - pink ones - and did a serviceable job on the opening of Toni Basil’s “Mickey,” which led into the title track off Lavigne’s thirdalbum, “The Best Damn Thing.”

    “This next song and I go way back,” she announced before “Complicated,” her “first single ever” and a crowd singalong favorite. But it was “Sk8er Boi,” the punchy anthem about seeing past the exterior, that got those bouncing and pumping their fists

  60. Kaela Michelle says – reply to this


    This isnyt true because i live in CT and i went on the mohegan sun website and there selling for like 50 dollars.

  61. sheena says – reply to this


    the funniest part of it all is that she thinks shes the shit
    clearly, we know the answer

  62. chelza belza says – reply to this


    They aren't giving them away on their website so where the crap did you guys even find this posting? I don't like her corney *ss anyways, but this seems pretty fake-o!

  63. truth says – reply to this


    ah did her plastic surge see cluless too many times

  64. suzie says – reply to this


    haha faker ur career's in the toilet!!! :-p wow, that was kinda mean :-(

  65. LEAVE HER ALONE FOR ONCE says – reply to this


    this docent mean anything.not really places give out tickets all the time.i don't know about anywhere else but where i live her ticks prices hasn't drop and people are still going and buying them.you take this the wrong way sometimes.her new cd is ok and boys like girls are just ok to but a lot of people still like them. i get you don't like her but give her a break shes just trying to do something she likes.

  66. VtFarmboy says – reply to this


    Re: alrmw23 – all her canadian dates sold out? I was just in montreal and went to see her and half the seats were empty…… I dont know but if thats what you consider sold out I guess its cause you are drinking to much of that canadian beer….

  67. VtFarmboy says – reply to this


    Here is the ultimate question. While Ms. Lavigne has had a couple of pop hits that were catchy. That is respectabe. At what point does age catch up with her and a whiney little brat image turn into a screaming B**ch? because that is what will eventually happen if she doesnt change her immage. She and her handlers need to understand the brat thing is getting old and she needs to just grow up and get a life. If anyone thinks she is in charge and makes all the decisions you have no understanding of how the pop music industry works.

  68. Transexual Transylvania says – reply to this


    I'd rather go to a roller derby show.

  69. Kelley says – reply to this



  70. TouTou07 says – reply to this


    Why do you hate her so much ??? I think she's a great artist and a good person. Leave her alone.

  71. TouTou07 says – reply to this


    Why do you hate her so much ?? I think she's a great artist and a good person. Maybe you're just jealous ? Leave her alone…

  72. LOLOL says – reply to this


    Who are these jackasses that comment on here with crap like "If the Jonas Brothers were playing with her, I'd totally go see her show!" Jonas Brothers lip-synch and are the complete CRAP that Avril is. STFU. And Boys Like Girls? WTF kind of band name is that?

  73. captain obvious says – reply to this


    Re: icantstanditanymore
    amen. its fucking freedom of speech. get the fuck off his site if you dont agree.
    also, telling us morons we're stupid for having no lives and coming on this site is idiotic…why the fuck are you here and posting too??

  74. mamacita says – reply to this


    I live in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, and we love Avril…tickets to her show went on sale this morning and were sold out in 12 minutes…

  75. Lolita says – reply to this


    i never liked her anyways. when people used to have her CDs, i would just be like "yeah um she sucks" but anywho, now i have to see her at the jobro concert in nc -_-

  76. Bwahahahaha!!! says – reply to this


    Think this skank is getting it yet? That someone who sucks ass shouldn't be such an asshole to the public?

  77. me says – reply to this


    maybe she should of thought of changing her attitude and spitting and giving the finger along time of go,karma always gets you back!!

  78. i heart phil says – reply to this


    Re: Phil McCracken
    phil- it does not say that, nice try

  79. Charlotte says – reply to this


    I laughed at this, because I've never liked Avril. Yes, she's never done anything to me personally, but I still don't like her. Call me irrational, but it's basic human nature. Those of you who are moaning and bitching about Perez need to take a good hard look at yourselves - he's more than entitled to his opinion, as are you. The difference is he does it through this website and you do it amongst your friends. If you don't like what he says, or you think he's a loser or whatever, that's fine. But if that's how you really feel, why the hell are you posting comments on his website?!?!

  80. loveMaegan.com says – reply to this


    is she starting to look like that fug, Heidi from the hills … or is it just me? gross.

  81. canucksrule says – reply to this


    I remember reading that Avril spit at the paps, but I dont recall ever hearing of her treating fans bad. Besides, alot of what you people are bitching about is from her teen years. Cut her some slack, Im sure shes matured since then. This site is boring and very few comments are worth reading.

  82. Cashflow420 says – reply to this


    Avril who? j/k
    fire the promotion manager!

  83. Me says – reply to this


    I live in Vancouver, B.C., and we love Avril's music, as does most of Canada. She'll be performing at the Junos this weekend.

    Mr. Hilton your childish antics towards Avril are slanderous and quite frankly misleading BS.

    I hope her lawyers will be contacting you soon.

  84. sammy spears says – reply to this


    avril é uma puta gorda

  85. PCP says – reply to this


    She is a dumb ass no talent bitch. Poser, loser, wannabe punk. Just a pie hole which needs to go away. BITCH

  86. John says – reply to this


    Photo from her show last night:

    How is that barely selling tickets?

  87. v says – reply to this


    u just stupid sissy perez..

  88. senavifan says – reply to this


    I went on the Mohegan Sun web site and couldn't find any offer of free tickets, not even with their offers of stuff with a room. If you can find one, please post the link.

    I tired to see what tickets are avaible from Mohegan and it looks like none are avaible. There are up priced secondary market tickets . Mohegan may or may not have used a complimentary offer for someone sometime, but if it's still on I can't find it and it looks like from the Sun perspective, this is a sell out.

  89. dfgh says – reply to this


    She's not having ticket problems! She just had a sold out show in Ottawa the other night

  90. JEW says – reply to this


    Avril use to be good…
    …untill she started pumping out stuff like Girlfriend.

  91. Tiarna says – reply to this


    Perez ur nothing but a liar…just move on with your life…this is getting really old now….stop making shit up 2 try and make her look bad. Shes got millions of ppl who love and support her…theres nothing you can do or say 2 change that. Do you really think ppl care about what you think of her??…cuz i know i dont give a fuck…your NEVER gunna change my mind about her. I love and look up 2 her so much…and I am so PROUD 2 call myself an Avril fan. Her concerts are doing really well and shes nominated for 5 awards 2morro night…so shes doing pretty good if you ask me. PEREZ UR THE REAL LOSER!!

  92. I HATE THE LYING HYPOCRITE PEREZ! GO JOHN!! says – reply to this


    HORSE TEETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  93. Tiarna says – reply to this



    Thanx for the picture John…this just proves that Perez is nothing but a liar…I wonder why he didnt post it…hmmmm I just dont get it…that concert looks sold out 2 me.

  94. kat says – reply to this


    I would go if it were free. I looked on Mohegan sun's website and they were not advertising free tickets. I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to get these tickets. Thanks!

  95. Molliee says – reply to this


    aw tht must suck

  96. Morgan says – reply to this


    Just so everyone knows…mohegan sun does this ALL the time. every concert they have they give away 2 free tickets to exclusive members. we got them for maroon 5, carrie underwood keith urban, toby keith and such

  97. Erin says – reply to this


    I saw Avril in Vancouver it was awesome and the place was packed. Eat shit haters you are obviously jealous self hating idiots!!!!

  98. :) says – reply to this


    Her concert in ottawa was amazing so im not sure what your talking about
    theres nothing wrong with avril, just because she doesnt dress like a slut and many young children like her, doesnt mean you should be bashing her.

  99. senavifan says – reply to this


    There really no "where it's from" info at all on what "Perez" has put up here. It makes it look like it on Mohegan's site but no one has found it.

    There's nothing. It looks ripped out from a larger display, if you'll notice. Other posts from people who've tried to find free tickets on the Mohegan site here. No tickets FOR MONEY available on Mohegan site.

    The secondary tickets you find today are way back.

    PEREZ, PROVE THIS IS GENUINE !!! and was widely available.

  100. kg95sc says – reply to this


    wow that is bad for her, but the funny thing is how she has accomplished more in five years than most of you haters combined in your life times. She is more of a celebrity than all you, and yea a sell out. But she still is fucking hot.

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