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Off The Market?

| Filed under: AnglophiliaCameron DiazGerard Butler


Sorry, ladies.

He's taken!

The Sunday Mirror is reporting that 300 hottie Gerard Butler has quietly been seeing Cameron Diaz.

The pair have been spotted together on three dates within the last 10 days!

Most recently, the twosome were seen sharing drinks at Shutters Hotel in Santa Monica last week. Says a spywitness: "They walked up to the balcony area to look at the sunset. He had one arm round her waist and the other on the small of her back. She kept giggling and touching his chest to whisper in his ear. They obviously had a good night."

Cameron and Gerard have also been out at Teddy's Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel in LA, where fellow clubbers say there was a lot of "thigh touching". And a couple of days before that they dined at The Chateau Marmont hotel.

Diaz's last fling was douchenozzle Criss Angel. And, Butler was most recently linked with troublemaker Naomi Campbell.

What do U think of Cammie and Gerard????

[Images via WENN.]

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316 comments to “Off The Market?”

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  1. Dallas says – reply to this


    Stay clear of her Gerald - she is so used up and slutty….could not act her way out of a traffic jam - useless twat is all she is.

  2. toadflaxxed says – reply to this


    I hope he wears 6 condoms if they're doing it because she's a total skank-roid fame whore. Cameron-rotten-crotch won't last because he likes them with brains and she never had any. Besides, doesn't he like boys???

  3. Loucifer says – reply to this


    Well she's pretty androgynous - no hips, booty or boobs and acts like a man so maybe he's just still in the 'cabinet' as my mum would say…
    Oh god please let him see the light

  4. Lindsay says – reply to this


    CUTEST COUPLE EVER! I love both of them, they're both really talented and seem like really nice people! I know it's early, but I hope they last.

  5. Jenn says – reply to this


    he's SUPER hot! and i LOVE her so this makes me happy!

  6. againstthepimpparents says – reply to this


    what a "showmance"…Gerard is very well known to be gay and didn't try to hide it at first..until the studios came along. And Diaz is the most well known beard in Hollywood.

  7. Crystal says – reply to this


    I give it a week

  8. mr cashier says – reply to this


    JEALOUS on both of them! CD is HOT and hes just .. WOW sexy!

  9. J.B. says – reply to this


    gerard is HOT HOT HOT.. and did i mention HOT!!!!
    im happy for him.. he deserves someone good.. but is that really CD?

  10. Brit says – reply to this


    He is perfect…. lucky bitch.

  11. Jessica says – reply to this


    Oh come on…Cameron Diaz? She's trashy.
    But then again, as classy as he looks, he really is, too. He's a total male slut. I've been shocked seeing him in interviews because he doesn't talk and behave the way you would think. He's got a potty mouth and he's sort of childish.
    (He's still DAMN hot, though.)

  12. O says – reply to this


    CD is "ok" looking… but I'm not sure if she's the right girl for him. Cause damn… that man is sex on legs. I would take this as a grain of salt, until its actually revealed that they are seeing each other. But damn, that's all I can say… damn, damn, DAMN. I wanna jump his bones!!!

  13. leslita says – reply to this


    she'll dump him like everybody else, shell get bored

  14. z says – reply to this


    Problem is Gerry has always said he is constantly looking for the next woman when he is in a relationship hence he is 38 and can't hold down a relationship because of his wandering eye. She says when she is in a relationship she is committed - a disaster waiting to happen as she is too clingy and stalks ex boyfriends. As long as he doesn't get hurt I don't care about her.

  15. Mel says – reply to this


    I think it's HORRIBLE! Other than the fact he's suppose to be mine, they don't look like a good couple…..

  16. june says – reply to this


    i have never posted but tonight is an exception…….he cant…she cant….i love cameron but nooooooo…….im not ready to think of him off the market. this ruins my very elaborate daydreams…

  17. Christine says – reply to this


    Who cares if he's dating Diaz. As long as he 'likes' girls. The thought of him sticking his dick in some dudes ass or him getting a dick up his own ass is enough to make me sick. If you are gay… please stay in the closet so I may enjoy your gorgeous self. I can't dream about some guy if I know he's got balls slapping him in the face or his dick smells like assssssss.

  18. LOVING GeraldButler says – reply to this


    He is soooooo HOOOOOTTTTT..she's is ok i guess!!

  19. blahhhhh says – reply to this


    awww thats soo cute!!!!! love ittt

  20. pika says – reply to this


    why? why? why? why?
    i highly dislike CD. eew eew eew eew eew eew eew.
    can't he get someone less skankier? why god why?

  21. Linda says – reply to this


    Finally someone up to par with the Cameron Diaz!
    Sure, she's not as hot as she was in the Mask. But no one can look 20 forever.
    She's still fabulous and endearing as always!

    Love love love

  22. postwatcher says – reply to this


    Cameron looks insanely good on the cover of GQ. I think it is a good thing that they are dating…Why not? Better then all those weird women he is usually seen with.

    I have decided that he is not gay. Most gay men in hollywood today will just keep on the down low about things for instance, they don't talk about finding a woman to get married and settle down with like Gerry does. They just don't say anything……

  23. Anon says – reply to this


    Gerard is very "Catholic" and he even told a story about how he went to church to pray if he could stop smoking. I think he is prolly gay, but if he is it would be that he is not on the bottom like Jake was in that movie. He is on the top. ALso, he is almost never photo'd with a girl unless it is some random "model" he is escorting to some event. OTOH, X17 (the ppl who sued PRez,) has pictures of Cammie and Gerry together in his car and he is driving. THe other thing is that I remember about Gerard being sober for a lot of years and admitting to terrible problems with drugs when he was in his early 20's. I know Cameron likes to drink and she is definitley a pot smoker, so I do not think this can last. Also bcz of the gay aspect.

  24. Erica says – reply to this


    Gerard is the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. mc says – reply to this


    theyreeee a hot couple.
    as long as her hands are still off jt

  26. gigitty says – reply to this


    she was with diddy at 1912 last night

  27. He Ruined The Phantom Movie says – reply to this


    I really think he is hot but he so ruined the Phantom movie so I have had a hard time liking since. I am not a Cameron fan anymore. Her burps are gross & she hasn't aged well. She is too manish.

  28. steph mcglenchy says – reply to this


    i think they would be good together. cameron will probably be better off with a european block i think. gerard's an alright bloke i think

  29. Suzie says – reply to this


    Gerry is way hotter than that douche Justin.

  30. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: Linda – I think maybe I don't want to believe that. I think he's so manly that it's hard to believe that he's gay.

  31. Beth Huntington says – reply to this


    Shut up, Gerard is mine.

  32. JenBeeps says – reply to this


    Gerard B. is definitely an upgrade from JT. More power to her! If its true, she is one lucky biyatch!

  33. V says – reply to this


    He's yammyyyyy
    but let see how long that is gunna go on….
    u never know - it might work

  34. versa says – reply to this


    It's women who all seem to think Cameron is unattractive, but I'm tellin ya all the guys I know (and I know A LOT) think she's hot hot hot… they like her personality, laugh, eyes, body, hair and smile. Believe it or not, a lot of men don't want the plastic, perfect women.. they like em sexy, fun and real.

  35. sun says – reply to this


    im happy for her, she deserves a good man not a boy…and gerard is f*cking HOT!!!

  36. SAM says – reply to this


    229 - gigitty says – reply to this

    she was with diddy at 1912 last night

  37. j says – reply to this


    wow, a HUGE step up from justin….

  38. zsa zsa says – reply to this


    who cares! all these people would poke anyone as long as it made them look good

  39. jenna. says – reply to this


    i love them both:]

  40. yaya says – reply to this


    hes FUCKING GORGEOUS and a good actor and she is trashy and half retarded!

  41. Morgana says – reply to this


    This slut really gets around! What happened to Owen Wilson? Or was that last week's man? It's hard to keep up…..anyways I like her and Owen more as a couple, they're both blond and they seem to go together better than her and this guy….

  42. ceecee says – reply to this


    eh. i think he'd look better with jennifer anniston…that would be HOT

  43. icey says – reply to this


    that lucky bitch and thats all it is luck cuz the bitch is UGLY cameron diaz looks like she could be the OLSEN TWINS MOM!!! She must give good HEAD or sumthing it must keeps her guys in a trance for a while, like JT then he realized he could do better with jessica! he'll learn

  44. icey says – reply to this


    Re: Daryl – r u jus saying that cuz your black or u are mixed up on wich race u should be?or be with?, wow way to go stood up for yourself and all the other blacks on some homosexuals website, and by the way i totally luv the gays!

  45. icey says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle – wow bitch u have some fucking issues are u white or are u black, hey u no what it doesnt matter i think your a case either way, hey and way to sterotype u stupid bitch that is the apitomy of being a racist jus because people dont agree with interracial dating doesnt mean there racist or vote for a white women running for president. turn at least 15 or 16 before u try and prove a point ;)

  46. TRACY76 says – reply to this



    OH DEAR GOD!Not HER?!!?!?!? ANYONE but HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHAT is he THINKING!??!?!?!?! She is so FUGLY!!!!!!

  47. TRACY76 says – reply to this



    OH DEAR GOD!!!! NOT HER!!!!! Y HER!?!??!?! Shes so fugly!!!!

  48. k says – reply to this


    Hmmmm. I wonder what they talk about, she's as dumb as a stump. She must be a whore in bed.

  49. Rianne says – reply to this


    Well that's not exactly a pair I'd put together….
    This just doesn't look like they could be in it for the long haul…
    For however long it holds I hope they have fun….
    But not too long…hehe!!!

  50. jane says – reply to this


    OMG WTFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and hes wayy to good for her i love him

  51. Sandy says – reply to this


    It was actually Matt Dillon at Chateau Marmont !!! Comme on ppl get your information straight. If you google it you'll actually see the pictures … they got the wrong guy.

  52. celeste says – reply to this


    She is so way out of his league. He deserves so much better!!! Gerard get some glasses baby

  53. Monica says – reply to this


    omg noooooooo gerard is so hot!!! he should b with me lol

  54. kristi p says – reply to this


    she is such a dogface!! He is sooooo beautiful. I think he has terrrrrible taste in women. Good for her …..I guess. Why can't he date someone beautiful and intelligent??

  55. Peter says – reply to this


    I know him. he is from my home town and he is a cool guy, really down to earth. Good Luck Cameron is HOT

  56. Lisa says – reply to this


    I'm sorry :(

  57. jacky-chan says – reply to this


    The psycho wench Campbell and now ditzy Diaz? Totally gone off him now these two added with his awful NY accent in P.S.? oh dear oh dear….

  58. Holy says – reply to this


    He is really hot but he is trashy, she definitely looks like she smells oh man she is fucking gross.

  59. Holy says – reply to this


    Christine shut the fuck up, you are probably one of those average looking white chicks who needs to be forward and and trampy just to get an average mans attention. So fuck off with your stupid prejudices and leave men to the smoking hotties sweetie.

  60. britegray says – reply to this


    No way. Seems like an odd pairing. I hope Gerard finds better. She's goofy like Jim Carrey.

  61. Snoopygirl says – reply to this


    I think he could do much better than Cameran Diaz….she looks like a muppet.

  62. Christine says – reply to this


    #262 - A - Fortunately for me, you're wrong. Believe it if you want, I'm not interested if you do or not. B - You're #161 comment just opened up a window into your soul…. please close it and nail it shut!

  63. angela says – reply to this


    he's soooo yummy

  64. puddintang says – reply to this


    She's not good enough for a man like that.

  65. Cameron is Cool says – reply to this


    All you people that are saying how ugly, etc… Cameron is should probably take a look at yourselves…She's unique, pretty, funny and the one's that are cutting her down probably are fat losers..One thing is for sure, if he's gay, NONE of you have a chance anyway…Well, even if he isn't gay you haters of Cameron didn't have a chance ..hahaha Stop hating!!

  66. Bethanee says – reply to this


    Re: Cameron is Cool
    I agree with you… and it's funny how must of the posters are women who are hating on Cam! I also think it's offensive how they keep calling her a skank and Ho, why are the women always labeled as that? Why aren't the men? I think Cam is enjoying life and sampling a smorgasbord of men, I envy her if anything… and good on her!! I think she's adorable!

  67. cuchicuchiruru says – reply to this


    Thanks Good!!!! Finally Cameron is getting a real man and not that mother fucker of Justin who always likes to destroy womens when he wants to leave them. This gay is a real man and she is definetly UPGRADING!!!! Congrats to her….

  68. Class says – reply to this


    We just watched an old movie last night with him in it. Reign of Fire. It has a few hot men in it. This guy is so hot. I don't blame Cameron. He is way more of a man than the other guys she has dated. I think I hear wedding bells.

  69. chick2geek says – reply to this


    HELLS BELLS NO! Frickity-Do-Da! It CAN'T be true? He is too good for that flat faced air-head!!!!

  70. Nina says – reply to this



  71. Cammie's sister says – reply to this


    Re: chick2geek – hahaha well she has a successful career and A LOT of money….not bad for an airhead…hahaha What have done lately? :)

  72. mrs.banks says – reply to this


    viva scotland!!!!

  73. jady says – reply to this


    NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! that stupid betch!!! now i hate her even more!!!!! she's a dirty whore and needs to back off My Gerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna kick her ET lookin ass!!!!! Free Gerry!!!!! Cam needs to go somewhere and find an ugly old guy like herself. noooooo!!! i'm gonna cry…. He can't be dating her, when he can get WWWAAAAYYY better!!! why fuck a 2 by 4 when he can get a Woman!!!!!!!!

  74. LIKE BRAD & ANGIE OR JAVIER & P says – reply to this


    k, they would definitely make one the HOTTEST COUPLES in hollywood. next to b&a or j&Pp- these two would fit perfectly. they would match so well. gerard is GORGEOUS & so is cameron (obviously). i gotta say, these two match better than they did w/ both of their exes- exes being naomi & jt (not criss angel- he was NEVER a boyfriend, just a friend). jt is fine as hell, but gerard goes w/ cameron better in my opinion.

  75. SalGal says – reply to this


    Well, he's quick on his way to contracting the HERP!

  76. Jaely says – reply to this



  77. The Truth says – reply to this


    Is there anyone in LA that has not fucked Cameron Diaz? I think not. She is a dirty skank!

  78. Vanessa says – reply to this


    Re: Christine – What the fuck Christine!!!!!

  79. Pam says – reply to this


    I hate the idea of them being together. She is digusting and he is way too hot. She needs to stick to her kind…..douchebags like John Mayer and Cris Angel!!

  80. Butler's Beard says – reply to this


    I love, lust and lament over Gerard Butler but I've long suspected that he's gay. I hate to lose such a magnificent hottie to the other team but whatever makes him happy!! I hope if he is gay, he can one day be open about it and not have it hurt his career. I enjoy watching him any which way on the big screen. You go girl….ummm, I mean, boy!!

  81. misty says – reply to this


    i want him !!!

  82. Get real says – reply to this


    Re: jady – hahaha well he may can have a WOMAN, but he might be preferring a man?? Maybe he likes it up the old dirt road who knows?? I'm sorry you are living in fantasy land like he would get with ya or something..you guys kill me acting like you actually have a chance to date/hookup with this hot guy, and Cameron is standing in your way…haha yea, right!!……Get real.. gay or a womanizer you outta luck

  83. kristen says – reply to this


    NOO, he is waaay too good for the cameron diaz slut.

  84. C'mon get in the real world!! says – reply to this


    Re: jady – hahaha he might can have a WOMAN, but he might be wanting a MAN..in any case, all you people that keep cutting down Cameron acting like you actually have a chance to date/hookup with GB, and she is standing in your way….hahah get real….if he's gay or a womanizer, you are shit out of luck either way!!!!

  85. Paige says – reply to this


    No bueno!

  86. kajjazvem says – reply to this


    pr stunt

  87. April says – reply to this


    He looks oldfashioned and like a guy over 50 at this photo,hope he looks better in nature,but anyway Cameron isn`t very pretty at all.

  88. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: TRACY76 – Yes you ARE a RACIST if you disagree with intereracial dating. Obviously you are white and racist. You don't have to date interracially, but to have a problem when other people do makes you a racist. You just can't admit that you are.Re: icey

  89. lyla says – reply to this


    omg - i was happy he was single, i was planning on finding him and marrying him lol oh no =(

  90. Monique says – reply to this


    Yes, he's a legitimate grown up…I hope it works out, if she is indeed looking for long term love.

  91. GerardYum says – reply to this


    Atleast we will see him around at night more often, but he was interviewed talking about his "type" and he said he preferred BRUNETTES.

  92. Emma says – reply to this


    He's way to hot for her! She's lame, he's not, end of story!

  93. clocwrk says – reply to this


    CAMERON DIAZ!!?? If I was him I would be hooking up with waaay hotter women! What a waste of his looks!

  94. vicky says – reply to this


    this is SPARTA!!!!!
    i love that movie!
    && i love "leonidus".
    he has a nice assss.

  95. Linda says – reply to this


    On a second thought…they're both too hot for each other. Maybe she should date someone like Jake Gyllenhaal…someone sweet & sensitive.

  96. Jenn says – reply to this


    i thought he was married? did he recently get divorced?

  97. Tanz says – reply to this



  98. Squishy says – reply to this


    WTF?! So much for thinking this guy was classy. ~ugh~ Campbell and Diaz??? That was the best he could come up with for dating or thigh fondling sessions…I am shocked and dismayed ~sigh~ Diaz giggling?? We've all heard her laugh or should I say bark ~cringe~ But, seriously every time she opens her mouth in a movie I'm afraid her head might split in half! I guess the only thing in her favor is that she is finally spending time with someone who actually looks like a man rather than a constant pre-pubescent boy…which brings us to poor stupid Jessica ~sigh~

  99. chel says – reply to this


    No Gerrard and I were going to get married=P I

  100. Lala says – reply to this


    I love Gerard, he's the hottest guy ever, but I know for a fact that he is gay. He comes into my friends restaurant all the time with his boyfriend. Trust me, I hate to be the barer of bad news, it broke my heart too when I heard you batted for the other team. Sorry ladies!

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