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Double Date Time

| Filed under: Jake GyllenhaalReese WitherspoonCameron DiazGerard Butler


It seems Cameron Diaz and new boy toy Gerard Butler are getting serious!

This weekend, the pair were spotted having a late dinner at the over-hyped Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

They apparently arrived a bit after midnight and were on a double date.

With whom?

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal!!!

A source tells Life & Style, "They arrived at 12:30 a.m. and grabbed a table on the patio. Cam snuggled up to Gerard and rested her head on his shoulder. Jake and Reese were really cute together too — joking a lot and just very comfortable with each other."

The couples enjoyed appetizers with red wine.

The source adds that Cameron "was the center of attention. Reese threw in an occasional wisecrack, but Cam was really on a roll."

As for any PDA, "Cameron and Gerard held hands under the table," adds the source, "but Reese and Jake were slightly less affectionate."

Damn that Diaz!

We're JUST A LITTLE BIT jealous!!!!!

[Images via WENN.]

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150 comments to “Double Date Time”

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  1. Hello Kitty says – reply to this


    OMG NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ! Cameron is too needy, and she should come with a dating warning after the stunt she pulled on Justin T.. after he started dating Jesscia B. (In part Karma was paying his ass back)

  2. Pammy says – reply to this


    What on earth is Gerard Butler thinking. For one Diaz has been around the block a bit and, two, she looks like a character from the Muppets (Perez, you were spot on with that 'seperated at birth btw).

  3. Winchell's Ghost says – reply to this


    Hollywoodcouple all over again. Gee, I am falling asleep.

  4. lucairns says – reply to this


    they look good together. i never understood why she's running around with this horrible bad mannered arrogant timberlake dude. this is a real M-A-N! and i think she's quite fun to be with….she makes fun of herself, she burps, (right-o, #4 ;-)
    and she doesn't take herself so annoyingly serious. nice!

  5. kar says – reply to this


    I bet they are doing a movie together and using her celebrity to get his name and face out there … this game never gets tired but people still fall for it

  6. lucairns says – reply to this


    Re: Jenna – that's exactly what I thought too….nice, but t-o-o t-i-g-h-t….:-)

  7. Em says – reply to this


    Jake and Reese? LOL!


  8. lil k says – reply to this


    Thought Butler was married?

  9. Jaki says – reply to this


    Cmon Perez, why dont u say what everyone knows! Reese is just Jake's fag hag

  10. Princess Consuela Bananahammock says – reply to this


    He's too hot for her….

  11. Audrey says – reply to this


    Gerard Butler is hot, and his accent makes me get melty in ways that a good girl like me shouldn't talk about. But ever since 300 I'd much rather do King Leonidas that Gerard, so I'm not upset about him and Cameron. Actually I'd do a whole legion of spartans. I guess I'm not such a good girl after all.

  12. Tiff says – reply to this


    ugh. if i didn't love her so much i'd hate her. first my Justin…now Gerard. P.S. I Love you is even in with my porn-o's. bitch.

  13. kkc says – reply to this


    NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!

    Gerard actually has class and sophistication. HE ACTUALLY HAS TALENT! He can sing and act and he's great!

    Friggin Cameron is a washed up hag who gets drunk during her acceptance speeches. This is pretty ridiculous!

  14. kim says – reply to this


    both couples are cuteee im jealous

  15. nostinks says – reply to this


    The statement about men wanting to date this old latin dude was released by a press agent, moron. They make that shit up for publicity.

  16. DESPERATE FOR PRESS?! says – reply to this



  17. Cros says – reply to this


    But she's been passed around more than a doobie at a frat party!

  18. jane says – reply to this


    GO Cam, Hes smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMMY YUMM YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  19. zak says – reply to this



  20. cookie says – reply to this


    it's about time that this bicth cameron diaz gets a real man not a freaking youngter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. clueless says – reply to this


    Some of you, like Linz, Em and Jaki are clueless, pathetic idiots.

  22. Clara says – reply to this


    oooooh nooooo ! j'adore ce mec, je suis folle de lui ! dommage, moi qui pensais l'avoir un jour pour moi…… dommage….

  23. miamibiotch13 says – reply to this


    I can't believe Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon are still together. Why can't they just fucking break up????? Jeez!!!!!

  24. jb says – reply to this


    OH NO!!!! I WAS soo in love with Gerard Butler for so many years since the Phantom of the Opera, but after hearing this, i am sooo turned off with his taste in women. i mean, Cameron???? wth? she has no depth and ugly! except for her fantastic body, that's it. he can do way better than her. there are so many nice actresses in hollywood, look at Jake! he got a nice one with Reese. that's a quality person. but Cameron???? i hope it lasts for a month.

  25. carl says – reply to this


    Oh my God, the guy from "300" is waaaaaaay to good for joker face, shit-in-the-woods, whacko Diaz.

  26. Annette says – reply to this


    Why are you all soooo hard on Cameron? She's a person too with feelings. She's just like every other woman, who sometimes has good and bad looking days. There are plenty of beautiful pictures of her. She seems like fun to be with and Gerry has such a GREAT sense of humor!!! I seen him at a Convention and had no idea who he was but I fell hard for him because of his sense of humor. He's a really funny guy and I bet him and Cameron and having a great time together. Remember people, they are people too with mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers. Not everyone is perfect and that's what makes the world go round.

  27. Betagirl says – reply to this


    We at Beta Girl were so upset by this news as well! Until we realized that it isn't news. It's gossip. Rumors. However, if we didn't like gossip, we wouldn't be visiting this site, now would we? www.betagirlblog.com

  28. Nikki says – reply to this


    I lost all respect for him. He is way too good looking, and has way too much talent than her. He deserves much better, he needs to date Jennifer Aniston or someone of that league.

  29. Betagirl says – reply to this


    We still love our Gerry. And actually, as jealous as this little snibbet makes us, we also kinda like Cameron. She seems pretty down to earth. betagirlblog.com

  30. Krispy says – reply to this


    Go Cameron !!!! Finally she found a real man not a 10 yrs old looking boy like J.T.

  31. mediagirl says – reply to this


    I went on a date with GB in London before he was famous. It was a set up through a scottish mate of his that was married to one of my friends. GB was just about to start filming Phantom of the Opera. He was hot as hell, but quite arrogant with it. We saw each other a couple of times but then it became clear he liked to sow his seed and I kind of gave up. He would be my one and only famous notch on the bed post though, and what a nice notch it was. Do i get a gold star or something for that?

  32. Annette says – reply to this


    #132/Mediagirl- What a great story! I'm sure we'd all love to hear more about Gerry if you have any more stories to share. He does seem to be a very "confident", person. It's going to take quite a woman to get him to settle down. We'll just have to see if Cameron has what it takes. Thanks again Mediagirl. And a Gold Star you do deserve, at the very least.

  33. liesliesdamnablelies says – reply to this


    And you believe Life and Style because???????
    Perez sweetie, get a piccie of the two together and then wed all believe it.
    Or get a real job.

  34. Yeah says – reply to this


    This story has got to be horsecrap. There's NO WAY this is true. Someone just made up a story to sell for some $$$. I can make better stories than this

  35. nyob says – reply to this


    Having a hard time believing that Reese W. would ever be on a double date with either Gerard B. or Cameron D. Sounds like BS to me.

  36. Skeptic says – reply to this


    If there are eyewitness to this, how come they can't come up with pictures of the two of them together? All I've seen so far is such a bad videoclip, so dark, that they could be kissing like they couldn't be. It's easy to imagine all sort of things when the picture is so dark and bad. I would think they're both too flirty to be serious about each other. Also, Gerry is way too private to want to be in a very public relationship with Cameron. For all we know, this could have been a business meeting for a movie they might want to do together. They could be good friends and good friends do touch each other from time to time, if they're naturally touchy-feely people and both Cam and Gerry are known to be very flirty and touchy-feely. I'll believe it when I actually see a better video or pictures where they're actually walking somewhere together holding hands.

  37. Fashion Princess says – reply to this


    Camron's A Hoe Shes Always Switchin Her Men Cant U Just Get Married Then Split If U Must! God LOL

  38. MommaAsha says – reply to this



  39. GerryLuver says – reply to this


    1st. Gerard Butler is not british he is SCOTTISH …he began my obsession with everything scottish!

    2nd… im so super jealous… he is a really great guy and i only hope that this is just some nookie for him!!! I just don't see him officially with her and hope its not truee… I AM SOO IN LOVE WITH HIM.. and just want him to be with a better woman than her… i mean too many have been through her!

  40. amhartnett says – reply to this


    Why are these posts about G/C not accompanied with the words "WHY GOD WHY?"

  41. Sill says – reply to this


    the chateau is not over hyped!!

  42. Whites like to hate and hate on! says – reply to this


    She is funny looking!

  43. MaggieHale says – reply to this


    @Gerryluver…being Scottish means you ARE British. Because technically, Scotland is part of Great Britain. If you love Scotland, kindly learn your political geography. You're confusing England with Great Britain, but England is only PART of Great Britain…it's part of the British Isles, you see. There, I've educated you.

    As far as this story goes…who cares? Two months ago, Gerry was hanging out with Naomi Campbell. Now, it's supposedly Cameron Diaz. Next month, it'll be someone else. The guy is a gorgeous arrogant asshole whose entire film career depends on his looks, because it ain't his acting ability and it sure ain't his singing, which SUCKS. Anyone who saw PHANTOM and thinks Gerry can sing, clearly has the aural equivalent of rose-colored glasses for the guy.
    Look, I think he's hot, too, but he's about as deep as a sheet of paper, it's so effing clear every time he opens that mouth of his.

    Do yourselves a favor: appreciate Gerard Butler for the physical paragon he is. Don't pretend it's because he's "talented," because he isn't. He's a hot guy with a hot accent, and THAT'S IT. Why the pretense? We all want to jump his bones. But let's call a spade a spade, and let's call a big dumb Scotsman a big dumb Scotsman.

  44. emily says – reply to this


    they need to make a movie together asap..he is BUtiful and so is she!

  45. bubba says – reply to this


    what do he see in dat pock marked talentless fug.
    she is a joke of the industry: despised by all.

  46. cavy says – reply to this


    Happy for them both. She deserves a real man and I can't think of any better of a man, than Gerry. She seems sweet too. Best of luck to them….

  47. Butlerbabe says – reply to this


    Yes, Gerry Butler is super hot…But a comment to "Margiehale"in comment#144: Gerard dumb? Hardly…he graduated with an honors degree from University of Glasgow, and then he graduated with an honors degree (#1 in his class..summa cum laud) in law from the same university!!!!! He was President of theschool's law society! He then got chosen for the Queen's legal team at a presitgious law firm in Edinburgh!!!! Dumb? Not on your life. In addition he's extremely creative, and he has a fine business mind;he just started a production company called Evil Twins. And everyone knows that having a keen sense of humor is another type of intelligence..which he also has. I love his acting! I love his singing! (Besides Phantom, did you hear him sing "Mustang Sally" in P.S. I Love You? He is a hot, tall, handsome, talented god…And Cameron? I never understood any ofthe women he's been with…Ugh…but yay, Gerry! Watch him in "Rocknrolla" as a British gangster out in theatres on Oct. 31~

  48. ohshutthefukup says – reply to this


    shes old(by hollywood standards), needy, insecure, waits days to flush her pee down the toilet(feels shes wasteful), burps & farts in public (oh hell who doesnt)…wants a bun the zee oven like yesterday..

    hes hot, BI-sexual (yes he also likes the dik (hes a actor no?), loves all kinds a ladies, isnt ready for anything serious, is nice….and did i say isnt ready for anything serious?

    so if its not PR spin then its a fling…so there.

  49. Angel says – reply to this


    She is not cute enough for him. i don't think they look cute together. Very bad match!!!!

  50. anonnyc says – reply to this


    Stop saying he's gay just b/c you WANT him to be - I know a friend of GB's from Glasgow who lives here in NYC. This guy friend is gay and he has said to me and other people any time they ask about these rumors that persist in the gay community that, "Gerard Butler is not gay, or bi-sexual. He is straight." He's known GB all his life. I also have a girl friend in LA who met GB when he was starting out yrs ago. He was making the tv miniseries "Attila". She slept with him then. I still have a photo of them together. She said he was funny, kind, a real "teddy bear type," and a total ladies man. At that time had no reason to worry about any alleged sexuality 'quirks' effecting his stardom one way or the other b/c he wasn't famous. He slept with a lot of women. He totally dumped my girlfriend, but she said she couldn't hate him b/c he was so "affectionate and lovable." Later I met him briefly in NYC while he was promoting the Phantom movie and he tried to pick me up! Did wonders for my confidence, lol. He's smart, has a quick, sharp wit, and was really nice to his crazy fans. He's anything but gay folks. Don't believe the crap. And Cameron Diaz . . . if he's really doing this LA-wreck, well then I choose to hope it'll be over very soon. What a mess: her hair, her skin, her brain. Yick.

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