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'Reality' Sweatshops

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Tuesday morning, a dozen workers from some of TV’s top reality shows, including American Idol, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?, and American Inventor, filed 21 claims at an LA-area California labor office alleging that the producers of these shows owe them unpaid overtime and penalties that could total over $500,000.

Guess who was cheering these reality folks on from the office sidelines?

The Writer's Guild!

The strike may technically be over, but the WGA still has some business to settle with those big media moguls.

The WGA made organizing reality TV workers a major issue during the writer's strike, as well as animation writers, but that had to be abandoned in order to clinch a final settlement with the mogul meanies.

The mogul boys must be pissed that the union has resurfaced!

How dare they try and disrupt their reality money machines?!

The WGA did a study and found that 88% of reality writers work more than 40 hours a week, yet 91% receive no overtime pay. The study also found that 73% of respondents work through their meal break at least once a week. Most of the workers polled did not receive any form of health care or pension benefits. Yet analysts estimate that American Idol has earned over $200 million in profits for the Fox broadcast network.

"Despite the huge profits made by the companies that produce these shows, many of the workers – including writers, production assistants, contestant coordinators, craft services, and office workers – work long hours without receiving overtime compensation or being allowed to take proper breaks," said a statement by the WGA.

Good luck to the reality workers who are fighting for fair compensation.

But, who's gonna make big media change?

There's always someone willing to work for 'nothing' to get their break in Hollywood!

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22 comments to “'Reality' Sweatshops”

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    1st bitches

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  3. Nick Corbett says – reply to this


    GET RID OF ALL THE REALITY SHOWS!!! They're poisoning our brains! :)

  4. Fresh Turd says – reply to this



  5. elyse. says – reply to this


    take the horns off abdul!

  6. Nicole Vaidisova says – reply to this


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  7. Suzie says – reply to this


    Even the producers of that show work the long ass hours too! Every last one of these folks should unionize! Its what we've all been hoping for!!!!

  8. Justice says – reply to this


    Why the FUCK did you put that on Paula's head BITCH??.You take that off. FAT BITCH.

  9. h says – reply to this


    i love paula. she is the only reason why i tune in to this show

  10. papa bear says – reply to this


    fuck reality shows for one, but Hollywood REALLY needs to be cracked down on. They are serial violators of labor laws and its disgusting.
    Let's stop worrying about if the writer who was paid $100K or a script is getting his extra $1000 and worry about the fucking assistant who's broken his ass all year for that asshole for less than $20K a year working 55 hours a week. (don't laugh, that is commonplace here)

  11. Ashley loves perezzers says – reply to this


    Reality writers? Isn't that an oxymoron?

  12. mafme says – reply to this


    No, but "reality show" is.

  13. Val says – reply to this


    Are you kidding me? Most salary people work overtime without getting paid! There have been lots of times when I've worked 60 hour weeks, and I didn't get anything extra for it. I get that not getting benefits is deplorable. However, I'm pretty sure most everyone I know works 50 hour weeks and through lunches every now and then. Even some governement employees. Welcome to working in the real world.

  14. Chulloman says – reply to this


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    I haven't been this confused since Marilyn Manson's "Dope Show" video.

  18. Blah Blah says – reply to this


    Did Bush sign a law that made it optional for companies to pay overtime?

  19. carl says – reply to this


    Say what you want about Simon but he's one rich, smart motherfucker.

  20. RealityisNotReal says – reply to this


    Hey I wish I had a union… I work more that 40 hours a week every week.. I don't get overtime.. get a life. It's the crap career people have to put up with. You want overtime…go work at McDonalds.

  21. annie says – reply to this


    it's true my brother and his friends worked on AI and they got royally screwed. Don't be fooled by the whole American Idol gives back bulls***. the workers who filed are just a tip of the iceberg. i mean its great that AI wants to raise money for the underprivileged but can't they follow state law and labor laws? the producers are oftentimes cocky and very rude, exploitiative and abusive.

  22. Tracy says – reply to this


    its about fucking time!!!!