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What Will Rosie Say???

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Oh, shit. Ro is gonna be mad!!!!!!

The new issue of the always reputable The Globe is alleging that Rosie O'Donnell is a child abuser.

From everything we know, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Rosie loves children and has been a big champion of kids' causes.

To even insinuate anything else is insulting and potentially illegal!

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179 comments to “What Will Rosie Say???”

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  1. J. Jorque says – reply to this


    This society is a cesspool for allowing gays to adopt!

  2. dave says – reply to this


    hahahahahah…. yea, the GLOBE is such a reliable source of information…

  3. asdfghjkl; says – reply to this


    all i can sayy is whoever wrote that article better find a fucking rock to hide under.

    rosie's comin' to kick yo ass!

  4. DMAN says – reply to this



  5. Liz says – reply to this


    i have a 12 year old.. they can be assholes sometimes.

  6. Robyn says – reply to this


    I love tabloids!

    Rosie is a great dad! yay for discipline!

  7. haaha says – reply to this


    She did admit to biting her kid on her site

  8. samantha says – reply to this


    The heading reads "Abusive Rosie…….Bullies Son, 12….All the heading says is she bullied her son. Nothing is said about being a child abuser.

  9. Dawn says – reply to this


    OMG…Rosie is going to be pissy mad.
    The even stupider (i just made that word up) headline is that Ryan can replace Regis…I DON'T THINK SO!…It will be a cold day in hell before that arrogant ass can replace beloved Regis!…he needs to stick with helping Denise Richards pimp out her childred, over the objection of their father, on reality tv…ass!

  10. Shannon (Vancouver, BC) says – reply to this



    & hey- you're on DRUDGE!! The Perez Empire rocks on ;)

  11. Terri says – reply to this


    Is it abusive to grab your 12 year old?

    That's just dumb. She could have been doing lots of things….

    I'll have to ban perez if you start promoting the Globe! (I know you weren't….but what if your post makes someone buy it……)

  12. smorf says – reply to this


    if it's in the Globe it must be true!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Nix says – reply to this


    Re: margie

    Parker's school has a strict "no media" policy - the kids are not allowed to watch tv, read newspapers, surf the net, or anything. So in all likelihood they will not know about it unless their parents tell them.

    Rosie should sue the shit out of the globe.

  14. Robin says – reply to this


    I just want to say The Globe has just proven why it isn't fit to line a litterbox. I just went through a similiar ordeal where someone filed false charges on me abusing my daughter, which couldn't have been further from the truth. Let me enlighten you on what happens when people make false allegations and social services has to remove the child during the investigation. I cried 23.5 hours a day. The other half of an hour is what I managed to sleep. There was a void in my heart that NOTHING could fill, and I felt as though I was underwater drowning. I didn't want to get out of bed, or leave the house. It was pure hell. The people that made the allegations got to see my daughter everyday. I had to settle for a picture of my beautiful daughter next to my bed. I took the tshirt she wore the day before, and put it on my pillow just so I could smell her. At night I covered up with her robe, just to feel close to her. I hope Rosie goes after the Globe. No parent deserves to go through this WITHOUT more evidence that just a few pictures that a Pap caught. By the way, I was cleared of all allegations, and my daughter returned home just last night. However, without substantial evidence, which The Globe does not have, NO PARENT SHOULD BE PUT THROUGH THIS HELL. I support Rosie. I may not agree with everything she says or does, but I have been in her place.

  15. bigboy says – reply to this


    Rosie is a fucking cunt. Of course she abuses those kids. She is a crazy fucking whore.

  16. lovely and amazing says – reply to this


    I don't particularly care for Rosie. But this story is a bigoted lie. Rosie is a good mom. If she were heterosexual or even more feminine this accusation would never have been made. Her son is 12 and she is disciplining him.

    I bet if she did't discipline him and he did something wrong then the media would say she was unfit. This is a disgusting thing to say about a mother just to sell magazines.

  17. x says – reply to this


    oh now perez is all best friends with rosie even tho shes a moron its only cuz shes a lesbian

  18. Mar says – reply to this


    Rosie's a stupid bitch!

  19. dijhili says – reply to this


    Rosie is a douchebag and I would not be suprised at all. She is a fat, loud mouth, man hater. I'm glad she is off the air.

  20. aaaaaaaaaaaaa says – reply to this


    Oh shiz!!! Totally knew it!!! Totally need to get than issue now :D

  21. susan says – reply to this


    She has been asked if she ever spanked or hit and her answer has always been no. She has said she loses her temper, her mouth, probably and she feels bad when that happens, so I do not believe this for a second. Who hasn't taken a child's arm at that age and "directed" them, so to speak….while scolding?

  22. JUDI says – reply to this



  23. Rachael says – reply to this


    Rosie fights for kids rights every day!!! She is one of the only Hollywood people who actually follows through with what she says. She should sue the crap out of the. TEAM ROSIE!!!!!!

  24. christi says – reply to this


    Well she does hate men.

  25. Bobby nyc says – reply to this


    What's the big deal with the photo? All she is doing is being a stern mom….good for her :D

  26. Rebecca says – reply to this


    KIDS WILL b kids, im a babysitter and i had to grab the 5 yr old i watch by the arm today too, grabbing a kid by the arm does NOT make the person violent, yes its forceful but its no spanking. besides hes 12 hes gonna b rebellious

  27. lex says – reply to this


    if her 12 year old is anything like my 11 year old, he needs to be bullied every now and then, its not like she is seriously abusing him, wtf? I am not shamed i grab mine up in a minute if he gets out of line, especially in public.

  28. Kristin says – reply to this


    uh… its "THE GLOBE"… does anyone seriously believe anything they read in that thing?

  29. Paula says – reply to this


    I think rosie needs to just shut up most of the time, but i definately don't think she's the type to beat her kids. She seems to love her kids so get off her back

  30. Elisabitch says – reply to this


    Rosie is a man hater, she hates her son . Pics. don't lie, wait until you see the other 5:(

  31. shug says – reply to this


    PEREZ,,,,,DON'T DEFEND HER BEACAUSE SHE IS GAY…..If this would be a pick of SHITNEY doing this,you would be going apeshit!!!!she is a verbally abusive person to staff,co-workers and has verbally humiliated her kids in public….Poor kid,he has to deal with the ridicule at school,now mom…That kid is going to grow up bat-shit crazy or depressed,being raised by a famous controlling super-dyke who is a megalomaniac..

  32. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Mannnnnnnnn!! You would think that these people would be smart enough not to go there with Rosie of all people. She is one broad that you don't want to piss off. Oh, I know how this is going to go down, she is going to be pissed and I am sure that she will take some legal action. If nothing at all comes of it then that will pretty much blow my mind cuz I know how she gets. She is a very political person and she doesn't take any crap from anyone. But if you question her character in any way, look the F*&^ OUT!!! Especially when it comes to kids!!

  33. Jen says – reply to this


    Funny how these pics come out the day after her book is released. If those that took the picture really believed abuse, they should have called the police or child protective services. No call, hmmmmmmm.

  34. Maniac says – reply to this


    I don't know why you are such an apologist for the fat and stupid pretend lesbian. Of course she abuses her children. Most mentally imbalanced narcisists don't make great parents, particularly a loser like Rosie who couldn't even cut it on the View with idiots like Barbara Walters.

  35. Sherry says – reply to this


    Child abuser?!?! Rosie O'Donnel?!? Are they kidding? That woman might be a lot of things (funny, annoying, loud, whatever), but child abuser is NOT one of them. She was probably just putting her teenage (and no doubt smart mouth) kid in check! What the hell is the matter with that?!?! What are we in this country now? A bunch of pussies who can't discipline our kids anymore?!? So what if she maybe took him by the arm and knocked some sense into him (verbally)? Good for her! He probably deserved it! For any of you that have kids out there… you know what I'm talking about! Obviously I don't think serious abuse of a child is ok - ever. But putting a kid in check isn't the same thing, and should be done more often these days if you ask me. Just ask Alec Baldwin! That dude don't play! (lol)

  36. Marce says – reply to this


    some one is gonna get sued !! I hope rosie sues the tabloids ass 4 doing that !!

  37. Paula says – reply to this


    Rosie only loves Rosie. She bullies everyone else why wouldn't she do the same to her kids. We all know it's Rosie's way or no way!

  38. Cuzican says – reply to this


    Rosie is a pig

  39. Dr Spock says – reply to this


    Well, let's see- she pretended to be NICE (little toys and lots of smiles) for a few years on her own TV show, then decided it was too much for her and she became a polar opposite of THAT image and went into her angry, crazy mode. So who's to say that she doesn't channel that meanness into an occasional burst of ugly onto her kids? She looks like a face slapper to me. But she has a pretty good grasp of the kid. Maybe he was embarrased for having to say a slob like that was one of his two mothers? Probably her kids are teased unmercifully- they would have been even if Ro was straight. She has some anger issues, and really isn't always coherent (or so it seems from her blog). I don't care what she does, but it doesn't seem impossible that she could do that.

  40. L.Ron Tito says – reply to this


    Whatever Perez. Just because she's a lesbian mother doesn't make her a saint!

  41. Girl Unimpressed says – reply to this


    yah, god, that's just so dishonest of the globe! and what 12 year old doesn't get in shit from his or her parents pretty regularly, lol?! rosie is a celeb so there's photos of her being stern with her kid, just like a regular parent, 'cept regular parents aren't constantly being photographed!

  42. Jenny says – reply to this


    I agree. How disgusting of them. Like Rosie doesn't have enough people attacking her for no good reason.

  43. TIRED OF IT ALL says – reply to this


    How else are we parents going to raise the next responsible generation if we don sling these smart ass brats around when they need it?? That isn't abuse, that's doing your job as a parent. If you let kids do as they please, somebody is going to have to deal with them, usually the police and prison.

  44. Dr. Brain says – reply to this


    Illegal my ass. Perez, you really need to grow a brain sometimes.

    There's nothing illegal about telling lies against people in the US. In Europe, yes, but not the good old US of A. The only thing you can do is sue for defamation, which you surely know is a tough go.

    Celebs are public figures and therefore a different standard is held. Private citizens have more privacy from the press, but not much.

    Rosie could sue, but you've probably noticed very few celebs ever sue, even when the lies are outrageous. Gee, that's because in the US it's next to impossible to win.

    But illegal? Hardly.

  45. elo says – reply to this


    The easiest way to spot a psychopath is their fained love of children and animals, because in real life it's the little children and animals liking you that is the "good "sign.

  46. Jill says – reply to this


    Yes Perez she is a child abuser she was brought up on charges several years ago. Stop defending that fat dyke bitch

  47. highlander says – reply to this


    How can people be so stupid? Sure, Rosie is an advocate for children but can no one tell SHE HAS A MASSIVE ANGER PROBLEM???????? It's spilled out into her career as TV host, magazine editor, and Broadway producer. Why would we be shocked she can't control herself with her kids, either?

  48. fionalicious says – reply to this


    listen, we all are fucked up and have many skeletons in the closet and as a matter of fact we usually attack things that is somehow a reflect of a part of us, and hating that part of who we are makes us battle it, specially in public…i think it's commonly called "denial".
    She's a bully in everything she does and she is obviously violent.
    i am not saying it's not OK to slap your kid around from time to time, IN FACT if more parents did maybe society as we know it wouldn't be this fucked up and demoralized, yet i do not doubt that Rosie is the kind that does not need much of a good reason to do so, you know, from time to time.

  49. angel says – reply to this


    Rosie is a great mom shame on you people :(

  50. Christine says – reply to this


    Don't be too quick to judge her… either way. Just because she loves children doesn't mean that she doesn't abuse them, and vice versa. Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors except for the people involved. That being said… with her militant attitude and explosive rants in the past, it certainly wouldn't suprise me in the least.

  51. beth says – reply to this


    gimme a break- I am Def. NOT a Rosie fan- But people cant even discipline their children now-a-days w/o it being abuse. Guess what? I got spanked when I was little and I turned out okay- Most 12 yr olds could use a swift kick in the pants to set their asses straight!

  52. hope says – reply to this


    Rosie is a great mom, shame on you people :(

  53. PhillipP says – reply to this


    Rosie has admitted on her blog she is mentally ill, has problems with drinking (beer), and has been having problems with her son listening to her so I do not doubt this article for a minute.

  54. Sorry, Perez but gay people are abusive too says – reply to this


    So you have trouble believing that Rosie O'Donnell, a woman we ALL know to have SERIOUS anger management issues, is abusive to her children? You're an idiot who believes what he wants to believe. I have said for two years now that her girlfriend is abused. You can tell that she's scared to say anything when they're in public for fear that it will be the wrong thing to set Rosie off. She has all the classic signs of an abused spouse. It's uncomfortable to watch them together because you can tell that Kelli is always worried about how Rosie is going to respond when they get home. If you've ever been around an abusive relationship for any length of time, you can recognize all the signs.
    So it certainly is NO stretch for me to also see her as abusive to her children. I doubt that Rosie does as much hitting as she does verbally bullying. I assure you though, that she gets very aggressive with the kids when she's in one of her moods and one day those kids will say so. She IS abusive. She needs a great deal of help with her anger. She is not mentally healthy.

  55. lizzieLu says – reply to this



    Say What?
    Abuse, my @$$.
    Many moms have had to grab their kids by the arms & give them a good talking to.
    That doesn't spell abuse, it spells kids with limits & no brats.


  56. priscilla says – reply to this


    Re: T.K.

    You are seriously mucked up, TK
    I have 3 kids, and I am happy to say that they "get" imitation and sarcasm.
    We laugh a lot, and if you can't handle having a story told about you, then you need
    to grow a set.
    As the mom of a teenage boy, I can tell you that grabbing that kid by the arm and giving him a talking to will happen many times over the years.
    No limits = No love

  57. Ohdoyouhearthat?Violins says – reply to this


    I think thats messed up.How can they say that without any proof plus do you know the damage that does to someone's rep even if its not true?They are never looked at the same.I don't know anything about Rosie other than she's annoying and needs to shut the hell up already because her 15 minutes have been over for along time now,but to call her a child abuser?Wheres their evidence?Plus everything I've heard is how she's like an advocate for children and childrens' rights.I mean she seems to go out of her way to do whats right for children and their right to be protected and have a stable home.Look at all she's done for the children's she adopted.I think that's really low for the globe and if she sues their ass I hope she wins and wins ALOT!Thats crossing a major line with an allogation like that about ANYONE without proper evidence.

  58. Jerkygirl says – reply to this


    You insinuate all the time, Perez!! However, you only come to the aid of lesbian and gays!!! Shame on you for discriminating!! Magazines do it all the time to the straights-where are you then????????? Oh right, on occassion you will back up celebs you like!!

    By the way, they are usually lies, but who knows? She is a tough bitch.

  59. DLR says – reply to this


    I would not be surprised if Rosie is a bit of a bully with her older children. Look at how she treated people on the View and anyone who dared disagree with her. Yes, she has her "Rosie's Children" and does all sorts of things, but she truly is not someone with a handle on anger management even with her own children when they don't do what she wants them to so she ends up boxing them around the ears or yanking them around. I also wouldn;t be surprised if she called them names like she did to grown-ups. She has serious issues with her maniac-depression and taking medications, and frankly at times she scares me with her wild look and crazy mumblings on her blog and interviews. She's whacked, that's all I wanna say. She's whacked.

  60. samantha says – reply to this


    Poor Rosie it's not her, it's the world.

  61. LB says – reply to this


    At least we can turn off the TV…imagine being her child and having to listen to that SHIT all day.

  62. kevin says – reply to this


    what a bunch of ignorant f@cks up here….. nice to know middle america has evolved…. glad i live in a major city where you little twits would get your ass beat for your ignorance…..lol…… maybe you can hang out at your local dairy queen and have a ball…….lol

  63. Cate says – reply to this


    I find it quite irresponsible of the media to churn out stories like this. There's no way they have the full story and even if they did they'd sensationalize it anyway to sell more mags. Since when has it been news worthy to discipline your child?

  64. What A Disgusting Fat Pig Rosie Is Turning Into! says – reply to this


    Can this obese cow get any more disgusting????????????????????????? OINK OINK! We are SICK of you disgusting mouth and OFFENSIVE fat body!

  65. tlc says – reply to this


    I love Rosie! The globe is trash…I would sue if I were her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. DILDOMAMMA says – reply to this


    BAM !

  67. T.K. says – reply to this


    Priscilla wrote: "I have 3 kids, and I am happy to say that they 'get' imitation and sarcasm."

    Actually, Priscilla, no they don't. Kids' cognitive skills and mental and emotional development are not yet at the stage where they either "get" imitation, sarcasm, and teasing nor what the implications and ramifications of these negative actions are. You think they "get" it, they may think they "get" it, but each time you put them down, kid them, call them names, and tease them, you are slowly but surely chipping away at their self-esteem and self-confidence.
    Chances are you are a bully and a sadist and are in denial about the hurt you have caused your kids…and are continuing to cause them.

  68. HOW DO YOU KNOW? says – reply to this


    How can you be so certain, Perez, about what goes on behind closed doors at Rosie's house. Nobody suspected Joan Crawford of being 'Mommy Dearest' either. You have absolutely no way of knowing if Rosie is a child abuser or not.

  69. janet says – reply to this


    yeah, let's call her a fat lesbian…because that all anyone can say. i disregard any comments like that because obviously, those people are just idiots. GO ROSIE!

  70. John says – reply to this


    i heard she had him circumcised…that's pretty abusive…otherwise, she seems like a decent and loving mom, guess she's learned something in the last decade

  71. hshhr says – reply to this


    thats fucked up. they shouldnt call the poor woman a child abuser. seriously, lets give rosie a break shes a good person

  72. lauraina says – reply to this


    lets just seriously give rosie a break she honestly is a good person and is definitely not a child abuser i know she may not be perfect but i think she deserves some respect and common decency

  73. thrth says – reply to this


    and thank you perez for defending her that is respectable of you

  74. op says – reply to this


    before you all make a negative comment. LET ME ASKE DO YOU HAVE A TEENAGER?
    I have one and it is tuff. Not knowing what you are going to do in life and changeing of the body and being around others that you have to look cool in school. Understanding do we let them look cool or do we let them grow to be a fool with a foul mouth and a flunky.
    PS. If your child was falling would you grab your child to stop the fall. SAME SMELL. Peace out love you ro.

  75. SMOKY says – reply to this


    For heavens sake people!!! Have you never taken your kids arm and pulled him close to give him hell for something he was saying or doing which was inappropriate? The only problem here is that Rosie is a public figure and fair game for the assholes with a camera!!! If you know anything about Rosie O'Donnell you know she is the last person on earth to abuse ANY child. Forget about it and concentrate on the real issues in the world.

  76. gardner says – reply to this


    as if child abusers run around all the time saying "i hate children". just because someone has the image of a "good" person doesn't mean they don't abuse their children. don't be so naive, perez.

  77. nell says – reply to this


    Hey! The pictures don't lie, do they? We know Rosie is a mean hag when she's crossed. . . Lots of people are opposed to child abuse in theory.

  78. todd lissner says – reply to this


    how come people want warren jeffs arrested wen they here how he cut his followerz off from the outside world so much but many dont notice wen rosie does the same thing 2 her children there denyed basic human rights and kept very isolated with little access 2 communication.there treated like marionettes every movement they make and every thoughtthey have being under her approval usually.these claims by the globe need 2 b investigated by childrens services i belive there true that she bullys him.i think shes crazy.ne1 can give 2 charity it doesnt mean shes not abusive at home.

  79. poor kid says – reply to this


    that poor kid !!!!!!! he will be one MESSED UP GUY when he grows up……..being raised by her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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