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He Didn't Do It Out Of Kindness

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Prince is a legend and a consummate performer. He also don't come cheap!

Yesterday, we told you the exciting news that his Purple Highness will be performing at the Coachella Music Festival near Palm Springs later this month, and now we're told how and why his appearance came into fruition.

"Prince was a late late addition to the line-up," a source tells us. "The promoters added him to try and sell more tickets and make up for a less than stellar - in comparison to years past - roster of performers."

And, it cost them mucho dinero to get the tiny dynamo to perform at Coachella.

How much???

"He was paid close to $4 million," our source reveals exclusively to PerezHilton.com.

Dayum! That is MAYJAH money.

He'll be worth every penny, though!


A source close to Prince has corrected us.

He got paid MORE than $4 million!

"The exact amount Prince is getting paid for his Coachella performance is $4.8 million," says our well-connected insider.


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138 comments to “He Didn't Do It Out Of Kindness”

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  1. betsy says – reply to this


    Millions for a photo of an infant is fine, but not for a performance by a legend? Why so upset Perez? Are you paying for it?

  2. hope says – reply to this


    Prince is the best performer, I put him up there with Madonna, he really gives his all, and is always entertaining. The rest of the lineup sucks.

  3. PJW says – reply to this


    What day does he perform

  4. Kimberly says – reply to this


    CoÑo0o0o0o is damn right! LOL I love it you're still Cuban!

  5. Jay says – reply to this


    Is anyone interested in Prince any more??
    I have NEVER understood why people enjoy him.

  6. lmaJttemek says – reply to this


    Prince is not gay - he's just a handle model, lol..

    the only thing that puzzles me is, this country is in a "recession" yet people have 4.8 million 2 give 2 an artist for 2 hours (mayb) worth of live music.. buy his greatest hits CD the music and the xperience will last longer.. (prince fan since '84) ..

  7. Laura B says – reply to this


    Oh P's a diva fo sho, but he's so very talented in every aspect. The most talented real musician out there for many many years. I luvs him!!!

  8. Michael says – reply to this


    Perez, your golden girl, Madonna, was only paid $1 million to play Coachella last year. The highest paid act so far has been $1.5 million for Rage Against the Machine to reunite last year. $4.8 million seems like a highly inflated figure to me. After all, Morrissey and The Smiths were offered $7 million to reunite. I don't think this one is true. If it is, Goldenvoice should have split up the $4.7 for 3 other top name headlining acts.

  9. Stacey says – reply to this


    OMG! I love Prince! I own every song he has ever done!
    He's HOT!

  10. classc1 says – reply to this


    Let me tell you…he was worth every damn cent. In fact, they got a bargain. I saw him last May at the Rio in Vegas…OMG!!! This man is THE truth. He still looks good, gives the best performance, is as talented as anyone out there and is STILL sexy as hell. This is what a real musician looks and feels like. My seventies and eighties babies know EXACTLY what I am talking about. You youngins' need to get a ticket to this show and see what the TRUTH is.

    BTW…I don't know if Prince is gay or not, but back in the day, this tiny SOB was pulling all sorts of women that you could probably only dream about!!!

  11. wendy k says – reply to this


    damn! prince is so fucking awesome!

  12. NoElleNo-he's worth it says – reply to this


    Don't sweat it people! When we get married I'll make sure he does a free concert for you.
    SHMOOP-you think he's an ass to his fans? Obviously you're NEVER met him…we (about 350 people who just HAPPENED to be in a club he came to one night) got treated to dinner and drinks AND a free mini-concert in DC….and his concerts were done. He did it because he wanted to "TREAT HIS FANS".
    Maybe you're the type fan who doesn't go to concerts or buy his music. He's not a big talker but definitely not RUDE unless you're asking stupid questions.

  13. AnnaChristian says – reply to this


    He is so worth it, did anyone expect him to play for nothing?!
    Go seem him play live Perez, he is amazing.

  14. EasyAsPie says – reply to this


    I heart that petite sexaholic! I wish I could be his newest Carmen!

  15. murph says – reply to this


    Re: misterdirk

    Uh, Prince doesn't tour?…lol…I guess on the Web, folks can say anything they want..Never mind that the Midget had the no. 1 tour in 2004 with Musicology, (1.5 million fans saw that tour, and he didn't even go overseas..); Nevermind that dude recently broke the rceord at London's 02 with 21 straight sellouts in a 20, 000 seat arena…Oh no…the little black dude from Minneapolis can't be as bankable as white acts like Coldplay and even the Mighty Stones…lol…WTF?

  16. EVAN says – reply to this




  17. Anus says – reply to this



  18. Hardy Har Har says – reply to this


    Is Prince worth $4.8 million? Sure. If the objective was to draw a crowd, I could have done it cheaper. Ever hear of a Tijuana Donkey Show?

  19. Cat says – reply to this


    RAT BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! This festival was started several years ago by fans and performers together to protest the ridiculous costs Ticket Master sold tickets for. This completely flies in the face of the spirit of this festival! Apparently, greed knows no boundaries. Prince has always been weird, but great musically.

    Now he's just a greedy piece of crap. Sad for everyone….

  20. NOT 1988 it's 2008 who cares about the midget? says – reply to this


    I wouldn't give 4 bucks for it/him. maybe in 1988 but now??????? wierdo fag!

  21. Love and Hate Prince says – reply to this


    RE: STAR

    True, they threatened to sue if his 3 MAJOR fansites if they did not remove all photographs, images, lyrics, album covers and anything linked to the artist's likeness……

    Hows that for a greedy money hungry diva? As for Nabster, its not like the big names were STARVING on the street. "OH we have millions and millions but its not enough!" I can see how the little names would suffer but give me a break, its about the money.

  22. maryduran says – reply to this


    I'd pay that much for a night with him if I had that kinda scratch in my account

  23. Gusto says – reply to this


    I used to like Prince until he became a JEHOVAH'S WITNESS. What is going to do pass out copies of the WATCH TOWER to his audience. I liked him before….sexy and bisexual.

  24. Likewhuoa says – reply to this



  25. Kevin says – reply to this


    Re: EVAN

    Um gay version of Little Richard? LR is gay you silly silly person.

    At least bisexual as he has admitted having homosexual affairs.

  26. GREEN DOOR says – reply to this



  27. Hate his dopey ass says – reply to this


    This is another dickhead who I can't stand. Another asshole who no one really gives a shit about. Are they nuts paying this old fucking has been $4.8 million???? Are they insane.. who the fuck even remembers most of his music … not the kids of this generation. Only people who remember some of his shitty music are people that grew up in the 80's… are they nuts having this self-obsessed douche even play at the concert…

  28. tenaji says – reply to this


    Prince is a very talented man. I last saw him live at the 02 in 2007. His ego is large , his talent is larger. If I was offered a large amount of money to use my talent ; I would.

    So what exactly is the problem with Prince taking the money?

  29. LovePurple says – reply to this


    He is an amazing, amazing preformer.
    Worth every penny!!

  30. white trash says – reply to this


    I would not pay 4 fucking cents to see this lame ass mother fucking midget. Maybe if he was on all fours taking a telephone poll up his pooper, that would be worth seeing.

  31. doktored says – reply to this


    Doesn't AEG though own both Coachella and Prince (in a 360 deal last year)? Could be a bit of tax evasion going on here.

  32. Pamela says – reply to this


    He's an over rated asshole who obviously blew the right person in Hollywood land.

  33. Salulu says – reply to this


    WHY is he in the glamour shots booth? What's up with the background? "That'll be 16.99 for your hairspray and 2 5×7's, sir."

  34. Persians are powerful people says – reply to this


    It was a rich Persian family apparently.

  35. dave k says – reply to this


    he's a legend in his own fucking mind…….he sucks and always did!

  36. cammie L says – reply to this


    eww he is SOO Ugly and his voice isnt that great..At all!!nasty..gross..Yuck!!! prince needs to just retire before he breaks a hip

  37. mike miller says – reply to this


    He is gay and still doesnt know it yet. hmm never liked him and never will. And i really dont think he can even really sing…

  38. vainandy says – reply to this


    Alright Prince, get that damn money.

    As for the gay comments, what's the matter, do you not have eyes? Of course he is. But if you don't like it, you need to get some dick for yourself and you won't have to be jealous of someone else getting some dick.

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