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And She's Out!

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Nina Garcia has left her job as Fashion Director at Elle magazine…..and it's not pretty.

Word on the street is that she was "let go." However, there is no official explanation for her sudden departure.

It remains uncertain if this development will affect Nina's role as a judge on Project Runway, but we'd hate to see her go there too!

[Image via WENN.]

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347 comments to “And She's Out!”

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  1. Sue says – reply to this



  2. kristiee says – reply to this


    Victoria really isn't THAT stunning, I dunno.. she should smile more and I'd reconsider my point.

  3. Barbara says – reply to this


    hmm… she adds just enough bit*h to keep the judging interesting.

  4. van bee says – reply to this



    van bee

  5. Amber says – reply to this




    love you

  6. dani says – reply to this



  7. LESfashionist says – reply to this


    What comes around goes around. Don't let the karma kick you in the ass on your way out BITCH

  8. dani says – reply to this



  9. alie says – reply to this


    skank ass hoe!!

  10. Molly says – reply to this



  11. alie says – reply to this


    skank ass hoes

  12. zoey says – reply to this



  13. maddy in hobart says – reply to this


    but who really cares? haha.
    come to hobart

  14. Kahlo says – reply to this


    The orange woman is the ugliest of the four! Nina is looking better. I believe she had a baby. Hope this matter is resolved positively for both parties.

  15. Jst being honest says – reply to this


    I think British girls are not as pretty as the rest of the world. Victoria is considered pretty in England but in the US, she's not even cute.

    She is plain looking at best. I don't see any talent or personality to compensate for her lack of beauty.

  16. tazzyfoo says – reply to this


    i fuckin hate Heidi Klum she thinks she's the center of the universe.
    ugly. overrated. skank. ass. ho.

  17. tony8 says – reply to this


    who cares? people like her that make judgements without having done the work need to go find other employment. kinda like you mario….you have no proven talent and yet you make judgements.

  18. Jill says – reply to this


    victoria is hot


  19. Sean Cassidy says – reply to this


    Re: tazzyfoo – ur horrible

  20. Kimmy says – reply to this


    Nina looks dreat as does heidi, but look at the orange stone faced Victoria. Why is she with these people anyway. She has no class. She can't even smile. At least she is color co-ordinated orange from head to toe. I agree British women aren't attractive at all. Well you only need to look at this photo to see that, maybe that is why she never smiles. I mean she is with people who really do work in an industry where they are known. What's Vic known for, being a stick thin clothes horse that can't smile because of to much botox & not enough food. My god she is pathetic.

  21. fgklgjf says – reply to this


    old fucking news, youve lost your touch. youre too caught up in yourself.

  22. What would the aliens say if they saw this photo? says – reply to this


    They'd say what the fickity fuck is going on down there? From Michael Kors ridiculous "indoor/outdoor" vibe to Heidi's bangs and jeans, to robot Victoria (’nuff said) to Nina — it's a true freak show. One for the space ship, for sure.

  23. bernie says – reply to this


    God, Victoria is looking like a pitbull behind a fence. Ugly as hell

  24. bobdman says – reply to this


    Perhaps it was because she was bought by Victoria to push her trite "fashions"? Victoria has millions of dollars, but absolutely NO fashion sense.

  25. Truth Teller says – reply to this


    It's karma bitches… all because she dogged my boy Santino Rice, I tell ya.
    SANTINO WAS ROBBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. RADICAL QUEEN says – reply to this



  27. NOnCybOy says – reply to this


    Oh Lord nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. NonCYBOy says – reply to this



  29. James says – reply to this


    I wonder if they will put posh on the judging panel. She's trying to make a break through in America and this could be her platform to do so.

  30. bobdman says – reply to this


    Notice also that Victoria tries the cheap trick of having the brightest colored clothing of all the girls. Kind of like a model way of upstaging everyone else. Cheap Slut !!!

  31. jon says – reply to this


    OMG I hope Posh takes her place… who the hell is she anyway….

  32. ChrisJ says – reply to this


    Never really liked her on the show…felt she just liked to make snotty comments rather than give constructive criticism.

    Now she knows what it's like to hear "Auf Wiedersehen".

  33. drewmice says – reply to this


    nina was super sheik and is a down ass bitch. i hope whe finds happiness in her future

  34. June says – reply to this


    The woman spent too much time w/ Hiedi Klum and was not focusing on her day JOB. She will land somewhere elese and be fine.

  35. Sara says – reply to this


    Nina can't leave! she's awesome and the show wouldnt be the same. I'm not sure if I would even watch it anymore! DON'T GET RID OF NINA GARCIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. shardy says – reply to this



    elle magazine has been the same old predictable boring dated
    magazine for the past decade…

    time for a change!

    ADIOS nina…..HOLA freshness

  37. kuldeep says – reply to this


    i farted

  38. keely says – reply to this


    I LOVE Nina!

    DON'T LEAVE PROJECT RUNWAY, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. hawtPiNK says – reply to this


    i doubt she'll have a problem finding another job

  40. katie says – reply to this


    haha good.. i couldn't stand that turkey neck bitch anyway. and heidi klum needs to start dressing her age, she looks ridiculous!

  41. cass says – reply to this


    ELLE magazine is a cheap rip off of vogue. both mags suck but elle is insane

  42. caroline says – reply to this


    nina's so hot!

  43. flower says – reply to this


    please she had no style, grace or place being on project runway! goodbye!

  44. charley says – reply to this


    Posh looks like an ANGRY mannequin!

  45. magicponyrainbows says – reply to this


    WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????? man I never thought Nina was a bitch. She was trying to be helpful. Fashion will kill your dreams if you dont have good advice. Goddamn it! she was what made Elle my favorite magazine! shit!

  46. steven leamon says – reply to this


    victoria Beckham isn't very pretty but she has that je nais se quoi that makes her beautiful. Also, im not trying to be rude but Nina came off as a bitch on the show. she should really try to more personable. she was destined to get terminated from ELLE with that attitude and outlook. You can be strong and confident without being a cunt. No one with that persona will get very far in life.

  47. Stupid Paris H says – reply to this


    What FTY Means????

  48. Ferosh, lol says – reply to this


    Hahaha nice to see Viki doing her usual non-smile pose, yet again!

  49. sadie says – reply to this


    this is some shady biz.

  50. pip says – reply to this


    hi from oz

  51. korndawg73@yahoo.com says – reply to this


    Oops…maybe she said something wrong :X

  52. joanna the alcoholic cat! says – reply to this


    i do not ever want nina to leave project runway nor elle magazine either would be a travesty

  53. joanna the alcoholic cat! says – reply to this


    i do not ever want nina to leave project runway nor elle magazine either would be a travesty

  54. joanna the alcoholic cat! says – reply to this


    i do not ever want nina to leave project runway nor elle magazine either would be a travesty

  55. reader says – reply to this


    that frowning posh spice face is just plain unattractive and a hop and a step away from just plain ugly. i don't care how she thinks her smile looks, it's got to be better than this cold grimace. she ought to be ashamed. this expression doesn't make her or any women look attractive; it makes them look like frozen fug towels. it's just plain EUGH and i'm shocked posh hasn”t caught onto it by now. she looks nast.

  56. reader says – reply to this


    Re: reader – it's like "WOW UR SKINNY." yeah hon but that is not all of it and you look like death warmed over. somebody needs to get with this woman because the frown looks trash. it's dirtying up my computer screen and i've had enough. please cease, you hasbeen.

  57. white says – reply to this


    why is posh trying to look hispanic when she is white.

  58. MUHAHAHAHA says – reply to this



  59. phil says – reply to this


    regardless she has the experience.

  60. df says – reply to this




  61. Fresh Turd says – reply to this



  62. Stephanie says – reply to this


    BYE BIOTCH! I can't stand her…btw are those SUEDE Louboutins she is wearing with a sleeveless dress???? Victoria looks fab, as always :)

  63. mars needs tom cruise and his boy toy says – reply to this


    thers life for you tom and your boy toy.

  64. emsky says – reply to this


    i love project runaway
    it would be sad to see her go
    but thats beeznass

  65. edwin says – reply to this


    NINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA we love you :( whyyyyyyy you rcoked!! i know you'll start your own fashion magazine and trust me i'll be the first one buyinG!!!!!

  66. Lauren says – reply to this


    THat on hot momasita prta Maexica!!! Flash sthe snatch. Flash the snatch!!

  67. Aries says – reply to this


    Your site is behind most gossip sites. I read this a long time ago yesterday. What's important to you Perez? Maybe all the tv and radio gigs are fucking up a good thing.

  68. Hope says – reply to this


    I hope this bitch is off Project Runway too… she's so annoying and is so condescending to the contestants… she sux.. she has no fashion sense!! GO AWAY BITCH… and Posh looks awful.. what the hell did Becks ever see in this pug nosed twig???

  69. Christine says – reply to this


    Vicky must be pissed and feel very insecure that she is standing next to Heidi Klum, who is tall and gorgeous. Vivky looks like a small, malnurished piglet next to stately Miss Klum.

  70. Lydia G. says – reply to this


    so who is set to replace her?? i love elle magazine. does this mean she's going to be a bigger diva on PR?? give us the deets perezzers!

  71. BAAAAAWWWWWWWW says – reply to this



  72. Lauren says – reply to this


    Hope - You type like that momma gonna make you sleep with the goats!! Lighten up, cuntlet. You find someone to fuck y9u some day!!

  73. Chrissy Pants says – reply to this


    I'd hit it, but she's still out

  74. Posh is UGLY says – reply to this


    Look at Posh standing there trying to look all fierce when she just comes off as ugly and bitchy. At least Heidi smiles. Posh takes herself too seriously and needs to realize she just looks like a character from Planet of the Apes.

  75. verna says – reply to this


    about time !!!!!!!!!!

  76. LaUREN says – reply to this


    POSH is Ugly - God love you! That why he give you semen to wash with and drink! Stand on yuou own too feetes. You caan get you some if you tries, chile.

  77. Chuck says – reply to this


    WTF is with the fag in the scarff……….
    Can someone please tie it to a tree………..
    Obama and Hillary must move to Africa and swing
    from the trees like Opra!!!!!!!!! Stern the big nosed Jew face…..

  78. runnergal says – reply to this


    I couldn't stand her. Her voice and she was way too harsh. She didn't like ANYTHING.

  79. krazihottkelli/bchygrl says – reply to this


    to me….they all look like a bunch of old crowzzzzzzzzzzz
    I zhit on all of their headzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  80. fashionista says – reply to this


    They have a new creative director over at Elle. He has been pushing out the magazines best talent for months now. Nina's not the 1st to go, he even pushed out the super talented Isabel Dupre. I'm not worried for Nina because she is brilliant at what she does so she'll find something better before you know it. Good luck Nina!

  81. C says – reply to this


    I used to work at Elle a few years ago… it's been a long time coming. Karma is a …

  82. Chuck says – reply to this


    Re: LaUREN – What the fuck are you saying????
    I believe you need some cock……….?
    Have you ever been cock slapped before???

  83. C says – reply to this


    I used to work at Elle a few years ago… it's been a long time coming. The show simply bought her an extra year or two. Like Nina, Karma is a …

  84. mb says – reply to this


    One day your in….The next day your out!!!!!!

  85. bobbytomorow says – reply to this


    haha who are these nobodies? and that stupid bitch looks ridiculous

  86. Mmmm says – reply to this


    Re: Jst being honest – Just being ignorant more like it. Posh is hardly considered to be beautiful in England. There are lots of gorgeous English girls, just like there are gorgeous girls all over the world. Posh is popular because of her husband and because she is a CHARACTER and a so called fashion icon. You know, if I was as ignorant as you I'd think Paris Hilton represented all US girls. Like eww! US girls are all lanky beak faced wonky eyed sluts!! Hah!

  87. BANNANACAKE says – reply to this


    I need to get as skinny as posh. I need to loose 2 stone. Can anyone help me? I am eating a lot less and exercising as much as i can and still nothing.
    STILL the same flipping weight.

    Annoyed girl in London

  88. woofter says – reply to this


    what about heidi's mom jeans. threw up alittle in my mouth. she's not even that great looking.

  89. Glasgow Girl says – reply to this


    There are much prettier than VB in the UK, believe me i stay here and see them walking down the streets every other day. Vicky is just an over-rated backing singer who's nothing more than a fashion ligger. She also happened to bag a v handsome talented sportsman in David Beckham - he's the star and without him she'd have bombed like the other Spices (apart from Sporty Spice who has a big following in er…….Europe lmao :D )
    She gets a lot of magazine coverage, but apart from that, i'd say she's been lucky up to now in her "career"

  90. Just messing! says – reply to this


    Re: woofter – "mom jeans" "Threw up a little"?? Overused cliches, much?

  91. BATHOG THE GREAT says – reply to this


    as the greatest internet poster ever born i can say that this is hardly groundbreaking news. the amazon with the 14" camel toe is fingering posh spice from behind here.

  92. diff says – reply to this


    Posh would look nice if she smiled. Here, she looks like the odd one out. In the rare photos I have seen her smile she looks much much nicer.

  93. Iman says – reply to this


    good. ive never liked that bitch. ever. how the fuck does someone like that have a high fashion job. bye nina, thanks for playing.

  94. JM says – reply to this


    I LOVE Nina!!! I'm so upset!!!!! She came to speak at my school in the Fall and she was such an inspirational woman! She brings so much talent to the industry and to Elle. She was also a really really nice woman and would answer any question you had for her. Elle is going to go downhill now!!

  95. Galician like you says – reply to this


    yeah nina is ugly, we are all agree, but victoria?? for god's sake, look at this rat face!!! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  96. queen victoria says – reply to this


    british girls are HOT!!!!
    victoria is just a bad example

  97. Galician like you says – reply to this


    * we all agree

  98. lilly says – reply to this


    i hope she doesn't leave! shes an amazing judge!

  99. PJ says – reply to this


    "C" I do NOT know what you are talking about…I DO work for Elle..and anyone at Elle and at any Conde Nast publication understands the talent that Nina Garcia brings to the magazine. She has been there over ten years and the has increased the sales of the magazine by a huge percentage. She is probably the only editor that understand the women who read it. Most likely, Anna Wintour will pick her up to work on the 12th floor at Conde Nast, Vogue.

  100. Dr. Plowshit says – reply to this


    The most important thing to remember when losing weight. Always wear really tight jeans and clothes. NO jogging pants ever, they let you hang out. You can eat 6 very small meals a day. Make each of them the size of your fist. Don't eat after 6:00 at night. Go to bed early, sleep alot..no calories when you are sleeping. Eat what you want, just take off more calories than you are putting into your body. All that sleep will make you look 10 years younger.

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