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What's Next For Nina???

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We reported this weekend that as of Friday afternoon, Project Runway judge Nina Garcia was OUT as fashion director at Elle magazine.

While the magazine and Garcia have yet to make an official comment about her departure, sources have been busy digging up the dirt on the sudden split.

First, there were apparently signs that the Garcia's departure was a-coming!

The arrival of Joe Zee, Elle's new creative director, supposedly foreshadowed the end of Garcia's reign. Observers questioned how the two would get along, and whether Zee would keep her around. Also, this past Tuesday Garcia was notably absent at a big bash Elle threw with design house Moschino and eerily, a story in The Wall Street Journal about fashion trends for spring quoted her, but conincidently excluded her role at Elle.

We're all probably wondering the same thing — what is next for Nina?

According to one insider, Garica shouldn't be totally counted out of the mag yet. She's "still in negotiations" with the powers that be at Elle and an announcement could be coming soon.

Nina is also reportedly talking with Harvey Weinstein about new television projects. Insiders add that Garcia could still be involved with the next season of Project Runway regardless of how things play out with Elle.

Was there not enough spotlight to go around at Elle?

According to a source, the power players at Elle have been fighting for their 15 minutes of fame and there's been lots of 'political tension' at the office.

Zee is slated to be the mag's newest editor-turned TV whore. He's said to be wrapping production on a Tyra Banks produced CW reality show, Fashionista, with Elle fashion news director Anne Slowey. The show will feature young, aspiring fashion gals competing for the chance to be a fashion assistant at the magazine. The show will supposedly air in the summer.


So what it comes down to is that there is only room for one TV star at Elle??

What a bunch of diva bitches!

Meow! We love it!

Who'd win in a cat fight???

Our money's on Nina coming out on top!

[Image via WENN.]

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42 comments to “What's Next For Nina???”

  1. mary says – reply to this



  2. SC says – reply to this



  3. Fo Realz says – reply to this


    Fashionista? This sounds awwwfully like The Fashionista Diaries which was on last year. I hope for TY-Ty's sake that it's not a ripoff! It even has the same premise.

  4. kdfjls says – reply to this


    I'll miss her…

  5. C says – reply to this



  6. Bebe says – reply to this



  7. cambel says – reply to this


    I hope she stays with Runway. For judges you need people that made their living in fasion, NOT people like Victoria Beckham who just like to shop. The difference is, if Nina puts something ugly on the cover of Elle, and the magazine doesn't sell that month she is in trouble. If Victoria wears something ugly nothing really happens so her taste would be more out there. Nina should stay with Runway. P.S. has anybody seen that show Sheer Genius? Talk about looking good for her age! What is Jacklyn Smith doing? She must have made a deal with the Devil.

  8. STupid Judy says – reply to this


    Mary farted

  9. the spaceman says – reply to this


    When I saw this picture again I screamed.

  10. J-White says – reply to this


    I hope nina is on PR5. And she would whoop ZEE's monkey ass in a cat fight

  11. elianaleahi says – reply to this



  12. WOAAAA says – reply to this



  13. Briann says – reply to this


    She is such a fuckface!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ElianaLeahi says – reply to this


    this is nuts! IM 10!!!

  15. Linda says – reply to this


    What do you suppose would happen to Victoria Beckham's face if she smiled??

  16. truth says – reply to this


    you have shown this before Perez what are you doing it is like I will not look anymore you have become what you hate, I could not have enough coffee now to check your site,you are weak and lame and you know it ,what got some money now, you are a sell out

  17. Wanda says – reply to this


    I swear Victoria Beckham is the most fabulous woman on earth!A decade after the Spice Girls she is the only one who is still on covers of Vogue, ELLE…..and in ad campaigns.etc with designers loving her because unlike other bitches out there she has a great humor and honesty.She openly says she dosent think she is beautiful and that she made it without being extremely good at anything.She is a self made woman who worked hard and is loving her status now.

    There are no sex tapes of Beckham, no DUIs no crotch shoots she is in a league of her own."Kate skank cocaine Moss" or Sluttienna got nothing on her!

    Rock on Posh, and drive the haters mad by being your fab self.

  18. hader says – reply to this


    for what it's worth, Nina is a friend of a friend, and I hear she is genuinely nice.

  19. Tony says – reply to this



  20. tina says – reply to this


    elle magazine is such a piece of crap and all the divas that work there (both men and women) deserve each other. i hope they go down in the sinking ship that is hachette fillipacchi.

  21. lucky says – reply to this


    Nina's probably fighting off job offers left and right.

  22. pibble says – reply to this


    Possibly the least important story ever.
    God forbid anyone I care about ever deeply care about 'fashion'. It's an empire built on frivolous BS, and the people who push it are worse than whores, who at least are selling goods for service and not trying to deceive you into paying $30K for $200 worth of material and a brandname.

    A pox on their houses! Dumb schmucks every one.

  23. hader says – reply to this


    Re: pibble – yeah but don't you like purdy dresses? If only we could have them, cheap, without the industry people…

  24. Lauren (A) says – reply to this


    Why exactly is a MAN pushing a WOMAN out of the executive positions at a WOMEN'S fashion magazine?

  25. Socrates says – reply to this


    Now if only someone can out Anne Wintour from Vogue!

  26. noNCYboY practicing the ESPANOL! says – reply to this


    Hola NINA!!!

  27. noNCYboY says – reply to this

  28. tristan says – reply to this


    do you think victoria wanted Nina's spot on Runway? would be a good little gig for her.

  29. Jenny says – reply to this


    I think her being fired is really sexist on Elle's part. Although fashion is an industry geared toward women, the men still have a lot of power. Think about it. The vet creative director was female and then this new guy comes in and who gets to stay? THE MAN. I think that's awful.

  30. Dancing Girl says – reply to this


    Let's not forget: 1) Since Joe Zee and his team came aboard, the mag has looked amazing. 2) Joe Zee has a reputation in the fashion biz as being a genuinely nice and super talented guy. Perhaps this is not about TV shows, or cat fights, but about a BUSINESS in which you have to either be an asset to your company, or be replaced by someone who is.

  31. ReRe says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but Victoria Beckham is HEINOUS! A BONY TROLL!!

    She's GOT TA GO!

  32. jess says – reply to this


    Do not waste time being sorry.

    Victoria is the one which do not eat because she thinks she looks great in that orange fruit peel. She is a carrot with 2 tomatoes and she will rot any day soon. If she smile she may burst and then that could be sooner.

  33. mommydearest says – reply to this


    Posh should get the most frozen face award.

  34. asdfe says – reply to this


    Nina Garcia is going to be the head of a new magazine that Elle is launching called Very Elle, which will be (an even more) upscale version of Elle. quote me

  35. BATHOG says – reply to this


    look at snakeface

  36. Bathog...or not says – reply to this


    Re: BATHOG – I'm being nice, but I'm watching you

  37. Nicole says – reply to this


    I interned at W magazine when Joe Zee was the fashion director there. He was nice to me but he did seem kind of diva-ish.

  38. lucky says – reply to this


    Re: Dancing Girl – I've been reading Elle for years, it has always looked amazing.

  39. 4 pillocks in a line says – reply to this


    this picture looks so dated .

    what happened to originality,
    a bunch of nerds .

  40. vicki looks like wilderstein says – reply to this


    no more room for any bottox

    eyes poping out of head.

    why no smile,?
    probably she is !

  41. xoxo says – reply to this


    Anne Slowey sealed her Project Runway coffin with the absurd "tootie" critique that she hanged Emmett McCarthy for.

  42. ptsaz brfiqvhy says – reply to this


    liusw ohfgqjvbm famgzl vaeu zphlj layghr zqplnuxcd