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Botox in the BRAIN!

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Half of Beverly Hills is about to go into a panic attack!

A new report claims that an Italian study on lab rats proved that the active agent in wrinkle fix-it Botox, botulinum toxin, can travel along neurons from the injection site and into the brain!

Yes, bitches, you can get that shit up in your brain! No wonder half them hos in Hollywood are brain dead.

Botox's manufacturer, Allergan, tried to spin the Italian scientist's findings and in a statement said that the Italian scientists "injected the material directly into the brain."

Wrong…the Italians injected the neurotoxin into facial muscles—and from there it found its way to the brainstem!

Why discredit the Italians? Cause it contradicts the findings of earlier studies, which suggested that the neurotoxin is completely broken down at the injection site into innocuous compounds and does not migrate beyond it—or if it does, only into the bloodstream or lymph system. Allergan thinks those older studies are more credible.

Some of you may be thinking Botox may not have the 'rat brain effect' on a human. Doesn't matter to us! A rat is a living thing… if it could do some crazy shit to them, there's no way in hell we would it anywhere near us!

Another thing the report points out is the amount of hospitalizations and deaths that have been reported following Botox injections.

In 2005 scientists at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration analyzed 1,437 such "adverse events" between 1989, when Botox was approved for eye spasms, and 2003. Most came from people who got Botox to erase their wrinkles, but there were 28 deaths of people who had received it for medical purposes.

Botox at your own risk, Perezcious ones.

You have been warned!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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126 comments to “Botox in the BRAIN!”

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  1. megan says – reply to this


    scone on??

  2. Michael V says – reply to this



  3. jenniferm says – reply to this


    ohh…maybe that's why I've been feelin' a little weird lately.

  4. Benjamin says – reply to this


    First, bitches!!!

  5. Benjamin says – reply to this


    Ok, not the first but being in the top 5 is still amazing considering how many people will fight to be the first to comment…lol.

  6. alekis says – reply to this


    botox? bueno aparte de eso se notan algunas canitas jeje saludos perezito desde ecuador!

  7. samanthaB says – reply to this


    Keith & Nicole will have the prettiest baby ever!
    look at them.. they're the most beautiful couple in the world.
    Don't deny it!

  8. Kim says – reply to this


    haha watch out nicole!

  9. Elaine says – reply to this


    Just another example of how you can't trust the pharmaceutical industry. That, along with the recent information that drug companies ONLY release studies that show their goods in a positive light, but do not have to publish the studies with the negative results, just further reinforces the idea they can't be trusted. And to ever think that drug companies would regulate themselves is a joke. It takes hundreds of deaths and horrible (non-advertised) side effects before the FDA will investigate a drug they NEVER should have allowed in the first place. It'd be great if we could trust these guys to police themselves, trust them to be honest, but the only thing we can trust about them is that they'll do ANYTHING, hurt ANYONE to bow at the altar of the eternal buck.

  10. jabba says – reply to this


    some people with tight voice boxes get botox injections so that the voice box aint so tight anymore and they stop talking like the just inhale a big bong hit.

  11. nomad says – reply to this


    You know what, I am not even shocked. The FDA will approve anything, and if you look at their track record, they are a complete failure. Everyone is in the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry, and they have no qualms about maybe killing a couple hundred people with prescription drugs if it means an extra couple million or so in their pockets. They're evil.

  12. mimi in mo says – reply to this


    I think people look silly when they use botox but you completely confuse me Perez!!!!! You make fun if they do but if they don't you make fun of how old thay look! I just don't get it. I guess you just hate no matter what.

  13. meganb says – reply to this


    i win

    : )

  14. Your conscience.. says – reply to this


    Perez dah-ling.. methinks that if you agree with this report, that perhaps you should refrain from calling people "raisin face" and the like…

    Smooches from Canada

  15. jose says – reply to this


    This is old news and in fact, they do not know if that applies to humans, only to rats so far, so why dont you stfu and read before posting shit!

  16. Bea says – reply to this


    Injecting anything into your face seems like, very obviously, a bad idea. Why are people so shocked that it can cause harm to your body? It paralyzes your facial muscles "for god's sake", do you really think that doesn't have negative side effects?!

  17. JR says – reply to this


    there are 20 somethings that are seeking botox as wrinkle preventatives, you go on other "medical spa" websites and they say it's never to early to start. As far as the older women go with money to spend…I hope that women feel empowered enough and confident enough at all ages to accept the natural process in life. There is an amount of self dissatisfaction and esteem issues with anyone at any age that gets any aesthetic treatments and surgeries and that's the problem. They use these things to fill voids in their life and that's not healthy.I'm a firm believer that money shouldn't be used to purchase beauty or happiness and that is what this kind of stuff teaches. There needs to be more emphasis on health and well-being and life satisfaction. I'm just really anti- the putting foreign objects into your body beauty industry at all levels. In addition, I don't trust pharmaceutical companies and the fact the Botox is even out on the market sickens me. Botox has really good medical benefits that are for treatments of serious problems diseases etc, to exploit the insecurities of women (and more and more men) by introducing its cosmetic use is SO SAD. People are spending so much money on developing these new pharmaceutical "beauty enhancers" because there sadly such a huge market for it…THERES MORE IMPORTANT THINGS LIKE CANCER

  18. k says – reply to this


    im still young and beautiful!! idk about yall but i dont need that shit….for now

  19. saint808 aka Dick Warlock says – reply to this


    You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet look good.

  20. eyepoker says – reply to this


    live hard, die faster…this will shorten up the b-list, and beyond

  21. jimmyjazz says – reply to this



  22. Fo Realz says – reply to this


    Botox is poison. If you use it you are an idiot. Nicole Kidman has hurt her career so badly by using Botox. She's made herself look like a joke. She was red hot from the time she split with Tommygirl til she OD'd on Botox. Oh well.

  23. Vanessa says – reply to this



  24. mmm says – reply to this



  25. Kim says – reply to this


    Here's a thought: how about aging gracefully? Not everyone thinks it looks good to resemble a Madame Tassaud's fixture.

  26. Moriah says – reply to this


    Poor rats. :(

  27. Donkeypuncher says – reply to this


    Good! I like my Bitches brain dead and easy!

  28. djhfs says – reply to this


    why would there be neurons at the injection site? neurons are brain cells.

  29. :) says – reply to this


    I love ya Perez but you should do a bit more research on a topic like this…before you post something. I'm disappointed! But at least we know with your lack of knowledge on botox that you haven't had any! Love love

  30. Notafraid says – reply to this


    Geez…calm down. Botox was injected into the whiskers of lab rats. Whiskers are a highly specialized sensory organ (that humans don't possess!) and it should come as no surprise to anyone that messing with them would cause problems. This is one dumb experiment that probably wasted a lot of (Italian) tax dollars.

  31. slink says – reply to this


    Re: djhfs

    Neurons are all throughout the central nervous system, not just in the brain. Thus, the point being, there is a chance that the botulinum could travel through the nervous system to the brainstem.

    Anyway - it's a POISON!

  32. opi says – reply to this


    Joan Collins was the only star I heard mention that there were no long term studies as to Boxtox's safety, and she wasn't going to be a guinnea pig for the POISON. She's the only sane star out there. It is of course, botchulism
    POISON that they are injecting themselves with. DUH! What IDIOTS.

  33. Watch Out Mandonna! says – reply to this


    If this is true Mandonna may be gone before the release of her album! Be careful with that stuff!!!

  34. Baron says – reply to this


    No fucking shit!!! With Botox being a poison are people actually shocked that there may be negative side affects???

  35. Moira McLean says – reply to this


    I have always avoided botox in my career, as I was suspicious about possible side-effects like this. With good reason, it turns out. My friends Bert and Belvedere use it, and I've tried to warn them - maybe now they'll listen to me.

  36. pipi says – reply to this


    botox in my brain ? there is quite some percentage of the brain that stays unused, so I hope it gets there. i'm so going to have my first b shoots in five years time, unless I grow spiritually and become the new St. Augustin .

  37. Jenny says – reply to this


    for your information.. rats have been used in experiments in comparison with human beings for ages now! so there is no question whether these results apply to us or not, a rat's internal functioning is very similar to ours, and clearly injecting anything in your body will have some kind of negative consequences.. every single drug does! people just look for the short-term and immediate benefits and do not realize that long-term consequences can be very hazardous!!!!

  38. NO SHIT SHERLOCK! says – reply to this


    Anyone with any sense would stay away from that crap. I don't care how small the level, it's poison idots! It adds up. So keep doing it bitches if your that desperate which most women are to look young. If they said injecting monkey turds did the same thing some women would do it! Use your head before it's frozen too morons!!!!!!!

  39. aging naturally says – reply to this


    I would rather have wrinkles

  40. jose says – reply to this


    Re: Jenny – you are the weakest link. YOU FAIL

  41. J BLANK of FLATPOINT says – reply to this


    but their brains look so YOUNG & BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  42. white bird says – reply to this


    Of course Botox is dangerous. It's like smoking cigarettes. One probably won't destroy you, but the nicotine alters brain (GABA, CNS functioning). Botox builds up in your system and you can't get rid of it. Even drugs used transdermally get in your system–think they just put out a warning about a birth control patch.

    Any injection is systemic.

    And whatever is in your lymph nodes, which are part of the circulatory and immune system, will have an impact on you.

    The Italians are tops in endocrinology and have superior medical treatment and surgeons than in the US. US doctors study in Italy. But when was the last time you saw an Italian doctor in the US?
    Nearly every major medical breakthrough has been tested on rats.

  43. pipi says – reply to this


    Re: opi
    joan collins is just jelaous cause she missed on a medical progress ergo was forced to undertake bloody face lift and suffer while doing it. and she's the last one to say anything against plastic surgery and being a guinnea pig for it. silly embalmed cow.

  44. Nic says – reply to this


    Nicole hasn't been getting botox because they won't give it to pregnant women.
    I agree that she and Keith will have a gorgeous baby.

  45. jemms says – reply to this


    no kidding.

  46. sam says – reply to this


    "'No wonder half them hos in Hollywood are brain dead.""

    lol perez… do half smiles count in half liking someone???

  47. idiots says – reply to this


    Botox= botulinum toxin= contributor to BOTULISM hello!!!!!!!! fuckin idiots should have realized from day ONE this shit is NOT supposed to be entering our cells ANYWHERE. its not the pharmaceutical companies to blame its the fucking idiots who insist on putting this shit in their face. good riddance i say.

  48. jane says – reply to this


    Peretard-here you are spouting off about Botox and the women that use it then other the hand you critisize and berate women who aren't young and perfect!! You are one F'ed-up asshole!!!

  49. momma b says – reply to this


    Nicole looks OLD in this pic. I think she's a very odd looking woman. It's the australian thing I guess. Too bad they don't produce women like they do men!!!

  50. some asshole says – reply to this


    Re: Donkeypuncher – You forget "wrinkle free" as well.

  51. ale says – reply to this


    that explains A LOT!

  52. Mayumi says – reply to this


    Perez say - "Yes, bitches, you can get that shit up in your brain! No wonder half them hos in Hollywood are brain dead."

    How dare you say that? Their reliable Clinton or Obama supporters!!!

  53. Mayumi says – reply to this


    Re: Mayumi

    I meant they're not their. The botox is going to my brain as well. That's why I'm for Obama all the way.

  54. Blah says – reply to this


    botulinum toxin is botox. For your information botulinum toxin is one of the most deadly natural toxins made. It is possibly the most acutely toxic substance known, with a median lethal dose of about 1 ng/kg, meaning that a few hundred grams could theoretically kill every human on earth (for perspective, the rat poison strychnine, often described as highly toxic, has an LD50 of 1,000,000 ng/kg, and it would take four hundred tons to kill every human).
    I don't know injecting a deadly nerve agent in your forehead hasn't ever really sounded like a great idea to me.

  55. NoSurpriseHere says – reply to this


    If Botox can be absorbed into a brain stem, what about the effects on a developing fetus (despite the use of it during pregnancy or not)? I fear Madame Nicole might give birth to a two-headed baby with one eyeball in the center of it's forehead. Poor Baby Cyclops. All because the Queen of Bad Movies had to have a wrinkle-free face. Ditz!

  56. For all of you uninformed people... says – reply to this


    The medical uses of botox (i.e. "therapeutic" botox) far outweigh the otherwise negative symptoms of many diseases/afflictions. I am an (otherwise) normal 34 year old who had a particularly nasty case of bell's palsy following the birth of my twins, two years ago. BP left me with the inability to smile and speak "normally." I squint when I smile, my eye closes when I say certain letter sounds, and I have a lot of tightness around the eye. While I have not yet had botox, I fully plan on it very soon, as it is MEDICALLY PROVEN to alleviate many of these symptoms, if not erase them almost entirely. This most recent report (not new news) does not dissuade me from my decision whatsoever. Yes, I agree that it is ridiculous the extremes people go to to stop father time. I do not plan on doing it for aesthetic purposes. However, I fully plan on doing it to get my "old face" back as much as possible and ANYONE who has hemifacial spasms, BP residuals, or the like should be encouraged to continue onward to their path of trying to feel more "normal." A VERY large number of the aforementioned deaths were in children (tragic and unfortunate) who had cerebreal palsy/limb spasms. But to generalize and says that all applications of botox are bad/poisonous is ignorant (sorry perez–normally love ya). Peace from someone who needs botox badly to feel "okay" again. Do some research. It's not all about looks.

  57. Leonardo says – reply to this


    It is a poison that is being voluntarily injected into the bodies of people who willingly hand over their money to these immoral physicians.

    Actors no longer have the ability to express enough emotion when they are all shot up with this stuff. It is distracting to watch someone whose forehead is frozen in place.

  58. holly says – reply to this


    she looks like she belongs in a coffin.

  59. Anon says – reply to this


    I had botox once and had MASSIVE headaches that would not go away for weeks! It's poison, people!!!!!!!!!!

  60. minime says – reply to this


    Well no shit. You're injecting poison into your muscles. Do you guys really think that you could isolate one certain muscle group from the rest of your body by injecting something that is meant to completely freeze that muscle and not alter anything else.

    Keep doing it, stupid bitches!

  61. Jon says – reply to this


    Nicole Kidman dosn't need Botox… She is beautiful, I saw her when I went to see the play 3 days of rain.. she was 10 rows in front of me and it was awesome

  62. mega says – reply to this


    Allergan has made a shitload of money from selling poisonous toxins as a way to fix wrinkles… Would you believe anything they say? I say believe the Italians. I'm never using Botox, although I would love to remove a ocuple of wrinkles.. I need my brain.

  63. Lilly says – reply to this


    If you scroll down across the photo of Ms Kidman so that you can only see down to her nose, there is absolutely no movement or expression in her face. It is only when you scroll down and include her mouth that you actually realize that she is smiling. There are no expression lines on her face at all. I can understand the use of Botox by actresses (and actors) to enhance their faces and keep looking younger, but Nicole has gone way too far. How can you act with a frozen face?

  64. allyson says – reply to this


    Dear Perez,

    You have absolutely no scientific knowledge. If you did you would know that many OTC and Prescription drugs out there have negative effects on rats and yet they are still used on humans because the have different effects on different species of animals. Stick to publishing on material you know and understand.

  65. A girl says – reply to this



    I had botox thrapeutically to keep my esophagus from closing… Its worked, but WTF, am I gonna get early onset…sheeee-it. I am scared.

  66. luis says – reply to this


    Madonna baby are you listening?

  67. K-Swan says – reply to this


    That is the penalty for society making aging ugly. There is nothing wrong with aging– it's a beautiful process that men and women should embrace, like they do in other societies all over the world.

    I don't want to say that anyone deserves this, but they should have thought about the toxins they were willingly injecting into their face.

  68. PerezWASmyGUILTYpleasure says – reply to this


    I've had Botox three times. I don't care to hear about how I'm an idiot for getting it done. I have a degree in microbiology, so I know wtf it is. Sadly, sometimes vanity is stronger than common sense. Even though I've scoured the research, I cannot find anything linking it to problems I've experienced including significant hair loss and an auto-immune type of inflammation around my eye. I'm trusting my gut on this one. I look like sh*t now because of it.

  69. twilight says – reply to this


    she looks fuckin horrible son

  70. someone-in-science says – reply to this


    PLUS! bonus quote from the abstract…

    "SNAP-25 cleavage by BoNT/A was observed in the contralateral hemisphere after unilateral BoNT/A delivery to the hippocampus. Appearance of cleaved SNAP-25 resulted in blockade of hippocampal activity in the untreated hemisphere. Injections of BoNT/A into the optic tectum led to the appearance of BoNT/A-truncated SNAP-25 in synaptic terminals within the retina. Cleaved SNAP-25 also appeared in the facial nucleus after injection of the toxin into rat whisker muscles. Experiments excluded passive spread of the toxin and demonstrated axonal migration and neuronal transcytosis of BoNT/A."

  71. BOTH SIDES OF THE ISSUE! says – reply to this



  72. GOLLUM says – reply to this


    Re: PerezWASmyGUILTYpleasure – Hmmmmmm!!!! Hair loss and an inflammed eye!!!! You sound like my kind of girl……. MY PRECIOUS!!!!

  73. Cat says – reply to this


    Let's call this a huge "DUH" on everyone's part! Botox is watered-down Botulism. How could anyone think this was ever a good idea?

  74. GetUrFreakOn..MakeMeWriteBadChecks says – reply to this


    Re: PerezWASmyGUILTYpleasure – (*….."problems I've experienced including significant hair loss and an auto-immune type of inflammation around my eye.")
    Look on the bright side: There is probably a wild, kinky fetish site out there just for you.

  75. JDE says – reply to this


    What the hell is wrong with Nicole Kidman? She's getting uglier and uglier… what a wreck.

    Do her and Kylie have Botox parties? They both have gone from being pretty women, to fug fests thanks to plastic surgeries.

    Shakes head.

  76. novel1 says – reply to this


    Why are you showing a pic of Nicole in this report if you're not going to address her PREGNANCY issue and the fact that anything transmitting through the blood/brain barrier can also transmit to a fetus? Do you have factual evidence to prove she's had botox done or are you just bashing another celeb without proof?

  77. mayumi says – reply to this


    Re: GetUrFreakOn..MakeMeWriteBadChecks

    Be nice now. Perez should fire his writers and hire you instead. Excellente!

  78. Pamela says – reply to this


    She is fugly

  79. PerezWASmyGUILTYpleasure says – reply to this


    Re: GOLLUM – Maybe I will able to see in the dark soon? ;) Whatever your intention, your comment made me laugh about it for the first time. thank you!

  80. carl says – reply to this


    This would explain the behavior of Noami Cambell, Susan Sarandon, Paris Hilton, Jodie Foster, Meg Ryan, Cher, Jane Fonda, Courtney Love, Joy Behar, Rosie O'Donell and the list goes on and on and on.

  81. christi says – reply to this


    She still looks really old.

  82. ira says – reply to this


    ewwwww shes so ugly and looks like 80 years old nasty no botox will help this bitch get hot keith is weird

  83. a pebble says – reply to this


    Duh! Injecting poison into your body is dangerous? No shit!!! It's amazing that people would actually risk their most amazing and powerful organ, the brain, for the sake of vanity. But hell, this is the media's fault at large or making aging look "gross" and making women even more paranoid about aging. Also, while we're on the topic of wrong, what many women aren't aware of is the fact that there have been strong studies and links between breast cancer and taking the contraceptive pill. We have known for a long time now that taking hormones fucks with our bodies and can lead to cancer, yet every time a new research comes out it get's all hushed….sounds like the research companies must get paid off to shut up. In conclusion: be smart people! Don't inject poisons into your bloodstream and don't take hormones (eg: the pill) . Natural is always best.

  84. Nicolleugly says – reply to this


    Ya know what sucks about getting older? Watching your upper eyelids puff out & get droopy like Nicole's. But this is just in the morning after having been drinking the night before. At least I do not have that big, high forehead which is 3/4 as large as the rest of her face. She's just awful looking Irishy face who is trying to look like a Scandinavian beauty. I feel for her. All the money in the world is not worth 1 cent if you see this staring back at you in mirror. Imagine what she really looks like without the pro makeup contours, the lighting & her procedures. Hideous! And she KNOWS it!

  85. bri says – reply to this


    this is old news idiot

  86. jrizzle says – reply to this


    ok ………. 1st lol (like a virgin ohhhhh)
    2ndly I get botox (yea wut bitcheese!?)
    3rd shit scares me like winos sores(like woooooahhh)
    I cant use deodorant , I'm allergic!
    I tried everything!
    And have had to have surgery to fix things deodorant has caused!
    how many of you use that crap? Youll see what it causes you at some point!

    Botox is not a miracle drug, medically speaking its a last resort!
    it was my last resort! After surgery ….
    and the near GAAA RUNN TEEE of more surgery! !
    Vanity wise…. bitches get what they ask for!~

    However, I must admit a sweatless florida summer is magical! And my life before botox was stinky and sweaty and ikky poo poo!
    So I'll prob drop dead from the ciggs and drinking an STD or two, maybe a stalker….. post pardome suicide or That fabulous mickey mouse waffle iron I just had to have which says "*product may cause cancer)
    I wont be upset in the end because nobody gets out alive!
    Either way nicole kidman needs to chill with it!

  87. Chelle says – reply to this


    HAHHAHAHHA!! Love it! We thought we could out do him… but God just bitched slapped the fuck outta us!

  88. I drink your milkshake says – reply to this


    I KNEW it. I have been saying for years that it was only a matter of time before this stuff turned out to be dangerous. Remember the original silicone breast implants that started leaking and causing cancers? Everyone thought those were safe at the time too.

  89. cookie monsta says – reply to this


    Perez, that's a shit photo and you know it. Leave Nic alone, all she ever did wrong was marry that gay dwarf scientologist creep. BACK OFF.

  90. becky says – reply to this


    This woman looks uglier and OLDER than Elizabeth Taylor in her ridiculous cap and cargo pants. Good for Tom for dumping her! Compared to her, he looks renewed and clean with Katie and the baby. SOLAVAYA! What an unbelievably unattractive, old, unattractive woman!

  91. miguel says – reply to this


    que bom q é pôr botox!!

  92. sadface says – reply to this


    Nicole looks so beat in this pic. Sadface.

  93. kiki22 says – reply to this


    It is just disgusting that these poor animals are abused and tortured and kept in cramped conditions so that they can be injected and poked daily for the sake of human vanity. It is so cruel and makes me ashamed to be human. I cannot believe that humans think it is ok to experiment on animals on this day and age. We are a fucked up barbaric species.

  94. tatiana says – reply to this


    Unless you mean nerves, there are no neurons that travel from the forehead to the brain… this doesn't really make sense.

  95. Untrue says – reply to this


    You people are idiots. Before you just take his word on it, go look it up yourselves. This was NOT a Botox study. This was a study of another product containing the botulinum toxin. Botox is a purified protein of botulinum and in no way is it possible for you to get botulinum or for this to happen. It's sad how uneducated our country is. Some of you posted about how the FDA will approve anything and how companies will only release the good studies…but you take the word of this study to be fact, end of story? WRONG. This was not Botox. End of story…do some reading.

  96. You're an idiot ... says – reply to this


    … and should stick w/what you know best, Perez–gossip–and stop blowing smoke up our asses. I've been getting botox since it came out–over ten years now–because of severe headaches and I've NEVER had one problem–NONE– and the majority of people who get it DON'T. As w/everything, the key is to find a good doctor, so don't ANYONE let this schmuck scare you away from it if you need it–even if it is just to keep wrinkles at bay.

  97. uhhhh says – reply to this


    uhhh…why am i not surprised that injecting rat poison into your face is bad for you?????

  98. Rainbowcat says – reply to this


    This ain't news. There have been studies since the very beginning that point out the very real dangers of Botox - especially for cosmetic use. It does have a LOT of good, sound medical applications (to treat hyperhydrosis, muscle spasms, migraine headaches, vocal problems, etc.) and any time it is used for those conditions, folks sign the paper that says they are aware of the serious - possibly lethal - side effects. These nitwits who load up their faces with it to try to look young are just asking for trouble. Either they end up looking like a stone-face (Nicole), or they start looking like a clown who just got a good goose in the heinie (Terri Hatcher - are you listening?) Sooner or later, one of these women will suffer permanent damage - or die - and then maybe Hollywood might accept that getting older is just a fact of life. There is beauty in all ages, folks. Jessica Tandy was in her 80's and still looked radiant; Helen Mirren is a beautiful, mature woman - let it be, ladies, and be safe.

  99. NO BO says – reply to this


    I know so many gorgeous women of all ages. Why can't Hollyweird grow old gracefully? They have much influence over what society deems "beautiful"–though IMO I don't think they should, but that's reality. I actually like when these actresses stop doing the botox so you when they smile, you actually see the face light up. They do so much stretching, pulling and injecting, that they end up doing more as they age from all of the junk they did to themselves when they were younger. Stop it!!

  100. NO BO says – reply to this


    Re: Rainbowcat – We must have posted at the same time. Well said. Hopefully, someone influential in "the business" will see these kind of postings and turn the tide….will be a good outcome for everyone…except the plastic MD's–but, hey they can use their talent to reconstruct folks who have suffered severe trauma….again, good for all.

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