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Botox in the BRAIN!

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Half of Beverly Hills is about to go into a panic attack!

A new report claims that an Italian study on lab rats proved that the active agent in wrinkle fix-it Botox, botulinum toxin, can travel along neurons from the injection site and into the brain!

Yes, bitches, you can get that shit up in your brain! No wonder half them hos in Hollywood are brain dead.

Botox's manufacturer, Allergan, tried to spin the Italian scientist's findings and in a statement said that the Italian scientists "injected the material directly into the brain."

Wrong…the Italians injected the neurotoxin into facial muscles—and from there it found its way to the brainstem!

Why discredit the Italians? Cause it contradicts the findings of earlier studies, which suggested that the neurotoxin is completely broken down at the injection site into innocuous compounds and does not migrate beyond it—or if it does, only into the bloodstream or lymph system. Allergan thinks those older studies are more credible.

Some of you may be thinking Botox may not have the 'rat brain effect' on a human. Doesn't matter to us! A rat is a living thing… if it could do some crazy shit to them, there's no way in hell we would it anywhere near us!

Another thing the report points out is the amount of hospitalizations and deaths that have been reported following Botox injections.

In 2005 scientists at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration analyzed 1,437 such "adverse events" between 1989, when Botox was approved for eye spasms, and 2003. Most came from people who got Botox to erase their wrinkles, but there were 28 deaths of people who had received it for medical purposes.

Botox at your own risk, Perezcious ones.

You have been warned!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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126 comments to “Botox in the BRAIN!”

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  1. beth says – reply to this


    Botox has many uses other than being injected to reduce wrinkles- hyperhydrosis ( ew excessive sweating), people with crossed eyes, migraines and they are testing it for overactive bladder. I find it hard to believe that this Italian study is the first that Allergan is aware of this issue but it helps people other than raisin faces and that slob Rachel Zoe.

  2. Caturday says – reply to this


    Having a foreign substance- RAT POISON injected into your body never sounded like a good idea in the first place… Is looking younger really worth your health or even your life ? Too some people — YES !!!
    Maybe that explains why people are going crazy ?

  3. Marky says – reply to this


    Thanks for the warning oh great fat one. You are such a humanitarian - right up there with Mother Theresa. Remember when she did her good works? She always indirectly slammed another human being too.

  4. K says – reply to this


    It would be nice to even the playing field for once. Money shouldn't be able to buy people youth! Any kind of age defying potion should be made available to everyone at a reasonble price. I think it's fair to say everyone wishes they could remain youthful. But hell, if Hollyweird wants to be the guinea pigs for the rest of the world ,let them. I guess all celebrities will have to go back to buying $200 an ounce wrinkle creams again! That or suffer the consequences of botox. By the way, Perez isn't the only one reporting this…. it's been reported on the regular news as well. Turn on the TV, read a newspaper and get off the internet people. Also, I noticed Nicole at the CMA's and she looked like her bottom lip was injected with some sh*t because it was HUGE. How insecure are half of these stars? What they won't do to remain in the spotlight is mind boggling.

  5. Corrin says – reply to this


    That is horrible! I always knew botox was gross,
    It does hurt to be beautiful…. but not dead! how sad.

    as for nicole: enough botox. and
    she needs to go back to being a red head

  6. Anon says – reply to this


    I think this is sensationalist. We should wait to hear the full facts. The media is too ready to pounce on any "negative" news without waiting for the facts to back them up. The study was done on rats and used much larger doses than used in humans.

  7. Pam says – reply to this


    Some people look tired and mad without a little bit between the eyes. It all depends on how you age. Perez is very young and he will only get fatter and uglier. Perez, I love you but stop judging so harshly. It is bad for your karma.

  8. Phoenix says – reply to this


    Um, hold on there with your sweeping generalizations. Warfarin (aka Coumadin) has been used for many years as rat poison, and yet we use it for people all the time to prevent blood clots. Not that I'm defending something as stupid as Botox… but really, if you're going to argue against something, do it intelligently, or no one will respect you even if you're right.

  9. Keli says – reply to this


    OMG, what happened to Nicole Kidman!? She looks creepy now…

  10. Ellen says – reply to this


    IS THIS REALLY A SURPRISE PEOPLE??? Botox is just a nice pretty name for BOTULISM! Duh! What do you expect when you shoot poison into your body! Dumb asses!

  11. Melissa says – reply to this


    Why don't they test these things on humans before giving any sort of report. Testing on rats is not only inhumane and cruel but it is also totally useless, animals chemical makeup and inner workings cannot be trusted to prove or disprove medications and pharmacuticals. Its dangerous and wrong.

  12. lisa says – reply to this


    so what? if they 'think' botox makes them look better, they don't have much of a brain anyway.

  13. Perez's Mom says – reply to this


    A rat is a living thing… if it could do some crazy shit to them, there's no way in hell we would it anywhere near us!

    Yeah, that sentence makes sense…wtf?!? "we would it anywhere"

  14. P-Rez says – reply to this


    [B]Botox is Poision[/B]

  15. Sharon says – reply to this


    She looks like the deceased Queen Mother!

  16. b says – reply to this


    She kinda looks like Betty Davis

  17. Mr T says – reply to this


    Gordo, you either have good "copy and paste" skills, or you're really smart. That's a nicely structured, and informative, post. People seem to forget that everything we put into our bodies will have an effect and will not just leave your body 100% as if it was never there. I don't understand why these people are so convinced that looking like Topo Giggio is the best thing in the world. From Chyna to Priscilla Presley, they look like they have the mumps or plain simply like Topo. And if they think all that Botox garbage makes them look beautiful, they need to lay off the chemicals they're drinking/inhaling.

  18. loveMaegan.com says – reply to this


    wow. what if someone gets it injected into the back and sides of her HEAD for headache relief? FUCK!

  19. ass says – reply to this


    "Botox at your own risk, Perezcious ones."
    Can't you ever just speak like a normal fucking human being?

  20. MADONNA says – reply to this


    animal testing, is that not why they do it to see what effects it would have on them before giving it to humans. dumb fucks…

  21. anz says – reply to this


    hi i know its daft this but in the uk botox is used as a healing agent for people with serable pausey which is a disability which affects limbs my mum actually has it i sounds daft but it does actualy work for ppl that inject it in the face omg…get old gracefully…ppl expect u to get old after lke 40…its fine dont luk like melted plastic…

  22. Lucky says – reply to this


    I agree that Nicole looks haggard with all the Botox she's had, and I also agree that Kylie Minogue looks like an alien due to her extensive surgeries. That arched eyebrow just looks silly and now that she turning 40, she should stop trying to be the "pop princess" she was in the 80's and 90's. Think Cate Blanchett and Tina Turner, ladies. Neither of them have had surgery, yet they look better than you two do.

    Secondly, why do people get so worked up on these comments sites and start bagging Perez for being "judgemental"? Isn't that what the entire sit eis all about?!? If you are so offended by HIM saying what HE thinks on HIS OWN website, then don't look at it. Seems pretty obvious to me. Then again, maybe all those heated comments from people defending people they'll never meet, have been Botox-ed and are now brain fucked?!? LOL!!

  23. BOTOX=BOTULISM says – reply to this


    The active ingredients in botox is the 'botulinum toxin'…you know what that is? One of the deadliest pathogens known to man -botulism!!!! It is the same thing that can make you sick when you eat canned foods that have dents or have tiny holes (that allow air in) where this bacteria can grow. It is a neurotoxin that…surprise surprise…can PARALYZE YOU!! They say that boxtox doesn't have the 'bad' part of this bacteria and is safe….uh yeah right. Take the drug manufacterers word? if you are wondering-I learned about this in a microbiology class I took. My professor couldn't believe people inject this shit into thier faces!!!! stupid rich people….

  24. Maria says – reply to this


    haha she looks like jack nicholson dont you think??

  25. natalie says – reply to this


    wow. looking kinda prehistoric there..

  26. America says – reply to this



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