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Not the best shot of him, but….

Cate Blanchett shows off her new son, Ignatius Martin Upton, during day one of the Australia 2020 Summit held at Parliament House on Saturday in Canberra, Australia.

The tiny infant is just a few weeks old!

Cate Blanchett, a celebrity that isn't pimpin' their baby out. Unheard of!

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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131 comments to “Introducing…”

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  1. HMMMMMMMMMMMM says – reply to this


    A celeb NOT pimpin out their kid??? Imagine that!! It seems some celebs should be taking notes ……. (no names need to be mentioned, we all know who is Guilty of Pimpin out their kids)

  2. lllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooyyyyyyyy says – reply to this


    idiot the baby is 6 days old

  3. Mary K says – reply to this


    He is a cutie but what a weird name!!! Sorry but I can't even say it!

  4. Exena says – reply to this


    Of course Cate wouldn't pimp out her baby…she's got class.

  5. a chinese girl says – reply to this


    Re: fuck the chinese
    You,another Jack Cafferty,wantonly made slandering remarks on Chinese products.It reflected your arrogance, ignorance and hostility towards the Chinese people.I'm very indignant at your stupid and irresponsible comments about Chinese people.

    —–We are not against the western people, but against the prejudice from the western society.—–
    —–Welcome friends from all over the world to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China.—–
    —–Best wishes to Cate and her beautiful baby—-

  6. oz bush beast says – reply to this


    He's not a few Weeks old he is actually 6DAYS old!
    Get the facts right, hence the reason why there was so much australian media attention at the political event

  7. victor says – reply to this


    CATE THE GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. LovesIt says – reply to this


    I bet Julia Roberts is pissed off. She was going to name HER next spawn that.
    I guess she can't now, thanks to Cate.

  9. Perez Sheraton says – reply to this


    She ain't pimpin b/c noone is that interested!

  10. ruth says – reply to this


    He is actually only 6 DAYS old, per the celebrity baby blog.

  11. yes, folks, that's an ... OMG! ... a BABY!!! says – reply to this


    Mom looks happy, baby looks live every other baby…
    It IS good that she's not charging millions for a picture, like the Skankalinas, the Low-pez's, and the skeez that is Christina A… BARF.

  12. Rainbowcat says – reply to this


    Best of everything to Cate and Ignatius. Here is one celebrity who has her priorities straight: she is an inspiration. Proof that you can be a great actress, fashionable, a good parent and partner, and still be a decent human being. (And we don't see her fighting the paps to get into the club 'o the minute, puking in an alley, dating skanks, or entering rehab! How DOES she do it? Could the answer be . . . she has BRAINS? Hmmmmmmm. LiLo, if you wanna win that Oscar you keep yapping about, maybe yoou ought to use Cate as a role model instead of SamRo, eh?) :-)

  13. lala says – reply to this


    she is so gorgeous and classy!

  14. Christy says – reply to this


    Now this is a true STAR! I wish more Celebs would just do this w/ their new bundles of joy instead of exploiting them for $$$$$$$$$$$.
    Way to go CATE.

  15. Candi says – reply to this


    Wow, she looks great. And that baby is obviously looking for titty! He's hungry. Congratulations! There's nothing like a new baby to add to the family. Much Love Cate!

  16. Brutal says – reply to this


    Much love, but…Ignatius? …IGNATIUS? Dear Lord, woman! SOMEone's gonna get a few beatings on the playground…

  17. CC says – reply to this


    IGNATIUS??? Are your freaking kidding me?? Thats awful!

  18. ~~ says – reply to this


    She has so much class, I love it!

  19. Hmmmm says – reply to this


    aren'tuo supposed to keep babies inside for the first month after they are born?

  20. stasia says – reply to this


    shes so beautiful,but whats with the name?

  21. stasia says – reply to this


    shes so beautiful,but whats with the name?

  22. Ginny says – reply to this


    Cate is without a doubt one of the best actresses around — she's attending some important, policy-making summit in Australia (Hugh Jackman & the Australia Prime Minister also there); but I think the baby is only a few DAYS old.

  23. Hayley says – reply to this


    The babe is in fact only 3 days old in this pic! Cate looks fab!

  24. julie says – reply to this


    Re: IGGY POP – - at least i had the balls to show my real name and not hide behind someone else's.. i bet your real name is 'bob'. If they wanted him to be called 'Iggy', then they should have named him 'Iggy'.

  25. cass says – reply to this



  26. Genny says – reply to this



  27. oogabooga says – reply to this



  28. Hailey says – reply to this


    Iggy was actually only about 6 DAYS old when the photo was taken….how good does Cate look?? Makes me proud to be Australian!

  29. Helen says – reply to this


    So… Ignatious is being pimped out and Suri is being locked away? wow, a negative spin on EVERYTHING!

  30. Countess Tatiana says – reply to this


    Cate and her playwright hubby are literary types. Their first son was named Dashiell ( after the writer Hammett ). I'll bet they are fans of the novel , " A Confederacy Of Dunces " and named their new baby after the book's chief protagonist. That, or else they're Catholic and chose the name of the famous saint who founded the Jesuit order of priests. Either way, it's still better than Phinnaeus ( Julia Roberts kid )

  31. mandy says – reply to this


    cute heels.

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