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Going Public!

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As we reported earlier….

Jeff Goldblum and Imogen Heap are getting physical.

And, the new couple, are taking their relationship to the next level!

Goldblum and Immi went on a very public date in London's Hyde Park this week. They were seen walking together, holding hands, hugging and kissing.

He's 55. She's 30.

Hello, daddy!

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125 comments to “Going Public!”

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  1. kaylaaaaa says – reply to this



  2. jeeeej says – reply to this


    jeeeej prvi sam ostavio komentar

  3. gay says – reply to this



  4. kaylaaaaa says – reply to this



  5. fobroxs!! says – reply to this



  6. jayran says – reply to this



  7. moo says – reply to this



  8. K says – reply to this



  9. JEKKA says – reply to this


    AWWW 1ST =]

  10. P.K. says – reply to this


    love her music

  11. wow says – reply to this


    hmmm. I dunno what to say.

  12. LIL! says – reply to this


    thats hawt.

  13. Touch My Apparatus says – reply to this


    Imogen is such a sexy name. It makes me think of adult diapers and Geritol. so hot, so very, very hot….

  14. hope says – reply to this


    WTF is she wearing?

  15. =] says – reply to this


    a little old, eh?

  16. da says – reply to this



  17. kat says – reply to this



  18. s says – reply to this


    good for them, quit hating

  19. Perez = SOB says – reply to this


    So Perez, why are you calling autistics kids retards on youtube?? LOSER!!
    So Perez, why are you calling autistics kids retards on youtube?? LOSER!!
    So Perez, why are you calling autistics kids retards on youtube?? LOSER!!
    So Perez, why are you calling autistics kids retards on youtube?? LOSER!!
    So Perez, why are you calling autistics kids retards on youtube?? LOSER!!
    So Perez, why are you calling autistics kids retards on youtube?? LOSER!!
    So Perez, why are you calling autistics kids retards on youtube?? LOSER!!
    So Perez, why are you calling autistics kids retards on youtube?? LOSER!!
    So Perez, why are you calling autistics kids retards on youtube?? LOSER!!

  20. jenna allen bitches! says – reply to this


    omg are you kidding me?! I'm 25 and I'd hit that. FIRST!

  21. lol says – reply to this


    i dont care

  22. the fly says – reply to this


    i've always liked this guy. funny actor. good for the both of them i wish them well!

  23. Lay off says – reply to this


    I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with Jeff on several occasions. He's extremely intelligent, witty, and genuine. I hope they are happy together, congrats, Jeff and Imogen!

  24. nonCYboy says – reply to this


    She dresses like The Predator!

  25. Ina says – reply to this


    She looks like the mom from Carrie.

  26. Jenna says – reply to this


    kinda weird.

  27. will says – reply to this


    fuckkk he is so gorgeous. im jealous of you girl! do your thing! everyone needs a hot daddy now and again =P

  28. erin... says – reply to this


    This… fits. They're both fun, super smart quirks. I think it's great. :)

  29. Scott says – reply to this


    Thats great, they seem like the perfect couple, both unique and loveable.

  30. stephanie says – reply to this


    yes, but he's yummy!!!

  31. Ania says – reply to this


    I think they look like a very nice couple. So what if Immi is 30 and hes 55?
    I'd be more concerned if she was still a teenager and dating him lol!.

  32. awesome! says – reply to this


    Jeff is HOT! I would date him in a milisecond!!!

  33. Muckel says – reply to this


    She must be an Amazon! He's really tall, and she's not much shorter!
    She's a great musician, so best of luck to her and her Fly!

  34. LA says – reply to this


    I think it's absolutely adorable. I, myself, love older men.

  35. 666 says – reply to this


    Re: Perez = SOBBecause autistic kids ARE retards, my friend. Sorry to break it to you.

  36. secret squirrell says – reply to this


    i find this suprising. only because a friend of mine has been sleeping with jeff for the past few months. hes obviously quite the ladies man

    very very anonymous, London.

  37. jaysus says – reply to this


    He's sexy as hell…always has been, probably always will be.

  38. mandybling says – reply to this


    Eh, it's not so bad. I think Jeff Goldblum is great. They look like a unique couple.

  39. ada3 says – reply to this


    I think he is super cool and I would definitely go out with him.
    Fun, intelligent, and seemingly sensitive…
    Good choice.

  40. Jaggy says – reply to this


    What happened to not 'supporting' Sony BMG signed artists Perez??

    Imogen Heap is signed to Sony BMG Worldwide. Duh!

  41. adriana banana says – reply to this


    I need me an older man, the kind that know exactly what to do and when to do it… Yummyyy

  42. shazz says – reply to this


    A 15 year age difference is fine and he is still hot, so who cares?

  43. janetsplanet says – reply to this


    i dont care. Jeff Goldblum could HIT IT anytime he wanted to, he is still hot…

  44. KANAN says – reply to this



  45. sTAR says – reply to this


    wait, she is 30??? She looks like she's 50…..are you sure???

  46. gets around says – reply to this


    wasn't he banging nicole richie at one point?

  47. ixz says – reply to this


    Who gives a shit about age? As long as everyone's happy.

  48. emily says – reply to this


    aww i love imogen heap! shes the GREATEST SINGER EVER! they are cute together.

  49. Nina says – reply to this


    Nooooo!!!!!!!! She stole my pretend man.

  50. marc says – reply to this


    i'm a huge immi fan…not such a big goldblum fan. whatever floats her boat though.

  51. jack says – reply to this


    Re: shazz – haha…you fucking idiot. that'd be a 25 year difference. did you miss that day in 1st grade?

  52. sara jean says – reply to this


    jeff goldblum is HOT!
    I'm 22 and I'd totally hit that.

  53. Kelly says – reply to this


    It's JEFF GOLDBLUM people! He's a god among men.
    I'd still fuck Jeff if he was 90 and on his death bed.

  54. Cassie says – reply to this


    An odd couple, but…they ARE odd people…all in a good way. :)

  55. Wierd says – reply to this


    Why so strange they both are wierdos! She needs a old man and he needs a hot piece, tale as old as time.

  56. mandy says – reply to this


    Oh my god I love him, he's so sexy!

  57. Lucy Furr says – reply to this


    Goldblum has it goin' on, who cares how old he is. Buuut, I saw him months ago on either Conan or Leno and he was engaged…what happened, Jeff??

  58. AmyDJ says – reply to this


    Re: erin… – I agree.

  59. B to the Ethy says – reply to this


    Best. Couple. EVER.

  60. p.h. says – reply to this


    oh, but he's a sexy 55! i love jeff goldblum. he's smart; he's funny; he sings. he's delicious.

  61. Maria says – reply to this


    OMG! I love Imogen Heap, she is SUCH a talented musician!! SHE REALLY HAS TALENT!!!! I love her music, its so pleasant! Kudos to a REAL ARTIST!

  62. Babsy Vanderwinkles says – reply to this


    Re: Perez = SOB
    Calling Autistic people retarded is an insult to retarded people! Retards don't cause problems and whine about how fucked up they are like autistic people do. God bless retards.

  63. Karen says – reply to this


    I always thought jeff was kinda hot, and I am thirty too. I guess if I wasn't married and had the opportunity, I would date him too.

  64. pumpkin says – reply to this


    Isn't he like 6'6. She must be really tall. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. I thought Jeff was tall as ever and she almost equals him……..

  65. katie says – reply to this


    i loveeeee imogen heap!

  66. and alas says – reply to this


    Immi is six feet tall in bare feet.

  67. love him says – reply to this


    Jeff is so hot. She is not!

  68. deek says – reply to this


    wow, how cool of goldblum to go out with imogen heap…umm whatcha say…that you only meant well, well of course you did. i approve. you HEAR that goldblum, I APPROVE.

  69. oh yeah alright says – reply to this


    he's kind of a hot weirdo though…

  70. Katieeeee says – reply to this


    He is so yummy.

  71. auds says – reply to this


    they're kind of a cute couple honestly. i've seen worse, and jeff is still pretty hot!!

  72. colie says – reply to this


    they r both adults!!!! good for them!! i hope they work out!

  73. MJW says – reply to this


    isn't she really a man?

  74. Kris says – reply to this


    Can we discuss that ugly outfit for a minute she is wearing???

  75. Heard it, not seen it says – reply to this


    HUGE schlong! I've heard tell his gift of girth and length. As for the tall babes, he's always pulled tall hot trim. This is why, plus he was in the Big Chill, the best movie ever made! So what if he was a geek, he still has a bigger weinie than most of you! ( except you Perez)

  76. Svedka says – reply to this


    He can be my daddy, oldie dork…still hit it

  77. Hollianne says – reply to this


    soooo don't I feel like a jack @ss that I thought that was the name of the group, not the womans actual name….hysterical SNL skit though

  78. Lindsay says – reply to this


    God, I love Jeff Goldblum! Imogen's a lucky gal.

  79. barbie says – reply to this


    this makes me so mad… my boyfriend is 25 years older than me! if you want people to accept you for being homosexual, then you turn around and mock someone for an "age-gap" relationship, you are a HUGE hypocrite!!!!! i'm disappointed!

  80. Danielle says – reply to this


    LOVE Jeff Goldblum! I'm 26 and I think he's one of the hottest men in Hollywood!

  81. isla says – reply to this


    i had the biggest crush on him in highschool!!!!

    used to see him at whole foods on fairfax all the time….

    wonder if they're gonna make some music together….he has a jazz band and plays the keyboards….sexy!

  82. MT says – reply to this


    Hasn't he already tapped into most of Hollywood and beyond?
    I'd do him though.

  83. Ava says – reply to this


    Oii.awww.. I wish them all the best and all the happiness they can have. From my heart I hope all good an wonderful things that life can get to Immi. She's an inspiration 4 me. Thx perez for postin these sweet pics and news here. Perez rulez, Immi rulez Love,rules! Babes around the world: Love eachother. Everyday and the world will be a lot better place. For all of us. For sure.

  84. Anonymous says – reply to this


    I saw Jeff Goldblum in "Speed the Plow" in London. He looked absolutely yummy! I'd let him hit it…and I'm 21!

  85. QUEENIE says – reply to this


    THATS HOT!!!

  86. laaleeelaaaa says – reply to this


    Lucky bitch! I LOOOVE Jeff Goldbloom. And hell….who cares if she's only 30? I'm 25 and I've had the hots for him for probably 15 years. Ahhhh.

  87. gggg says – reply to this


    He's still super hot.

  88. e says – reply to this


    can someone sympathize with me here? i LOVE imogen heap but i can't get past the thought that she's a transexual. it shouldn't matter of course but i'm curious. i've seen too many signs!

  89. Chels says – reply to this


    I'm 24 and think he's really sexy… Must be his voice.

  90. Heather says – reply to this


    Aww man, that's kinda gross to me.

  91. Tia C says – reply to this


    I have always thought he was hot in a weird kinda way. Good for her! And him!

  92. Donna says – reply to this



  93. Sarah says – reply to this


    I like this pairing, actually. They're both quirky and kind-of attractive in an unconventional way. And, they're both adults. If she were 18…. well, that would be wrong, but she's 30.. totally grown-up, if you ask me.

  94. HereIambaby says – reply to this


    He is a great player. Most of my friends on 'M ixedfriends.com' love him very much. It is a free inter-racial dating club. Maybe you want to check it out.

  95. Amy says – reply to this


    Re: pumpkin
    She is 6' I think

  96. Elaine says – reply to this


    I love Imogen :) Jeff looks OK but still…kinda weird. Whatever floats your boat I s'pose.

  97. TwistedSister says – reply to this


    Aw, nuts. I adore Jeff–I wish I knew he liked much-younger women. Ah well, another opportunity lost. ;-)

  98. nathalie (google Ron Paul!) says – reply to this


    oh i love him! he reminds me of a bird… =] hahaha

  99. Mandalyn says – reply to this


    I am so jealous! I want a piece of the hot Jewish action. I am fucking dead serious. Delicious.

    She's pretty dece as far as musicians go.

  100. CVD says – reply to this


    They kind of look like they belong together. You know? Looks good.

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