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How Do We Say This Delicately???

| Filed under: Alexa Ray Joel


Alexa Ray Joel attends Cookie magazine's "Smart Cookie Awards" with mom Christie Brinkley in NYC on Monday night.

She's a pretty girl and all, but….

Those bangs are doing nothing for her!

And, uhmm. Are girls still sporting those pencil-thin eyebrows???

Not hot. Not hot at all!

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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284 comments to “How Do We Say This Delicately???”

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  1. highlander says – reply to this


    Sadly, she doesn't have your fashion sense, Perez. The Pinata-head, the flourescent comb-over, the Kardashian butt-belly–you've got it all.

  2. charlize says – reply to this



  3. bonnie says – reply to this


    perez-have you eve heard her music??? she is amazing-how about posting some of her songs like to do others to help promote her instead of bashing her! go see one of her shows like i have-then judge!

  4. H-doggy says – reply to this


    She doesn't looking anything like her mother. She is really fugly!

  5. charlize says – reply to this


    2nd, the closest to first i have ever been!!

  6. ina says – reply to this


    wow the young girl is GORGEOUS! I LOVE HER OUTFIT!

  7. ryaninprogress says – reply to this



  8. Whoops says – reply to this


    She's got none of her mom's looks. She's not ugly though. Her ugly features look good on her. She shouldn't stand next to her mom…she'll get compared.

  9. charlize says – reply to this


    she looks horrible! some fugly bitch!

    p.s i love u perez!!

  10. Beth says – reply to this


    She looks like her dad.

  11. Joey says – reply to this


    Dude.. thats her Mom???

  12. tash says – reply to this


    Too bad she has her dad's fug :-(

  13. chalino says – reply to this


    fu ck you people who write first you are losers and pieces of shit. hope you burn

  14. FUCKUFATTY says – reply to this


    She doesn't have PENCIL THIN eyebrows you walking fat twat!! She looks just like her father…the dress is pretty hideous … but since when are YOU the fashion expert, you rainbow headed FUCKTARD!!

  15. LaDomme says – reply to this


    Is she adopted?? Poor girl

  16. court says – reply to this


    Damn that would suck……she's cute but her Mom is gorgeous! I WOULD HATE BILLY JOEL FOR THAT!

  17. snoozy says – reply to this


    BAD, BAD AND MORE BAD! Everything is wrong…the dress, the hair and the make-up! Come on Christie, help out your daughter!

  18. M.A. says – reply to this


    You'd think she know better with a mom like that!

  19. Cari says – reply to this


    From what I hear, she's a talented girl, a smart girl, a sweet girl… but a pretty girl??? Child please! Stop Lying Perez!

  20. Alexandre Nachi says – reply to this



  21. Maxima says – reply to this


    She took her mums curtains to wear O.o

  22. Amanda D says – reply to this


    Alexa is a beautiful and sweet girl, and a great friend. There is nothing wrong with her eyebrows.

  23. Bren says – reply to this


    Looks like she took after her father, poor thing.

  24. miranda says – reply to this


    pretty girl? who the hell are you kidding>?? shes butt ugly man! specially when you put her next to her mom

  25. Sue says – reply to this


    Im sorry, but that girl is not pretty at all.

    Think about it, she is rich and has access to beauty treatments that normal mortals can't afford. Plus her mom is a world famous model, who can show her beauty tricks.

    This is what happens when a beautiful woman reproduces with an unattractive man. Her children look like their fathers. If you need more proof look at Rumer Willis.

    I think it is funny, that you call Rumer ugly, but not this girl. Why the double standard Perez? Tu eres un perro!

    If this girl were an average girl on the street, would you still call her attractive? No you would not.

    Stop the double standards. Celebrities and their spawns are mortals just like the rest of all! And some are not attractive!

  26. coco says – reply to this


    uh-Perez..then your Mom must look like ass.

  27. casshole says – reply to this


    wtf, did that girl LOOK in the mirror before she left the house. like common, EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

  28. Sue says – reply to this


    Im sorry, but that girl is not pretty at all.
    Think about it, she is rich and has access to beauty treatments that normal mortals can't afford. Plus her mom is a world famous model, who can show her beauty tricks.
    This is what happens when a beautiful woman reproduces with an unattractive man. Her children look like their fathers. If you need more proof look at Rumer Willis.
    I think it is funny, that you call Rumer ugly, but not this girl. Why the double standard Perez? Tu eres un perro!
    If this girl were an average girl on the street, would you still call her attractive? No you would not.
    Stop the double standards. Celebrities and their spawns are mortals just like the rest of all! And some are not attractive!

  29. gina says – reply to this


    Leave her alone, she has a supermodel for a mom and an unattractive but very talented musician for a father. In the real world these two people do not exist. So for her, she's workin it. I think SHE'S beautiful and YOU are jealous. Get over yourself!!

  30. Iraida says – reply to this


    Poor kid. That's all dad right there.

  31. Jerome says – reply to this


    Stop being so critical perez, those are just hurtful comments that are doing nothing good for her and for you. Perez, I don't mind you making fun of celebrities, but when your attacking celebrities' kids, that is just plain wrong

  32. dree says – reply to this


    she's adorable. not fake-model surgery pretty like her mom, but genuinely unique and cute. her smile is so real, too. her mom could take a hint from that.

  33. Rob says – reply to this


    She's gorgeous. Just bad bangs.

  34. tsag says – reply to this


    she looks just like her dad….

  35. Katerina says – reply to this


    God this girl's a dog…how sad is it to look in the mirror every day and know that your mom's a supermodel and you come out looking like this? Poor thing…

  36. mjn says – reply to this


    Oh, geez…no one can stand next to Christie Brinkley and look better…expect maybe another super model!! Her daughter's beautiful and she has real talent in music as opposed to what her mother has, which is only having won the genetic lottery.

  37. lame says – reply to this


    She has her father's eyes but everything else is her mother.

  38. Stevie says – reply to this


    Leave her alone bitch!

  39. MEOW says – reply to this



  40. jackie says – reply to this


    Billy Joel's looks have taken over hear clearly.

    Must be hard to look like that and have a mother look like THAT.

  41. suhMANTHA says – reply to this


    No, she's not pretty. She looks just like her father. Which would be fine if she had a dick. But it's horrible for a GIRL to look like Billy Joel.

  42. jef says – reply to this


    Look at the pics on her website — she's gorgeous. Nobody looks as cute as they should standing next to Christie Brinkley. I like her music too. Sort of a cross between her dad and Wino.

  43. Nobama says – reply to this


    You should see her standing next to Katie Joel, Billy's stunning 20-something year old wife. Alexa's not attractive, but not trying to be an actress or model. I admire her for not getting the plastic surgery she could easily afford.

  44. heyyalls says – reply to this



  45. Samantha says – reply to this


    Ew. I don't like her dress. It looks like it has shoulder pads in it and reminds me of something my Grandma would wear when she got all gussied up!

  46. Sasha says – reply to this


    Well at least we know she is better on the inside. Four marriages and not even 55 there is a common factor.

  47. kate says – reply to this


    Really Perez? You chose to bag on a perfectly pretty girl, but continue to praise madonna and your stupid euro bands? You have the worst taste in looks! How about you stick with some real news and keep your lame opinions to yourself…

  48. K says – reply to this


    She looks older than her mom.

  49. Mimi says – reply to this


    She look just like Daddy? What was Christie thinking? Uptown girl!

  50. HOT DAMN!! says – reply to this


    WOW, Christie looks amazing! (as always…)
    You'd think the two of them were close to the same age in this photo!
    The age of the eternally beautiful super-model has passed…
    (Meaning: today, the models just look like heroin-skanks.)

  51. mimi says – reply to this


    Haven't we had enough of busting on Alexa? She is great and her dad is a musical genius.

  52. Robin says – reply to this


    I've seen other photos of her and she is a VERY pretty girl…this is just a bad shot.

  53. Obsessed says – reply to this


    No retard ..she IS hot ..gorgeous actually

  54. Diana says – reply to this


    Ya know, this girl takes a lot of unnecessary flack just by being alive. No, she doesn't look like her mom but she's still beautiful and talented to boot.

  55. sue says – reply to this


    Rumer Willis is still the FUGLIEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Russ says – reply to this


    Her Mom is STUNNING! I mean WOW STUNNING. How hard must it be for her to be compared to her mother. She is very unique and pretty in her own way.

  57. Cecily says – reply to this


    She looks very much like her father. Normal Perez…Ever heard of it?

  58. Robin says – reply to this


    Here are some better photos of her…she is very pretty that is just a bad shot.


  59. Jables says – reply to this


    Is it sad the teenager is dressed up like a parent and the parent is dressed up like the teen?

  60. AREINA CABEZAS says – reply to this


    Only 8 votes needed!
    Five stars!


    Areina Cabezas, NK RI

  61. M says – reply to this


    I think she looks fab. Personally, I think she's far prettier than her very pretty mother. Her eyebrows are perfectly ok and not pencil-thin. I don't like that dress, but otherwise she's stunning.

  62. lorenawoods says – reply to this


    bless her heart……………..

  63. Hello Kitty says – reply to this


    She looks happy being herself and she looks better than that fish n chips chick you keep trying to call a super model.

  64. Lucky says – reply to this


    OMG if Christie Brinkley was my mom and I looked like that I would NEVER take a picture w/her standing next to me. Poor Alexa that sucks :(

  65. Randy Andy says – reply to this


    Don't listen to the haters Alexa.
    You are beautiful.

  66. Pencil Thin Eyebrows says – reply to this


    Perez, thanks for highlighting the fact that pencil-thin brows are no longer in. Even if they were, they are NOT for everyone (like myself or Alexa Ray). I've lived on both coasts, and I've seen chop jobs worthy of Freddy Krueger. Girls, pay the extra money and have a professional take care of your brows.

  67. jenny says – reply to this


    You need to listen to her music - she on myspace and is amazing - and gorgeous also I thinkg!!

  68. Cassie says – reply to this


    Be nice, now…she's a sweetheart… :)

  69. Texasgirl says – reply to this


    I don't like the dress but she is a beautiful girl. She is kind, talented, and she has a great heart. You have no problem posting artist people are sick of listening too yet you over look some very talented artist…You should share her music with others. It is pure and beautiful.

  70. Christine says – reply to this


    From all reports she seems to be a nice, well rounded young lady. That being said… boy oh boy, the poor thing got more of her fathers genes than moms. Pehaps a new hairstyle would do wonders for her. Not liking the dress too much either.

  71. Dawn says – reply to this


    She may not be a blonde bombshell like her momma, but she is a beautiful girl in her own right! She has an exotic beauty. She is also very talented and seems like a wonderful [person to boot!

  72. Christine says – reply to this


    PS, the eyebrows are NOT pencil thin. Since her eyes are so friggin' big, it makes her brows appear thinner.

  73. Marilyn says – reply to this


    You & her make a cute couple…she will strap one on for you..hahahaha!!

  74. SanD says – reply to this


    Goodness, I hope she does not grow up with a complex.

  75. Piano man says – reply to this


    She's not pretty at all she looks very Jewish like Bill Joel.

  76. leave her alone says – reply to this


    Compared side by side to Christie Brinkley - anyone looks ugly
    Alexa is cute and her music ROCKS!!

  77. Jen says – reply to this


    are you fucking blind or something? I don't think her brows are anywhere close to "pencil thin" - so why don't you just stick to something you know about like that spare tire your sporting.

  78. CHEESER says – reply to this


    Well look at her mom… and then her dad…she definatly took after her dad and thats not a good thing

  79. Jason says – reply to this


    The first daugher looks like the father 90% of the time.
    The first son looks like the mother 90% of the time.

    Too bad…Christy was the most beautiful woman of all time.

  80. Wat!? says – reply to this


    Ya, a year ago you were trashing the hell out of her ugly mug and making her cry about it in her blog. Who paid ya off to refer to her as a "pretty girl?"

  81. truth says – reply to this


    never looked that good comming out of the womb so who cares about eyebrows

  82. Piano man says – reply to this


    Not a cute girl at all she looks very Jewish like her dad.

  83. amy says – reply to this


    I've met Alexa Ray Joel and she is super nice!

  84. Kaye says – reply to this



    Alexa has an amazing voice, she's a sweet young woman and she's not w h o r i n g herself around like these s l u t b a g pop tart b i t c h e s who can't carry a tune for their life. The music industry needs more talent like Alexa.

  85. mbo says – reply to this


    oy, like father like daughter. weren't mom's genes dominant. yikers.

  86. kimmers says – reply to this



    seriously. stop being lame.

    her eyebrows are completely fine….there are plenty of people with thinner brows that you don't point out.

    she's pretty…she just needs to choose a better dress next time. any child of famous parents are going to always be compared. it's a shame.

    anyways…this post motivated me to download some of her stuff so i can hear it. thanks to the people that commented positively on her music…i'll check her out.

  87. Perez never started the fire... says – reply to this


    Puhleeze. She's a talented cafe piano singer and has daddy's excellent real estate fortune. Perhaps she doesn't give a shit what people think what people think about her looks. Good for her if she does. I admire spitfires.

  88. Hellsbelles says – reply to this


    She is not an attractive girl. In fact, she looks a bit like Edith Piaf with straight hair or an uglier version of Billy Joel. Sorry folks, just stating the truth.

  89. jenn says – reply to this


    right. cause agyness deyn and kylie minogue are soooo much better looking. please "perez" get a clue. your 15 minutes are ticking down faster than jessica simpsons at this point. enjoy it while it lasts.

  90. the detective says – reply to this


    put a link up to her myspace page :p

  91. RUMER "POTATOHEAD" WILLIS says – reply to this


    Whew! She takes the heat off of my potatohead for a second there.

  92. Linda says – reply to this


    Yech. Bleh. She's ooogly. Sorry… but too bad she didn't get her mom's looks.

  93. All American Girl says – reply to this


    So is that Christie's mom? Just kidding!!! Christie little girl takes after her dad.

  94. auds says – reply to this


    i feel so bad for the poor second generation of beautiful models and ugly rich men. beautiful models should NOT be getting pregnant by hideous musicians or other such men. This is proof.

  95. Hottie says – reply to this


    OMG, she looks liek her dad in grag. poor girl

  96. Deb LG says – reply to this


    Yes, she looks like her dad but the female version is very attractive! And her eyebrows aren't that thin! At least he said she's a pretty girl. She is!

  97. megs says – reply to this


    honestly her mom is the most well preserved woman ever. she looks unbelievable!!!!!

  98. BLUE says – reply to this


    Isn't that great. Give her a complex. Maybe she'll become anorexic or develop a drug habit now. then you would really have something to blog about.

    Kind of an asshole move. I mean her mother didn't help her physical gene pool by procreating with Billy Joel, but she sure helped the musical artistic gene pool.

    Way to look at the bright side dip shit.

  99. SARAH says – reply to this


    Her eyebrows aren't even that thin. Compare them to her moms, they're pretty much the same. They just look shaped a little weird, and maybe too dark. Something is definitely "not hot" about them, but it's not that they're "pencil thin". Also, you better be careful posting about her or she might just post another blog!! She did post about you hating on her once, right? Never mind…

  100. Paris says – reply to this


    who the fuck beat her with the fugly stick? she looks nothing like her mother.

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