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This Is Not A Joke

| Filed under: Gay Gay GayLGBT

What's gayer than gay????

Iceland's entry into the Eurovision song contest!

THIS is the official video for their song, This Is My Life. Yes, the song is in English.

The video may be intended to be comedic, but the song is real and really THAT GAY.


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326 comments to “This Is Not A Joke”

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  1. Gudda says – reply to this


    Great song

  2. Libby says – reply to this


    It doesn't matter what song Iceland sings because Eurovision is all about the old soviet bloc. Ask any European and they will tell you the same- As far as the contest goes, each country is not allowed to vote for their own country and all the old satellites vote for each other. It's the same with the kid's version of Eurovision. It is so boring.

  3. Alisa says – reply to this


    you've found quite a gem… too bad obnoxious trance is not mainstream in the states. ps i saw you walking your dog on 3rd and hauser a while back. i was totally star struck.

  4. Bariatric Surgery Gummi says – reply to this


    Now I must find a pink feather duster

  5. kalev says – reply to this


    reminds a bit of when they had silvia night from icleand
    i miss her!! she was frickin hilarious!!
    oh yeah perez you might know her but if you don't you will ABSOLUTLEY LOVE HER

  6. zubzub says – reply to this


    Great people, beautiful land, and now this….I love Iceland even more now!

  7. Rambova says – reply to this


    That is hilarious! Next time I go out clubbing I'm bringing the feather dusters!

  8. hannah says – reply to this


    lol, perez i love you and all…
    but the guy in that video seriously looks like you

  9. sam says – reply to this


    i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! its really catchy =]

  10. Bo Bo Train says – reply to this


    OMG my ears just BLED gay. LITERALLY. Gay blood, flowing forth from my EARS! How horrible!

  11. Obnoxious Joe says – reply to this


    Iceland will win this year! Cool song!

    LOL. No doubt Perez was the model when they created that gay character for the video.

  12. is that you perez? says – reply to this


    wow that guy really looks like you perez

  13. carol says – reply to this


    I love love LOVE that little brunette dancing man.

  14. korndawg73@yahoo.com says – reply to this


    how icelandic of them

  15. Heather says – reply to this


    Whoa, this guy looks like Daveth, the "only gay in the village" from BBC's Little Britain. This is totally gay perfection.

  16. crazycanuk says – reply to this


    Fab-u-lous! there is no other way to say it!

  17. jal says – reply to this


    Is that Chi Chi La Rue on keyboards?

  18. Oh GIIIRL! says – reply to this


    I would be surprised if they aren't already playing this @ Badlands in the Castro. Fabulous!

  19. BrunetteinTexas says – reply to this


    He's got the boobs to carrie the wig off.

  20. Bright says – reply to this


    That is SERIOUSLY the GREATEST thing I've ever seen! I can't stop watching it!

  21. SuziQ says – reply to this


    I hate to ask this, but…was that guy "hard"???

  22. anita says – reply to this


    Re: Unnur
    hverjum er ekki slétt sama. þetta er ekki okkar tungumál eigum ekkert að kunna það neitt rosalega vel eina sem við þurfum að geta talað er íslenskan

  23. VanessaLutz says – reply to this


    After the turkey for Ireland and the monkey-man for France, here is the "gay's song" from Island, so cliché but fun!!!

  24. stebbi says – reply to this


    thats right,this IS the official video and i think it's…ok very gay but the song is very good

  25. VanessaLutz says – reply to this


    WTF??? After the turkey for Ireland and the monkey-man for France, we got the "gay's song" from Iceland… so cliché but fun!!!

  26. OMG says – reply to this





  27. tomek77 says – reply to this


    it's not Silvia Night . . .but's it's not far behind!

    viva la slivia! she was the best spoof ever!!!!!

  28. Jen says – reply to this


    You're kidding me right? This song is amazing, and the video is so funny. Besides, Friðrik Ómar is goregous!

  29. Icegirl says – reply to this


    I have been waiting for this to come on here :) Love the song and have been laughing my ass off watching that video, Draupnir is sssooooo funny and yeh he kinda looks like you Perez…..

    Áfram Ísland :)

  30. Icegirl says – reply to this


    Funny you call this gay because the singer, Friðrik Ómar, actually is gay :)

  31. Donna says – reply to this


    Yup gay

  32. Matt Savan says – reply to this


    got to appreciate the icelandic humour…I love it…this contest is all based on popular votes…so this one might have a chance

  33. Rut says – reply to this


    Love it, love it, love it !! :D
    Its too fabulous to see our video here on Perez! F-in FABULOUS! :D

  34. mike says – reply to this


    if this is your life….then well…i suggest stealing someone elses identity and start fresh. your mother would not approve of this at all.

  35. ShoreIam says – reply to this


    I LOVED it!
    VERY Homoliscious

  36. TARA says – reply to this



  37. Lilja says – reply to this


    Re: Unnur
    E-hemm… það er lítill stafur í 'íslensku'….

  38. alex.. says – reply to this


    i fuckin love his shirt.

  39. Kristín says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Er að selja 95 árgerðina af nissan micra ef einhver hefur áhuga. Er tilbúin að selja micruna á 80þús.

  40. weldon says – reply to this




  41. jess. says – reply to this


    that was AMAZING!!! =)

  42. ég says – reply to this


    Re: WTF
    we don't have the Euro in Iceland….we have the icelandic krona which is so weak, it's not even funny….so no worries about the dollar lol

    and this song freaking sucks. europop crap…like most eurovision songs are! ugh yakketiyakk

  43. k...... says – reply to this


    wtf……. why isn't this available on itunes in the u.s… i wanted to buy the song… i can't the sucker out of my head….yikes…..

    reminds me a cross between talk talk and culture beat.. the song is so addictive…

  44. Daryl says – reply to this


    That is awesome. I'd give it the win

  45. Kimmie from Indy says – reply to this


    creative, comedical, with great tunes,LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!

  46. meghan says – reply to this


    PEREZ THIS fucking VIDEO rocks! holy shit

  47. John Kennedy says – reply to this



  48. jose luis says – reply to this


    Long Live Homos!

  49. pink dis0rder says – reply to this


    This just made my day. For REAL.

  50. padthaisue says – reply to this


    You need to do a separated at birth - You & the guy in the video.

  51. Indie GirL says – reply to this


    See Perez, u found Ur lost sister!!!!

  52. Amanda says – reply to this


    oh MY god funniest thing ever

  53. Lola says – reply to this


    looove it!!!

  54. jenbunny says – reply to this


    wow. that was REALLY gay.

  55. sugar says – reply to this


    LUV IT! Great beat,fun video!

  56. Canadian Boy says – reply to this


    That was wonderful! Go Iceland. I love the video and the song too. I want it.

  57. Emma says – reply to this


    lovely song :P but sweden will win :P

  58. Antonios says – reply to this


    I loveeeee Eurovision!!! 12 points to Greece!!

  59. NorthernChick says – reply to this



  60. rofl says – reply to this


    damn scandinavians

  61. Katrina says – reply to this


    Beutiful !!!! :) :) :)

  62. Ani says – reply to this


    Wow seriously give it up… Armenias gona win !! Sirusho is the best entry in the contest this year.. Eurovision 09 in Yerevan !!

  63. voodoo_doll says – reply to this


    im from iceland and i saw this clip yesterday on tv i thought he was making fun of perez but this was on a funny tv show they were just making fun of the song, this is in fact the song for the eurovision contest but this is not the official clip and he is not the singer!

  64. Icegirl says – reply to this


    Re: voodoo_doll
    You are wrong Voodoo-doll, this IS the official video and no joke.

  65. LollyUK says – reply to this


    Oh man! Thats good!! lol. Unfortunately it won't win. The only countries that will win now are the Baltic States - Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia etc… Coz theres so many of them and they all vote for each other! FIX!!!! FIX!!!!

  66. LollyUK says – reply to this


    Also this will be on a Clubland CD before we know it!! YAY!!

  67. From Iceland says – reply to this



    This is the official video I can assure you!

  68. Addi says – reply to this


    Re: Joe Blow – After you… ;)

  69. íslenska stelpan :) says – reply to this


    Friðrik ómar and regína ósk are the eurovision BOMBS !
    yeah this is gay , but cool and we will win it :)

  70. Fallenangel says – reply to this


    Re: moni
    Oh go back to youtube.
    LOVE this video!!! OMG hope they win

  71. Jocke says – reply to this


    He must be Perez icelandic brother; PEREZUR HILTONUR…

  72. Kolbrún says – reply to this


    hehe…it´s so easy to make it to the papers in Iceland, congratilation lol!

  73. Elena says – reply to this


    Re: LollyUK – You are really such a ignorant ,Baltic you say hahahah,so how come Serbia won last year when almost all the countries gave 12 or 10 points to Serbia?Are you saying that maybe Malta is in east Europe,because Malta gave 12 points ?Such a lame accusations with blah , blah, that only east european countries can win…this happened just ONCE and it happened because song Molitva was the best song! It became really popular in whole Europe !

  74. Inga says – reply to this


    Til Unnar , whats your problem ?

  75. jPod says – reply to this


    The Eurovision Song Contest has been around for 53 years now. Celine Dion won the contest (that's how she got noticed), Olivia Newton John was in the contest, ABBA won the contest… if it wasn't for the contest… they wouldn't have made music history.

    Sure the contest has its bad moments with the political voting… big deal… the whole bloody world is political. This contest is the only time that Europe comes together. It brings every nation side by side. It brings all nationalities, genders, sexualities together. It unites people together.

  76. jPod says – reply to this


    During the performing; everyone MUST sing live. No backing tracks. No lip-syncing. ALL LIVE. It's what makes it great. It shows how much talent there is. The contest has a great quality of different styles of music. It's amazing how the contest changes every year.

    Eurovision Song Contest 2007 was AMAZING! It put the contest to a whole new level of quality. The songs were amazing. The performances were great. The stage was stunning. For once the contest wasn't the butt of every joke! It had the occassonal pop, ballads, opera, rock!

    It's a great contest… it's actually one of the biggest contests in the entire WORLD! America has been inspired by the contest to even begin their own contest called "The Battle of the States". It proves to show how much of a big impact this contest can be.

  77. Germany says – reply to this


    This is funny..Eurovision is the greatest party in the world. Sadly the contest will be in Serbia, which is not so gay friendly, infact, the have stated that if people will act gay og be out and proud, they will respond with violence, sad

  78. Hafdis says – reply to this


    Absolutly perfect!!! Iceland rocks!!!

  79. jPod says – reply to this


    Sure people watch the contest to make fun of it. Sure they watch it to listen to the Terry Wogan commentary. But, don't forget, that there are people out there that love the contest with a passion. It's their obsession. It's just an amazing feeling when watching this contest. I should know… I'm a huge fan.

    I respect other peoples choices and styles of music. We all have our own style of genre. Sometimes we like to mix our music. I want to ask those to give this contest a chance. It's an amazing contest. All the hard work. The excitment and energy from the crowds… it's great!

    Just give the contest a chance… if you can just watch the 2007 contest… It was one of the BEST years!

  80. LollyUK says – reply to this


    Re: Elena – Popular in the rest of Europe?? Hmmm, except Britain…i've never heard it since!!! It was shit! The reason it won is because the neighbouring countries gave it 10/12 points (except Malta!!!!) I'm not saying all the East European states were bad, i personally thought that Ukraine should have won, but you can't deny the fact that they all gave each other the top points!!! We'll see this year anyway…i'm sure i will prove myself right!

  81. jPod says – reply to this


    Sure people watch the contest to make fun of it. Sure they watch it to listen to the Terry Wogan commentary. But, don't forget, that there are people out there that love the contest with a passion. It's their obsession. It's just an amazing feeling when watching this contest. I should know… I'm a huge fan.

    I respect other peoples choices and styles of music. We all have our own style of genre. Sometimes we like to mix our music. I want to ask those to give this contest a chance. It's an amazing contest. All the hard work. The excitement and energy from the crowds… it's great!

    Just give the contest a chance… if you can just watch the 2007 contest… It was one of the BEST years!

  82. Crank says – reply to this


    Fucking catchy! Makes me wanna jump out of my chair and dance…….

  83. Herez Pilton says – reply to this


    Wow Perez, you amaze me, you actually figured it out all by yourself that the song and video is gay… Bravo, bravo…

    When the songwriter (Paul Oscar, you know him) and the singer are both gay, you get a gay song, that's not even hard math.

    Best of luck with your page, it looks gay… great i mean ;)

  84. Nina says – reply to this


    great entertainment value though I doubt this (or any other Eurovision song fot that matter) will go down in history

  85. Fabeyes says – reply to this


    LOve it love it love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so gay at heart!

  86. Brian says – reply to this


    For 2 years now we Icelanders have had to thole the ignominies of Silvia Nótt´s euro distaster. This song is achingly unhip, and as camp as a row of tents, yet acknowledges all that is popular in this bastard competition. I think it could go all the way and restore the balance from Eastern European block-voting.
    Áfram Ísland. Fram, fram aldrei að víkja. Fram, fram bæði menn og fljóð o.s.f.v.
    Eurovision dropped all pretence of being a song competition many years ago. Just remember to watch it on the BBC with Terry Wogan´s witty ascerbic one-liners.

  87. Welsh says – reply to this



  88. Icelandicchick says – reply to this


    Ohhh Perez ;o)

    Don't you know that we are very proud of all our gays in Iceland. We have the biggest and most beautiful gay parade in all of Scandinavia!! It’s a day of celebration and everybody LUVS it!! I’m sure this song is going to be played a lot during gay-week!!

    And we are crazy about EUROVISION like our friends in Denmark and Sweden….
    Don’t U like Eurovision??

    Luv Ur site and Ur new nicer tone!!
    The Icelandic chick!

  89. A says – reply to this


    Re: Nina – Waterloo

  90. obba says – reply to this


    hey I'm from Iceland and this is the best video ever !!!
    what is wrong with gays ????
    it doesn't matter if the guys are gay or straight or the video is gay or not…
    you are just bonds of snobbery!

  91. Mum says – reply to this


    Hi, did you kow that the mail singer in the euroband is gay and totally out of the closet;) maybe you sould meat him

  92. Maria Iceland says – reply to this


    I just think its great that eurovison is still going strong after all these years…
    That mankind can put there differents aside for one night and compete in song
    contest… Its beautiful…

  93. furio says – reply to this


    Re: Brian – steik

  94. Agnes says – reply to this


    Haha frábært, íslenskt lag á uppáhaldssíðunni minni.
    I love you Perez, love from Iceland

  95. DH says – reply to this


    Re: Kristín


  96. simply the best says – reply to this


    this is awesome and oh by the way he really looks like you Perez ROFL!!!

  97. dramaqueen says – reply to this



  98. michelle says – reply to this


    wow, i actually like it!

  99. Birta says – reply to this


    áfram ísland :D

  100. Auður says – reply to this


    love this song :) at first I hated it but after seeing the video- how can I not love it!! and the beet is awsome
    I thing we bee in top 5 this year-knock on wood

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