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This Is Not A Joke

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What's gayer than gay????

Iceland's entry into the Eurovision song contest!

THIS is the official video for their song, This Is My Life. Yes, the song is in English.

The video may be intended to be comedic, but the song is real and really THAT GAY.


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326 comments to “This Is Not A Joke”

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  1. Eg. says – reply to this


    Draupnir is a new star, already famos in Iceland. I´m sure that this song will be popular in Europe.

  2. Jess says – reply to this


    I actually really liked the song. The video made me laugh at the end.

  3. Aldís says – reply to this


    Re: stella – íslensku þjóðina er með litlu í. Hefuru ekki heyrt um -sk regluna? Draupnir er bestur!

  4. Flavio Ortogona says – reply to this


    that is just GAY-issimo, but that little chinaman that comes in the video with this awesomely stereotyped coreography is just awesome, cant stop laughing when he enters ahahahAHHHAHA love it- to bad Italy does not participate in this contest

    forza Islanda!!!

  5. Icelander says – reply to this


    im offended, so fuck you, you prick

  6. Ragna- Iceland says – reply to this


    Iceland is in fact HOMOLICIOUS ;D

  7. SS says – reply to this


    this is the worst song in this competition i am from iceland and there are not many people except old people and gay people everyone laughs at this gay dude and some people say he isnt even gay just doing it so the gay community will support him

  8. Bo says – reply to this


    Great song, great video, great performance and of course from Iceland…. What can u ask for more ;) Now pump up those speakers and spread the word THIS IS MY LIFE……..

  9. Marisa. says – reply to this


    & I think this Song is Good. ! xx

  10. shamed icelandic dude says – reply to this


    its a shame to be an icelandic man now on days and how the fuck does people think that were gonna get any credits for being gay in serbia people throw rocks at you for being gay. what a great repricent for the icelandic community.

    once i was proud for who i was but now i cant say that i am

  11. Betty says – reply to this


    Hot, hot, hot!

  12. Nancy says – reply to this


    I think it's pretty funny!

  13. Priscilla says – reply to this


    Gay Gay Gay. lol =]

  14. IcelandicAnti-TechnoFan says – reply to this


    This song was actually pretty good, BEFORE it went all TECHNO! Anyway, that's just my opinion, but i hope that Friðrik Ómar and Regína Ósk will make the people of Iceland proud in Belgrade!

    Best wishes ;)

  15. Viktor Stinson says – reply to this


    Re: PeggyRe: Peggy – Maybe because the USA is not in Europe, you stupid, stupid yankee…

  16. meme says – reply to this


    I heart Eurovision. It's the best. The british commentators do make it even better.

  17. cricri says – reply to this


    Just lurve the x-dressing singas! They're the real gem!

  18. britegray says – reply to this


    I liked the concept for the first half of the video. It was pretty cool. What's with the lyrics "I'll plant a key to set myself free." ??? haha ok The skinny guy has a good voice and so does the girl. But what's with those moves of the skinny people snapping there fingers and the fat guy rolling his head around? Anyway, thanks for the vid Perez.

  19. júlía says – reply to this


    ég elska ísland!!!

    even tho bjaði frá bang gang should of won.

    bless bless


  20. erin says – reply to this


    holy homos batan, that takes it to a whole new level…i will never look at my fuzzy duster the same way again..lol

  21. Bjarki says – reply to this


    Re: Aldís – Og hvað í andskotanum hefur sk reglan með það að gera að 'íslensku þjóðina' sé skrifað með litlu í?

  22. Tina says – reply to this


    Oh my lord I love this video and this song… too bad the icelandic team will have to watch what they do in serbia because the have been banning all gay pride walks and showing "gay-ness" and most of the team is gay, the singer Friðrik Ómar, Paul Oscar the man behind this song (who's video you posted few months ago) and Draupnir the "perez hilton" in the video (i think someone told me he's actullly gay too) and others - really sad!
    but hope they win :)

  23. Anna says – reply to this


    Of course the video is a joke.. you can see it by far.. but it´s a very good joke I think ;O) … you can just see how much more attention we are getting by making a video like that.. maybe this will help us for ones.. wouldn´t it be fun to get through to the real night on the 24th… at least it would be a change.. :)

  24. Svennilicious says – reply to this


    That guy in the beginning of the video is actually straight!

  25. Linda says – reply to this


    Re: Unnur
    Unnur, þroskinn skín alveg í gegn hjá þér.

  26. Liz says – reply to this


    This song left shit in my ears

  27. Lilja Bjørk says – reply to this


    i knew this would end up on this page heheh Love the song and love the vid. hopefully we will make it to the end ;) Love from Iceland..

  28. wtf says – reply to this



  29. valur says – reply to this


    þegar íslendingar koma hingað og byrja tala ensku og segja hvað þau séu stolt að vera íslendingar og einhverjar aðrar tilgangslausar upplýsingar, þá fæ ég kjánahroll.

  30. alexandra says – reply to this


    I am from iceland and i like this song very mutch. But this video.. it´s t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e .. i am really embarrassed

  31. bjarki says – reply to this


    this is why we are going to win eurovison this year!!

  32. Fellow icelander. says – reply to this


    This might not be the best song, but boy for the first time in years I'm actually going to watch eurovison =) Our past entries have been horrid, sylvía night, birgitta…Einar águst? I mean c'mon.

    It's time for Iceland to take this competition seriously again! :)
    And for the most part, this video made me even more excited about this entry, realized our nation has a sense of humor too not just bad taste like in the past lol

    Not to mention, it's a great anthem, gay or not.

  33. Jose Luis says – reply to this


    Wow I'd never heard of Eurovision before! I'm loving their music!! Thanks Perez!

  34. Farry love says – reply to this


    Loving it! I will support Iceland!!! :D

  35. joe says – reply to this


    scarey…I thought it was Perez too

  36. kristo says – reply to this


    this is the gayest thing that this world has come up with! lame

  37. lidia says – reply to this


    omg this is absolutely phantastic! :-D
    I love the moves….
    greets from austria!

  38. Ice Ice Baby says – reply to this


    This is awsome!! I love that song. I wanna go to Iceland. I'v heard that the night life is grate there???

  39. the icelandic girl says – reply to this



  40. the icelandic girl says – reply to this


    I admitt that the video is horrible, i´ll tell u that but the song is awesome, u have to admit that! I love eurovision season and i think that we'll be in the 1-3 place with our song, don't u ??
    go ísland, go ísland, go go go ísland :D :D

  41. Íslensk says – reply to this


    Re: valur
    Ha ha já og þegar gellur eins og Unnur og Linda eru að rífast á spjallinu eins og þær séu á barnalandi.is

  42. Erin says – reply to this


    Daffyd from Little Britain????

  43. really that gay... says – reply to this


    i think he looks a bit like perez….teehee! xox

  44. terry wogan is irish! says – reply to this


    Re: Lindsay – the commentator of the eurovision in britain is in fact an irish man! terry wogan, living legend…. :P

  45. Óli says – reply to this


    hello I'm Ólafur from Iceland and i almost threw up when i saw this!!!!
    I'm so ashamed right now.I was hoping we had learn whit Silvía Night but i was wrong

  46. Sara says – reply to this


    Hahah, I saw this a couple of days ago and all I could think of was how much this guy looked like you.
    I actually hated the song when I first heard it, I was voting for another song. But I must admit that it grows on you.

  47. Lilja from Iceland says – reply to this


    Hahaha that's great! Gotta luuuuv Eurovision =)

  48. George W. Bush says – reply to this


    WOW, that gay ass juicy shit sure gives me an hard on. In fact it's sexier than Condi Rice n' Curry.

  49. Ric Dic says – reply to this


    Perez…….is that you in that video ? lol ;o)

  50. I LOVE THIS SONG !!!!!!!! says – reply to this


    I´m loving it !
    and it is going to win !! jeje
    and I am going the this summer ( first time ! :D
    Gullfoss and Geysir her I come :)

  51. Michelle says – reply to this


    OMG! That might be the best thing I have seen all morning!

  52. kate says – reply to this


    yeah, he looks like you .. haha xd
    but you know its a joke ..
    i live in iceland and i think we go far in the eurovision contest.
    but is it not ok because its gay oor what ??

  53. Gabríella says – reply to this


    Haha, I love this song, and the video is amazing, best Eurovision song from Iceland since Nína!!

    Go Iceland!

  54. ? says – reply to this


    iceland's in europe?

  55. Brenda Zuniga!!! says – reply to this


    OMFG I love it!
    I love this song its so fukin catchy!
    Gosh who are they????
    Love them too!!

    Yeah I love gay people!
    I'm not gay though but I love them!!!

  56. Hófý says – reply to this


    Great song… will be in the 1st in the contest… I'm sure… :)

  57. Kolla says – reply to this


    Áfram Ísland = Go Iceland!!! :D

  58. David Conrad says – reply to this


    Love this very gay! Gay´s of the world unit under this song! This is our life.

  59. Andrea Jónsd. says – reply to this


    i officially cant breath ..

  60. Magnús Örn Sigurðsson a.k.a. Forsetinn says – reply to this


    Þetta er eins og ég. Mega fleppað !

  61. Jon says – reply to this


    OMG.. what in the name of all that is holy was that suposed to be..i think i just got really stupid really fast.

  62. Hulda says – reply to this


    this song is the best! and a joke.. and the best!
    viva ísland!!! (og versló)

  63. júrótík says – reply to this


    guð hvað ég er fegin að sjá þetta myndband með húmor, eitthvað annað en þessi Merzedes Club sem að sjá ekkert nema sitt eigið tan!
    upp fyrir húmor og enn meira upp fyrir Íslandi! Go Iceland! Love this! b.t.w both of the guys are gay ;) or all three of them..

  64. court says – reply to this


    YESSSS! That was amazing! Loved the decor of "his room"…add killer makeup, and a keytar & you're on the verge of brilliance!

  65. Lauren says – reply to this


    God its that time again lol. Us british people have long realised its there just to laugh at the costumes and ridiculous ones ie the one above and we always do shit anyways all the countries like Lithuania hate us lol

  66. Anna says – reply to this


    I hate this song and I am Icelandic… I said when I saw this song that this man is suppose to be Perez ….

  67. Auðurin says – reply to this


    Iceland's song this year is really catchy, but sadly we'll be in the bottom ten as usual.

    All the same, Friðrik and Regína are both excellent singers and I'll be watching them with a bowl full of popcorn in May. : )

    I hope they don't wear costumes like the one from Selma's 2nd time in ESC, though.
    That'd be just too typical! :D

  68. John says – reply to this


    It is common knowledge in Iceland that the singer is very gay…

  69. GayZ says – reply to this


    This is def a gay anthem luw it soo;) makes me wana be gay! oh i forgot i am gay lol…….
    Ps PereZ you should go to Eurovision i'll wote for you numbero uno!

  70. Diana says – reply to this


    Eurovision is the biggest joke ever. Americans don't seem to get this!

  71. NC says – reply to this


    Looks like perez dancing and singing

  72. H8TER says – reply to this



  73. hotrodbettie says – reply to this


    omg this cracked me up! i liked the middle and the end when the girls voice wa added

  74. aJ says – reply to this


    Oh my god perez you looking lovely these days!!!!! llooll

  75. Jon says – reply to this


    Well incase people havent noticed other peoples comments:
    -This IS the official video for icelands eurovision entry.
    -The blonde guy in the beginning is just an actor, doesnt come near the song in any way
    -The video was made to make fun of all the mimers on youtube and to be a new and fresh video for a eurovision song instead of the usual dimlit stages with hot girls dancing and flashy lights or explosions in the background.

    I personally like the song and enjoy the video, I think it can get to the finals but it will never win .. why ? because only countries such as Croatia, Serbia, Albania or whatever else you can find in that general area will win because of the amount of neighbouring countries they have … Iceland has no neighbours and only get points from Scandinavian countries usually. This isnt a songcontest but a geographical one, I for one think each country should submit a team of judges that would judge the songs, and hope they do not go the same way as the general public which just chooses where their grandparents or in-laws are from

  76. Bo says – reply to this


    Re: Ice Ice Baby

    Oh yes we have the best nightlife in the world… Think Perez and all u other nightlife fans have to come here and see how it is done… I can organize the trip for u and a tour around Reykjavik and the surrondings… Sign up please ;)

  77. Iceland is hot baby ;) says – reply to this


    Such a great song!

  78. kristín says – reply to this


    Re: ? – uhm, yeah it is .. and i'm pretty proud of being an icelander at the moment :D

  79. Kolkrabbi says – reply to this


    "Yes, the song is in English."
    What do you expect? If it's in the native tongue, no one will understand it and we'll hit bottom. Or 16th place, AGAIN.
    And yes, it's very gay. We just love taking it up the arse.

  80. sarahh says – reply to this



  81. Krulli says – reply to this


    Wow I love the dancing guy..

    Iceland über alles !!

  82. Kris says – reply to this


    Re: Joe Blow

    Ok. Where do you live?

  83. eddy says – reply to this


    Oh my goodness, this is hilarious! Love it! :o ) x x x

  84. YAY says – reply to this


    I actually like this song…yay Iceland!

  85. kaytee says – reply to this


    aww perez, he remindes me of you.
    u should do something like this.

  86. Tiffany says – reply to this


    OKay SERIOUSLY??????????? DUDE……………….You probably tried out for American Idol and were laughed off stage right????

  87. heidigrf says – reply to this


    Soooooooo Fun i love islandic people

  88. Thomas Michael Inc says – reply to this


    who sings this song? I think its hot

  89. Raquel says – reply to this

  90. tiffany says – reply to this


    i watched the first like 20 sec of the video and i must say…. THIS IS THE SWEETEST VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEN!
    sweet song… some random guy jumps in with a SWEET routine….. what more could you possibly ask for? exactly NOTHING!
    canada definately does love PEREZ!

  91. Lesc says – reply to this


    LOVE this song! Too bad they don't play things like this in USA radio or clubs. Open up people!

  92. The ordinary Joe says – reply to this


    A definately winner this year….

  93. SwedeC says – reply to this


    OMG, they suck! But I hear that the Ukrainian entry is pretty good… And the Swedish entry of course!

  94. Helga says – reply to this


    Seriously.. if you think this is crazy and gay you should have seen some of the other that didn't make it.. like The Wiggle Wiggle song og Hohoho I Say heyheyhey.. you can find those videos on this site on the list to your left..:) recommended

  95. karen says – reply to this


    ohh ég gæti ælt við að sjá suma íslendinga skrifa hérna! róleg á að vera ekta stoltir íslendingar *æl*, lítur fáránlega út og vandið svo aðeins stafsetninguna ef þið ætlið að tjá ykkur hérna á ensku.

  96. Lilja says – reply to this


    Re: rofl
    Iceland is not part of Scandinavia, just Denmark, Norway and Sweden.Re: rofl

  97. maria says – reply to this


    Iceland sucks

  98. Reja ! says – reply to this


    ok that's so NOT funny and what a boring song…

  99. Úlfur says – reply to this


    Fuck, all of you Icelandic chicks make me ashamed of living here. You display such patriotism when we you think we have done something right, for once, but when we do something to put our not-so-great nation to shame you do nothing but complain.

    Plus, it's just a dying song contest. It costs too much to set it up and if Eastern Europe keeps winning, it will do exactly that. Keep winning.

  100. agnessif says – reply to this


    hey! i'm from iceland and i like it maby you're gay?, just saying my appinion, you just hate that our's are better then you'rs :) & the video is cool ! l8ter..dudee:')

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