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Listen To This: Sex & The Fergie

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Here it is!

Fergie has done the theme song for the new Sex & The City Movie.

It incorporates the instrumental opening music of the TV show.

Check it out Labels or Love below.

Do you like the song?

  • No (53%)
  • Yes (47%)

Total Votes: 78,653

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255 comments to “Listen To This: Sex & The Fergie”

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  1. Daniel says – reply to this


    WHY? Is this necessary, the orginal theme song was one of the best. I like the jazzed up version that they did for the trailer. Should have stuck with that over this trailer trash version. The last time I checked, Carrie wasn't hanging out with Jay-Z or Kayne so why the hip hop? Can we have anything now that isn't hip hop influenced. It is overkill. I like it when the right people do it but it doesn't need to be involved in everything.

  2. Megan says – reply to this


    I think the theme song is in there somewhere… I'm not a fan. I totally agree with those who are saying it doesn't sound like "the girls". Yes, the show was about labels and love, but it had heart. It was sophisticated, witty, and fun. There's none of that in this overproduced, trite drivel. I will be there for the movie, no question, but based on this, the soundtrack won't be finding it's way onto my iPod any time soon. Here's hoping Jennifer Hudson's song is better.

  3. rem says – reply to this


    I can't really understand what she's saying

  4. Brigitte says – reply to this


    WHY did they have to pick FUGLY! She looks like a man…… not good for a womans show… the song sucks and she doesnt even seem like someone who would be into the show…totally ruins it for me…. she sucks and should not be allowed anywhere near a wonderful thing like sex and the city

  5. Daisy says – reply to this


    It's pretty shit.

    Like everything Fergie does.

  6. szab88 says – reply to this


    The song sucks just as bad as Fergie!!!!

  7. Fingerrrrrrrrr says – reply to this


    She dumbs it down. Errrrrrr.

  8. wow says – reply to this


    She took a perfectly good instrumental theme song and butchered it. Oh, God.

  9. Why this Rap Crap ? says – reply to this


    Dreadful…tuneless, there is no elegance in the music…just plain crass rap-influenced music. There needs to be more CLASS in the approach to writing a theme song for Sex and the City. Producers always think that the way to go mainstream these days is to use these rap influence & r and b approaches to crafting music. They are soooo wrong for this song!

  10. shelly says – reply to this


    i hate this song when it was called "fergalicious" or whatever. and it still sucks.

  11. J-Dub says – reply to this


    All her songs sound the same to me.

  12. katey says – reply to this


    i liked it!!

  13. Megs says – reply to this


    Does anyone else notice how photoshopped her claws/nails look? strange???

  14. Melissa says – reply to this


    What the hell were they thinking??? This is like some cheap trailer trash version of Sex and the City for a 13 y/o 'Barbie and Skipper Do NY' movie or something… totally disappointed. Fergie + Sex and the City do not mesh well together… oil and water… oil and water baby.

  15. Forever_Fergie_Fan says – reply to this


    Fergie has been singing and performing her whole life - and since she isn't the old hag you all think, that hasn't been all that long. She was representing from way back in the day. Her voice - has been that way since she was 8 - don't believe me - check her out on YouTube - under Kid's Incorporated. Quit hatin' - and I think for a new movie - SATC couldn't have done anything better than pep it up a bit - and that's just what this did!

  16. Andrea says – reply to this


    love love LOVE it

  17. joduck says – reply to this


    Sounds the same as all of her other lame songs. NASTY.

  18. cat says – reply to this


    does everything that she sings about have to be so materialistic? as soon as her humps got popular (lol), she ditched the BEPs and went all blah copy copy copy

  19. suri cruise says – reply to this


    THIS is the theme song for sex and the city?!??!??!? this is total CRAP…. couldn't they of picked something a little more pretty or mature??

  20. LUSH says – reply to this


    Love itttttttttttttt

  21. Julie says – reply to this


    Does this pass for English???
    I'd prefer the old intro over this. It's a little classier.

    The problem with using a pop style song like this is that 10 years from now when you decide to go all nostalgic and put on the Sex & The City movie at home this crappy song will start it off and you'll think of hearing it first on Perez and how it's now even more shiteous.

  22. ester says – reply to this


    yeah, it sounds gee.

  23. wally says – reply to this


    sucks, totally is not in the spirit of the show, the theme is upmmarket/ loungey latin, this is down market pop crap, god i hope the movie doesnt suck, b/c this song suck and more importantly way off the mark

  24. Emo says – reply to this


    This song looks like a bad song of Geri Halliwell.

  25. Amy says – reply to this


    fergie sucks hairy monkey nuts!!! this song is frickin retarded as f*ck! lets just sing out designer's names and put a tune behind it. i can make music too….. PRADA, DIOR, KHORS, CHANEL…!!!

  26. dina says – reply to this


    ugh that song should have nothing to do with sex and the city…why couldnt they just stick with the original instrumentals??? this song alone will make me not go see it in the theatre

  27. K. says – reply to this


    It's OK. SATC's music was always amazing, it just captured the show perfectly. This is off-mark. And I dislike the synthed SATC theme.

  28. Sarah says – reply to this


    OMG, this sucks!!!! The India Arie song is soooooo much better and actually fits the movie.

  29. Jaime says – reply to this


    India Arie's "Heart of the Matter" is a GREAT song, this song is the complete opposite of that.

  30. Cassie says – reply to this


    I might have had higher hopes, but, it doesn't SUCK– :)

  31. Leslie says – reply to this


    I liked it after about a minute in (the bridge?), but the rest was terrible. I don't see how this fits the movie at all.

  32. AREINA says – reply to this


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  33. atlstl88 says – reply to this


    The song has too much going on. Way too much. It sounds like she just threw in some synthesizer version of the SATC theme in her song that was already made. The theme song is a classic, it's simple with a jazz/lounge feel to it. I thought she was going to kind of run in that direction, just add some more layering to it. But, this, whatever it is, sucks. It just doesn't sound good. I couldn't wait to hear this version at first, and it's a big letdown.

  34. nody says – reply to this


    It sounds like something for a kiddy/teen film….

  35. Julie says – reply to this


    The vocals don't blend with the music.

    And I'm shocked! Fergie isn't spelling in this one.

  36. melodie says – reply to this


    I LOVE IT !!!!!! ITS CUTE-

  37. randi says – reply to this


    Sounds alot like fergilicious

  38. Angel1 says – reply to this


    HUGE Sex fan Love Fergie too. they should never ever in life meet again. horrible song. does not fit Sex.

  39. Suzanne says – reply to this


    :( S :( U :( C :( K :( S :(

    It doesn't fit the show or the women.

  40. Chris says – reply to this


    Is this meant to be a single? If so, I don't like it for Fergie. For the theme song? It's interesting.

  41. J Bro says – reply to this


    That was awful! I went into it with an open mind, hoping that she would do something clever with the label/love idea. I couldn't have been more disappointed. Those were some of the dumbest lyrics I've ever heard. Listening to that aural assault more than once would make my ears bleed.

  42. Music fan says – reply to this


    Great beat.. and I like Fergie, BUT I cant understand hardly anything she is saying. And I dont think this is a good choice for SATC. Doesnt work for me.

  43. sassypants says – reply to this


    i like that they incorporated the original theme into the song, but it doesnt seem to fit. it should have been a sultry sexy song, not hip-hop clubby. i like the blue-sy song in the trailer.

  44. sucky ass song says – reply to this


    Lame theme song by pee pee pants :( I can't understand half of what she is saying.

  45. Gwen says – reply to this


    Does this tit know that eyebrow piercings look good on no one, let alone a 30something meth head?

  46. ali says – reply to this


    an assualt on my ears!

  47. jmo says – reply to this


    She has single-handedly ruined the movie.

  48. themaddestprincess says – reply to this


    sorry but they completely ruined this theme song with this crap. WTF!!!

  49. jennifer says – reply to this



  50. Morgan says – reply to this



  51. please says – reply to this


    why would they have that song as the theme song? the girls are all about relationships (labels too, but not in the fergie kind of way). honestly, does fergie "sing" about anything but money?

  52. moi! says – reply to this


    i hate fergie but i like the beat to the song

  53. Juice Tuna says – reply to this



    I like Fergie but this is just generic Hollypop.


  54. Z1z says – reply to this


    Sounds like shit.

  55. canada_sexy says – reply to this


    Chinese water torture.

  56. Krystal says – reply to this


    What the heck were they thinking? Sex and the City has always had the signature jazz music in EVERY part of the show. They should have kept it jazzy, maybe gotten a jazz singer… maybe. I don't see why they needed to have singing anyways. What's wrong with the original?

  57. christina says – reply to this


    she made a mess of it!

  58. Grace says – reply to this


    If she could stop mentioning her own name in every one of her fuckin songs thatd be G-reat! this song is about sex and the city not fergie…

  59. Lizzy says – reply to this


    Fergie is not my kind of music, but I oddly usually really like her. This, however, is one craptastic song.

  60. melia says – reply to this


    as if people hate it.. i love it.

  61. casey says – reply to this


    This song blows!

  62. kat says – reply to this


    Again I ask, what is the obsession with the skanky woman??????

    The song is definitely not in line with SATC and what is with her "fake" british accent in this song?

  63. Annaclaudia from Italy says – reply to this


    I like it!

  64. Jas says – reply to this


    eeeewwwwwww it sukkkssss!!!!!!!!

  65. bristolgirl says – reply to this


    it SUCKS.they should have used candi staton like they did for the last episode, "You got the love" is an anthem!when is fergie goinng to get over her wannabe rapgirl image.naming labels as lyrics is lame.expected so much more from SATC!

  66. jennp says – reply to this


    ewwww!!! Sex and the city is classic!! They need classic songs… the trailer with the Micheal Buble song gave me chill's thats what sex and the city represents!!!! CLaSSIC!!! Not trashy crap. Dont get me wrong I like Fergie but this song just does NOT fit with Sex and the city. And im affraid that they are gonna kill the movie with all these new songs….. NOPE I dont like it and it doenst work with SATC at all!!!!

  67. Bryant says – reply to this


    A crap song for an overrated TV series turned movie!!! Is this chick in a time warp? This style of rapping is like JJ Fad and L'Trimm–this isn't 1987, Fergie needs to go away and take her non-acting ass boyfriend with her. Fergie dissed Nelly Fertado a couple of months ago but Nelly would wipe the floor with this chick musically and lyrically–Fergie is simply a fad… a bad one that needs to go away immediately.

  68. Jennp says – reply to this


    Re: bristolgirl – OMG i was just thinking that….. Atleast keep the original opening song!! Who doesnt know that song!!! Its a theme song arroung the world!!! Y do they have t ruin it with this crap!!!

  69. ciara says – reply to this


    if you could think of one artist that represents satc, would it really be fergie??? this is awful

  70. kizi says – reply to this


    The music itself isn't bad at all… but Fergie's voice ruins it. Any song she touches tends to annoy me.

  71. M says – reply to this


    can she sound any more like gwen stefani????? get your own sound beeeeyatch!!!

  72. Jessica says – reply to this


    THey should have had Gwen Stefani do it. She's better at making songs out of existing beats (or who ever mixes that for her) like in Rich Girl and The sound of music song.

  73. alwaysalady says – reply to this


    SuXXX why do they have to mess with something that I like and turn it into some bullshit? Happens all the time. Leave things how they are don't put fugly fug into something successful. She is awful
    YUCk and how does it incorporate the original music? The theme was a great one till they put that chola crap on it

  74. alwaysalady says – reply to this


    Fergie looks like Clock work Whorange in this pic

  75. Just Me says – reply to this


    A piece of - Britney?

  76. t says – reply to this


    gayest song, her voice is horrible, and she looks like a man

  77. allie says – reply to this


    ok how can you not like this song? every single girl should love this song!! I can so relate to it!
    I would much rather shop for finer things than look for love! this song is just about having fun and being young. LOVE it!

  78. Aurore says – reply to this


    French girl 1st!! Hurra!!

  79. Bananna says – reply to this


    grosss. I hate it.. doesn't even fit in with sex & the city

  80. kali (; says – reply to this


    this song would be fun to dance to.her voice sounds kinda funny thought; but it's catchyy! haah. (:
    is it on itunes yet?

  81. aleface says – reply to this


    where did Gwen go?

  82. Lyndo says – reply to this


    Honestly when is fergies record label going to drop her off their wagon and find someoe else with a little tiny bit of talent. she may be pretty but god she can not sing! that means the song sucks! the lyrics r shit too!

  83. kate says – reply to this


    why does everyone have to be so negative?

  84. zzz says – reply to this


    loves it

  85. Margarita says – reply to this


    I freakin' LOVE Sex & the City and I'm super excited about the film.
    But I had to turn that song off; I couldn't even finish listening to it.

  86. Anastasia says – reply to this


    the song has the backbone of sex and the city but its not the girls at all!! its tooo ghetto ish for the classyness of sex and the city!

  87. lynda says – reply to this


    omg it is horrible!!!!!!! isn't sex and the city at all!!! fergie sucks…they need someone more in tune with the show like christina aguilera to do the song

  88. Mark says – reply to this


    This sucks. It sounds bad and doesn't represent the show or the movie. The trailer with Ella Fitz is more appropriate.

  89. samantha says – reply to this


    I actually love it…

  90. Martha says – reply to this


    I think it's great. Love how it incorporates the original theme music with a twist. Can't wait to see the movie!!

  91. Gabby says – reply to this


    sounds terrible. if i wanted to listen to fergie id play one of her songs.
    why cant they just leave it alone.i like the original…its what makes sex and the city so memorable.

  92. Danny says – reply to this


    Love Fergie, love Sex and the City. Hopefully the song will grow on me??????

  93. slutty couure says – reply to this


    umm, ok i love lables but after my humps no more songs about them. . . . seriously. its tacky and why does fergy not look white to me

  94. Anthony says – reply to this


    Ummmm, allow me to sound like my grandfather. That isn't music. :)

  95. Hair Girl says – reply to this


    Please tell me they did not choose this song as the theme song over India Arie's version of "Heart of the Matter". Fergies music all sounds the same and I would never listen to this song all the way through and skip it on a cd after the first time I heard it………

  96. katie dearest says – reply to this


    Yea ok, the grannies from sex and the city will like it because fergie's what the "kids listen to" right?
    HATE IT!!!

  97. mp says – reply to this


    aren't we tired of that kind of wannabe rapping yet?
    You know that the only one that can pull that off is Peaches!

  98. HELLOKITTY says – reply to this


    Re: MaRi
    SHE IS NO OLD!!!!!!

  99. SAxlerod says – reply to this


    This track suxs the high hard one! But it will be a hit when the marketing machine gets beyond it. The movie will also be a train wreck but will make a fortune in DVD sales. Fergie's song is rap but using vocals. She's talking about the same thing hip hop artists talk about.

  100. laura says – reply to this


    this is a horrible song..but then again so is every song that comes out of fergies mouth

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