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Listen To This: Sex & The Fergie

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Here it is!

Fergie has done the theme song for the new Sex & The City Movie.

It incorporates the instrumental opening music of the TV show.

Check it out Labels or Love below.

Do you like the song?

  • No (53%)
  • Yes (47%)

Total Votes: 78,653

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255 comments to “Listen To This: Sex & The Fergie”

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  1. m says – reply to this


    expecting so much more…. disappointed

  2. Pika says – reply to this


    eew! why do the music producers of SATC chose HER to do the song? She sings ho music and SATC has got way better class than HER…
    100% ew!

  3. Princess says – reply to this


    We've been waiting years for this movie and now they've ruined it with a stupid song!!

  4. Me says – reply to this


    It does not fit sex and the city..weird

  5. mine says – reply to this


    Ewe don't like it all….was expecting something a lot better :(

  6. lovely joke says – reply to this


    oh my god………… fergie is so hot

  7. Kate says – reply to this


    Fergie cant actually sing - they have screwed one of the most recognisable theme songs ever. I had to stop it from raping my ears. Hate it!!!

  8. lovely joke says – reply to this


    oh my god……
    fergie is so hot……
    make a all man want to sex with her

  9. msadelina says – reply to this


    when is she gonna get rid of that stupid brow ring…it's so outdated!

  10. NSSTL says – reply to this


    does fergie speak english?

  11. hannah says – reply to this


    i absolutely HATE fergie…she has had terrible plastic surgery to her face and i don't think she's talented…is she just fucking talking through the song? ugh

  12. Nelly says – reply to this


    Disgusting…! I mean sex and the city is about Ladies with great taste…not a trainwreck….weres the CLASS…bring it back!!

  13. Music Lovah says – reply to this


    This is a crappy piece of crap cake with a hot , stinking diarrhea filling that's been frosted with puke icing!

  14. tabarnac says – reply to this


    its ok for a theme song… its kinda fun
    its not gonna be a hit

  15. Vancouver says – reply to this


    It all sound a bit low-rent to grace the Sex & The City. Carrie and the girls are educated. Writer, lawyer, media relations, deb/art gallery admin. This song is too double wide. Grammar issues. Too slang, too faux hip hop. Just saying…
    Vancouver Girl

    PS Perez, my girlfriends and I want to part with you!

  16. Simone says – reply to this


    I'm sorry. but a. I can't understand what her fabricated voice is saying (Fergs, you've gone n over DUN it!)
    b. no, just no

    wonder how the flick will turn out with this theme song?

  17. kida_pink says – reply to this


    It's awesome! I love it!

  18. The4thtimesacharm says – reply to this


    listened to this 4 times reading all the comments and have to say it got better each time…think we might be hearing a lot more of this song the next two months…

  19. Lindsey says – reply to this


    It doesn't matter whether or not we like it. She'll still be raking in the $$$$, says I.

  20. Rowena* says – reply to this


    1 word: AWESOME!!
    I can't wait for the movie either. Roll on 30th of May.

  21. Pammy says – reply to this


    Aaaargh! I can't abide Fergie. I wish she would disappear up her own ass. Why MAC Cosmetics would want a skank like her promoting their Viva Glam line is beyond me. She has face like a bag of smashed crabs.

  22. sonia says – reply to this


    this song fuckin' sucks man! who the heel makes a dong 4 4 old ladies? yuck!
    i hate fergie!

  23. s-u-p-e-r-c-a-l-i... you know the rest says – reply to this


    as if she didn't spell anything in this song, whats the deal? … I was expecting something a little more classy for SATC and a little less electronic… its an ok song but i dont think it suits the film.

  24. vickyvickerson says – reply to this


    Perfect song to walk out of the cinema to.

  25. rae says – reply to this


    fergie. please, girl- at least /try/ to make your sings differentiate from each other!

  26. meme says – reply to this


    thats shit

  27. John says – reply to this


    she sounds like a fourteen year old girl…

  28. Sad says – reply to this


    This song is just another adjustment of all the recent pop songs out there. Its not bad, its not good. It plays of the popular vibe thats being heard all over now so it resonates on some level and we think we like it. What is more disturbing to me though is that the entire song is about SHOPPING! Sex in City was never my favorite to begin with, the characters are superficial, socially unaware, and uninspiring educationally or spiritually. However, it was incredibly feminist in its sexually liberating content and exposure of the insecurity many modern normal woman face as a result of our misogynistic society. It also had some pretty entertaining story lines. Anyway, the song reduces the shows content significantly, casting woman in the all to typical uneducated and objectifying light, undermining one of the main purposes of the shows existence.

  29. Adene says – reply to this


    Horrible. Ugh.

  30. stephanie says – reply to this


    WTF!!!!!!! that was a waste of 3 minutes!!!!

  31. sharma says – reply to this


    we'll just have to see how it blends in with the movie…

  32. Grace says – reply to this



  33. Maia says – reply to this


    Dont Know ??

  34. casey says – reply to this


    way to ruin SATC!!!!

  35. rickelle says – reply to this


    i dont like it but it might be hot for the movie depending on how it opens up

  36. Kelly says – reply to this


    Re: SindaStar – ROFL, great comment, love it, very true. HAHHA

  37. raoulzepeda says – reply to this


    THIS IS CARZY HOT.. DIFF FORSURE AND SPEAKS/BRINGS IN THE YOUNG CROWD…. makes me want to really see the movie. never say the show but now i guess i better get a steppin on the sh*t! thanks raoulzepeda=D

  38. hannnnnnnnnah says – reply to this


    i really like it..its fun to dance to!

  39. emma says – reply to this


    it's okay

  40. kim says – reply to this


    gives me douche chills

  41. Laurennn says – reply to this


    too young for sex and the city. i would possibly put this song in the middle of an episode of gossip girl(LOVE!) but not sex and the city. theyre forty and white in the show….not 20 and hiphop feinds

  42. EN222 says – reply to this


    why would they butch the theme song??? everyone knows what it is and recognizes it whenever they here it….it's a trade mark…. they screwed this up big time.

  43. human- says – reply to this


    I think that I have to say I DID NOT LIKE IT!

  44. josh says – reply to this


    blagggghhh! gag (hate it, if you didnt get that)

  45. Dan says – reply to this


    This sucks without a video!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. angelpoo says – reply to this


    ewww the song sounds so ghetto. fergie is tooo ghetto for satc

  47. Aaron says – reply to this



  48. JK says – reply to this


    I can't even listen to the entire thing. This is so wrong. Teeny girls might watch Sex & the City, but the original fans are far more mature than this.

  49. kylie says – reply to this


    love the song

  50. Peabody4life says – reply to this


    I looove this song soo much!!
    Fergie is perfect for it!!
    Shes sooo amazing and talented…
    I love you Fergie

  51. groovychick33 says – reply to this


    It's a fun song, never seen SATC,so don't know if it "fits", but i could some chicks bopping around to this beat…I like Fergie, she's cool, I hope it's a hit for her and SATC.

  52. Michelle W says – reply to this



  53. karly says – reply to this


    me encanta… fergie…. me encanta su musica…. en el salvador dio un mega concierto… love her….

  54. gOrgeOus says – reply to this


    Danggg .
    All yuu haters need to get a lifeee .
    If yuu dont like it, dont bother commenting if yuu seriously
    Hate it so much .

    And to Fergie, yuur my idol girrl ;)
    Fxck them haterssss .

    Yuur the one makinggg all thee moneeyyy $

  55. wat says – reply to this


    hEYEYE this song roX
    are u guys cRaZy

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