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You've Been Warned

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Looks like the Hollywood sensation Pinkberry frozen yogurt isn't the healthy, nonfat and all-natural treat it claimed to be.

Tears stream down our face.

The stuff that goes into the popular froyo was recently analyzed and the results are a bit scary!

There's 23 ingredients in a Pinkberry. Two of the 'sugars' used, fructose and maltodextrin, another are both laboratory-produced ingredients extracted from corn syrup. Then there's a bunch of stuff that sounds like items you'd find in a scary science lab, including five additives defined by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization as 'emulsifiers' (propylene glycol esters, lactoglycerides, sodium acid pyrophosphate, mono- and diglycerides).

Dr. Gary A. Reineccius, a professor in the department of food science and nutrition at the University of Minnesota said that many of the ingredients Pinkberry uses gives it qualities that nonfat frozen yogurt would not have naturally.

Thanks, Pinkberry for proving that Mom's again always right. If it's too good, it aint true!

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190 comments to “You've Been Warned”

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  1. LISA says – reply to this



  2. david says – reply to this



  3. Jenelle says – reply to this


    I still wanna try it

  4. k says – reply to this



  5. stacy says – reply to this


    whatev…they're still delicious

  6. K says – reply to this



  7. tina says – reply to this


    firstttttt i love pinkberryyy

  8. jil says – reply to this



  9. MARIA CONCHITA ALONZO says – reply to this


    perez, eres un gordo feo culo roto!

  10. msvenice says – reply to this


    the link is broken!

  11. WHO CARES says – reply to this



  12. CVD says – reply to this



  13. aha says – reply to this



  14. Charlie O'Reiley says – reply to this



  15. Kimmy says – reply to this


    Reminds me of that frozen yogurt episode of Seinfield.

  16. wtf??? says – reply to this


    If it's too good it aint true!—–what is that the cuban version of the maxim if it smells like shit it probably is shit?

  17. John says – reply to this


    hillary 08!

  18. Janana says – reply to this


    Big Whoop. everything will kill you

  19. mar says – reply to this


    Ew is right, I do know that legally, probably because it is derived from corn syrup they can call it natural… It's all bs and part of a larger picture of what companies are doing. everyone needs to veeery carefully read labels! Not just nutrition facts, but the ingredients, too! Know what it all means!

  20. Sooozie says – reply to this



  21. marco says – reply to this


    "Pinkberry’s frozen yogurt includes artificial colors and flavors. " New York Times April 23, 2008

  22. geminat.com says – reply to this


    Re: Kimmy

    ha ha! I was thinking the same thing!

  23. uh... says – reply to this


    do you even know what emulsifiers are? lol

  24. Lolita says – reply to this


    there's no pinkberry in miami ):

  25. Linda says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but this does not look appealing. If you have ever been out hiking on a forest path as winter melts away…you'll see what looks like snow and animal droppings with a leaf or two. Hmmmm Wonder how much people have been paying for this goody.

  26. eric says – reply to this


    yeah that's old news. Pinkberry was taken to court last year and was legally mandated to remove the word yogurt from all of it's marketing material. Besides - the stuff is the total shizz and still not that bad for you. I say eat it if you want it-especially because they serve awesome fresh fruit with it (good for you) and most of the time they have cute boys working there ( good for you too). PINKBERRY RULES.

  27. reformed sugar addict says – reply to this


    Wow..genius. Stop eating sugar for two weeks (I dare you) and you can actually test these things w/ your MOUTH! What a revelation! If it's sweet, it has SUGAR in it! Even "sugarless gum" changes your glycemic levels!!! Morons…you're all brainwashed. SUGAR IS IN EVERYTHING!

  28. IT TASTES LIKE SOUR CREAM says – reply to this


    It tastes so sour it should belong on top of a baked potato! It is the biggest hoax out there! Why do you like it in the first place Perez?

    One Sex and the City wannabe lines up for it, and they all follow.

    TCBY and Columbo are much better.

  29. lauren pHD says – reply to this


    Perez do you even know what an emulsifier is?

  30. mojo says – reply to this


    So THATS why your such as FATASS

  31. Pinkberry is overrated. says – reply to this


    Re: IT TASTES LIKE SOUR CREAM – I'm gonna have to second that opinion. I tried it in Hollywood last month and wanted to spit it back out. I mean I tried ALL THREE flavors and it was sick. People tell me it grows on you but…. idk! It's soooo overrated.

  32. cass says – reply to this


    lol..its always something…i dont care at this point, PINKBERRY RULES!

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  34. FUBI says – reply to this


    Just like the Seinfeld episode :)

  35. Meg says – reply to this


    How sad. Is any of the food we eat these days natural? Even our fruit and veg
    (I don't know about the U.S only Australia) contains dangerous levels of pesticide residue. And people wonder why so many people thesedays have cancer?

  36. gossipgirl says – reply to this


    its not natural. big deal. nothing is these days…

    sounds tasty to me.

  37. Tiffany says – reply to this


    Fructose is a basic monosaccharide found in fruits, while maltodextrin is a polysaccharide formed from starch and found in potatoes, corn, etc. So technically it's not that these items aren't "natural," they are found naturally occurring in the environment. Maltodextrin is used as a food additive however, and fructose is a simple sugar. It would be hard to create a food without these components, seeing as how saccharides aka carbohydrates are one of the three basic biomolecules in life. Its like saying you create "natural" concrete without using dirt. Doesn't work.

  38. sophia says – reply to this


    well, of course it's going to have all sorts of emulsifiers, because nonfat frozen yogurt would be runny without the fat to congeal the whole thing together. it's the butterfat in ice cream that makes it creamy and have that great mouth-feel, so without it you would need lots of chemicals to mimic the same. why not just treat yourself to a real scoop of ice cream every once in a while? even that usually contain soy lecithin, which is an emulsifier. used to be egg yolks, but those aren't safe raw.

  39. lin says – reply to this


    emulsifier means it basically blows up fat…that's a good thing! it's the same thing that bile does. it makes fat into smaller particles for the body to absorb easier. haha. just took an anatomy test on this stuff! = )

  40. RubyGlare says – reply to this


    I've made ice cream from scratch & non-fat milk makes a thinner watery texture, also the fat in the milk makes the flavor richer & creamier. Most recipes call for half & half as well as milk. Maybe arrowroot would thicken it since it's used to make Asian puddings instead of gelatin, for vegetarians.

  41. aly says – reply to this


    try OKO! –www.okoyogurt.com— its in park slope BROOKLYN and its delicious! everything is made in store and is all natural…sweetened with fructose…plus were eco-friendly…so take that pinkberry :p

  42. MeMeMe says – reply to this


    Like, DUH!!!
    Big eFFing surprise that something from L.A. that's called "PinkBerry" isn't actually health food.
    Each and every one of you Hollywood types have obviously got brain damage.

  43. dj danger says – reply to this


    NOOOOOOOOOO! How bout CE FIORE? I hope ce fiore is all natural

  44. Kylie says – reply to this



    I totally agree- I went and tried it b/c of all the hype and I never got past the free sample. I tasted it and left. Was so gross!!!

  45. charlene says – reply to this


    most of the food in the US is produced with malodextrin and fructose, esp those foods that are highly marketed. (i.e. cereal and soda)

  46. JESUS YOU ARE STUPID says – reply to this


    Seriously? Second day in a row you post about something outside your league. Stick to gossip you fucking retard. None of this report is outside the norm for FDA approved foods. There is nothing unhealthy about what you wrote. Look at the back of any processed food you eat and you will find these things. YOU ARE A FUCKING RETARD. SERIOUSLY. A MORON. SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  47. Franklin says – reply to this


    "Pinkberry" sounds like a euphemism for a sexual organ. I mean, I'm jus' sayin'.

  48. mick says – reply to this


    This SHOULD be just a little bit more of a clue as to how every aspect of how we live is tampered with and altered from the chemtrails coming from planes to all thes fuckin chemicals,addtitives, and preservatives thats in all of the food we eat,You should know that any kind of food program period thats run by the U.N is no fucking good, wake up people, these devils don't give a fuck about you or me, the more sick people the more money in thier pockets and the better for them!!!! and these food company owners Will lie and tell thier shit is organic etc. do your research

  49. Lynne says – reply to this


    Here's the rule of thumb I live by: IF MY GRANDMOTHER WOULDN'T RECOGNIZE IT….I DON'T EAT IT. (replace grandmother with great-grandmother depending on your age).

  50. Huh says – reply to this


    I doubt any of you know how many genetically modified foods you're eating, unknowingly.

    Emulsifers aren't bad, your body makes your own.

  51. nerd says – reply to this


    this just proves that YOGURTLAND is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!

  52. superjesus says – reply to this


    It only bleached out my carpet a little!

  53. grace says – reply to this


    Eat Red Mango instead. It's tastier

  54. abc123 says – reply to this


    oh for christ's sake perez. "emulsifier" just means that that particular ingredient gets everything to blend/mix together all the special fats and things all smooth and nice. anything with "glyceride" is just a type of sugar or sugar derivative. "esters" just means fat (THERE IS FAT IN MILK, and if its not in the milk they put in the pinkberry then its in some other ingredient)

    and all the corn syrup and maltrodextrin? THEY'RE IN EVERYTHING. in your splenda and diet coke and your muffins and your snapple and your movie popcorn and those "organic" microwave meals that look so pretty in the freezer isle at whole foods.

    pinkberry really isn't bad at all, in comparison to diet soda (which takes blood off of road accidents), jello, fruit gushers, and fruit roll-ups (which are made out of gelatin, made from boiled and mashed-up cow parts, which is why you can't eat gelatin during mad cow scares), and McDonalds,which has ridiculous amounts of fat. and lots of other things like even honey mustard or foccaccia bread, which both have tons of carbs and sugar.

  55. name says – reply to this


    Pinkberry really isn't the number one "froyo" here anymore anyway. There are a billion copycats that came about and dominated last year when Pinkberry was in court. Try cefiore in NoHo and yogurtstar on Hollywood. You'll love them a lot more. Also, to whoever says it looks like snow, animal droppings, and a leaf: it's not actually served like that at all. They do sell 'snow ice' or whatever, but that's not popular whatsoever.

  56. jak says – reply to this


    #46-your the real fucking idiot you ignorant moron, just because all these fuckin TOXINS are in alot of food does not mean that its healthy you to eat, it would be like a 75% less cancer rate if it wasn't for all this we eat fast food included

  57. hey says – reply to this


    go to bluemango

  58. Joe Blow says – reply to this


    Hey Perez - what did your Mom say about putting another man's schlong in your mouth, never mind a pinkberry….

  59. Kelly says – reply to this


    I just finished my toxicology course and emulsifiers are used just to make the conistency of the food a bit thicker. It IS a food additive but there are food additives in mostly everything you eat. If it was toxic to you it would be banned.

    Don't knock it too hard.

  60. Desi says – reply to this



    So what perez, are you trying to say that there's trans fat in this bitch? Do you even understand what that professor is claiming?

    Fructose is not laboratory produced!!! Straight from my text book:
    Fructose is the sweetest natural sugar; a monosaccharide that occurs in fruits and vegetables. ALSO CALLED levulose, or FRUIT SUGAR.


    Also Maltodextrin is non-toxic and easily digestible. So who cares. Don't hate on artificial sweeteners. Natural sweeteners can be just as fattening and bad for you.

  61. desi says – reply to this



    Straight from my text book:

    Fructose is the sweetest NATURAL sugar;

    a monosaccharide that occurs in fruits and vegetables. ALSO CALLED levulose, or FRUIT SUGAR.

    It combines with glucose to form sucrose, the sweetest of digestible disaccharide carbohydrates, which is found in sugar cane, sugar beets and honey.

    Lets not create disordered eating habits Perez. You have a lot of readers.

  62. suze says – reply to this



  63. research*bunny says – reply to this


    Educate yourself about how easy it is to clear your skin of acne/wart problems.
    If you happen to have perfect skin then don't bother :)

    )))))))))Search S.O.S. beyond Proactive on*** Ebay***((((((((((((((

  64. perez's mom says – reply to this


    Just FYI as a Food Science major….the human body can't tell the difference between natural and artificial sugar. It doesn't matter if someone uses all-natural honey or splenda…the body can't tell the difference.

  65. dffgf says – reply to this


    no one eats pinkberry bc they think its healthy…still better for you than ice cream! take your vitamins not pinkberrry if you wanna be healthyy u momo's

  66. aaaaa says – reply to this


    it still looks good.

  67. d says – reply to this


    this reminds me of a seinfeld episode

  68. Devore says – reply to this


    just like that seinfield episode!

  69. emons says – reply to this


    emulsifiers arent bad and theyre in everything, and those sugars are better than high fructose corn syrup

    so no big deal

  70. chel sea a says – reply to this


    its like the seinfield eposide

  71. * says – reply to this


    Emulsifiers are thickeners you moron

  72. ms.atitude says – reply to this


    Hello? SEINFELD EPISODE? With Rudy Guilliani?

  73. jenna says – reply to this


    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE PINKBERRY I GO 4 TIMES A WEEK!

  74. Newman says – reply to this


    Sounds like that Seindfeld episode with the nonfat frozen yogurt.

  75. ali j says – reply to this


    just because these things aren't "naturally found in yogurt" doesn't mean that they are bad for you. they are found in almost everything and emulsifiers is what keeps the frozen yogurt solid and prevents it from separating into its various parts.

    THEY ARE NOT BAD FOR YOU. jeez. people, read up on your science before you get scared by "laboratories" and "emulsifiers"

  76. ass says – reply to this


    Whoever believed this shit in the first place deserves to eat all the chemicals that are in it. You're idiots.

  77. CJOYLD says – reply to this


    This is such a downer! I L-O-V-E Pinkberry!

  78. Tori says – reply to this


    I agree, I really don't see what the big deal is, Taste's gross and theres NO nutritional value to these things at all. I'll stick to my energy drinks

  79. adoi! says – reply to this


    that's really not scary at all, silly face. you should also post what ingredients are in fast food chains, NOW those are worse!

  80. eddy says – reply to this


    STFU! I love that stuff! Love love love it. Please God tell me that stuff isn't going to kill me or compromise my health, please lawd!

  81. Meg says – reply to this


    Ok so just so you know, i am in A nutrition class in my College, and an emulsifier is really just a substance that the body needs/uses to break down fat molecules in your body that you get from the foods that you eat. So if there are more emulsifiers in their food, then technically it is only making it easier for the body to break down fat. It's not as bad as you are making it seem.

  82. eddy says – reply to this


    I love milk and all of it's products, a lot. This includes drinkable yogurts, kaffir, buttermilk, cheeses, butters, creams, etc. I love soured milk tastes. Of course it needs to be soured to the correct tastes. Ever eaten a hunk of blue cheese. Yumm. Salty, bad breath cheesy, just delicious.

    Pinkberry has a tang of it's own, not (that I have seen) easily if ever reproduced. And for that, I am a raging Pinkberryholic. And I don't care who knows.

  83. W says – reply to this


    I'm eating pinkberry while reading!!! Great!!

    ….i'll just finish this last one…

  84. gaom says – reply to this


    who cares it taste great!

  85. fat ass says – reply to this


    your fat ass perez stop actin like you care about anything put in ur mouth

  86. ronnie says – reply to this


    ah! :( :(

  87. Lisa says – reply to this


    why is anyone surprised? NONFAT people!!!!!!! nonfat is not part of nature. i don't eat nonfat, lite or diet anything because its not from nature. i enjoy my food with all the natural fats & sugars. nothing chemically added or made.

  88. Jenn Dashney says – reply to this


    Nooo! Say it ain't so!! Read my blog too at jenndashney.com.

  89. jenni says – reply to this


    i'm glad to see people on here explaining that fructose and such are natural substances. even natural products have big scientific names and chemical components– for example, water has hydrogen in it. sounds scary, but isn't.

  90. Jamie says – reply to this


    everytime when someone starts making money theres always gonna be those haterz wanting to bring em down… Pinkberry is the best!!

  91. Egg of Winter says – reply to this


    They also stole the whole premise of their shop from Red Mango in South Korea. Red Mango tried to sue them for stealing their idea.

  92. Kelly says – reply to this


    I've resigned to the fact that any new sensation is too good to be true. Everything is bound to disappoint at some point. All the hype around things will eventually give way to backlash and scrutiny.

    I knew that Pinkberry isn't as healthy as they say they are. It just tastes good. Chocolate chip, raspberries, and Capn Crunch are the best combo.

  93. Ashley says – reply to this


    Didn't this happen on Seinfeld??

  94. flava fl really really wanabe says – reply to this


    ROZEN YOGURT??¿ Spare me. stonyfield farms and stil thin gittin tha most out of it

  95. MKHW says – reply to this


    That's why we go to CANTALOOP on LaBrea and Hollywood! They only take cash, but are A BILLION times better than that bourge Pinkberry (SOO 2005)

  96. J_Brisby says – reply to this


    Don't be scared by the scary scary sciencey words. If you've eaten an apple, you've eaten fructose. Any food is going to have ingredients you (personally) can't pronounce. That don't make them scary.

  97. CubanBitch says – reply to this


    Well either way I dont care, its just too delicious, Pinkberry… I will not abandon you!! My favorite is original with cocoa crispies and fresh raspberries mm

  98. Sad to say..... says – reply to this



  99. smuterella says – reply to this


    wasn't this a seinfeld episode?

  100. steveh says – reply to this


    Isnt propalene glycol antifreeze?

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