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Thank You, Baby

| Filed under: Baby BlabberAngelina Jolie


A new Brangelina child means more Angelina boobies, and that's a good thing!

Miz Jolie was spotted leaving Marino Ristorante after a five hour meeting in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Her clan is in town for a while before they venture off again. Like last time, Angelina is expected to give birth overseas.

Where do you think she will do it this time????

[Image via Cousart-Ramirez-Rios/JFX Online.]

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222 comments to “Thank You, Baby”

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  1. Jenny Shimizu says – reply to this


    Her veins look disgusting. No wonder it was so easy for her to be a junkie.

  2. A fan says – reply to this


    Re: tita – At home, why would she take her baby to a meeting?

  3. Brangelina fan says – reply to this


    News flash Jen is lunching with Meyers. She has moved on more that once now. Everyone just needs to move on too.

  4. ViOLeT says – reply to this



  5. lids says – reply to this


    Re: democrap – loser! obviously you care or why bother checking her rack.. get a life!

  6. FYI says – reply to this


    I guess this is why we're seeing AJ in these horrific outfits lately. No more conservative clothing from St. John like in her pregnancy w/shiloh :
    Over the years the trend has slowly shifted from using models to celebrities to endorse products because regardless of what's going on in the world of luxury, celebrities sell," says Ryan Schinman, president of Platinum Rye Entertainment, which negotiates talent buys on behalf of 30 companies and 40 advertising agencies. "Of course, each celebrity has their own characteristics, so their image and lifestyle has to be in tune with the brand. Some are hits, some are misses."

    One of those misses was the St. John Knits three-year print ad campaign featuring Angelina Jolie. The company paid Jolie a reported $12 million to appear as the brand's face through spring 2008, but failed to make good on its investment when shoppers couldn't make the connection between Jolie's racy past and the brand's traditional image.

    "The intent was to connect the conservative label with a younger generation," says Suzanne Hader, principal of New York-based 400twin Luxury Consulting, "but it created a backlash among die-hard fans due to Jolie's rebellious public image."

  7. aly says – reply to this


    wow all you people NEED to STOP BEING SO SEXIST!!! there is so much women hating going on!! she never did anything to deserve this noone could, unless they were O.J or something but then again he is a MAN and men dont get ripped apart for their sexual ways or for anything they do for that matter. its such a shame that women do this to each other especially considering that most of you are (hate to say it) jealous…and nobody can steal anybody people are not objects that u just take, brad willingly and obviously wanted to leave jen…so there get over it losers, as if any of you think that you know the truth behind their separation..HA I like coming on here I laugh everytime….

  8. Everybody HATES Skankalina says – reply to this


    I can't believe this HOMEWRECKING WHORE is spewing forth MORE BASTARDS. I hope she believes in hell because that's where she's headed. At least she'll be there with Brad, too. And the MAGNIFICENT Jennifer Aniston can look down at those two assholes from Heaven, laughing all the while.

  9. Hoodoo says – reply to this


    Another home wrecking bitch, just trying to save the world to make her look good in the public eye. Just wait, her crazy ass history will catch up with her and then we'll see the true Angie again.

  10. What The Fuck Is Wrong With This Bitch? says – reply to this


    Maybe she should take off her sunglasses when she dresses so she can accurately determine when she's chosen a FASHION DISASTER, such as this get-up.

  11. Hoodoo says – reply to this


    Re: cata – As soon as I make a bazillion dollars in this world , I too will contribute to global charities.

  12. meee says – reply to this


    Re: Everybody HATES Skankalina – Jennifer Aniston, has fake evrything… she never does anything good for anybody… she is not even pretty her nose is weird.she already moved on, so why dont you ??? get a life!!

  13. grylis says – reply to this


    If this "woman" is leading by example, her kids are going to hate her guts, do drugs, steal husbands, be bi, suck blood, cut themselves, hate America, & have bastard children. Ummm….sounds like something to look forward to!

  14. Kasey says – reply to this



    MORE ANGELINA! SHE IS GORGEOUS, HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HER???????????????????????????????

  15. Pam says – reply to this


    Holy shit, you mean to tell me she owns something that ISN'T black?!?!?!

  16. Christina says – reply to this


    you guys are pathetic, She's won awards for her work in the humanitarian field she went through depression, SI as a kid and she overcame it. Marriages don't always work out, so what? are you all just a bunch of bitter bitches?

    and as for having the baby in the USA, Angelina has said she wants all of her children to experience the world so that they see life and humanity first hand.


    and to the haters…seriously you make me sick. get some psychiatric help…..bitter bitches!

  17. Christina says – reply to this


    any woman who calls another woman a skank is actually just one trying to cover it up. YOU'RE A LOSER and probably fugly.

    pity you can't see beauty in the world…seriously. get some psychiatric help.

  18. joeyOh says – reply to this


    Hotel de Crillon Paris of course// if it's good enough for Marie Antionette well…..

  19. Angela says – reply to this


    Rumor is that Angelina will be giving birth at US Headquarters in Iraq during a sit in anti war protect. It is a boy and she is naming him Itzatdah. Itzadah Pitts. Oh yeah, and she will give him a french middle name. So he can sound self indulgent like her and her other kids.

  20. Tres Fucking Stupid says – reply to this


    Re: Angela – So true-French names are the height of pretentiousness and sooo self-aggrandizing. Skankalina once said she did that so that if her kids end up hating her parents, just like Angelina, they can drop their last names and have those formerly useless, over-the-top French names.

  21. Newsworthy says – reply to this


    Do we really care where she squats one out? She becoming as nutty as Mia Farrow! WE all saw what happened to Mia's life and career!

  22. Provocateur says – reply to this


    Those of you who keep calling her a cunt for "supposedly" stealing a man,
    when does marriage imply ownership of a man you dumbfucks!?
    you honesty think a piece of paper is going to "protect" you of
    infidelity, and all the dramatic bullshit couples go through. A
    majority of you are going to be the same dumb bitches that get
    divorced by your man because he couldn't stand hearing you
    bitch, whine, and lack in the sex department because your already
    married. Because he'll never leave you! PLEASE GET REAL take
    your 19th century dogmatic pretentious over-rated theology out
    of here, and welcome to the 21st century, people are together because
    they want to be together, people change, people break up, God!
    I can even imagen how whiney you bitches were when your parents
    divorced. I LOVE U ANGIE!! b.t.w Sherly Crowe confirmed that it was
    Jen who broke up w/ Brad Pitt, even before he was with Angie, so
    obviously she knew that Brad wasn't for her : )

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