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Attacking Miley

| Filed under: Miley Cyrus

Fox News fartsucker Bill O'Reilley sunk his fangs into Miley Cyrus on Monday night.

Click here to watch what he had to say about the Disney star!

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349 comments to “Attacking Miley”

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  1. Laura says – reply to this



  2. emina says – reply to this


    who cares about that slut

  3. Megan says – reply to this


    yes because i'm hanging onto every word bill o'reilley has to say.

  4. sarah says – reply to this


    shes just being miley

  5. rachel says – reply to this


    first ??
    oh well i dont like miley she looks like a beaver

  6. first says – reply to this



  7. Paige says – reply to this


    jeez, this is getting a huge reaction..I'm sick of miley..perez, write about DEMI LAVOTO!! shes awesome!!

  8. Brittney says – reply to this


    Laaaame. Leave the girl alone! She chose to take the photos and her parents were on set at the shoot and approved of them. I think they were tastefully done. I'll admit it's a bit weird that she's only fifteen, but when I really think about it, girls at my high school have much, much worse things on their MySpace(s).

  9. kate says – reply to this


    enough MILEY! ew

  10. getthewordout says – reply to this



  11. Maddison says – reply to this



    what a crackpot.

    but still- miley SUCKS

  12. Laura says – reply to this



  13. christian says – reply to this


    everyone needs to leave her alone wtf???

  14. Layla says – reply to this


    who cares that she was topless. she looks FUGLY!

  15. writer77 says – reply to this


    Look, Miley is actually talented and its great she is doing so well in the industry. However, it is really odd that she isnt trying to ultra protect herself and her identity thru Disney, her cash cow. Why on earth do you take your shirt off if you are a disney star. I dont care …it just makes no sense. You dont hire or say yes to a photographer even contemplating that. Id much rather see a nice spread of her at home with her family being normal…not in neon colored bras… and her looking beautiful in full clothing with her family. thats it, anything else is just trying to whore her identity out. She's 15. Shes got a couple years before she needs to worry about moving into teen sexy dramas.

  16. blah says – reply to this



  17. Rach says – reply to this


    bill o'reilly is old and needs to focus on actual news. damn…leave miley alone…there is no sex tape…yet….

  18. grrr says – reply to this


    this is all a bunch of crap! theres so much else going on in the world and this poor 15 year old is getting all this negative attention! so she showed some back in an artsy photoshoot for some classy magazine. she didn't do it on the cover of playboy..

    whats worse.. directors allowing children to play in roles where they are sexually abused or are required to swear a lot.. or someone who has taken a few pictures that im sure every other 15 year old girl out there has taken.


  19. Kitty says – reply to this


    put perez in ur facebook http://apps.facebook.com/youtubedaily/video.php?youtube_id=hoKlMpCW0Vc !

  20. liza says – reply to this


    well miley hmmmmmm……….
    future briney ! duh!
    gosh britney didnt this crap till 17
    hmmmm miley 15
    ahh shes 2 years ahead off her time ehhhhhh
    who wants to bet shell get knocked before 20 with a kid?

  21. Jesus says – reply to this


    Tastefully done? BULL.
    She looks like The Ring girl in that dirty photo.

  22. Joe Mamma says – reply to this


    Bill O'Reilly and "middle America" can go to hell!

  23. Eat Me Raw MILEY CYRUS!!! says – reply to this


    eat it!

  24. Eat Me Raw MILEY CYRUS!!! says – reply to this


    eat it!

  25. Lulu says – reply to this


    I think everyone should get over it already its not that big of a fucking deal. Go look at her dresses and shit from events and you'll find her in outfits much more racy than some exposed back and a pair of jeans.

    leave her alone. I don't even like Miley Cirus and I'm sticking up for her.

  26. The Donkey says – reply to this


    Bill O'Reilley needs to rub his cock between that slut Gretchen Carlson's tits. Lord knows she must put out in between commerials.

  27. geez says – reply to this


    he wasn't 'attacking' her, you just like to start drama

  28. abbey says – reply to this


    Re: Brittney – okay, yeah a lot of girls on myspace have pictures worse than her, but seriously, those girls arent role models, and this bitch is.

  29. VICTORIA NYC says – reply to this



  30. truth says – reply to this


    someone needs to look BO REILLEY'S closet, I am indiferent to miley, but BOreireilley has to be shut down

  31. Brianna von bao says – reply to this


    i loveeee perezzz

  32. Bebo says – reply to this


    I Think this is A BIG deAl. I am the Same age as Brooke shIelds and her 1981 Calvin Klein Ad SEnt my Young impresionable repressed slut mind the Wrong message. As a 42 yr old woman. I now know that I could have done without the one abortion, one child given up for adoption and one case of gonorrhea! The media just wants to turn all of your little girls into Sluts too!
    Very, Very sad!!!

  33. You Know He'd Do her says – reply to this


    You know what I've learned……….the louder these old crusty beady eyed thin lipped white a** Republican conservatives bark about moral stuff, clucking and wagging their finger in judgment, the more 'no good' they're up to. Seriously. The louder they bark the more it means that their repressed shadow side wants a piece of the pie. So they get up on their pulpit and preach and judge and condemn, then turn around and get busted in some crazy sex scandal. It always happens. Sooner or later they always get busted with their hypocritical pants down.

  34. pagingJesseinSeattle says – reply to this


    Ok…Really those pics seem to be rather beautiful. Other then her back, she's not exposing to much skin. Shes hot and I'm gay.. lol Give the girl some room..

  35. Crazy says – reply to this


    So now that O'Reilly doesn't like what she's doing, let me guess, you're going to jump off the Miley hating bandwagon? You are such a hanger on and have no identity of your own.

  36. chick says – reply to this


    i can't stand miley, i stop watching disney channel cause of her

  37. skeletor says – reply to this


    at least you didn't catch hannity and colmes, ann coulter was on and that bitch needs to shut her trap

  38. nybitch says – reply to this


    oh Perez, it's only ok if you call her a slut. yea sure. Although O'reilly is definitely a piece of shit

  39. You Know He'd Do her says – reply to this


    And furthermore…….

    Who gives a flying jack squat about these pics? The only weird element to me is the fact that her dad seems to be pimping her out, and is posing in some of them himself. That's a bit creepy. Not the fact she showed her back. *Why wasn't there this much backlash to the leaked personal photos of her that revealed much more?* Not just in terms of flesh, but her posing provocatively. Those were WAY worse than these.

    It's all a big distraction tactic people. Get your attention obsessing on crap that doesn't matter, OOH! A BIG (MANUFACTURED) SCANDAL! Now you won't notice the real news of actual importance going on in the world. :/

  40. Emmy says – reply to this


    I have to agree with him. Good girl…bad decision. All teens have those"OMG…why the hell did I do that?" moments. I know I had my share…but I wasn't famous…so mine weren't in a magazine or on the interent (thank GOD myspace wasn't around for my teenage years! Just missed that by like a year or two). She is young and if, just like they said, Jodi and Brook can come back from it, she definately can. She has some staying power. Hopefully she can learn from this and move past it.

  41. Big Daddy says – reply to this


    "…sunk his fangs into…"? Really?! I must have been watching a different clip because I didn't see that at all! He was polite, almost non-judgmental. The only really negative thing he said was that it was a bad business decision. That said, I completely disagree with him. I think it was a calculated move designed to push her career forward as the Hannah Montana phenomenon plays itself out to an overdue end. Even her "apology" is a calculated risk. Well played? Only time will tell.

    Attacking Miley, indeed. You're delusional. And learn how to spell people's names if you insist on writing about them. It's O'Reilly, girlfriend!

  42. mike d says – reply to this


    I don't get it. This was a big story on all networks all day today. Why single out
    Bill O'reilly? And BTW Prerez, your meal ticket is bashing stars - who are you to get on Billl for reporting a legit news story? Pretty hypocritical.

  43. Sundra says – reply to this


    STUPID SLUTTY MILEY! The only reason why miley is sorry because Disney was mad. But personally she really liked selling her body and prancing her naked body around ….. Miley the Slut-o-rella of the new era..

  44. jojo says – reply to this


    HOLLY SHIT !!! JUST LEAVE HER ALONE !!!!! She is a young girl who is doing great in the industry an di believe still has a lot of great things to accomplish.Everyone was just waiting for her to slip up !! Granted the fact that she is 15 is a little odd …those pictures seem for the most part to be very tastefully done. The cyrus family made a big mistake in judgement but lets all just get over it!!!! Shes not sleeping around with a different guy every night …she doesnt do drugs or is caught drinking in clubs and as far as we know she doesnt have any sex tapes hanging around waititng to be released!!! So lets all take a deep breath and just leave her alone !!! There are soo many horrible things going on right now in this world and all AMERICANS can talk about is a 15 year old actress/singer who took some picture with a blanket !!!! Give me a break !! Maybe 10 -15 years ago this would have been horrible and scary for our young generation to be exposed to…but then came pARIS …lindsays and the wacky britneys …this is nothing in comparison and everyone shoudl just let this go.

  45. erin says – reply to this


    umm yeah if you actually watch the whole video and have any understanding of the english language… he actually is quite nice to her and thinks she just made a mistake.. idiots.

  46. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    Screw Miley! She is the next Britney! Stop wasting your time on her! Start looking at Demi Lavoto, or Selena Gomez. Or Kristen Stewart, she is starring in the next greatest franchise, TWILIGHT! Ignore the stars who are screwing themselves up and focus on the more level headed young stars who aren't a joke. =]]

  47. Nikki says – reply to this


    Bill O'Reilley is the antichrist. It's creepy that she's fifteen but O'Reilley always wants to blame everything on the liberals. Nobody cares what you believe, you should not be on the air anymore.

  48. abbey says – reply to this


    thank you, perez, for hating her too :)

  49. tatodamy says – reply to this


    Wait, so it's okay for you to call her slutty, etc. but then you post this….

  50. alllyp says – reply to this


    wtf the vanity fair picture is gorgeous and very tasteful, she is not flaunting anything but a bare back–we see a lot more than that on the red carpet. Her back is hunched which is a classis high fashion pose that is meant to be more of a work of art than what people are trying to make it out to be-a slutty picture. I think everyone has been waiting on the edge of their seats to nail goody goody miley cyrus and if this is all they could come up with im pretty sure her career is going to be fine.

  51. joooooomama says – reply to this


    fuckin slut
    she needs to get raped in the ass by a black guy
    fugly bitch
    go die
    miley gay

  52. Kyle of Kentfield says – reply to this


    Disney sure knows how to turn their sluts out…
    Next up for Miley… double penetration.

  53. claire says – reply to this


    "a bunch of older liberals, looking for whatever it is they're looking for"

  54. sarah says – reply to this


    um that wasnt attacking her! middle america needs to stop being so religious and look at the facts: PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DO THINGS THAT ARE CONSIDERED 'INAPPROPRIATE.' your kids are going to too! so let your kids watch hannah montana, let them read vanity fair, let them watch sex and the city at age 10! kids grow up FAST these days, and if you try to deprive them of the modern world, they will try to fight back even more. MILEY IS A GOOD EXAMPLE. AT LEAST SHE SAID SORRY.

  55. Gazzer says – reply to this


    First off,, O'Reilly didn't attack Miley..second of all Anne Liebovitz is a well kn ow Lesbian with about three liitle setups she does to all her subjects..there is never anything new with her photos. Do a google Image search and you will see..this is a standard Leibovitz pose..much like Victor Skrebneski in the 80's. She does this to bring attention to herself as a shooter. Sort of the SPEIDI of the photo world. Christ,, there are so many better photographers other than Leibovitz. Look up Ruven Afanador…He's amazing, Alberta Tiburzzi, Albert Watson and Nick Knight. All brilliant.The Photographer has the responsibility to guard their subject and treat them with respect. Leibovitz didn't do that at all Let's see what Annie could do with Rumer Willis…then we'll know if she's really any good.

  56. abbey [again] says – reply to this


    next up for miley whorus: PLAYBOY!!! but i won't even think it's gonna sell, LMAO :)

  57. MB says – reply to this


    I don't see what Bill O'Reilly did wrong there. Everyone is talking about this- why? I don't know- and he talked about it with a level head.

  58. Lauren (A) says – reply to this


    Did you even watch the video?
    He never attacked her..he even called her a "nice girl" at the end.
    Way to perpetuate your political bias, Perez.

  59. andrewjay says – reply to this


    WTF she's growin up. who the fuck cares. can we focus on more important things? shit and u kow her parents were okay with it. they were there. who the fuuuck cares. its not like shes showing her cooch or her boobs. she's growin up.

  60. Hank Schmankenlicker says – reply to this


    It was a good news report. I did not see, smell, or hear any fart sucking.

  61. Blaster says – reply to this


    They'll do anything to sell some mags even by getting a 15 year old girl naked and calling it art…..right!


  62. chuy says – reply to this


    The picture is innocent.

  63. janelle says – reply to this


    i really dont understand what all the drama is about , did a disney fan pick up a vanity fair magazine , do the kids often read vanity fair , or are the parents bringing it to thier attention as they read it. Is the publicity of deciding whether it was appropriate allowing the kids to take notice , of course only then. Honestly the pictures were very appropriate for VANITY FAIR and the market they target , she is growing up and has to transition the next market where she has to tackle the more mature teen.Women do mature faster than men and evenmore so to a teen with a full career during that period , we cannot expect them to be the same as the carpool teen , we should monitor our children being exposed to the right material and how they get exposed to it, now are the kids going to sneak peaks at VANITY FAIR BECAUSE WE MADE THEM AWARE ?

  64. x says – reply to this


    Yes, because god forbid she ends up like Brooke Shields or Jodie Foster!

  65. hater says – reply to this


    i think hes right!

  66. joan says – reply to this


    do you know what "attacking" means? did you even watch this clip? he is so not "sinking his fangs" into her. he's being actually rather more forgiving than usual.

  67. MickeyD says – reply to this


    You libral LOSERS! Your heartless is your not libral at 20 but your a retard if your not RIGHT by 30!

  68. asdfg says – reply to this


    bill o reilly is a stupid fag and needs to die already regardless of the fact that miley slut is retarded.

  69. James says – reply to this


    Typical old republican obsessed with sex! He has nothing else to talk about!!

  70. miley's grandfather says – reply to this


    lol can you say career suicide. Haha her parents have already turned to the idea of selling her body for porn and pedophiles realizing she has no talent or possible career after disney. Miley your a whore like your mother.

  71. Quinn says – reply to this


    Just what the world needs. Another Britney spears. It's only a matter of time, really. The media, hollywood and our oversexed cultural sewer will turn this girl into a vapid, raging slut in no time.

  72. ali r says – reply to this


    i heard a guest say this on the view today when asked about the miley incident:

    " i turn on the tv and see all the stuff about miley cyrus, and i think 'awesome, that's great! the war must be over,' ".

    i know perez isn't about the war, but it is funny how bill oreilly is covering..hannah montana??…

  73. Sarah says – reply to this


    leave a girl alone the picture isnt even that bad!!!!

  74. this is a stupid website, and we are stupid for reading it says – reply to this


    Re: geez

    I agree

    a 15 year old shouldn't be taking pictures like this, but O'Riley wasn't attacking

  75. LEAVE MILEY ALONE!!!! says – reply to this


    i like Miley, she seems like a sweet kid. Ok not the best thing taking not-so-skanky pics, they were ok, not great, but not a big deal, but kinda are because she's 15, and most of all, shes a fucking Disney star!!! there like super christian, super moral company, well not really moral cause its all about the benjamins, lets keep it real, but i dunno im just a little confused. im rambling. i should get some sleep.

  76. dan says – reply to this


    train wreck here come..luvs it

  77. Alan says – reply to this


    Keith Olbermann's 'Worst Person in the World' award should once again be given to Bill-O for trying to create a situation - just like all the other people at the Fox Noise Channel. Can't see why anyone would make anything out of this non-issue.

  78. kari says – reply to this


    Re: writer77 – so right…my 5 year old breathes miley…you have said it….she is talented, but when you are a disney star, don't bite the hand that feeds you….

  79. Miley Supporter says – reply to this


    I would venture to say that she is feeling a strong reality check from the whole world. Here we see people applauding her efforts for posing with VF Magazine, yet those who have watched her as a younger woman have a different feeling all together. I think it is safe to say that children and parents who have watched the Hannah Montana show are a little confused. As a man I of course look at her and say "Holly smokes she is soo beatiful, and ONLY 15". It is unfortunate though that we as a nation would applaud a young woman such as her for posing in a manner that truly would not be appropriate for all ages. From a christian point of view she should be a shining light and example amidst the constant breakdown of todays society. We are slowly descensitizing our children into thinking it is ok to have Miley viewed as a sex symbol because she is Physicaly Matured, and portrays a very smart character on her shows.

    She has not done anything too scandilous in my own opinion, yet she should recognize the bigger picture. She truly has a FIRM impact on over many of the girls in today's society. We are the future of America, and if we constantly allow and JUSTIFY actions such as these then we will see an even greater breakdown of the fabric in our society. THis affects more than just a few people, and her parents deserve to share some accountabilty.

  80. eech says – reply to this


    This is STUPID!!!
    She did nothing wrong. The media is just looking for a story. they wanna do to her what they did to Britney. Because it it is FUN. But it is not right to do that to a person. Britney is the perfect example.

  81. Jen says – reply to this


    Wow, for once I agree with BILL OREILLY!
    Listen, if that were MY 15 LITTLE SISTER and she was in a picture with nothing but a sheet covering only her front side, I would FLIP. Why is it that because Miley is famous she can get away with this in some people's eyes? I think its disgusting and her parents have serious problems, especially that creepy dad of hers.

  82. kristyn chicago says – reply to this



    nasty teeth

  83. Stanton Assassin says – reply to this


    And under that table he was hard.

  84. lilya says – reply to this


    He wasn't really attacking her he was kinda just talking with 2 other people about what was going on???right?

  85. brez says – reply to this


    Poor Miley, they speak of her like she is a brand. She is a young girl.

  86. lucy c says – reply to this


    a) bill o'reilly molests children in his free time
    b( is miley cyrus' photo shoot in Vanity Fair actually being discussed on the "news" instead of the actuaL important events that are happening in the world?
    c) who even cares, none of her little tween fans are even going to see that photo shoot. i didnt begin reading vanity fair until i was like 18.

  87. Jessica says – reply to this


    I hate Miley Cyrus for making me say what I'm about to say!!!! I agree with Bill O Riley!!

  88. SIZZLE says – reply to this


    FUCK its not a big deal. my goodness leave her alone. perez i love you but seriously? she showed a shoulder and back!

  89. Mimmi says – reply to this


    I hate to say this but I think Bill O'Riley was right on about this. Those pictures are not for a 15 year old or her fan base. The one with her and her dad are way too seductive looking for my taste. Vanity Fair is not a child magazine. She should look towards the future in the future. Sad, but she obviously screwed up.

  90. I Love Bill O'Reilly says – reply to this


    Seriously Perez….you just made a big deal for the last day about Miley's photos and now because O'Reilly was saying he disapproves of it, you're sticking up for her? Quit being so bias just because you're a liberal and you hate fox news and O'Reilly because he's republican. Just stick to the facts..no one cares about your political opinions. I really like your website but it's just getting annoying and old to read your opinions about anything political

  91. budx says – reply to this


    this is the 3rd time in the last week he's talked about these and the other pics. seems to me he has the hots for her, the pervert!

  92. Shannon says – reply to this


    Argh!! First, "Maddison" below called B. O Riley a liberal…FOR SHAME, DUMBASS!! He is NOT a liberal…he is the anti-liberal, and a piece of shit in general, but a CONSERVATIVE on paper. Second, MIley Cyrus is 15. Obviously, she doesn't have a clue, but anyone that thinks that he/she knew any better at 15 (or had even 2% of the kickass opportunities she is able to experience, namely being courted by Vanity Fair and WORLD FAMOUS photogs.) should give themselves a cookie for being the most mature and levelheaded 15 year old EVER. She has good intentions and a shitload of determination…stop hating.

  93. DANAE says – reply to this


    she looks so uggs in the photo


    it's just her back!! it's not like she's flashing her 15 year old boobs or anything

  94. Perez you should have watched this first says – reply to this


    He was actually not very hard on her at all, which really scares me because it shows either a) maturity, or b) shrewdness, in that he knows how bad it looks for an adult male to publicly attack a teenage girl. You, on the other hand, are the one that posted a picture of her with the heading "Slut, slut, slut" across the top…or was that one of your other personalities? Dammit I want to like you and you just won't let me. I really like this vid because they talked about her decisions of late from a business angle, and I think what the bleached blond talking head on the right said was true, she is looking to extend her fan base past Disney now that she isn't going to be copping the "I'ma stay a vurjun til ahm married" b.s. for much longer, they all slide out of that lie right about the time they've been with their first boyfriend a while. You really need to quit trashing her so bad though, it just makes you look so tacky.

  95. jenbunny says – reply to this


    i must admit, o'reilly's right about her! looks like next harvest will be even better!

  96. nikki says – reply to this


    she sucks and that's the life. too bad ha ha

  97. huh? says – reply to this


    Re: Bebo – that is sooooooooooo not the fault of Brooke Shields.

    Look at the god-fearing polygamist cult out in Texas, all those teenaged girls are raising their kids. Bettah?

  98. erica says – reply to this


    I agree this little girl needs to put some clothes on and keep them on, she needs to go play barbies, no one wants to see a little baby trying to be sexy, well the only person who would want to see her posing "sexy" is a fat old perv. k thanks bye.

  99. Dubya Jones says – reply to this


    First of all, isn't it kinda ironic for a flaming homosexual to call someone else a "fartsucker" as an insult???

    But anyway, for those of you who care, Annie Leibovitz is in fact a communist lesbian Jewess. Don't believe me? Just google the cunt's name, and follow the links.

    She's a communist.

    She's a lesbian.

    And she's a Jewess.

    Does anyone else think it's strange that an elderly LESBIAN would push an underage girl to pose topless for her?

    Imagine if it was a heterosexual man who was taking the photographs. Say, a conservative, Christian heterosexual White man, who was a registered Republican and had endorsed McCain. If you don't think the mainstream media would be in full-throated lynch-mob mode, then you just aren't fucking paying attention.

  100. jenbunny says – reply to this


    here's a question: is perez a pinhead or a patriot?

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