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Attacking Miley

| Filed under: Miley Cyrus

Fox News fartsucker Bill O'Reilley sunk his fangs into Miley Cyrus on Monday night.

Click here to watch what he had to say about the Disney star!

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349 comments to “Attacking Miley”

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  1. oogabooga says – reply to this


    Damn, people get so mad at O'Reilly just for telling the truth.

  2. dianome says – reply to this


    Hey, didn't YOU call her a slut yesterday? You are on the same page as O-reilly, aren't you? You can't call her names one day and then be all righteous then next when someone you despise calls her basically the same thing.

  3. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: Cathy – "He didn't chastise her too badly. Miley Cyrus is a typical 15yr old girl. She wants to be seen as a grown woman, which of course she isn't yet. This is not a huge deal and it will blow over as long as she doesn't keep going with these type of photo shoots. I think the person who should be held responsible is Annie Lebovitz who should know better than to put Mileys' ass on the line by taking those type of pictures in the first place. "

    No way would I sexually roll all over my Dad at 15. No way would I lay my head on his private area ! And no way would my parents have subjected me to this type of child abuse called EXPLOITATION. It is totally Miley's parens fault.
    My daughters will no longer be watching this little Britney in the making little girl.
    Bye bye Miley. Can't wait to read that you are pregnant !

  4. Katy says – reply to this


    He didn't "sink his fangs" into her…he said she's a nice girl who made a mistake.

  5. rochelle says – reply to this


    The picture wasn't even that big of a deal … it's just meant to be artistically raw. The girl without the glam. The only reason it seems like a big deal, is because those internet photos WERE trashy and kind of slutty, so now anything where Miley is even remotely un-Disney-like is going to smack of over exposure and obscene teen sexual exploitation. If you take each photo in it's own context none of them definitively add up to anything of consequence.

  6. rochelle says – reply to this


    Plus, you cannot examine any individual by any one given facet. If you know the person, and add the photos to your preset ideology of who she is as opposed to USING the photos to SET your ideology of her whole person you would come up with a very different perspective on these photos.
    PLUS, will children READ Vanity Fair??? No. So what's the big deal?
    I have a six year old, and because I am doing my job, she still sees Hannah Montana as a beautiful, fun, quirky, talented, Christian girl with a positive message to send … and you know what, I still see her as that as well.

  7. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Bill shouldn't cover stories like this but yet I always find him reasonable and logical. People should listen to him more.

  8. Ro says – reply to this


    You people are all just so retarded…how is she being a slut. She's being a teenager. You all took a cute pic of urself at one point in ur lives and you know it. You can't just be saying that all of a sudden cuz she's on tv. But common what has she done that makes her a slut…that you have never done?

  9. missy b says – reply to this


    just want to point out to all of you complaining that BIll is another republican blah blah blah…he is actually registered as an independent. so nice try with the republican hating bandwagon, but u are a little off with this one.

  10. Dane says – reply to this


    Blame her sorry excuse of parents for this…. She is a child and her parents should have had a final say in any pics for release………………parents need to parent their kids, anything for the almighty dollar………

  11. Jack Georges says – reply to this


    How is her attacking her? He's just analyzing the impact of her decision and actually feels sorry for her. Quit being a biased shithead.

  12. elyse says – reply to this


    he's an idiot!

  13. ABsy says – reply to this



  14. Nikki says – reply to this


    The girl has no class.
    Perez, I have to say you're really looking great!

  15. Bri says – reply to this


    I do not Bill O'Reilly but I have to say I agree withhim. Also, is Miley really anything without Disney? I think her fame will die out soon enough, like most tween queens. Her target audience will grow up and move on like most of us did when we were teens. I think the pictures should not have been taken. If she wants to hold onto her target audience as long as possible, this was not the thing to do. She can market towards older teens or beyond, but it isn't going to work, Miley is too associated with the "tween" image that she is now fucking up!

  16. Sammy says – reply to this


    I hate that girl she's so lame . . . and yea it does matter that she's being a slut even tho 12 year old on myspace are sometimes sluttier because those girls don't have a million dollar contract with Disney and million 8 year old fans. TRUST if miley had shown her slutty side befor she got hannah montana she wouldn't be famous now some other celeb spawn or sweet hilary clone would be hanna montana and have a million fans and millions of bucks. MILEY is LINDSAY LOHAN just starting way younger and she's gonna be a has been starting 3 months ago . . . and that sucks for her cuz she could of gone on for a definate 5 more years disney will keep you as long as you look young and fresh, miley is looking hagard at 15 and slutty. she's no dakota fanning . . . . but you know what I"M SO GLAD SHE FUCING HER CAREER UP NOW CUZ I HATE THE HANNAH SHIT AND HER SHIT TOO>…. hahaha

  17. Sheila says – reply to this


    who honestly cares?? It just a photo shoot the worlds taking it way to serious… she looks hott, everyones just jealouse.

  18. katie says – reply to this



  19. Gracie says – reply to this


    Perez, did you even watch that clip? He didn't "attack" Miley…

  20. jenisa says – reply to this


    Re: naty547 – I complelty agree with you!

  21. Phil says – reply to this


    Annie Liebovitz’ underlying political motive was to sexualize a Christian child and destroy Miley’s value as a cultural icon for gentiles. Liebovitz was the longtime lesbian lover of the late Susan (Rosenblatt) Sontag. Sontaq once described white gentiles as “the cancer of human history,” then apologized for insensitivity toward cancer victims. Liebovitz is all about promoting anti-gentile hatred and pedophilia, the latter as a backdoor approach toward normalizing homosexual pedophilia within the larger society. Money is very much secondary to her ethnic and political goals. The photography session with Miley and Billy Ray was manna from heaven for this woman. Unfortunately, politically immature Christian parents are easily duped or go along with the manipulation for monetary reasons. They are duped because an awareness of the ethnic motivation and cause behind so much of what is wrong with society is treated as a sin by the mainline Judeo-Christian heresy. I sincerely hope that Billy Ray wakes up and finds a way to get a handle on all this. Next up: After Miley’s reduction to a capricious Lolita comes industry pressure to promote interracial sex. It is all, so very predictable.

  22. Kate says – reply to this


    I like how you say "sunk his fangs" in to miley Cyrus, when you perez, are the one reffering to her as "Slutty cyrus" and criticizing her MORE than Bill O'Reilley.

  23. Jennifer says – reply to this


    couldn't agree more with my favorite Fox News icon Bill O'Reilley!! Love Bill!!!

  24. Tiana says – reply to this


    First of all… Miley CAN NOT sing!!!
    and she shouldnt be doing topless photo shoots anyway shes 15

  25. Pearl says – reply to this


    This future whore/train wreck is getting so much attention people are forgetting our fucking gas is going up every day!!!

  26. aww says – reply to this


    Anyone condoning this is probably some pedophile. That includes sick psychotic women!!

  27. stephanie says – reply to this


    Haha he is ony saying the truth! I can't believe how much the girl has changed from when the series started up until now. My cousin lets his six year old little girl watch her and I never have been able to believe it. You can tell from the pouty looks she always give that this girl is going to over sexed as BS was!!

  28. aly says – reply to this


    I fail to see how O'Reilly was "attacking" or "sinking his teeth into" Miley Cyrus. His point was that middle America MIGHT have a problem with seeing a 15 year old as a sex symbol and that they MIGHT not want their kids looking up to that. He's also got a valid point in that Vanity Fair's audience doesn't fall into the Hannah Montana obsessed crowd. Look, O'Reilly even said he likes Miley Cyrus… I've seen O'Reilly go after people and this was DEFINITELY not it.

    Perez, I love you but you're wrong on this one.

  29. ali says – reply to this


    im not mileys number one fan, but this is ridiculous. first of all, the picture isnt even provacative. the media these days will do ANYTHING to cause drama and im soooo tired of it. perez, i love you, but leave the girl alone! stop talking about her and calling her a slut for taking one picture. she even apologized for it. ENOUGH ALREADY!

  30. taylor says – reply to this


    this is stupid. okay miley shouldnt of done this but she did. she said sorry its over and done. plenty of teens make worse decisions then mileys but just because she is famous means its a huge deal. give the girl a break im sure she has had enough critisism just from this picture to last her a lifetime. jeez

  31. Kat says – reply to this


    Whatever he was definitely not attacking Miley Cyrus

  32. taylor says – reply to this


    i dont see how this is "slutty" its her back that shes showing.. its not a big deal…she is 15. but lots of other people on myspace or facebook who are 15 show wayyyy more revealing things other than their back!!

    give her a break!!

  33. bill lvr says – reply to this


    it's O'reilly not O'reilley

  34. Anna says – reply to this


    It's really blown out of proportion…come on, the girl is 15, not 12. There are a lot of girls that age that already have children themselves. Compared to that, what Miley Cyrus did is nothing, really. She didn't get drunk, she didn't get high, she didn't make a sex tape. She had a picture taken that doesn't even show anything.

  35. Jess says – reply to this


    Alright, dont yell at us republicans. you democrats are the idiots!!!
    Miley is a great christian girl,as am i. and i love her! So stop!!!!!! who cares, she showed her back, not a big deal! so if all you guys hate her so much then why are u even on stupid perez-hilton. com and why are u searching under the Miley Cyrus section.

  36. Kathy says – reply to this


    I love Bill O'Reilly-uses common sense and I watch him faithfully. I just don't understand why people would have such a problem with what he said, especially when on this website Miley is refered to as "slutty cyrus" Please….

  37. Aileen says – reply to this


    FARTSUCKER!!!!! THIS IS ONE THING I APPROVE!!!! U GO TMS.. ( fer a change :-)

  38. lilli says – reply to this


    you americans are so stupid! got nothing better to do? you're killing children everyday in irak and other countries, but no word about this! i think, there's just no place for brain in your heads!!!!

  39. child advocate says – reply to this


    Anyone with a 1/2 a brain knows that child molestation is becoming an epidemic. This should never be allowed! This grown woman {A.L.} is so damned ugly, she can't get a lay, so she pimps out this 15 year old. So sick. I want to puke. She should have gotten a grown woman. Why didn't she? America is going to hell in a handbasket. Had this been a straight male photog, you would all want his balls on a plate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. child advocate says – reply to this


    I have news for you. Playboy has women pose like this. The photo is provocative and meant to be seductive. Playboy doesn't show it ALL, but the poses are subtle and seductive. This picture IS sexual!

  41. jules says – reply to this



    i hate her. she cant sing for shit. screw her.

  42. jenna says – reply to this


    she needs to stop. now. before it gets worse.

  43. kathrine says – reply to this


    i dont thik that shes a sex slav mileys stol cool im her bigest fan

  44. Lacey says – reply to this


    the pics dont show anything!!!
    the reason britney spears is so screwed up is cuz of all of you guys critizsing her
    miley isnt my fave person but you guys are LOW

  45. Ashleigh says – reply to this


    Miley is not a slut! She took some photos I mean most people her age have worse!!! I mean she is still only 15 and is still gonna make mistakes. She isnt like showing anything really. It would be diffrent if she was topless but wow she showed a little bit of her bra and stomach… big deal!!! I mean when you were 15 or around there you didnt take photos you dont regret? So just leave her alone.

  46. tartuffe says – reply to this


    And how many times did YOU call her a slut?

  47. ~~ says – reply to this


    Conservative douche.

  48. natalie says – reply to this


    wow her back… thats not even that bad at all in my opinion i dont think she went in that photoshoot intending to be a slut but people just mis judged her

  49. ariela says – reply to this


    i dont think we should call her a slut or anything like that, shes a kid and the ones who need to deal with her is her parents, i have a little sister and i would hate to think that girls are calling each other sluts and whores

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