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The Return Of Gandalf

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Sir Ian McKellen has confirmed that he will be portraying Gandfalf in the new feature film adaptations of JRR Tolkein's The Hobbit.

There are two movies being planned.

The first will be released in 2010 and then the next in 2011.

The movies will be prequels to the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

McKellen stated, "Yes, it's true. It's not a part that you turn down. I loved playing Gandalf."

He adds, "As to how it's going to work over two films and what going to happen on screen, well Guillermo [the director] has not got down to working out the major details yet - I can tell you it's going to be amazing though."

The first movie is set to be the adaptation of The Hobbit. The second will be an original story which will focus on the 60 years between the book and the beginning of Lord of the Rings trilogy.

A new story?????

What do the diehard Tolkien fans think about THAT?????

[Image via WENN.]

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104 comments to “The Return Of Gandalf”

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  1. hannah says – reply to this


    crazy am i first… i love when people do that, why do i care?

  2. iansmom says – reply to this



    I hope the new movie will be the story of the Children of Huron.

    What a killer book, even if it was adapted by Christopher Tolkien!

  3. lola says – reply to this



  4. lala says – reply to this



  5. cara says – reply to this



  6. lola says – reply to this


    Ive never been into all that sci-fi stuff…
    but he is a good actor so it shud be good!!!

  7. Julie says – reply to this



  8. fs says – reply to this


    I couldn't sit through the first 20 hours of this movie!!!

  9. stutteringsara says – reply to this


    I thought that was the crazy austrian dude lol

  10. ME says – reply to this



  11. Tina says – reply to this


    Fabulous! Tolkien always wanted the story of middle-earth to expand. I think he would be delighted, and the choice of Director is superb.

  12. devon says – reply to this


    first ;D

  13. s says – reply to this


    who are the children of Huron?

  14. Sped says – reply to this


    first@! suck it

  15. JEssiPooh says – reply to this


    I love it =) as long as its not tacky … hola perezito i lov ju!

  16. eggsbenedict says – reply to this


    fuck a new story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Sara says – reply to this


    thats some straight up bullshit

  18. ALLIE says – reply to this



  19. brittneyyy says – reply to this



  20. mia says – reply to this



  21. Courtney says – reply to this


    Both films will most likely suck.

  22. eggsbendict says – reply to this


    fuck a new story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how lame

  23. PRECIOUSBXLADY says – reply to this



  24. WWTD? says – reply to this


    a new story? who wrote it? what's it about? I hope it's work done by Tolkien's son or a really great story that stays true to the rest of Middle Earth or else these film makers are about to KILL the series!

  25. 2 DUMMY says – reply to this



  26. Prettythang says – reply to this


    hmm…a new one? not so much…

  27. MEEEEE says – reply to this


    Who is he!!!??

  28. amd says – reply to this


    omg!!! so excited for these, i was however bummed when i found out last year that peter jackson would not be directing due to finanical issues, i.e he didn't get paid right from LOTR. i love love love Ian as gandalf. i just hope the "new" story isn't crap, or yeah we'll be pissed!

  29. welll... says – reply to this


    its not a new story……it's the book…….who doesn't know that…?

  30. andi says – reply to this


    happy about one…
    we'll see about the other!

  31. AJ says – reply to this


    "Ive never been into all that sci-fi stuff…
    but he is a good actor so it shud be good!!!"

    um…it's fantasy sweetie. And it's not a new story perez. It's just using stuff that JRRT wrote. He has essay upon essay upon essay of background information on all the characters thats what the "new" story will come from…

  32. Shelby says – reply to this


    i'm kind of scared about the second movie, but i'm excited ian is back as Gandalf!
    i wish that peter was still directing it though…

  33. iansmom says – reply to this


    Children of Huron is the book Christopher Tolkien published that condensed his father's Unfinished Tales.

    It takes place about 3000 years before the Lord of the Rings stories

  34. NonCYBoY says – reply to this


    He has just GOT to play the Austrian weirdo who kept his daughter locked up for 20 years and had 4 kids with her!

  35. MysticGem says – reply to this


    OMG I cannot wait for these movies to come out! Finally, a movie worth looking forward to. LOTR was the best trilogy EVER! I love Ian. He's awesome. No one could have played Gandalf better than him. I'm so excited!

  36. kraftlikecheese says – reply to this


    J.R.R. Tolkien created a whole world around Lord OF the Rings. A world explained from day one to the very last day. To put it in perspective, the LOTR trilogy is only about 100 pages of this book. So yeah there is actually a written account of that happened between The Hobbit and LOTR. Writers for the movie just have to translate it to screen.

  37. diehard Tolkein fan says – reply to this


    NO NO NO! There is no story written between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. I can't imagine what kind of horrible story they will write to try and pander to modern movie-going tastes… the hobbits have a love triangle where Bilbo is in love with a fast girl while the nice girl is in love with him?? The dwarves start an utopian society with free love and polygamy, and then get busted by the Lake-town FBI?? The elves of Mirkwood go on a slashing spree and mutilate all the people in Lake-town and one of the dwarves realizes that he is "the One" named in a prophesy who will save them all??? Oh, GODS no!

  38. erika says – reply to this


    the "new story" it is based on the manuscripts JRR Tolkien had when he passed that his son put together and published. so it should stay true to what Tolkien had in mind.

  39. bbb says – reply to this


    good director. and hopefully some more beautiful men in Hobbit. I agree, as much as I am worried about how the 'original' will turn out, I think to perpetuate and keep the idea of Middle Earth alive would be approved by Tolkien. Long live the imagination and books being read!! Reading is the key folks. Less TV- more books. :)

  40. Em says – reply to this


    Die hard fan right here! And the answer is pissed. Tolkien spent a lifetime creating so many fascets of this world. It is wonderful as is.

  41. mar says – reply to this


    hey perez
    what do you think of miley cyrus drinking red bull pics?
    going down to lindsay's path?

    pd. i think that guillermo would be an excelent director, but it kind of crazy trying to invent a movie
    will it be just for the money?

    luv you perez=*

  42. michelle says – reply to this


    don't like. there should be no new story

  43. lo says – reply to this


    they better make it good, im sure they will…i wasnt a big fan of that extra movie though.

    but yay normal gandalf!

  44. GlynnisO says – reply to this


    YES I CANNOT WAIT. I wonder who's gonna play Thranduil? I wonder if they're taking the part between the Hobbit and LotR from some of the brief but thorough parts of the Silmarillion.

    Chris Tolkien might not be happy about the "original" story…

  45. yoyoma says – reply to this


    "sir ian, sir ian, sir ian, sir ian, 'Action', 'WIZARRRD, YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!', CUT, sir ian, sir ian, sir ian…"

  46. Lauren says – reply to this


    Re: lola
    Straight up dumbass. It's not sci-fi, lmao.

  47. Wim from Belgium says – reply to this


    It's not Sci-Fi! It's Fantasy! Can't remember reading about a spaceship in the Rings…
    P.S. It's Gaydalf btw

  48. &hearts says – reply to this


    sir ian rox my sox!!!!!

  49. BMW (initials not car i drive) says – reply to this


    Gandalf rules!

  50. Me says – reply to this


    the new director will work together with peter, fran and philippa. almost all of the producers and behind-the-curtain-people will be on board. im so excited =). the family is back again!

  51. diehard Tolkein fan says – reply to this


    Re: yoyoma

    LOL I'd forgotten about that! That was AWESOME!!

  52. Salamndstron says – reply to this


    I really hope they stay true to the book.

    Find me on http://starvsstar.com/gossipandgames/timekillers.php

  53. sophie says – reply to this


    What is Perez talking about, "a new story"? The Hobbit is far from a new story. He really is off his game today. Any Tolkien fan knows that The Hobbit is part of the Middle Earth stories; ie. it's the adventures of Bilbo Baggins before the trilogy.

    Besides, anything is better than that crap The Hobbit, the animated version, way back when.

  54. Linz says – reply to this



  55. allie says – reply to this


    There's plenty of Tolkien material to construct a "new" story. As a diehard Tolkien fan, I'm definitely ok with this. And I absolutely adore Sir Ian. He's an amazing actor and the only one who can play Gandalf. If you love him as much as I do, check out Gods and Monsters and his version of Richard III. Awesome!

  56. Norge says – reply to this


    Fantastic!!!! :D

  57. la gata mas linda says – reply to this


    I am so fucking excited….I can't wait.

  58. blaze says – reply to this


    i'm a big tolkien fan and i'm excited to see what the original story will be…. but i have the feeling a lot of fans are totally gonna freak out. but yay gandalf!

  59. Kaity says – reply to this


    As a tolkienite, I have to say I would be thrilled to see a new story. Children of Huron would be nice, but I think they're planning a whole new story. That's okay too.

  60. oh noes! says – reply to this



    guillermo del toro and ian mckellan are awesome

    BUT you can't just go around making up things that tolkien didn't write!!

    today is a sad sad day

  61. Shelty says – reply to this


    It's the Children of Hurin, by the way, not the Children of Huron. Huron is one of the Great Lakes in the U.S.

    And the story for the second movie won't be "original." The appendices to the LotR books detail what happened in the 60 years between the finding of the Ring and the War of the Ring. It'll just be a matter of picking one or two things and going with them, or trying to condense it all into one movie. Good luck there.

    As a die-hard Tolkien fan, well… I'm wary of this second movie. Tolkien's works are all wonderful, but I'm worried that this is just an attempt to exploit the LotR and Hobbit hype and make more money, not be true to what Tolkien wrote.

  62. Hannah Ramos says – reply to this


    Tolkien lives on ! I think it's great that they're making "The Hobbit" into a movie. It's a good story… but it can't compare to the "Lord of the Rings" book…which is like.. my favorite book.. ever… duh.

    Who's playing Bilbo Baggins ?

  63. Hannah Ramos says – reply to this


    i have a copy of "Children of Hurin"… but i never got around to finishing it.

    I'm a huge fan of The original Tolkien .

  64. the King slapped the Queen says – reply to this


    Practically you got everything written in unfinished tales, appendicies of other books and all so YES they have the material for another story after the hobbit which IS ORIGINAL TOLKIEN MATERIAL! YEEEYYYYY!!!!!!

  65. Mary says – reply to this


    LOVE IT!!!!! Now if only Peter Jackson were directing….

  66. Josh says – reply to this


    Its not a new story Tokien has a wealth of material not published and it is known what he wrote to happen inbetween the two books. Research Perez Jeez.

  67. isilinde says – reply to this


    Actually, It's 'The Children of Hurin', not "Huron". That's a rather large lake in north america.

    And, to be precise, there is a wealth of material about the events that took place between The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings. It's called 'The Tale of Years' and is actually just a list of events matched with dates. Arwen and Aragorn's first and second meetings in Rivendell and Lothlorien, respectively. (I wonder if Cate Blanchett will reprise her role as Galadriel, who is actually Arwen's grandmother…)

    Aragorn and Gandalf meeting and becoming friends. Aragorn and Gandalf tracking Gollum all the way to the borders of Mordor.

    Aragorn serving Theoden's father (the king of Rohan) while going by the alias "Thorongil". He didn't want to reveal his true identity at that point in time because he knew that Sauron would seek him out.

    There's a lot more. But I can't think of it at the moment, and I have a sleeping kitty in my lap and don't feel like getting my copy of LotR out and looking through the Tale of Years.

  68. bammm says – reply to this


    It's safe to say it ISN'T the Children of Húrin…
    -1.) The Children of Hurin takes place thousands of years before The Lord of The Rings, let alone The Hobbit. (The Hobbit & The Lord of The Rings take place in the Third Age, where as The Children of Húrin takes place in the Elder Days, or the First Age)
    -2.) There are probably essays in the possession of his son, Christopher, that could give a small storyline for the second, bridging film.
    -3.) In the Lord of The Rings Appendices, there is a timeline of the events from Bilbo finding the Ring and to where the Unexpected Party (the party scene in Hobbiton), ranging from births and even the whereabouts of Gollum/Smeagol.
    -4.) I have a feeling if they DID create a new, random story… the Tolkien diehards, like myself, would be pretty damned bitter.


  69. Isilinde says – reply to this


    Oh, and The Children of Hurin is NOT a condensed version of Unfinished Tales. Rather, it's an expansion of a story that originally appeared in The Silmarillion: 'Of Turin Turambar'. Later, that same story was expanded into 'Of the Children of Hurin' in Unfinished Tales and is has now been expanded YET AGAIN by Christopher Tolkien and published as a stand-alone story called 'Narn i Chin Hurin' while translates to 'The Children of Hurin'.

  70. Milo says – reply to this


    Not a new story, just a different story than the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Hobbit was the first of the Tolkein stories.

  71. Caroline says – reply to this


    I'd love to see the first movie, but who cares about a new one?

  72. jennif says – reply to this


    i'm both happy and pissed. happy the movies are being made, pissed i have to wait so long to see them. i'd bet money they'll be as good as the trilogy though, so it will be worth the wait! i hope all the originals are back as needed, substitutes will not do!

  73. Lauren says – reply to this


    No way…an original story will bomb. I can't wait for the Hobbit but still. No new one.

  74. Joel says – reply to this


    A new story? Oh shiiiit. We'll have to see how that turns out…

  75. Joel says – reply to this


    Where the fuck is PETER JACKSON?!?

  76. Allyson C. says – reply to this


    OMG! This obsessive Tolkien fan just started screeching and flailing around. I LOVE IAN MCKELLEN!!! He is definitely my all time favorite actor.

  77. ezra says – reply to this


    oh please no orginal story… just break the hobbit in 2… but NO ORIGINAL STORY! wtf is it going to be about?! Frodo's advertures in the Shire?!

  78. dani says – reply to this


    "Portraying Gandalf" haha 'extras' rules!

  79. explodinplastic says – reply to this


    spelled gandalf wrongly

  80. bevin says – reply to this


    hell no! dont make up new story

  81. Marilyn says – reply to this


    THE FUCK? That part about original storyline between "Hobbit" and "Rings" had better be confused misinformation. I will be PISSED.

  82. Fiona says – reply to this


    The "infill" or "original story" is probably a "film expresisve" of the time between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings written in The Silmarillion which expanses the entire story…but not so detailed as the books that most people know.

  83. GUILLERMO says – reply to this


    Del Torro WILL ruin this film!

    Mark my words, fags!

  84. shala says – reply to this


    hey courtney, you're clearly a moron.
    i'm betting it's not an original story, there is a lot more tolkien stuff that people are not familiar with.
    and courtney, you are a fucking idiot…in case you missed it the first time. tolkien was a genius. try reading a book sometime shithead.

  85. shala says – reply to this


    Re: Courtney – hey courtney, you're clearly a moron.
    i'm betting it's not an original story, there is a lot more tolkien stuff that people are not familiar with.
    and courtney, you are a fucking idiot…in case you missed it the first time. tolkien was a genius. try reading a book sometime shithead.

  86. Kristin says – reply to this



    …and I liked Guillermo del Toro…

  87. Kelli says – reply to this


    Is it just me, or does he look a little bit like an older version of tom hanks in this picture!?

  88. Kelly says – reply to this


    they are making new stories?
    tolkien fans are gonna blow their shit!

  89. Michelle Renee C says – reply to this


    90th!!! I really hopes he lives long enough to complete both films…LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!

  90. Kate says – reply to this


    I bet the new story not written by J.R.R. will not be as good. BTW #6 Lola, um…get it straight. It is not sci-fi, it's fantasy with a good scholarly amount of history and linguistics added in.

  91. Hank Schmankenlicker says – reply to this


    The second movie is probably going to suck ass.

  92. Tolkien Fan says – reply to this


    A new story?! WTF? Doesn't Hollywood KNOW already to not mess up a good thing by just making crap up?? LotR was the only real trilogy to stay true to the books. No wonder Peter Jackson isn't directing it, he'd never pull this shit.

  93. als says – reply to this


    why aren't they doing the silmarillion and why is this guillermo guy doing it?!

  94. jojojojojo says – reply to this


    WTF? Does that mean that Peter Jackson will NOT be involved in the prequels? Without Jackson, they've got nothing- the man is a genius and Guillermo would not be able to capture the stories in the way Jackson did- it will be a VERY poor imitation.

  95. jen says – reply to this


    me and ian don't speak anymore, lol. nah he was rude to me and my friends when we saw him in a pub in stratford-upon-avon (thats in england, where old bill shakespeare was born)

  96. tome says – reply to this


    another queer

  97. Heather says – reply to this


    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. stela says – reply to this


    nah, don't worry. must be some adapted tale from the silmarillion.

  99. kissy says – reply to this


    happy happy joy joy

  100. :-) says – reply to this


    That's disgusting!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW

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