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When you're dad is a perv, it just kinda runs in the family!

According to reports, a 22-year old woman has been having "inappropriate sexual relations" with Billy Bob Thornton's son, Willie.

He's 14!!!!

The woman's ex-boyfriend apparently became jealous and then called the LAPD, informing them his former lady was having sex with a minor.

As y'all know, it's illegal for an adult to have sex with anyone under 18, even if consensual.

Sources say the Thorntons have been cooperating with the LAPD sex crimes unit's investigations.

What was that ho thinking???

We're sure her family is very proud!

[Image via WENN.]

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116 comments to “Wrong!”

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  1. jenni says – reply to this


    it is not necessarily illegal for an adult to have sex with someone under 18. the age of consent, which varies from state to state, is different than age of majority. it is as young as 14 in many states.

  2. quebee says – reply to this


    Nice weave dude

  3. So if he's a "perv" ... says – reply to this


    … what does that make your saint mangalina, his former wife?

  4. Snickers says – reply to this


    Old stepmomma Agnelina must have messed around with Willie's willy before she dumped hs dad's ass and left with Willie's little brother Maddox. Correct me if I am wrong but up until last year wasn't Billy Bob technically Maddox's adoptive father since they were still married at the time???? FREAKS!

  5. Angel, J.D. says – reply to this


    Sorry Perez… It's not illegal for an adult to have sexual relations with a consenting 16 year old in the great state of Pennsylvania… and lots of other states have laws of consent lower than 18! …But 14 is a no-go

  6. sarah says – reply to this


    He is 14. He is not a whore. He is a victim. Show some class. You shouldn't even be identifying him.

  7. jen says – reply to this


    Um…I know him and that is such shit…willie did that himself. They were going out and he wanted it…why's all the fault going on her?

  8. jujubean says – reply to this


    Its all fucking bullshit…I know willie and he liked "the girl" and wanted the sex…why is she getting all the blame?

  9. Conny says – reply to this


    You are calling the child a perv? He was molested, jerk. And you are blamimg the victim. Shame on you.

    And it your, not you're. If you're nor able to spell yourself, at least do a spellcheck in any way.

  10. lgklldkgj says – reply to this


    fuck you perez
    this isnt your fucking business first of all

    i know both willie and the girl
    and all of you who are commenting
    fuck off
    id delete this if i were you, you bitch

  11. Michelle Renee C says – reply to this


    Re: lgklldkgj

    fuck you too…you know them, great…an accesory to a crime..Be proud, you fucking idiot..

  12. Max says – reply to this


    Re: jujubean
    I understand what you're saying — he was attracted to her and he wanted to have sex with her. It's her responsiblity as an adult to back off in that situation. Lots of teenagers have sex 'early', but there is an emotional/power element here that is more subtle and significant than it might seem, and that's why Willie is protected by law.

  13. TheDOgg says – reply to this


    Man, regardless of BBT being a freak, it is unethical and illegal to publish the name of a minor in a sex case! Shame on everyone running this story! He's a kid for fuck sake!

  14. em says – reply to this


    this is violating his son's rights. as a minor he has a right to privacy as a victim of sexual assault. PEREZ - DELETE THIS POST

  15. what the hell???? says – reply to this


    why has this been on for 2 days, where is the new info?
    What happened?

  16. Tania says – reply to this


    You're calling a 14 year old boy a perv? WTF? The perv here is the nasty-ass, skanky bitch who's messing with him! I don't care HOW willing the boy was, and I'm sure he was … it is child molestation and statutory rape! If this situation were reversed (22 year old man, 14 year old girl), you can bet that the man would be in prison for a few years! This is sick and happens way too much these days! I can understand the older woman/younger man thing as I've had a few in my day. But at least make sure the guy's legal for crying out loud! Think before you act!

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