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Not That Bad!!!!!

| Filed under: AnglophiliaAgyness Deyn

Remember when we told you that our beloved Agyness Deyn was going to be collaborating on a song with some New York hipsters???

Well, it's out, with a video to boot, and it's not embarrassing at all!

In fact, we actually like it!

Aggy sounds a little Kate Bush-y, which we LOVE.

Click here to check out the song and the vid!

What do U think?????

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245 comments to “Not That Bad!!!!!”

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  1. canuckfuck says – reply to this


    She looks and sounds like she just stepped out of 1986.

  2. caroaber says – reply to this


    I didn't pick up a Kate Bush vibe. Smart of them to shoot this video in NY rather than London. But will the American public show any interest?

    I'm just not that into her. Her look is so 1979.

  3. liz says – reply to this


    Agy totally kicks Scarlett's ass.

  4. nar says – reply to this


    Wow its actually good!

  5. kate bush lover says – reply to this


    kate bush has an amazing vocal range. she is not even close to kate bush!!!

  6. sunnysundaesmile says – reply to this


    Agyness's vocals are cute, yes…
    Kate Bush?!

  7. Angela says – reply to this


    I love it.

    I actually don't think she sounds like Kate Bush, but the song is good.

  8. Kelly says – reply to this


    Okay, so I love the song.
    And I love the band.
    They're called Five O'Clock Heroes.

  9. l a u r a says – reply to this


    i LOVE it!!!

  10. Kyle says – reply to this


    She is smoking, how do you feel about that?!

  11. pegado says – reply to this


    She sounds much better than Scarlett whorehanson.

  12. Rosalina says – reply to this


    pffffft hello autotune!

  13. crap says – reply to this


    oh god. why doesn't she just collaborate with scarlett johansen and they can make one crappy cd instead of two.

  14. RWH says – reply to this


    Ok…she is so amazingly beautiful…her eyes…wow. I think the song is great too!

  15. Jay says – reply to this


    Very awesome!

  16. sam says – reply to this


    Love it, except when she had a cancer stick

  17. valzzzz says – reply to this


    ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Kate Bush has more talent in her left pinky than this dumb tramp will ever think she has!!!!!
    KATE BUSH IS AMAZING!!! This girl is just a gross slag!!!

  18. russo says – reply to this


    It was an interesting tune. The video wasn't bad. The direction could've been better though. Aggy's actions didn't jive too well with the theme of the song. The guy's vocals reminded me of Elvis Costello. Aggy's vocals were not bad. She needs confidence and a song that allows us to hear what she can do a little better than this one. I envision a song like this being attached to a film soundtrack to give it relevance.

  19. Kdawg says – reply to this


    love love love

  20. mittenfreak says – reply to this


    You can't love Kate…. you need to send flowers and big notes of apology..
    Agnes sounds like bananrama on a bad day…
    lame. Kate's amazing… not in the same league little boy.

  21. sk says – reply to this


    The song's catchy. j'aime.

  22. MacGruder says – reply to this


    Perez, as the fervent anti-smoking activist that you are I truly wonder why you are not commenting on the fact that the object of your maniacal obsession ACTUALLY SMOKES in this vid.

  23. mara says – reply to this


    i really liked the song!!!!!!!

  24. Jenny af Sweden says – reply to this


    Please Peres?! That SUCK´T BIG TIME!!!

  25. Dietrich says – reply to this



  26. Louie says – reply to this


    its hot and it rocks…..i am surprised

  27. niceguy says – reply to this


    i saw her walking down the streets of ometo-sando in harajuku! so pretty in person.

  28. Nicole says – reply to this


    i love her:)
    and this song is truly not bad.
    agyness deyn is the sexx

  29. catherine says – reply to this


    gorgeous i agree but song sucks
    kate bush ? ! are you insane ?!

  30. ifionlyhadaheart says – reply to this



  31. Lucy says – reply to this


    That's really bad! I wonder how she sounds live. She should stick to the modelling……

  32. Sophie says – reply to this


    it's pretty nice… I love HIS parts… but her voice is a lil bit to soft an "hilary duff" for me… but the beats are great and she has a def look :)

  33. Within Temptation Fan says – reply to this


    She's not a good singer at all. Very mediocre. She doesn't have the unique quality and tone that Kate Bush has or had. Kate Bush could sing anything too. As far as range, it's shit. Nothing in comparison to Sarah Brightman, Sumi Jo, Floor Jansen, Sharon Den Del, Mariah Carey, or Leona Lewis.

  34. anya says – reply to this


    love it..reminiscent of music gone by hence so refreshing

  35. kristy says – reply to this


    thats was terrible

  36. Sim says – reply to this


    At least it was better than Scarlett Johansson - like infinity times better!

  37. loves it says – reply to this


    oh, tres chic

  38. Meiko says – reply to this


    She looks really cute.

  39. Rhi says – reply to this


    Brilliant! But could do with more of her and less of him lol :-)

  40. Jade says – reply to this


    She sounds more like Sophie Ellis Bexter than Kate Moss. It'd be fine if that dude would shut up.

  41. aeb says – reply to this


    flick yer bean for agyness deyn.
    and she look so, so, incredibly cool, which really, as a supermodel, is her job.
    ANDANDAND she chose to collaborate with a little alternative band rather than U2 or something. go agyness deyn, i say.

  42. Ais says – reply to this


    Yeah I like the song but, she doesn't have a very strong voice, I don't know about Kate Bush …

  43. mickoz says – reply to this


    she looks like my X boyfriend………. fucken tranny!

    yes i fuck trannys…

  44. a says – reply to this


    this is so bad. shes an amazing model, shes stunning- she should stick to that.
    singings not her thing, shes got a pretty awful voice tbh, yeh she can hold a tune, but anyone can do that.
    nothing special, singing wise.
    stick to the day job deyny.

  45. EERO! says – reply to this


    ermmm :S .. not realyy feeling this! she should stick to the modelling!

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