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Who's The Gay????

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Which character came out of the closet on last night's Gossip Girl????

Click here to find out!

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109 comments to “Who's The Gay????”

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  1. asshhhh says – reply to this


    I can't beleive that Serena would kill someone! It was probably over like a sex tape or something….thats what it sounded like at least. Or maybe a tape of her killing the person.

    I was guessing it would be Eric. He just kinda seemed like a gay at heart! Nate and Chuck especially Chuck, i don't think they could stand being away from girls. lol

  2. gg says – reply to this


    Re: :( – sidereel.com

  3. Caylie says – reply to this


    I'm sure Serena didn't ACTUALLY kill someone just for fun. Some guy probably tried to rape her or hurt her or something and she did it in self-defense. Or maybe during her hardcore partying days she did drugs with someone or because she was neglectful or wasn't responsible or sober enough to help someone who needed emergency help, that person died…it was neither not really her fault the person died (although she could have perhaps have done something) or she did it in self-defense. You really think they are going to make her be like some crazy cold-blooded killer or something? LOL…

  4. jill says – reply to this


    in the book it was defiantly CHUCKKKK

  5. JILL says – reply to this



  6. autumn says – reply to this


    the best episode ever…. the jennys bf guy expected but eric being the kisser never thought of it…. i like eric hes so sweet to serena. and i saw the previews for next week and dude serena and dan break up great!

  7. Someone says – reply to this


    homosexuality doesn't exist.
    it's all in people's heads.

  8. Lucy says – reply to this


    Gossip Girl season 1 starts June 7th in the Netherlands and I can't wait to watch it! It'll be good haha :D

  9. Max says – reply to this


    I wanted it to be chuck,he is fuckin hawt!!!

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