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Barbara Strikes Back - Sort Of

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When contacted about Star Jones' statement that Barbara Walters 'reduced herself' to sell books, Babs' rep responded:

"I will not dignify this with a comment. Barbara's written words say it all!"

Oh, snap.

In other words, Walters is saying that it is Jones who is undignified.

We concur!

[Images via WENN.]

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86 comments to “Barbara Strikes Back - Sort Of”

  1. beeee says – reply to this


    FUCK star jones!!!! barbara walters is wayyyyy better! ♥ her!

  2. ggabs says – reply to this



  3. jayran says – reply to this



  4. Jen says – reply to this


    BOTH are retarded whores!

  5. :] says – reply to this


    teddy! :D

  6. Barb says – reply to this


    They should both STFU….

  7. I hope that married dudes wife says – reply to this



  8. HONEYCHILD says – reply to this


    AM i FIRST? ummm Barbara did sell out… why did we need to know who she had an affair wit way back.. I mean she is not only telling her business but that man as well…..

  9. Jessica says – reply to this


    do you mean "star's written words say it all?" this quote doesn't make sense

  10. A Pew at The View says – reply to this


    Star Jones. Prime example of a gal who "had it all" at her fingertips…and — seriously — she could have parlayed into something bigger with staying power. Instead? She showed us her true colors and then drop-kicked herself into D-List Land forever. She'll never again emerge from the hot mess she created. It happened cuz of her misguided and egotistical risk-taking.

    So Sad…

  11. trashtastic says – reply to this


    I used to respect Barbara Walters back when she was more of a "serious" journalist. She sold herself out long ago as a hack, however. While I am now fan of Star Jones, I have to agree with her comment(s) regarding Ms. Walters. She did brand herself an adulterer and humiliate a family just to make (another) buck. She is shameless.

  12. Amand says – reply to this


    I love Barbara!

  13. Kymm says – reply to this


    Well, given her beg-a-wedding (pimped out her wedding, sold herself real cheap) we already know how 'dignified' Star Jones is.

    Total class!!! (sarcasm).

  14. Jessie says – reply to this



  15. Michelle says – reply to this


    Actually, I agree with Star on this one. Barbara has no business expsing all these secrets just to sell her book. Doesn't she have enough money already? I don't think there was a need to ruin that Senetor's family life and reputation. Down with Barbara!!!

  16. cat butt says – reply to this


    smart people are so cool !

  17. vintage says – reply to this


    babb's is a back stabbing bitch!!!

  18. Joquart says – reply to this


    Lame much.

  19. Caitlyn says – reply to this



  20. dean gardner says – reply to this


    Aaahhh….take cover, take cover, they are destroying Tokyo!

  21. faun says – reply to this


    didn't star admit awhile back that she did have the gastric surgery? so why is she mad that barbara walters wrote it in her book?

  22. La Diva says – reply to this


    Barbara has the nerve's to say that she will not dignify to respond to Star but she had no problem in dignifying herself to talk about Star or even admit to an affair that she was silent for decades… Hmmm smells like Barbara needs to learn the meaning of dignity first before she has the need to dignify the world of her affairs.

  23. jeff says – reply to this


    I'm going to have to agree with Star Jones on this one…

  24. Journalist says – reply to this


    Star demonstrates another reason why she is no longer on the View.
    Barbara Walters always has been and is an excellent Journalist. Period.

  25. amanda says – reply to this


    team star!! grow up barbara

  26. gina says – reply to this


    Ladies, enough with the online fighting. Clear this matter up like the rest of us, meet in a dark alley late on a Friday night and bitch fight it out!! More importantly, get off the internet. Now…where are the photos of Eric Dane with his shirt off huh???

  27. hope says – reply to this


    im not a fan of star jones, but i would agree with her statement. sorry barbara walters.

  28. Desert Gal says – reply to this


    You know…Babs wanted to do a book…she did it. I think Star is just pissed cause her contract didn't get renewed with ABC.Babs told the truth. And now Star is trying to cover her ass…so now Start has to go and talk shit and make a big deal about it. why can't Star just admit that she wrong for having other people pay for her wedding…and now she's getting a divorce from Big Gay AL…and she's a TOTAL HATER on Babs. I give Babs a lot of credit for being truthful in her book.

  29. Suze says – reply to this


    Has anyone here even read the book????

    She discussed the things that EVERYONE would want to read about. Star Jones should be happy she's getting any attention right now. THE BOOK.

  30. gia says – reply to this


    At least Babs didn't marry Big Gay Al and pretend it was a real marriage.

  31. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Sorry, I didn't realize that anyone actually cared about Barbara Walters anyway.

  32. La Diva says – reply to this


    I find it interesting that Barbara will not dignify herself to respond to Star. She had no problem whatsoever to dignify the rest of the world to an affair that happened decades ago. Barbara, don't "dignify" yourself by speaking about dignity when it's there where you lack any.

  33. Y says – reply to this


    Star "F-list" Jones…. is a disgusting human being.

  34. hererra says – reply to this


    That senator has been divorced from his wife for decades. Before Babs wrote of her affair, she discussed it with him. The reason why it was so hush hush was because of when it happened. She is not proud of her affair, she just wrote an autobiography…sorry folks that's the kind of stuff that sells. At least she is not a big fat sack of shit like Star, she admits to her mistakes, doesn't use people and her marriages weren't to big Gay Al. GO Barbara!!!

  35. smorf says – reply to this


    unless the book is juicy no one will buy it

  36. mbkeegan says – reply to this


    they are two washed-up old sluts who deserve each other.

  37. La Reina says – reply to this


    Babs is still alive…. What is the world coming to?????

  38. i heart perez says – reply to this


    Babs is so over rated! Over her!!

  39. ITSMEBABYBOO says – reply to this


    Re: hererra – My point is who cares.. you telling me Barbara couldn't find no other way to sell her book but to tell us basically she was a hoe back in the day… an

  40. Gboy says – reply to this


    Star Jones' can go eat ….whatever. Seriously, she isn't even worth the thought of a response…..

  41. Barbara's the only reason we know who this bitch is says – reply to this


    Star is a worthless piece of shit. The only reason she was on the View all that time was because fatties could relate to her! Now only ugly, stupid washed up phony, talentless, obnoxious, vile, universally hated pigs can relate to her. No straight man will ever want you Star. Please go die now.

  42. Laury says – reply to this


    Well we all knew Star was gonna respond to Babs' statement. But she still needs to STFU. Like we didn't know how she lost all that weight. Does she think we're stupid???

  43. Ryan says – reply to this



    ms. walter is a bitchhh cant wait to read her oBITCHuary

  44. Star Jones is still a heifer says – reply to this


    Good for Babah! She doesn't need to justify anything to that fat cunt Star. If Star honestly thinks that America believed she lost 500 pounds on Pilates and "Portion Control", she must be dumber than I thought. Vile, ugly bitch.

  45. LUMBERJAK says – reply to this



  46. Bianca says – reply to this


    I go with Star on this one. I personally dont like either of them and probably wouldve chosen Barbara in different circumstances….
    But Barbara came out as a slut and an adulterer, Jones never has come out that way, sure she's annnoying and a attention whore. But Walters should just shut her pie hole, she's a bitch, slut whore…she'll never look the same in my eyes. Star has a right to be angry.

  47. Lily says – reply to this


    Star Jones needs to drop off the face of the earth. She can only hope to achieve half of what Barbara. No one has ever cared about her and she's still trying to make everyone care!!! Just cause you lost 500 pounds and now have massive amounts of excessive skin does not make people want to see or know anything about you!!!!

  48. Rozzy says – reply to this


    Good for Barbara! Star is nothing but a joke for her lying about the gastric bypass and doing what she could to get a free wedding.
    She can dish it out but she can't take it. Selfish bitch.

  49. carl says – reply to this


    Jews and blacks have never gotten along.

  50. regular person says – reply to this


    i'm impressionable about some things. if i didn't know this affair thing went on with Barbara Walters i would go on thinking she was a legend. period. But she went and blabbed about it and now, i don't know, she is tainted. I'm sort of a moralist about marriage. which is probably a minority group. so star jones is kind of right to diss her. it was dumb of barbara, egotistical.

  51. ringo says – reply to this


    come on guys! stop hating on Star! she did made the view become what it is today! and whatever she did to be healthier and look better is a big plus! isnt that what perez and all fat people are trying to do.. do hate on her becuase she is a black woman..remember we are all the same ..i think she is a nice woman and had be completely mis-judge!
    get ready for the civil war! when hillary wins and we all know that is no way that she should

  52. Gina says – reply to this


    Why are we glorifing a cheating adulteress? The afct is she had a long term sexual relantionship with a married man. That's wrong no matter who you are. She is not such a great example for women any longer.

  53. ringo says – reply to this


    Re: Lily – wow! you are a very angry person..let me guess..
    you are voting for Hillary. i am not a fan of either but i can tell you that the hate Star had recieved from all media is unfound and racist. Stop sending hate …is bad energy into the world and to yourself .
    this is not a personal attack ..
    peace xoxox

  54. SF Queeny says – reply to this


    Star claims to be a Christian but she lies & lies, & she seeks revenge.
    She's the poster child for bad religion !

  55. Of course not says – reply to this


    Re: carl
    Do you know anyone that blacks get along with? Not even other blacks. Look at Obama and his spiritual mentor Jeremiah Wright. They're just angry, bitter, violent people.

  56. Mick says – reply to this


    Re: ringo
    I like the way you sent some hate at Hillary. Hippocrite.

  57. DIVA says – reply to this


    Both are big egotists. I would say Barb fares better. Hope the book money is going to a charity. We don't hear about her giving to charity like Rosie does. Star is probably trying to make money.

  58. aneurysm says – reply to this


    barbara walters sucks. actually they both suck. seriously perez stop kissing barbara wawa's ass. it's so transparent. she's not going to ask you to join the view or offer you help in any way. in her eyes, you & most of the free world, are beneath her. same thing with your kissing anna wintour's ass. to them, you are a peon.

  59. beauty says – reply to this


    wow and barbara was ok with having an affair with a married man. what a shame. no wonder people cant stay married and dont honor there spouses because of easy hoes like her. geezzz!!

  60. Yup says – reply to this



  61. Shame on Ms. Walters says – reply to this


    Shame Shame Shame on baba wawa. She has no class. She is a homewreaker. You don't kiss and tell. I love Star. Star has a lot of class. I for one will not buy this book! Barbara had bad thing to say about Star and Rosie. What a old b%#ch.

  62. Ballbaw Walters says – reply to this


    Glad to know that every white girl wants a black dick in her mouth atleast once.

  63. BW=Slut says – reply to this


    I rather marry a gay in the name of love, than be a willing participant in an affair. but that's just my oppinion.

  64. Barbara=Joke says – reply to this


    Blacks and whites will never get along either. Especially if THEY KEEP FUCKING EACH OTHER'S HUSBANDS!!!!!

  65. L Walters says – reply to this


    Having an affair with a married man, regardless of his race, who has CHILDREN and a WIFE and then writing about it just to be honest makes Barbara Walters a cheating whore. She says Senator Brooks didn't go home- only on holidays. Then he got divorced for her. WHAT ABOUT HIS KIDS, huh Barb- you tramp. What is it about celebretards who think it is OKAY to ruin marriages and leave the kids behind???

  66. sam says – reply to this


    whatever affair she had, she had it ages ago. also she informed the senator she was writing the book, and the senator and his wife are divorced so the family you people are claiming she embarassed are no longer together. star just needs to shut the hell up, cause she's just embarassing herself.

  67. sam says – reply to this


    Re: Michelle

    uh yeah she does, it was her affair hence her bussiness, also she ask the senator for permission before she wrote it. also it a FREE country, she has the right to write about whatever she wants especially if she wants to write about HER OWN LIFE.

  68. mia says – reply to this


    Walters is a pig. I must go with star on this. The wife of that senator must have been so hurt all those years ago and now to go thru this again, because the old hag wants to sell books? Then she talks about jones being greedy.

  69. wendy says – reply to this


    barbara can have affairs with giraffes for all i care, but to have an affair with a married giraffe and add stress to the whole giraffe family is wrong. yes, i know how dumb this sounds……..but:

    even though it's an analogy using an animal, when i read it back i'm still equally pissed at her for doing it. lol!!! u just dont win when u mess with families. i hope this hurts her professionally so she thinks twice about letting her public believe this sort of thing is permissable.

  70. Weiss C says – reply to this


    STAR GOT IT RIGHT!!! BABWA is just another run of the mill WHORE who was screwing somebodys husband!!!! Then wants to make Millions off it! All of you leaving comments about Star need to think, WHAT IF PEREZ WAS BLOWING *YOUR* MAN???? Betcha wouldn't think Star was so wrong THEN would ya?? Walters is a now a verified SKANK hasbeen, by her own words.

  71. Star Jones is right, for once says – reply to this


    I absolutely can't stand Star Jones, but for once I think she's right! Barbara Walters totally sold-out. I have no respect for those that try to romanticize illicit affairs…and to do it for $ is wrong and disrespectful to families involved.
    BW needs to retire. I think she's more diva than people want to admit.

  72. Flowerbomb says – reply to this


    Hello Pot, this is the Kettle……Babara and Star are both shameless, self absorbed egomaniacs who have nothing to say of any value about anything

  73. pete says – reply to this


    Star Jones is a moron. I think it's great that Barbara has written an authentic memoir of her life. And yes, some of it isn't perfect, but whose life is? Star is just bitter because she had it all and lost it all. She should just keep her mouth shut and realize that the world knows what her true character is and isn't interested in hearing anything from her.

  74. Barack08 says – reply to this


    Re: trashtastic

    totally agree!

  75. neepur says – reply to this


    Wow, Yoda Walters is gonna squash her like a bug.

  76. jenbunny says – reply to this


    snappity snap snap for the babs spokesweasel. let's face it, these are two bitches, but babs has accomplished so much more than star and done it a lot earlier. she worked with men that didn't even want her in the building, much less on the air. her interviews are legendary, everyone from fidel castro and margaret thatcher to sean connery and courtney love. that monica lewinsky one by itself is legend. star needs to step the fuck off, that lying skank with her fake diet and fraudulent husband, babs is a princess by comparison. i may even go buy her memoir now.

  77. Tall Blonde says – reply to this


    At least Barbara didn't blab about Big Gay Al………….LOL

  78. nancycampbellslut says – reply to this


    So, are you supposed to just shut up if you've been unfortunate enough to befriend someone who decides to "TELL ALL", and that includes revealing things about you too? I don't think so. BaBa is egotistical enough to believe her life is IMPORTANT enough that all of its underside needs to be revealed. What about the daughters of Sen Brooke? His ex-wife? Is it okay to be a slut if you're famous? Money-grubbing, immoral, attention whore. As for Star, fire back is okay; fair game.

  79. SANTOS says – reply to this


    Barbara Walters should NOT have written about her affair, especially when it was with a black guy. But Star is a typical big culo black bitch. Get married again Star so you can get more free shit.

  80. stop the madness says – reply to this


    I don't care for star but babs sold out to sell her book…

  81. Marcus Aurelius says – reply to this


    Re: A Pew at The View – Well said, Number 11.

  82. Marcus Aurelius says – reply to this


    One day I will write a very honest autobiography setting all erroneous assumptions aright. And many of my exploits will very likely bring me down in other people's eyes….OR make me more human.
    Also, I have been unnecessarily, but with dignity, keeping secrets for others who everyone looks at as blameless—secrets I have kept that left them looking good, when in all honesty and justice, people should see them for who they really are. Keeping bad people's secrets condones their evil behavior, and perpetuates the acceptance of unacceptable behavior.

  83. heath says – reply to this


    I liked Star Jones better when she was fat. Baba Wawa should have kept her mouth shut about her whorish escapades. now i want to just push them both under the bus. well, maybe Star can have a second chance - but she is sooooooo annoying…

  84. Projecting? says – reply to this


    For someone who was O.K. with that publicly swag wedding, she sure has a lot to say about someone who decided to simply tell the truth about her own life. I think for Star to imply that Barbara wrote what she did to 'sell books' is projecting.
    This is America, and Barbara can write what she experienced. Her past paramour was apparently OK with it.

  85. Melinda says – reply to this


    They both are undignified!!!

  86. Kimmy says – reply to this


    Barbara Walters is a legend….Star Jones should feel honored that her name was even mentioned in it b/c no one knew who the hell she was before the View and we don’t care who the hell she is now…..Her 15 minutes are way up…
    I know a job she can do…..she could stand a street and hold a sign "Will plug advertisement for food"….