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Star vs. Babs: The War Rages On!

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Star Jones is fuming!

The former fattie is sooo pissed that Barbara Walters blabbed about her gastric bypass in the autobiography she released this week.

Star rants to UsWeekly, saying, “It is a sad day when an icon like Barbara Walters, in the sunset of her life, is reduced to publicly branding herself as an adulterer, humiliating an innocent family with accounts of her illicit affair and speaking negatively against me all for the sake of selling a book. It speaks to her true character.”


If Barbara were to respond, we're sure she'd just say something along the lines of, "The truth hurts, bitch. Deal with it!"

[Images via WENN.]

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123 comments to “Star vs. Babs: The War Rages On!”

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  1. PETA my ass says – reply to this


    Barbara thinks scandal sells. Only if you still look like a human being, not like an old ugly hag, bitch. Who wants to know the details of an ugly old woman's sex scandal? It actually turns your stomach and makes you vomit your lunch out. Gross!

  2. elle says – reply to this


    I freakin' hate Barbara Walters. Why does she need to talk about Star and her personal procedure in her stupid book? She seems to have a lot of enemies! She didn't get along with Star or Rosie… I think it's barbara with the problem.

  3. vitamin says – reply to this


    Star Jones gotta a lot of nerve talking bout barbra trying to sell books when her flabby ass, pimped out her wedding on national tv, she just mad cause barbra talked about it.

  4. Rosaline says – reply to this


    I agree with Star, I am afraid. What does Barbara need to spill the beans on her own degraded moral if she were not a fame junkie. It is sad.. she already has 6 decades of fame and attention and now she wants more.

  5. leia says – reply to this


    Go Starr!!! We saw how low barbera can stoop, just like joy & woopy on "the view" , they are all disgusting.

  6. amy says – reply to this


    that's so pathetic for star jones… barbara has nothing to hide… she's just being honest about her life… she's not branding herself as anything… i respect any human who puts their cards on the table and doesn't worry about hiding them or showing them off.. they are what they are

  7. shannon says – reply to this


    It's no one's business when you get surgery. Why did she have to say anything. On top of that Barbara told about this affair to a married man just to sell some books without regard to how it would affect him and his family.

  8. Wagging Finger says – reply to this


    Barbara lets loose a dishy piece of news about HER past life, as is her right, and all of you wagging tongued ninnies are here on a GOSSIP site, criticizing her? Lololololol.

  9. Milk Maid says – reply to this


    Star is angry about the gastric bypass mention, but had no concern for her rep milking that shameless swag bag called a wedding? Some people talk out of both sides of their mouths. My feeling is that she's still carrying a post-View grudge.

  10. Lisa says – reply to this


    I'm with Star Jones on this one. I think it is sad the way Babs sold out her and Rosie to make a buck. She claims to love them, and says they are friends. Geez, with friends like Babs, who needs enemies.

  11. Dena says – reply to this


    I think Star is an annoying pain in the a*!, but I'm with her on this one. Barbara is pathetic..as if screwing around with a married man makes someone suddenly cool. Way to set the womens' movement back Babs - just retire already!

  12. THE Bitch says – reply to this


    I'm not a Star fan at all but her statement is true.

  13. Louis says – reply to this


    Barbara=class act, Star=show off , at least Barbara has the smart not to marry a guy on the downlow!

  14. monalisa1 says – reply to this


    If you are going to write an Honest autobiography you cannot pick and choose as what to write and what to leave out. This man was part of her life for 3 yrs. If star was as smart as she claims to be she should have had no comment and wished babs luck! fired from the view, show cancelled, marriage over and now dissing babs poor, poor star she is done!

  15. Journalist says – reply to this


    I'm convinced that Walter's motivation here was autobiographical accuracy. She has plenty of cash, but is old school and values her journalistic integrity. If she had a mind to sell books, there are hundreds of far blacker scandals she could have illuminated to move gazillions of copies. The things this woman knows from her years in the field could probably make the devil blush.

  16. Bette Noir says – reply to this


    Yes, but the comments about her affair are both tacky and extremely hurtful to the senator's ex-wife and children. Shame on Babwa. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

  17. Jenna says – reply to this


    Star is just jealous because SHE is in the SUNSET PHASE OF HER CAREER. In 10 years Babs will still be working.

  18. Nada says – reply to this


    Am I the only person who's noticed how incredibly *bald* old Barb is getting these days?

  19. Riley says – reply to this


    More like the "truth hurts" for Barbara…Star is 100% right on this one.

  20. Gary says – reply to this


    "Some" of you should get your facts Straight before you comment!!

    You Don't know what the Hell you are talking about!

    If you want to comment - At The VERY LEAST Know the FACTS!

    Star Jones Lost All of her Credibility a few years ago!!

    Barbara Walters Wasn't a "homewrecker" if you check it out before you open your mouth!!

    Love the Book Barbara Walters!!

  21. lalala says – reply to this


    I never thought I'd say this but I have to agree with Star! I have had a long standing respect for Babs and am proud to say she is of the female race buuutttt….I do find those comments quite desperate on her part! it's almost as though she thought people wouldn't find her interesting enough…she had to bring others down with her….

  22. Volley says – reply to this


    I think Barbara has the right to say what she will in her book about her life, but I also think Star has the right to comment if she disagrees.

  23. TM says – reply to this


    Poor Star, has to get her comments in there because she is such a desperate publicity whore.
    She needs to keep her mouth closed and move on. Hopefully both her and Al with each find a nice man to make them happy.

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