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Sucks For Them

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The Broadway musical Glory Days has made its mark in history this week.

And not in a good way!

The show opened AND closed on its first day, this past Tuesday.

It had played 17 previews before its official opening, though that didn't seem to help generate any buzz.

Glory Days was written by two actors and also first time authors, Nick Blaemire and James Gardiner, who are 23 and 24 years old.

Poor kids!

The show is was a musical about some ex-high school friends.

The show moved to Broadway following a run in Arlington, VA.

The producers of Glory Days said, "Given the overnight reviews and our low advance sales, we believe it is prudent to close the show on Broadway immediately."

The musical now joins Ellen Burstyn's one-woman show back in 2003, Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All, as the only shows to open and close on the same night.

You're part of history, boys. Embrace it!

[Image via Playbill.com.]

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46 comments to “Sucks For Them”

  1. First says – reply to this


    FIRST!!!! RIGHT?

  2. truTHteller says – reply to this


    Perez… just so you know… almost ALLLLL broadway shows open in a test market before they go to broadway. Ussually it is to iron out all the kinks in the show and make it as entertaining as possible… unfortunately it didnt quite work for Glory Days… it was seriously a travesty. Just goes to show you that The Great White Way needs some kind of revision if it doesnt want to be a thing of the past.

  3. ouch says – reply to this


    poor guys!

  4. silly billy says – reply to this


    Maybe they should change the name to Glory Day.

  5. GD!! says – reply to this


    They replaced my soaps with some fucking service for some cop that got shot in philly!!! WTF!!!!!!!

  6. Mr. Show says – reply to this


    Any Mr. Show fans here? This made me think of "Jeepers Creepers- Slacker God" - a hilarious version of JC Superstar starring Jack Black- The show that opened and closed on the very same day.

  7. Scott says – reply to this



  8. MIMI says – reply to this



  9. lindsay says – reply to this



  10. Hardy Har Har says – reply to this


    Should have included a scene about blowjobs under the bleachers.

  11. fudgepacker says – reply to this


    Kathie Lee Gifford on the Today Show this week was bragging how she knew the guys that wrote it and some of the Actors and it was Great and going to be a hit. Shows how much that loser knows. FIRST

  12. fudgepacker says – reply to this


    Sorry I was 14th

  13. IS MARIO LOPEZ IN IT says – reply to this


    hahaha..Is Lopez in it? lol!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hugh Jass says – reply to this


    Perez loves cock!

  15. John says – reply to this


    There are actually many shows that have opened and closed on the same night in Broadway history. Check your facts!

  16. i♥boogers says – reply to this


    no one give a shit about high school stories

  17. Charles says – reply to this


    Actually, there have been quite a few shows that opened/closed in one performance on Broadway - La Strada (musical with Bernadette Peters), Moose Murders, Ari, Lystrata (with Melina Mecouri)… the list goes on…

  18. kate says – reply to this


    Re: John

    Like 'Dance a Little Closer' ( known in the industry as 'Close a Little Faster' ) in '83.

    So sad for them!

  19. Broadway Baby says – reply to this


    Perez, your facts are a bit off. While there are only a handful of shows that have opened and closed the same night, "Oldest Living Confederate Widow" is not the only one.
    The revival of "Take Me Along" in 1985.
    The musical "Dance a Little Closer" in 1983.
    And the infamous "Moose Murders" also in 1983, to name a few.
    "Glory Days" has definitely joined an exclusive club.

  20. fuckBurstyn says – reply to this


    Ellen can't act her way out of a paper shit. She's the reason Marty destroyed an entire studio. The exSAG president did such a shiteous job on Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, that Scorsese tossed everyone out of the studio after the 104th take– and proceeded to rip apart every prop, the whole set, smash all the lights, destroy the camera, and basically break every thing in sight. Worst Actor in Hollywood— no wonder she shares this honor with these kids…

  21. ding dong says – reply to this


    I told them to LOSE THE BLUE FRISBEES as a backdrop but they wouldn't listen to me.

  22. tumor party says – reply to this


    If it were glory holes than maybe it would have stood a chance. Oh well, the world needs bartenders, male prostitutes and valets too so hopefully these homos will find work.

  23. kingtyler says – reply to this


    That really sucks because it's actually a damn good show… :(

  24. PGgals says – reply to this


    Glory Days ROCKS! A LOT! the one night was AMAZING, and we're all so so so proud of the boys!

  25. JosephNYC says – reply to this


    "The musical now joins Ellen Burstyn's one-woman show back in 2003, Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All, as the only shows to open and close on the same night."

    That is completely untrue. A few shows have opened and closed on the same day.

  26. jenne says – reply to this


    their tagline: "what happens when two 23 year olds write about what happened when they were 20?"

    how is that an enticing premise for anyone not between the ages 20 - 23 or directly related to the playwrights?

  27. KT says – reply to this


    I actually saw this show at the first preview, and it made me kind of sad. I felt that there was a good show in there somewhere, but it wasn't nearly ready for Broadway. It really could have benefitted from a lengthy off-broadway run to build some buzz. Spring Awakening and In the Heights didn't open immediately on the Great White Way, and are much the better for it! Sad news, though for the talented cast…

  28. Lynn says – reply to this


    Oh no!!
    Now where can one go see a show about white guys singing and whining?

  29. Jezebel says – reply to this


    I saw this when it ran at a local theater outside of DC. It was really good. But not quite ready yet. At least the boys got a shot!

  30. TIG says – reply to this



  31. crybaby says – reply to this


    nick blaemire is hotttt!

    he's currently in the broadway musical cry-baby…very funny show!!!

  32. Glory Fan says – reply to this


    It's a great show that got too big too soon. It got rave reviews regionally in D.C. It's not Rent but it's no dud either.

  33. bdogg says – reply to this


    No, Perez….several shows have closed on opening, such as La Strada starring Bernadette Peters and Larry Kert.

  34. Holly says – reply to this


    Sadly, it is actually a pretty good show.
    And filled with some very talented actors. Unfortunately, entertainment is fickle. Maybe if it opened three weeks ago or three months in the future it would have been a hit. It's impossible to tell with Broadway audiences.

  35. Pete says – reply to this


    I know Nick, the author and co-creator. We were in a production of Rocky Horror together in Washington, DC. I played Rocky and Nick was brilliant in the role of Riff Raff.

    Here's our review in The Washington City Paper (written by Bob Mondello who saw the original in London over 30 years ago. He loved our version).

    Nick is so talented. Broadway is tough but I have no doubt that Nick WILL be a major star sooner rather than later.

    Good luck and congrats on the great achievement, Nick!

  36. tsk tsk says – reply to this


    Do a little more research, P. Those are not the ONLY two shows to open and close the same night. To add to the shows already mentioned above, "Here's Where I Belong" — a dismal turkey written by future wunderkinds Terrence McNally and Alfred Uhry.

  37. brent says – reply to this


    i'm so sad! Their songs are really great… but more for an off-broadway song cycle… still love them!

  38. brillo says – reply to this


    don't worry kids, my uncle has a farm in upstate New York. We can put on the show ourselves in the barn!

  39. merryn says – reply to this


    Nick and James are so talented.

  40. jon says – reply to this


    perez, do your research honey. MANY MANY MANY shows have opened and closed on Broadway on the first night….shit happens, literally. Don't pretend to be a Broadway queen if you can't back that up. ;)

  41. KrissyW says – reply to this


    I saw this at Signature in Arlington, VA & LOVED it! Sorry to see that it didn't work out on Broadway, but I'm so glad that I was able to catch it when it was in town here.

  42. DiDi says – reply to this


    I saw the show in DC and it was AMAZING… Just too soon for B'way.

    Nick is currently ACTING on Broadway with Crybaby, and they're both very talented.

    Just a shame.

  43. knight_star says – reply to this


    Actually, a stage version of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, which Dianne Wiest starred in, opened AND closed January 4th, 1981. The estimated cost of the production was $25,000,000.

  44. jake says – reply to this


    hey perez & fans!!!

    nick blaemire (the show's writer) is actually one of my best friends and we are all so upset about what happened to the show. but that is broadway.

    anyways, for more on nick and for all die-hard musical theatre fanatics, check out my new web series THE BATTERY'S DOWN at www.thebatterysdown.com!

  45. dctheatre says – reply to this


    James G. is a really talented up and comer in the D.C. area but Eric Shaffer the director and artistic director of Signature theatre who pushed it to Broadway is probably the one to blame here. Too big too soon. His theatre is proof of that. Think before you do.

  46. Sean Phillip Mabrey says – reply to this



    GLORY DAYS and OLDEST LIVING CONFEDERATE WIDOW are hardly the only shows to ever open and close on the same night in the history of Broadway. Try DANCE A LITTLE CLOSER (1983) and KELLY (1965), only two of the more infamouse titles in a much, MUCH longer list.