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Even WORSE Than Expected

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The first bomb of the "summer" box office season!

Speed Racer barely took in $20 million at the U.S. Box Office this past weekend.

The film reportedly took in $20.2 million, but rival studios think Warner Bros. is lying about that number, so they can claim a second place finish.

Iron Man came in first for a second weekend in a row, taking in $50.5 mill.

And, the Ashton Kutcher / Cameron Diaz flick, What Happens In Vegas came in third (or possibly second) with $19.7 million.

We hope WB isn't lying about Speed's take. That would be soooo shady!

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131 comments to “Even WORSE Than Expected”

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  1. smaile says – reply to this


    Speed Racer Rocks. I saw it last night and it was totally awesome. Fast paced and colorful. A digital masterpiece. I can't understand why it got bad reviews, I totally loved it, everyone should go see it. It is fast-paced fantastical entertainment at its best.

  2. heyyall says – reply to this


    The people dissing this movie were too stupid to understand it.

  3. good times says – reply to this


    honestly, one of the best films i've seen in a while. these critics made a serious mistake. this movie will be hailed as one of the greatest cult films EVER made. just you wait

  4. Louise says – reply to this


    Emile Hirsch is so beautiful.
    He was amazing in 'Into the Wild', and then he goes and does 'Speed Racer?'
    Why did he do this to us?

  5. go see this movie! says – reply to this


    Just saw it. I'm a girl. a 27 year old girl. and i loved it! It's a good movie no matter what critics say… especially if you've ever watched the cartoon, they did an excellent job of mimicking the original series! The film is live action but has a very animated feel to it; obviously there is a lot of cg and visual effects. POINT IS WHETHER YOU'RE A BOY, GIRL, 6 YEARS OLD OR 30 PAY NO ATTENTION TO CRITICS! GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!

  6. xx5skeh14d says – reply to this


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  7. GO SEE THIS MOVIE! says – reply to this


    oh yeah one more thing… if you can see it on IMAX the cg and effects are very well worth the slightly higher priced ticket!

  8. g0oyhuupog says – reply to this


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  9. Maggie says – reply to this


    emile hiiiiiiirsch

  10. Svenska says – reply to this


    Emile's soooooo hot!

  11. jojo says – reply to this


    I took my four year-old son to see the flick for a Mothers' Day weekend date. Within 15 minutes he asked if we could leave. It stunk! Stinky, stank, stunk. I was hoping it was going to be a fun and zany comedy. Nope, it was dark, slow, and boring. Lots of special effects were used to cover the dull plot.

  12. tgrippe says – reply to this


    What the hell is your problem with speed racer? You are so damn catty. BTW I NEVER NEVER NEVER take your political, musical, or entertainment advice seriously.

  13. licita says – reply to this


    I saw this movie with my 5 year old son and as an artist (photographer) it was visually entertaining. it is a family flick! and the W bros, thought outside the box and I am giving them props. the 3 framed effect was better than Ang lee's HULK.

  14. Courte says – reply to this


    Speed Racer was GREAT. It was fun, entertaining and suprisingly really funny (all thanks to little Spritle- that kid is going to do great things) Critics looked too much into it, instead they should have just taken it for what it was worth- a good time at the movies.

    Emile is hot and Christina Ricci was fucking awesome.

  15. Mike says – reply to this


    One of the Wachowski Brothers wants to cut his speedy off to become a lesbian and Perez can't stand the thought of a good chim-chim being thrown in the trash … that's why he hates Speed Racer.

  16. ried says – reply to this


    i watched this!just a while ago…WAYYYYY COOL….the glossy manga style treatment was so much better than IRON MAN…which was totally just like any other comic book turned movie flick…totally forgetable when the next spiderman comes along…PEREZ u should watch it…totally reminecent of the neon/candy revolution thats been happening in fashion today!seriously!way better than having to endure watching botox faced gwyneth

  17. sykes says – reply to this


    SPEED RACER ROCKS…… how much they are paying u to bash it ??? You fat puta!!!!

  18. sykes says – reply to this


    SPEED RACER ROCKS…… how much they are paying u to bash it ??? You fat puta!!!! Emile and Scott Porter are hottttt

  19. tony says – reply to this


    I don't understand what the problem is that isn't a bad box office opening at all. I mean it certainly isn't record breaking but whatev. quit giving this film such a god damn hard time, who cares, there are PLENTY worse movies that open every weekend that blow much harder than this. I think its time to start bitching about something else perez. thanks buddy.

  20. Angela says – reply to this


    Speed Racer was actually pretty good. Haven't seen the cartoon but it has a good cast and a good message. Definitely family-oriented but who doesn't like a good chase? Can't always believe all of the buzz….

  21. Diana says – reply to this


    i this film,emile is very good actor

  22. diana says – reply to this


    Re: lo – he is eile hirsch

  23. caliboy says – reply to this


    I saw the premiere last wednesday in Aruba and I love it. I'll bet that it will make a ton of money outside the US, since Speedracer/Meteoro is more famous around the world than just the US. If it makes it big in Europe, then the Euro will give them more profit than if would have only gross in the US.

  24. Jenny says – reply to this


    I heard all the reports of how much of a bomb "Speed Racer" was going to be…but having an 8 year old that wanted to see it…I had to take him..
    I actually REALLY LIKED IT!!!!!…Maybe it was that we went to the IMAX…?
    None the less…give peace a chance…WB prob isn't lying..

  25. Renee says – reply to this


    I only saw the first eight minutes…. but I'm not impressed. It either needs to be more cartoony… or more futuristic, but the mix is definitely not helping.

  26. shayla says – reply to this


    okay, i don't care what anyone says.
    i fucking love that movie.
    the box office can kiss my ass.
    that movie was awesome.
    ebert and roper even thougt it was cool and they're hard to please.
    whatever, the movie rocks, the box office doesn't.
    i'm done.
    -shayla [SMASH!]

  27. Pamela L. says – reply to this


    There will be a lot more children's, and action movies coming around the bend this summer. Wouldn't it be morally correct if these movies don't exploit and frighten innocent animals, such as the making of Speed Racer did? I refer to Great Apes, and chimpanzees. As early as last summer, thousands of people tried to contact Warner Brothers, and suggest using animotronics, rather than
    exploiting, and tormenting live animals, behind the scenes. There is enough animal cruelty every where you look-let's keep it out of child-oriented movies. By the way, Perez Hilton Rocks!

  28. genevieve!!! says – reply to this


    i loved this movie
    i dont care how much it made!
    all i know is i watched this tv show when i was younger !!!
    i thought it was awesome then and i still think it is!!!
    plus i love emile :) :)

    super sexy or what !

  29. Deredeo says – reply to this


    ya know it was'nt that bad - aside from the melted crayola acid trip barrage of colors, it was what i expected. not great or anything, bbut fun and thats what its supposed to be…
    christina ricci is becoming quite the sex symbol though…she bought sexuality to trixie

  30. Dylan says – reply to this


    I bet f'n Perez has never seen this movie, and maybe he's jealous that the guys on the film are thin or something like that!!!
    It's not that bad as he claims it is!!!
    Go see it and then give your opinions… not before!!!

  31. Todd says – reply to this


    I loooooved this movie! Go Speed Go!!!!!! Go see it, you will love!

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