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Another Reality Recycling Story

| Filed under: TV News


American TV is recycling another British reality show.

Fox just picked up a reality show called Secret Millionaire.

The English version ran for 2 seasons and won a prestigious award across the pond.

In Secret Millionaire, a wealthy benefactor goes undercover in impoverished neighborhoods. For about 10 days, the multimillionaire meets financially destitute locals and experiences what it's like to live on a meager budget for the first time in their lives. At the show's conclusion, the millionaire reveals his true identity to the community and gives a minimum of $100,000 of his own money to at least one deserving person.

Doesn't sound too bad. It's just too bad that Hollywood couldn't come up with the idea itself!

[Image via WENN.]

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34 comments to “Another Reality Recycling Story”

  1. Michelle says – reply to this


    I would watch it

  2. Coolin says – reply to this



  3. UKboy1 says – reply to this


    Damn cant u guys come up with your own shows?it is a really good show btw

  4. steve says – reply to this


    Why dont they just do like scifi channel and get the actual british programs if the writers here suck so bad!

  5. nina says – reply to this


    It's such a great show! Every time I watch it, it makes me cry. And I'm not even British (but a Finn).

  6. shaneequa says – reply to this


    And you know you'll be hanging out in the beaner ghetto trying to score yourself 100G Perezito…

  7. &hearts says – reply to this


    america rips off all its primetime shows from us, what's new? it is a good show though, granted, but i hope they don't hollywood it up

  8. Rebecca says – reply to this


    It won't be as good as ours, the USA versions are always so blatant and cheesy

  9. Allison says – reply to this


    Um Hollywood did come up with that idea about 20 years ago. It was the plot of an 80's movie you Brit loving idiot.

  10. UKboy1 says – reply to this


    Re: Allison – Even if that is true an 80s film isnt the same as a 21st century reality tv show.We do this! Get to recycling your rubbish! U Perez hating idiot you wish you had the pizazz, personality, style and originality us europeans/brits have!

  11. k says – reply to this


    kinda reminds me of that mel brooks movie "life stinks' - of course without the drama, scheming and dancing - maybe.

  12. Jennie says – reply to this


    I wonder if they are going to screw this show up? the Idea is good but they can Execute it wrong and make it crap!

  13. Jen says – reply to this


    Oh shut up Perez. You're all about claiming other peoples' ideas as your own.

  14. zeph1z says – reply to this


    Sounds like a great idea but i think it'd be a much better idea to put the money into the neighborhood/block/whatever instead of into the pockets of an individual.

    Anyways, i'd like to see them try and do this show in South Central or perhaps the Appalachias. Neither of those places are like the "with open arms" impoverished areas of the UK. This is a vastly different country and even the less educated know money won't solve any social problems that perpetuate the problems of poverty.

    What is with you morons? Fox News = bad but the Fox network = good because they buy up a piece of a British show. And i have to agree with notthesame. Whatever little meaning the show had in Britain will lose it's complete meaning once it reaches our liberal media.

  15. sidufai says – reply to this


    Re: UKboy1 – Right… because a reality show is a much more complicated thing than a movie? So I guess that means producing a reality show is harder than a movie? That must be why the reality tv awards and "actors" are regarded so much higher than the Oscars and A list celebrities. Get over yourself.

  16. Fuck the English says – reply to this


    Really, it's such a shame that America has to stoop so low. English television isn't that great, have you seen their so called "comical" skits? English humor is so bland and childish. Canadian comedy is much better

  17. czar vlady says – reply to this


    Watched it in the UK. Very good show.

  18. bitter gay mark says – reply to this


    Lame. Wait, no seriously, like something way beyond that. I mean, how condescending and utterly pretentious. TV is truly dead.

  19. moth says – reply to this


    why only one person? i'm not saying give everybody 100 grand but there could be a few people who get like 10 grand or something….

  20. vanillalatte says – reply to this


    Re: Fuck the English – British humour is the best in the world - it's a known fact - and clearly you're just jealous of that. The funniest thing though, is laughing at the rest of you, desperately trying to be as funny as us.

  21. pfft says – reply to this


    hollywood better not fuck this show up too. they've stolen pop idol (now 'american idol'), big brother, who wants to be a millionare etc etc.

  22. Mithra says – reply to this


    It's actually not half bad. I don't think it did great rateing wise overe here, so I'm not sure how it would do "across the pond" =\

  23. no comment says – reply to this


    Murdoch & Co. wouldn't have a network line-up , without copying the BBC.

  24. Jodi says – reply to this


    Re: no comment

    Was it not on Channel 4? That's not a BBC channel…

  25. ken says – reply to this


    hey dumb-ass, "Hollywood" is not an "itself", it is a location!

  26. Andy says – reply to this


    Re: no comment
    It's a Channel 4 programme not the BBC, there are other channels than the BBC y'know.

  27. Phil says – reply to this


    If FOX wants to pick up an AWESOME British show, they should pick up the rights to Sugar Rush. its awesome

  28. Dot says – reply to this


    Fox is so frickin' cheap, only THEY would do a game show where the contestants have to give away their OWN money. RIP television. Enjoy your video games because it's all you're going to have in about a decade with all this network mismanagement of the airwaves.

  29. Snoodle says – reply to this


    Speaking of British remakes…what about the complete and utter unholy disaster that is set to be the American remake of Life on Mars minus John Simm and Philip Glennister >_>! (If they do half of what they did to Blackpool when they adapted it into the monstrosity of Viva Laughlin….Life on Mars doesn't stand a chance :(

  30. Mzj says – reply to this


    come on Perez!! Why reinvent the wheel if it works! Pllleeeaaasseeee… how many ideas are original anymore!

  31. whorellywood is over rated says – reply to this


    oh please, like hollywood has ever come up with anything original, ha!

    The Brits are far more witty and original than the crap that comes out of hollywood

  32. Holly says – reply to this


    I loved this when it was on, and I think US viewers will really like it too.

  33. LauRen says – reply to this


    sounds really…

  34. ? says – reply to this