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Not Him Too!!!!

| Filed under: Music MinuteJoaquin Phoenix


Oscar nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix is coming out with an album.

Yes…it's another actor morphing into a 'musician'.


It didn't work for Scarlett Johansson. It didn't work for Minnie Driver or Kevin Bacon or Billy Bob Thornton or Gina Gershon or….the list goes on and on.

Why must you do this to us Joaquin?????

Apparently, Phoenix got the calling after he learned to play the guitar for the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line.

Does that mean we can expect to see something from Reese Witherspoon soon?

Phoenix has been working with Britpop star Tim Burgess , the Charlatans frontman.

A release date has not been determined.

For Phoenix's sake, let's hope the album is as good as his acting. But it will probably suck!

[Image via WENN.]

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246 comments to “Not Him Too!!!!”

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  1. Josephine says – reply to this


    Don't be so negative! His versions of Johnny Cash songs were far better than the originals! He has this beautiful, deep voice he can do wonders with!

  2. Aj says – reply to this


    He did his own singing for Walk the Line and it was really good. I prefered him to the original Johnny Cash.

  3. Jules says – reply to this


    Actually Joaquin's whole family started out in music. River Phoenix (his brother) and his sisters all are/were very talented!

  4. Jess says – reply to this


    goddamnit he is so ..




  5. daisie says – reply to this


    well I have the album he did with Reese for Walk the Line and he sounded pretty good!

  6. Bill says – reply to this


    it worked for Zoey Deschanel!!

  7. Cari says – reply to this


    Re: Erin – Hairlip Rock? What an asshole you are!!! Joaquin's a great actor, and he's hot….so shut the hell up, Erin! I suppose you & all your family & friends have no physical flaws, huh? Only a complete loser would judge someone by the way they look. Hope you wake up tomorrow with a giant tumor on your face.

  8. Father Time says – reply to this


    Damn! He's only 34? He looks busted!

  9. ksbwalker says – reply to this


    phoenix also made a cameo w/ his band in the movie beautiful girls (1996) and they weren't horrible.

  10. Carrie says – reply to this


    He was an awesome singer in Walk The Line! I'm looking forward to the album!

  11. Marco Pervo says – reply to this


    Vanity albums one of the great traditions in Hollyweird, so I, of course LOVE it. It's all future kitsch for hipsters in the year 2525.

  12. Sara says – reply to this


    You know, he actually did all of his own singing in Walk the Line and he's pretty decent. We'll see what he comes out with though.

  13. Candy says – reply to this


    I loved his singing in "Walk the Line."

  14. Kait says – reply to this


    You idiot, both Reese and Joaquin used their own vocals for Walk the Line. Reese was offered her own recording contract because the music industry was so impressed with her singing capability. She turned it down.

  15. SOL says – reply to this



  16. Genetic Brain Thing says – reply to this


    Sing and/or acting are performance, and perhaps these creative skills emanate from the same side of the brain, which explains why so many actors can and love to sing or vice versa. Not too long ago Hollywood valued the triple threat actor, singer and dancer. Why should he hide his love of singing because he acted in movies? He shouldn't. They're both creative outlets. Look what amazing and seemingly effortless dancers some of those stars have turned out to be. They learn in a few weeks what it takes some to learn over many years.

  17. T says – reply to this


    what you all seem to forget is that in the old studio system (old hollywood) you could not work unless you could act, dance, sing and perhaps other talents such as juggling etc. the more diverse you were the better. Are these people any good? not really but it is not so far fetched that an actor can sing, dance etc. They are entertainers.

  18. mcascadd says – reply to this


    Re: nikki – Completely agree with Nikki! If Tim Burgess is involved, no harm can come to this

  19. Trish says – reply to this


    I do not understand why there are so many people "up in arms" about this. So, what? The man wants to give it a try, I say go for it. He is very creative and this seems to be another outlet for him!! I say, leave him alone, and whether or not it does well, we will just see. I give him many props, and he did do an excellent job singing and playing the guitar on Walk the Line.

  20. Martin says – reply to this


    But Robert Downey Jr.'s one and only CD is actually brilliant. Been too long since it was released. Need another. Maybe with the
    Ironman bucks, he'll head back to the studio.

  21. shoegal says – reply to this


    I have his cd that he made with Reese for Walk the Line. Although he's off the tempo, he doesn't suck as bad as you would think. She does, though.

  22. Billy says – reply to this


    Clearly he can sing…like Johnny Cash, but wtf will that translate too for Brit Pop? Celebrities need to chill the f*ck out with the crossover acting-singing. If people wanted to hear actors sing, there'd be mulitplatinum actors turned singers…

  23. Jessy says – reply to this


    I love this man and everything he does is great and I've got this soundtrack from a movie that he did and he sounds great..the song is Cry cry cry

  24. Cindy says – reply to this


    OMG!! I hope he does it! He was amazing in walk the line and I always end up hearing Joaquins version instead of Johnny cash..I SWEAR HE IS AMAZING ALL AROUND..lol..I would marry him right now if he asked me too..lol..im a huge fan and will support everything he does!!

  25. shut up! says – reply to this


    Re: Erin

    Who cares what you do you stupid cunt. FYI he does NOT have a harelip you ignorant twat,

  26. alison says – reply to this


    Allthough I think this trend is pretty pathetic as well.

    If he is working with Tim Burgess, who is fairly close to a musical genius… it could be good!!!

  27. cocoxo says – reply to this


    Um…dude can sing. Didn't you watch Walk the Line?

  28. Christine says – reply to this


    JP won a Grammy for the last album he did so I don't think we've much to worry about. Stop hating.

  29. gi says – reply to this


    who gives a fuck?! He's HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. alissa says – reply to this


    his voice sounded good in the cash movie…maybe it'll work. i just listened to the some johannsen samples, thanks for sucking up tom waits….

  31. Sara says – reply to this


    His brother - River Phoenix - had a band with his sister Rain before he died called Aleka's Attic. It was fairly successful…
    Rain now has a band called Papercranes which is actually pretty damn good, I've heard them live a few times…his sister Liberty sings with the band on a few songs, as does her other sister Summer…
    So, they definitely have a musical family…
    The weird thing is that when they were kids, Joaquin was kinda the odd man out, cause he wasn't in a band…

  32. Me says – reply to this


    Why not? his brother River was a musician.

  33. tara says – reply to this


    IT WONT SUCK YOU FUCK. he freakin sang the vocals in walk the line. looking forward to it. great actor too.

  34. leslie says – reply to this


    well, he actually grew up singing and performing for money with his bros and sis's and his sisters actually have a well-respected band in gainesville, FL (that is not a joke), but anyhoo, he comes from a legitamately musical family, it could be interesting.

  35. Jenny says – reply to this


    Actually Joaquin did all the singing on Walk The Line. He sounded just like Johnny Cash.

  36. baker says – reply to this


    show of hands how many people heard him sing on Walk the Line you know that was really Pheniox in the movie I think he already has more talent than 90 percent of the people who already made it

  37. brokenspoons.com says – reply to this


    perez your way off … tim burgess is amazing! new charlatans album is great, phoenix picked the right

  38. Michelle Renee C says – reply to this


    Re: loika – I hear Perez ca make a damn good cup of coffee at Coffee Bean..

  39. AmyMarie says – reply to this


    Normally this would bother me, but since he did his own singing in Walk the Line, this doesn't bug me as much. By no means will I actually buy the album, but I don't hate it.

  40. Allie says – reply to this


    I LOVED HIM IN Walk the Line!!! I'm so excited!! I think he will truly be amazing!! Can't wait!

  41. Deanar 123 says – reply to this


    HELLO! 30 SECONDS TO MARS IS SUCCESSFUL, AND JARED LETO CAN SING!! Jared went to hollywood to be a singer, and his brother plays drums. Any similarities??

  42. jelly says – reply to this


    his brilliant brother RIVER sang and was great. rip rio.

  43. big says – reply to this


    this asshole cashed in on his brothers death. hes a no talent scrotum sweat like john belushis brother. to ride your famous brothers coattails and god rest their soles. they were both talented. but the sloppy seconds no talent brothers we get stuck with. hey phoenix with all your money you cant have that hideous hapsburg lip fixed. it aint fare to the girls you work with. they dred the kissing scenes. take care of that lip

  44. dmc says – reply to this



  45. Peach says – reply to this


    usually i am on your side P nasty!! But I have to disagree with you on this one!! I love me some Joaquin!!! I think his album will do a great.. I'd pay for it!! Team Joaquin!!!

  46. IHATEDRAMAPPL says – reply to this


    Aren't they suppose to know stuff about people.If they would check anything out they would know that he grew up around music.Duh!Don't say he is going to suck if you haven't really heard him

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