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If You Are Easily Offended…

| Filed under: If You Are Easily Offended.....

Then do not CLICK HERE!

Former champ Fantasia returned to American Idol on Wednesday night.

Bless her heart!

If you missed her trainwreck of a performance, then click here to check it out.


[Photo via Getty Images.]

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443 comments to “If You Are Easily Offended…”

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  1. misiu says – reply to this


    awesome voice!! i found her absolutely fabulous!!

  2. star says – reply to this


    not sure if shes taking hair tips from Ronald Mcdonald but maybe they will let her dip into the charity change and help her with a new do and a muzzle that was horrible

  3. t says – reply to this


    its like shes plastered her hair back with bright red glue…

  4. Huh ?! says – reply to this


    Will someone explain to me what's wrong with this performance exactly, please ?!

  5. cc says – reply to this


    she's not bad, i don't see what the problem is, it's a cool song.

  6. tarizzle***** says – reply to this


    damn she sucked. i'm not into fat flaming hot cheetos.

    go david a!!!!!!!

  7. tarizzle**** says – reply to this


    ew, mantasia.

  8. marla says – reply to this


    I loved it—it was the only fun, exciting performance they've had yet–awesome!!!

  9. LICKMYNUTZ says – reply to this



  10. Nemesis says – reply to this


    I don't get you, people. Why don't you like her? She did it fine.

  11. kcrunner says – reply to this


    The problem with that performance is she didn't sing….she screamed, yelled and the dancing was bad! I like Fantasia, but that was just sad! Go listen to songs like "Truth Is" or "It's All Good"….those were good songs by her! Tonight is why she will be like other "Idols" and get dropped from her label! FYI….. Fantasia doesn't not deserve to be compared to Tina Turner or Patti Labelle! She will NEVER be what they are!!!!

  12. {krazihottbitchkelli} says – reply to this



    I like the hair color…but shouldn't the lipz b red?


  13. WHOAAA NELLY!!!! says – reply to this


    WTF was that? Honestly, I think I would rather watch the video of Britney from the VMA's again before I'd suffer throught that hot mess!!! Girl, you're in desperate need of a stylist, mirror and a good girlfriend. You NASTY!
    Best part was the look on Simon's face…. PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Zefron says – reply to this


    Abba dabba dabba dabba dabba dabba dab
    said the chimpy to the monk

    Abba dabba dabba dabba dabba dabba dab
    said the monkey to the chimp


  15. alyssa says – reply to this


    you be trippin perez that shit was TIGHT. so high energy. it was awesome. what's your problem??

  16. Lulu says – reply to this


    You can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the girl. Damn, don't even semi pros get stylists? She needs one that isn't ghetto fab to get ahold of her. And the performance was just a desperate attempt to look like she knew what the hell she was doing. Too much screaming, too much shaking around that junk in her trunk.

  17. aj says – reply to this


    her hair looks like a freaking wig…and her outfit…eww

  18. jo_egirl says – reply to this


    I thought it was great…a lot of fun. I wish I had half that talent and energy. Maybe Simon was just astounded at the energy in the show.

  19. Jules says – reply to this


    whatever, that performance had them out of their chairs.

  20. lohan is a train wreck says – reply to this


    dude, it was a great performance! WTF are you talking about? I thought she totally rocked the house with an authentic show.

  21. dave* says – reply to this


    f*** that

  22. Markus says – reply to this


    All of you are F–d up - her performance was amazing!!!

  23. Bella says – reply to this


    Whoa…wtf was that? Not good…

  24. mtla says – reply to this


    She's living proof that you can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the girl.

  25. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Her backup singers were better than her. They sang just as much as she did.

  26. dub1 says – reply to this


    I enjoyed it! And I think Simon looked like that because he looooooves chocolate.

  27. MissChichi says – reply to this


    Re: Kylie – She could never be as great as Morris Day and the Time. NEVER!!!!

  28. EWWWWWW says – reply to this


    I love her new song!~ LOVE IT! However, once I found out she'd had a couple of abortions, I began to despise her. TRAMP! She's an excellent actress though, but she is so ugly!

  29. Crystal says – reply to this


    Did anyone happen to see the look on Simons face after she finished. It was like wow what the F*&$ was that….I can't beleive she actually won

  30. Tony Westbrook says – reply to this


    I think she was FAB!!! Please, when Tina Turner first showed up in that fright wig she wore for years..nobody batted an eyelash. If Fantasia works it right, she can take the baton from Tina and run with it.
    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  31. ash says – reply to this


    give us a new video update of your fitness thing perez!

  32. ManaPonj says – reply to this


    She looked like a rooster.. I swear she was even doing the chicken dance in the middle of the performance.

  33. mclovinit says – reply to this


    OMG Simon's face says it all does it?!?! haha

  34. lissy says – reply to this


    loved her backup dancers/singers

  35. denise says – reply to this


    while the number she is did was ok, hard to understand some of it, the reason she has weight on her is she just had a baby!! damn yall, so critical of a sista's body!….not crazy about the matching hair and nails, but to each his own. Simon's face was priceless, I just thought maybe he couldnt believe how stunning she looked! LOL
    Perez, shame on you for being a chubby knocker!

  36. Chickie says – reply to this


    Simon's face is priceless

  37. Bo Bice says – reply to this


    this is what you get for letting monkeys participate in a wholesome white event!!!

  38. Dan says – reply to this


    Simon's expression says it all!

  39. Wendy says – reply to this



  40. Cedai says – reply to this


    Oh- Sorry- I liked it - it was different- had a rock edge and it was passionate. But it does not surprise me that Perez does not like it - It is far from Weezer or any of that microwave euro pop he loves. She makes no apologies for who she is and I love that!

  41. artiste says – reply to this


    She was ghetto fabulous. Not pop music by any stretch of the imagination, but she was smoking hot!! Big ol' ghetto booty and fire engine hair. This girl ain't afraid to try anything.

  42. shit says – reply to this


    is this a new trend ?
    i thought lipstick and nails were supposed to match.
    not nails and hair.

  43. Mary says – reply to this


    I didn't like the song and normally don't like her, but at least she had some energy and a voice unlike the dead behind the eyes contestants on right now. My eyes were drawn to her, unlike when David Bedawetta sings and they are on auto repel. Besides, Whitney won ANTM! Yayyyyyyy Whitney!!!!!!!!

  44. lil k says – reply to this


    She wasn't a trainwreck but her hair sure was.

  45. skippy says – reply to this


    First: Hair. Please.
    That color is no longer in style.
    Second: The jumpsuit would have worked if the belt had stayed either above her tummy or was gone, period. The way it dipped down carried the eye to places the eye didn't need to go.
    Third: Fantasia can sing. Why she chose to scream her way through this is, well…
    Fourth: She should have had male backup singers wearing simple outfits. Never back yourself up with girls who dress and dance like Beyonce. It's a distraction.
    Fifth: Never admit you don't know what you did with your hair. It appears you have too much time on your hands, and that no one can be bothered about your image.
    Sixth: Being a woman of size isn't that bad. But make sure you are in good enough health that a song doesn't wind you. ESP. if your'e on national TV.

  46. Scott says – reply to this



  47. maryanna. says – reply to this


    she looked bad but she performed great!!!! and perez, who are you to say people look bad??? have you looked in the mirror lately?????

  48. Mooriah says – reply to this


    I liked it.

  49. tyler says – reply to this


    cant stand her fuckin ugly ass

  50. Simon says – reply to this


    Where do I even begin? It was a bloody performance. I'd of enjoyed it after smoking a joint… very bad outfit, bad song, and terrible hairdo.

  51. bonita says – reply to this


    I didn't think her performance was that bad.

  52. Dave M says – reply to this



  53. Ese says – reply to this


    i thought her performance was awsome. I LOVED it

  54. hcc says – reply to this


    That was the most exciting performance on AI this whole season….this season has been boring with contestants that have no personalities. I thought it was great!

  55. Irma says – reply to this


    OH MY SWEET JESUS !!! What happened to my girl ?? Well it dont matter anyway's I still love her !!!

  56. Marky says – reply to this


    Thanks for not revealing the final 2. I Tivoed it to watch later today

  57. KateK says – reply to this


    She sounded like a cat tied to a heat vent. It was fuckin awful!

  58. WakeUpCall says – reply to this


    Her performance was not a trainwreck you buffalo butt. Besides she looks much better than a fat ass gay guy running around with pink and purble hair looking like herman munster.

  59. codylegend says – reply to this


    Umm her back up singers sang more then she did, and better. Her voice is so obnoxious! & yes simons face was priceless!

  60. Anonymous says – reply to this


    She is an excellent entertainer. I thought it was good.

  61. kezia hall says – reply to this


    My god she's gotten fat

  62. Alena says – reply to this


    I was waiting for you to talk about it. I just looked at the tv going "WTF?!". The look on Simons face pretty much summed it up perfectly. One of the biggest AI failures!

  63. Simone "QUEEN" W.... says – reply to this


    I don't care what you say perez…..Fantasia was amazing…she's full of energy and she know how to rock a crowd…something a lot of entertainers can't do..and secondly as you all know a plus size model won ANTM lastnight so thick is back BITCHs….so don't hate she looks nice and juicy…You go girll…..

  64. Bree in Toronto says – reply to this


    Her performance was HORRIFIC. She looked like she was tripping on something. And they cut to Simon during the whole thing and his face was HILARIOUS. He was horrified, as was I.

  65. ValerieSara says – reply to this


    I don't know what's not to like; I thought she was great. Fabulous energy and this lady is a born enternainer. It was like watching a little bit of Broadway.

  66. ohboy says – reply to this


    Oh boy! There are idiots that still say "first" !

  67. kimberly says – reply to this


    Re: mandee – LMFAO! You're a trip.

  68. Jennifer says – reply to this


    I liked it…why so much negativity towards everyone???

  69. case_luvs_perez says – reply to this


    HOTT TRANNY MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Maybe since China only was allowed one child says – reply to this


    And of course no girls, they should go to those poor orphanages and rescue all of those little girls. Just actually where did they come from? They are Chinese. Does this mean when a couple has a girl they just give it up? I seen a room full of girl babies that were tied to chairs so that they wouldn't have to deal with them. What exactly is that all about. My heart bleeds for them and the people who are stuck under building's. God, please help them.

  71. Mirna says – reply to this


    Re: stephaniebelle – ROTFL… I thought the same thing while I was watching…

  72. lala says – reply to this


    that was the worst performance ever!!!!!!!
    i was totally scared.!!!!!!!!

  73. myself says – reply to this


    She must have smelled because Ryan was trying to keep some distaance. I can smell her from here! I do have to say though that she wasn't that bad. Black people eat that shit up! Lots of energy which led to the stinky.

  74. tanya says – reply to this


    She was great!!!! The song was cool!

  75. Tracey says – reply to this


    Did u see the look on Simons face? Priceless…she was awful

  76. Dee says – reply to this


    I LOVE whoever the director is that decided to go to that shot of Simon. Brilliant! That made the performance.

  77. Debbie says – reply to this


    What was that>>>>>>>>>>

  78. Letmeb says – reply to this


    damn wtf happened to her?….trick blew the hell up too…..hot ass tranny mess

  79. trinster says – reply to this


    Oh not she didnt …
    she looks nasty - and very OLD

  80. deenums says – reply to this


    I thought the performance was energetic and entertaining. She's very generous and I think she's a true artist, not in it for ego.

  81. cori:) says – reply to this


    oh my gosh, simons face was hysterical!

  82. greekgirl22 says – reply to this


    Her Performance was good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tha HAIR>>>>ugh!

  83. egoogoolee says – reply to this



  84. leavethatgirlalone says – reply to this


    She brought the raunch out… leave that girl alone!

  85. MONIQUECATALINA says – reply to this



  86. Wendy says – reply to this


    What???? I thought she was great. Kudos to her for getting up there and rockin' out instead of doing some stupid ballad.

  87. jay says – reply to this


    my lord
    someone help this girl
    she looks like a drag queen with the hair
    her make up would be ok if it weren't for the outfit
    hasn't this girl heard of a gym
    and WTF was up with the dance moves
    really honey you shouldn't be doing than OMG
    oh and simon I have one word for his face
    priceless lol

  88. Marcel says – reply to this


    AWWWWW…I kinda like the performance. I admit it was a bit theatrical but entertaining non the less.

  89. Steph says – reply to this


    She looks straight up like a female Dennis Rodman.

  90. Idol lover says – reply to this


    What a NIGHTMARE!!! Did not love her then and sure do not love her now! AI things were going good til you put her back on! Don't do it again!
    GO DAVID COOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now he's got talent!!!!!

  91. Leeann says – reply to this


    That was horrible. My husband was afraid he was going to have nightmares after that

  92. WTF?? says – reply to this


    She was ghetto before AI and she's ghetto now.

    You can put a pearl necklace on a pig, but it's still a pig.

  93. La Cubanita says – reply to this


    Did you see Simon's face…Priceless!!

  94. Tina Turner says – reply to this


    I love it dirty! No everything should be wrapped in a sugar free bubble gum wrapper.

  95. johnny says – reply to this


    I think she tore it up! She's pulling a female James Brown…just fabulous!

  96. tammy says – reply to this


    I love her. I think she is so pretty. But I don't think that her color is for her. I think she is a pretty girl and I love her voice and for the person that said she was fat. Fat is wonderful babe look in the mirror bitch!!

  97. dr_kitt says – reply to this


    James Brown's Love Child!

  98. Tina Turner says – reply to this


    I love it dirty. Not everything has to be wrapped in a sugar free bubble gum wrapper.

  99. Tooty says – reply to this


    She looks like she stinks!

  100. Dick Sucker says – reply to this


    Trainwreck? Ok, get past the 'red hair' (does that mean Perez is a train wreck?) - she was right on. That was a killer performance. Absolutely killer. And if you notice, Simon liked it. The choreography was dead on. The voice was Fantasia. She pulled out a little crazy ala Patty Labellish.

    Perez, you talentless fat asshole, uh errrr… I mean, train wreck.

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