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Thery're gonna have to work harder next season!

According to the Wall Street Journal, the home of Gossip Girl, the CW network is tanking.

The CBS/Time Warner co-venture lost 28% of its target audience of 18 to 34 year olds so far this season.

And, its ratings during this month's "sweeps" period — the all-important measure upon which future advertising rates are set — are down about 22%.

According to an insider, if things don't turn around dramatically one of the big partners is going to walk away.

The WSJ also points out that part of CW's problem is that the demo its targeting spends a lot of its leisure time on the internet. Good for us!

And, the Writer's Strike probably hastened the departure of the demo from traditional TV to the net.

Any of you youngins have advice for the suits?

[Image via WENN.]

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812 comments to “Failing!”

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  1. lauren says – reply to this



  2. bloosh says – reply to this



  3. Val says – reply to this


    Well the show's not good anyway, there's no advice to give them but START LOOKING FOR WORK.

  4. ag says – reply to this


    count people who watch online! i'm in college and that's how i get caught up on gg.

  5. T says – reply to this



  6. jessica says – reply to this


    have they ever thought that most of the stuff this show is crap, since they dropped gilmore girls i don't watch anything on that network!

  7. lovely says – reply to this


    i wanna fuck chuck bass.

  8. JMillz says – reply to this


    oh wow..i was gonna work @ the cw..glad I didn't :)

  9. Jenna says – reply to this


    Only good thing about The CW is Supernatural!
    Dawn O. needs to be fired! That's the only chance of The CW going bankrupt.
    It's only been a year and a half, and she singlehandedly destroyed a new network… amazing.

  10. jenny says – reply to this


    Well I know I stopped watching all those shows!

  11. anony says – reply to this


    i would say the problem is Georgina…She's a horrible character, a horrible actress, and just all around makes the show suck!! Get rid of her!

  12. LA LA says – reply to this



  13. Lol says – reply to this


    Epic fail.

  14. eeeee says – reply to this


    third. lmao

  15. Wyann says – reply to this


    Yeah instead of trying to make more millions, invest some of hundreds of millions the suits have into charities and help places like Sudan, dump shits.

  16. canadalovesperez says – reply to this



  17. mallory says – reply to this


    i agree. alot of people watch it online, and thats important

  18. GG says – reply to this



  19. SheL says – reply to this


    One Tree Hill is waaaaay Better. :]

  20. josh says – reply to this



  21. SAM says – reply to this


    uhh maybe not being so superficial.
    actually have some interesting plots…..

  22. Diana says – reply to this


    I love Gossip Girl!

  23. ROB UK says – reply to this


    put ads in the streaming, and let people from all over the world use the cwtv streaming.

    that will cut down the thousands of downloaders slightly, and make em a bit more mular

  24. regine says – reply to this


    they should apply the neilsen ratings online. the staggering amount of viewers online will definitely give the advertisers something to think about!

    also, if they decide to make the shows viewable to all countries, they'll see that they could be making BILLIONS.

    I say they have to find a way to advertise online. That's the ONLY way.

  25. Princess Aurora says – reply to this


    tell the ratings to change from tv ratings to internet ratings.

  26. Caity says – reply to this


    Yeah, i have a suggestion. You shouldnt have cancelled Veronica Mars. Idiots.

  27. cookie chick says – reply to this


    They never should have cancelled Veronica Mars. Obviously they're making stupid decisions.

  28. anna says – reply to this


    Gossip girl rocks! but i think many people don't watch the CW because they canceled a bunch of good shows and there's nothing htey can do about that.

  29. Ray Ray says – reply to this


    if they drop gossip girl, the cw will have no reason to live…so they better keep that show strong and advertise it in places a lot of our generation looks…like facebook…or on here!

  30. hmm says – reply to this


    DON'T STRIKE! If sag and or aftra strike, networks + actors are screwed

  31. gavin says – reply to this


    make the shows more easily accessible on the internet. I watched GG on the internet and now that you dont post the episodes any longer to your site I have quit watching. I dont care enough to purchase them from iTunes…

  32. Suggestion says – reply to this


    Make the shows better.

    I used to love Smallville and I have no idea what happen to that train wreck.

  33. Chelsea says – reply to this


    I love love gossip girl I am married and pregnant and still can not get enough of that show I don't know why other people aren't watching it =(

  34. joseph says – reply to this


    they should count the viewership from online. i mostly catch up on shows online and the CW took down full episodes because they think it would give better ratings.

  35. Kim says – reply to this


    I have advice: stop dumbing down your programming! It's insulting. The CW treats viewers like they're in middle school, with unbelievably absurd storylines.

  36. fylo says – reply to this


    top 100 hehe

  37. G says – reply to this


    Better get your act together because I want my gossip girl. I don't really care if its on the internet b/c in Canada they don't let us watch the episode on their website since we don't live in the U.S

  38. Keren says – reply to this


    the only thing thats making them lose money is they DONT PUT THE SHOW ONLINE ANYMORE!!!!!!!

  39. madison. says – reply to this


    since gossip girl's come back, its been all about serena. the truth is, serena is a boring character. plus, blake lively is a subpar actress at best. and chuck, the show's most interesting character, in my opinion, isn't in every episode. they need more blair and chuck and less serena, jenny and dan. oh and they have to get rid of vanessa because her character is completely useless. georgina is also a character that gets old really fast, im totally over her storyline. as of right now, the only characters of interest to me are blair and chuck and lily and rufus. i think its kind of sad when the parents have a more interesting storyline than the kids. just saying.

  40. brittaney says – reply to this


    The ratings for most shows are down, no ones watching tv. And CTV in eastern canada is no longer airing the show. that's ALL of eastern canada missing from it's ratings.

  41. j says – reply to this



  42. 702girl says – reply to this


    Gossip Girl is awesome!!!!!!!!
    Loads of people watch it online or just record it!!!!!!!!
    Don't cancel it too!!!! That channel is reduced to Dr. Phil and Judge Judy.
    Don't cancel Gossip Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. BRING BACK VERONICA MARS says – reply to this


    I promised to not watch the CW ever again since they cancelled Veronica Mars & I haven't since. The only way I'd watch it again is if they brought back Veronica Mars.

  44. alex says – reply to this


    I think they really need to put it back to wednesdays at 9. I know that for me, its hard to get home in time to watch the show some times.

  45. j says – reply to this


    i don't feel bad for these idiots. thats what they get for getting rid of all the good shows when the merger first happened. most of those canceled shows had cult followings. which means a fanbase that will stick reguardless of things that get you sidetracked like the internet. but is the demo. going to take time out of their leisure schedules to catch new shows….nope

  46. Gossip Girl Here... says – reply to this


    … your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite. I think the time change was a huge mistake. I'm in the "target audience" group and 8:00 on a Monday is not good. Later, also Wednesday, is much better. Thursday would be a good day too. I think the change of time in general also just threw people off the schedule. It really is a great show and I think people still really love it. They should just change the time slot!
    Also, while on a less important note, the actress who plays Georgina is really bad. Not only are all the other characters acted much better than she is, they are also way more attractive than she is.

  47. abby says – reply to this


    i don't know if these points would matter or not,
    but a) the show hasn't been airing the same time in Canada as the states. It's on Tuesdays and is behind a couple epis
    and b) a lot of people are watching it online (obvious i know)

  48. jane says – reply to this


    WEDNESDAY NIGHTS ARE SO MUCH BETTER FOR TV THAN MONDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WEDNESDAY NIGHTS ARE SO MUCH BETTER FOR TV THAN MONDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WEDNESDAY NIGHTS ARE SO MUCH BETTER FOR TV THAN MONDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. meghan says – reply to this


    PUT IT ONLINE AND COUNT THE ONLINE VIEWS!!!!!!!!! THAT IS WHERE MOST OF THE VIEWERS ARE AND I REALLY DON'T WANT TO THE SHOW TO BE CANCELED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that most of the people can't watch it when it is on tv and I really don't see why they can't have enough brains to count the online views. If they did they wouldn't have a problem at all. It is so simple which is why the must not of thought of that but if they would look at comments on their own site and on other sites they would see that a lot of people feel the same way.

  50. lily. says – reply to this


    hmm…maybe the time slot change.
    it used to be on wednesdays, but now its on mondays.
    so maybe it doesn't fit into a lot of people schedules anymore.
    i don't know.

  51. Sofia Johansson says – reply to this


    Well start by changing target group, how many 30 year olds want to watch high school kids in New York? I could only guess that they're not very interested in seventeen year olds. If they were to change their target group to 15-25 I'd say it wouldn't look the same. plus the good point written previously; count online watching.

  52. Catherine says – reply to this


    The CW is a network that is known for not having that great of shows in my area, until recently when Gossip Girl came on, so I think that if GG went on another channel like ABC or MTV they might get better ratings. Although One Tree Hill and Americas Next Top Model are amazing, it just doesn't get as much publicity as other channels.
    Maybe that's just my area but who knows!

  53. Mike says – reply to this


    Get the show off that getto, low class network would help…Great show, great writers…The network sucks and know one knows what channel it is on.. Fox needs to take it on.. Same situation as the show Savannah… Bad network…

  54. Christian says – reply to this


    They have their programming all wrong. They're targeting towards strictly females, which is ridiculous and unconventional (In earning viewers.)

    They need to cut back commercials and start doing some revolutionary shit to their programming on the internet. Get Tyra Banks to start writing new material for them, since ANTM is their number one rated show.

    Hopefully 90210 lives up to all this hype.

  55. Simone says – reply to this



  56. Syun says – reply to this


    Well if people in my demographic are spending more time on the internet why not post the show online.

  57. daniellle says – reply to this


    the shows only been doing bad since they changed it from Wednesdays to Mondays
    like a lot of people didn't know they switched, and teenagers have a lot more stuff to do on Monday's rather than the middle of the week.

  58. yeah yeah says – reply to this


    Yea, charge advertisers more and put the full show up on the Internet instead of taking it down…since there were more ppl watching it online instead of TV. Morons!!!

  59. Meg Cool says – reply to this


    episode 17 was amazing! if you ask me the show is just starting to heat up. and the only reason its ratings are down is because of how long the writers stroke was on!! people have forgotten what time and day its one.. or didnt even know it was back. heck i have had to watch ti online cause i never remember. but nonetheless still AMAZING!

  60. christina says – reply to this


    They need to put Gossip Girl episodes ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would totally watch it then.

  61. kAAtie says – reply to this


    all the black people stopped watching once the shows became more for white people.

    you know black people loved upn.

  62. Hey Suits says – reply to this


    Hey suits! Go fuck yourselves you fuckity fuckers! Bring cursing and nudity to primetime TV and you'll have an audience. Ass-gobblers.

  63. amanda says – reply to this


    i used to watch this show like when it was on i think it was wed but now its on monday at the same time as greek and i prefer greek

  64. Lo. says – reply to this


    Maybe the network could put full episodes of the show…like the cool shows online. They only put the lame shows that no one else watches online. And no one watches ANTM because it's very low class and rather cheesy. Maybe if they aimed more at a classy clientel and not some over sexed, low knowledge audience they could draw some viewers in. (But then again, I'm just 18 so what do I know?)

  65. Jessica says – reply to this


    I really hope if GG gets tanked on CW it gets picked up by another network.I think they just need to make people more aware of what the series is about.

  66. jen says – reply to this


    it is on at a crappy time! it is a good show but i used to watch it online when i had free time!
    and bringing back gilmore girls would be good!

  67. kate says – reply to this


    Yeah, They need to air the show online as well as on tv. I would definatly watch Gossip Girl online, its actually a really good show and I watch it every week!! And the writers strike fucked everything up, fuck the writers they get paid so fucking much already! and fuck tv. I only watch 3 shows a week instead of hours of tv a day. my shows are 1. Gossip Girl 2. Desperate Houswives and 3. Greys Anatomy.

  68. G says – reply to this


    well i think they shouldnt have had 2223 months before continuing the show… plus changing the time
    people basically lost interest


  69. JW says – reply to this


    I love the show but I can never watch on Monday's at 8. How about a better night and a later time?! I am perpetually searching for it online to watch.

  70. CANADA NEEDS CTV! says – reply to this



  71. JC says – reply to this


    I happen to know several late 20's and mid 30 yr olds who watch this show and love it. Stop trying to appeal to one demographic, those of us who grew up on 90210 etc do still love these shows. Chuck is awesome, so is Blair. Serena is great but they started making her too wishy washy with Georgina back, and that just sucked. And Jenny is a pill. Rufus and Lily are fun to watch and one of my favorite parts.

    Real reason it's tanking right now?? The idiots moved it to MONDAY! There is TOO much competition the last few months on mondays. Even the people at TV Guide have pointed that out and they love the show. Wednesday is duller then dirt and needs that show and OTH back on it stat. But we all know they moved it because of AI, it would have been killed even more if it went up against that show.

    The suits at CW and Fox are notorious for having itchy trigger fingers with shows, they move their shows around like most people change underwear. And THAT my friends is why shows lose viewers, no one knows when it's on or it falls on nights they can't watch it.

    If they put it back on Weds in the fall season I'm sure they'll watch the ratings rise again, the show is awesome right now honestly, even despite Georgina(yeahhh not digging her or MT).

  72. Ronnie says – reply to this


    It pissed me off when they took canceled Gilmore Girls…the only show with some Latino representation…what's up with that!? Gossip Girl is the only show aimed at women (sorry Supernatural and Smallville) and it's too tweeny for me (27 y/o Hispanic female)

  73. L says – reply to this


    Part of the beauty of gossip girl was that it was online. Unlike any other show, most of the fans would watch it online. As soon as CW got rid of that, ratings were down. I'm not surprised by this at all. PUT IT BACK ONLINE!!!

  74. $lvGossipGirl$ says – reply to this


    They cant possibly think that we are going to be on their time schedule just to watch their shows. It doesnt work that way anymore, everyone has to work 2 jobs to pay for their gas, & food, and then expect us to pay for cable & TIVO too, please! Bring it to the web and get over yourselves suits, you are here to entertain so … entertain, or watch us go to your competition.

  75. AA says – reply to this


    Make the plot and characters exactly like the book series its much better!

  76. masha says – reply to this


    Yes. Have your network stars ACTUALLY WATCHING TELEVISION on the shows. I swear, everyone on GG is on their iMac or their Blackberry. Have them sit down in front of a TV. Maybe it'll strike a chord with the audience.

  77. S says – reply to this


    I don't have the time to watch it on TV anymore. I watch it whenever I can on surfthechannel.com

  78. barbs says – reply to this


    re invent it leave gg tho.lol have serious shows fire dAwn cancel oth. hire someonme thats works for abc

  79. boo boo says – reply to this


    Even though the CW isn't putting their episodes online, there are plenty of websites you can watch the shows on. Ratings are naturally going to down because of that. Now a days, if you have the option of going out to dinner or watching Gossip Girl, you'll choose going to dinner because you know that the latest episode of GG will be put online the next day. If the network was somehow able to count all the views that their shows got on those websites that illegal stream the shows, their ratings would be just fine, if not great.

  80. Lola says – reply to this


    They should have this entire first season actually turn out to be some horrible dream sequence and then FOLLOW THE STORY LINES OF THE BOOKS AND QUIT WITH ALL THE STUPID OLD PEOPLE STORY LINES.
    I didn't miss the first few episodes and then when I realized they made Dan a retard instead of a cool indie, chain smoking, black coffee drinking rebel that was it.

  81. Andrea says – reply to this


    They shouldn't have cancelled Gilmore Girls or Veronica Mars. They're reaping what they sowed.

  82. Katie says – reply to this


    LOVE the show… but they need to STOP SPILLING THE BEANS BEFORE THE EPISODES AIR!!! If they tell everyone what is going to happen and to which character, then no one will watch!!!

  83. lauren says – reply to this


    put the new episodes on the internet.. its ridiculous that they take them off. and hellooo. why do they have it on mondays. mondays are days that mostly all sororities and fraternities meet. our meetings can be 45 minutes to 2 hours long and they start at 7… and are not like half of the people watching all these amazing shows in college. and half of the people in college are greek! it also is ridiculous that greek is on on mondays. like helllloooo we are in meeting when your show is on! monday is just not a good day. put that shit online. LOVE YOU PNASTY!

  84. allison says – reply to this


    the writers strike honestly killed tv for me. i haven't gotten back into any of the shows i used to be obsessed with before it. and now i'm so far behind with the storylines i don't plan it

  85. elizabeth says – reply to this


    yeah, those idiots need to take it back to streaming and find a way to coutn those viewers - i LOVE the show, and am not easily hooked. they alienated their target demo by pulling it offline. I now just watch it on other sites.

  86. Ann says – reply to this


    They NEED to post their episodes online. I love both Gossip Girl and ANTM, but I don't have a TV nor plan to buy one because I can watch those shows for free on sites like surfthechannel. I don't feel at all wrong because I also watch shows like Grey's Anatomy, The Office and 30 Rock on their respective websites. If CW isn't going to offer their episodes online, then viewers will continue to watch them with zero advertising. The shows I do watch on their networks websites have advertisers, and I'm sure are making money off of it.

    The network's websites need to rival the free ones. If they can post episodes in a timely manner (current ones generally do) with minimal advertising (the amount on ABC's website is perfect), then there is no reason to watch on the free websites. I would gladly watch the CW shows I enjoy on their website, and watch the commercials too. CW would make money and I wouldn't be missing out.

    Honestly, the internet should be treated with much more potential. These networks think it is the enemy.

  87. Dirty Cherries says – reply to this


    I have always liked the WB and The CW now…but Directv sucks here and we don't receive a signal for that channel so I have to watch all the shows online..which sucks because its been my favorite TV station since Buffy The Vampire Slayer was on back in the day…=(

  88. sarah says – reply to this


    I'm in my 20's and just can't connect with these teens…maybe if they move onto college their audience would be bigger..people just don't get it, especially with those OMFG posters all over. It almost seems wrong to watch these "teens" go at it… Make them grow up and their audience will grow!!!

  89. hello says – reply to this


    Change Gossip Girl back to Wednesday nights… there are way too many shows on Monday nights for it to compete with. Way more people watched last season when it was on Wednesdays

  90. Kate says – reply to this


    Pick it up on a night that doesn't have other shows like it! And by other shows like it, I mean shows that get our attention. There is way to much competition on Monday nights. I have to choose which show I want to watch because they are on at the same time. Normally gossip girl gets bumped to watching it later online, not because I don't like it as much, but because I like to watch the best show on tv, how i met your mother. Move it too 7:00 or a new night.

  91. DO NOT WANT says – reply to this



  92. kaci says – reply to this


    fuck the CW. that channel is shit. ever since they merged UPN and WB its been pure crap. i think when it was just the WB, back in the late 90's, when it had dawsons creek and buffy it thrived…GG should not be on that channel. THAT's GG's problem though. it's not a bad show, i've always heard about it and watched 1 epi online before they took them off. i wouldnt waste my time on a monday at 8 or whatever to watch it - i have other things to do. i really don't watch TV actually in general - i watch any shows i want to see ONLINE. they need to start counting the number of people who watch the epis online! but since they took off GG online people haven't gone back to watching it on the TV b/c they are used to being busy doing other shit!!

  93. Ann says – reply to this


    Oh, and I agree: Veronica Mars was a very entertaining show and canceling it was a dissapointment. I feel like the networks should tout their ideas to the audience and get real responses before making decisions that cost them.

  94. Luke Luesing says – reply to this


    They should allow episodes to be viewed on the internet after they are, like ABC does. Also, they should have more advertising for the show where it's target demographic is viewing online (ie: clothing stores, perezhilton.com, google, etc). When you start targeting your target audience where they are spending their time, you'll catch their eyes more. Also, plan on having the show on earlier during the week (Mon-Wed) when classes are less apt to have more school work done so they can actually sit down and watch the show.

  95. diiiiii says – reply to this


    its on at the worst time! i love gossip girl but always end up watching it online because i have too much hw and stuff.
    if they could get it on on fridays the ratings would shoot up.

  96. matt says – reply to this


    i dont kno why its doing poorly because the show is AMAZING. its such great TV id expect it to be doing very well
    i dont kno why its doing poorly because the show is AMAZING. its such great TV id expect it to be doing very well
    i dont kno why its doing poorly because the show is AMAZING. its such great TV id expect it to be doing very well
    i dont kno why its doing poorly because the show is AMAZING. its such great TV id expect it to be doing very well
    i dont kno why its doing poorly because the show is AMAZING. its such great TV id expect it to be doing very well
    i dont kno why its doing poorly because the show is AMAZING. its such great TV id expect it to be doing very well

  97. Maggie says – reply to this


    Advertise! I enjoy this show but half the time i don't know when it's on so I end up watching online.

  98. kesia says – reply to this


    The only shows I watch on that network now is Supernatural, Reaper and Everybody Hates Chris. And sometimes One Tree Hill. Otherwise they have cut pretty much everything I liked and decided to keep nonsense like The Game and promote Gossip Girl like it is good quality. I'm mad at how they treated my long time fav, Girlfriends, and the people working at CW are real true idiots

  99. caroline says – reply to this


    get the blake lively and penn badgley romance out of there quick! it's the same summer-seth curse of The O.C.- leighton meister is the hidden star, and what's with the awkward teenage little daughter? i do like serena's little bro becoming the "new chuck" is clever and charming, new act. FURTHERMORE, get the serena and the guy, who is still too goofy, out of there! or the show will sink like the titantic- also start streaming the episodes online!

  100. aimee says – reply to this


    Put the shows back online. I wanted to catch up so I could watch new episodes but now I can't. Annoying.

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